Megyn Kelly joins Tucker Carlson in first interview since leaving NBC


  1. Michael Booth

    Michael Booth3 시간 전

    The strand of hair attached to her eyelashes made me uncomfortable. Swept my imaginary hair away a lot lol

  2. Allen Councell

    Allen Councell8 시간 전

    Stay at home Megan, that is we're you belong. Your real stripes keep coming out. You sold out for the Money and fake News.

  3. Harold Vann

    Harold Vann10 시간 전

    Great interview.

  4. Elm TreeABC

    Elm TreeABC16 시간 전

    Love Tucker, watch him every night but I cannot stand MK! She had it out for Trump from the beginning. Go away and leave us in peace. You destroyed your own career. Don't come back to conservatives like all is forgotten, it's not!

  5. MysticRhythmsLive

    MysticRhythmsLive17 시간 전

    Ok, KOreporter, I watched this vid. Please stop recommending it to me from this point on.

  6. J Magana

    J Magana18 시간 전

    I can’t believe I use to have a crush on this dizzy blonde...

  7. Tara Renee Norris

    Tara Renee Norris22 시간 전

    She’s pathetic! PATHETIC! Go away... DO NOT bring her back... she is horrible in so many ways!!! She had her day / time long ago and Blew it...

  8. אברהם סלומון

    אברהם סלומון일 전

    Am I wrong to think Megyn accused someone at Fox for doing the same thing to her? If so why run to Fox her old Employer? I use to Respect her till she went Crazy Far Left.

  9. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme일 전

    Get that skanky off of Fox news. It's like letting Jezebel in your bed.

  10. N J

    N J일 전

    She would make an ideal politician, insincere and changes views faster than you can say millions.

  11. rachel mason

    rachel mason일 전

    Don’t trust Megan ...

  12. Marie Hallmark

    Marie Hallmark일 전

    I will NEVER believe ANYTHING Megan Smelly has to say!

  13. porrid geisnice

    porrid geisnice3 시간 전

    Fool ...

  14. Fresh Steve

    Fresh Steve일 전

    I’d still make sexy time with her

  15. David Pulkka

    David Pulkka일 전

    After reading the first few comments.....GROUP THINK ANYONE?????? Sheesh - try thinking for yourselves.

  16. Ram

    Ram2 일 전

    We call fox as a white racist channel. I need to block this as it is coming to my phone randomly.

  17. Patricia Hinton

    Patricia Hinton2 일 전

    All these “institutions” need to be dismantled/razed and new ones built from the ground up...

  18. porrid geisnice

    porrid geisnice3 시간 전

    Fool ...

  19. R C

    R C2 일 전

    I didn't care what she had to say when she was somebody. I certainly don't car now.

  20. David Richard

    David Richard2 일 전

    Kelly is a Godless wretch

  21. b lock

    b lock2 일 전

    Megyn Kelly, you are a ZERO media resource!!!!

  22. Corey Kelley

    Corey Kelley2 일 전

    Covering for Anderson Cooper's bull s*** f*** you Megan Kelly, go back into obscurity.

  23. william nault

    william nault2 일 전

    why has no one asked Hillary...easy...they are scared to commit suicide

  24. vbands bando

    vbands bando2 일 전

    Guys got a killer hair pice Lololol

  25. daa wedge

    daa wedge2 일 전

    dont mess with Mr. TRUMP..........assbrain......

  26. Steve Wilcox

    Steve Wilcox3 일 전

    So she's blonde and pretty I guess that means we are supposed to want her desire her and believe her? NOPE NOT GONNA DO IT!

  27. jon smith

    jon smith3 일 전

    How is this tub of lard still on tv?

  28. John White

    John White3 일 전

    Sorry Megyn success went to your head then enjoying insulting Trump big mistake.

  29. Lawrence Blakely

    Lawrence Blakely3 일 전

    Sooooo hotttttt

  30. Leann Carpenter

    Leann Carpenter3 일 전

    Once again I am disappointed. They are not doing their homework and she said Ukraine May be an “11”? Maybe actually do some true investigating!

  31. Maureen Connelly

    Maureen Connelly3 일 전

    Should have aired Dennis Rodman Interview Instead! At least his answers were Honest! Disappointed in Tucker for not being more Aggressive with questions, & followup to her lame/weak answers! She’s Obviously trying to get her job back, or at the least become a Fox News she can still “raise her children”... Part-Time. Right, that’s it!💡Conservatives will forgive me if I say I left FOX & have “taken a Year Off to raise my CHILDREN!” They are all Pro-Family, and too dumb to question it! They’ll forgive & forget that I went to the enemy camp at NBC for 2 YEARS while the kids were with the nanny, especially if I pretend to get choked up about losing my Father when I was 15! Sooo...Megyn...Why didn’t You TAKE A YEAR OFF IMMEDIATELY AFTER LEAVING FOX to spend more “time with children”, INSTEAD of JUMPING to NBC??? MONEY...& LIBERAL! Maybe CNN will take her...but she’s not welcome in FOX NATION!! SO Glad I never bought any of the Many Many BOOKS she pushed & sold to FOX VIEWERS for their Money!

  32. Fusion72

    Fusion723 일 전

    This woman went from being "FINALLY A WOMAN WHO DOESN'T PLAY THE SEPVIC (Self-entitled, Professional Victim) CARD! In one presidential debate, she lost all credibility become a typical "chick". The best part is that she thought that "changing sides", she would have a new welcoming home. And, all she learned, which is the same thing we've all learned, is that no matter how much she supports "their cause", she's still a "white chick" in their eyes. I wonder....when the guns start firing, who will protect all the women who thing like her. Because, that WILL happen eventually.

  33. remivonrude

    remivonrude3 일 전

    Is she nicole simpsom?

  34. Active Guard

    Active Guard3 일 전

    Megyn Kelly made the bed she sleeps in

  35. Chinmay Moghe

    Chinmay Moghe3 일 전

    Megan got emotional here. She wanted to maintain composure but couldn't do it as well as she wanted to. That's what it seemed like anyway.

  36. Virian Bouze

    Virian Bouze3 일 전

    Megyn Kelly, is "Poison' just like Ronan Farrow, Who go around digging up "Hear-Say' on Guess Work with out proof! this is not good for lively hood!!

  37. Bill Davis

    Bill Davis3 일 전

    I'd like to give meagan the high hard one

  38. Jurgen Blick

    Jurgen Blick3 일 전

    She is a dynamite lady

  39. David Rebman

    David Rebman4 일 전

    Me comments only f her used to live at least she shows up for Tucker Allscripted bs

  40. Karen Lewis

    Karen Lewis4 일 전

    Why didn't Tucker ask little miss thang why she gave James Alefantis a softball interview when ppl were questioning the horrific artwork, performances and Instagram posts from Comet Ping Pong! It's all the same beast and SHE gave him a pass!

  41. instant truth

    instant truth4 일 전

    Prince Phillip the Queens husband murdered small boys...outstanding warrants in Canada

  42. instant truth

    instant truth4 일 전

    Prince Phillip Prince Edward...Prince Andrew...all Pedophiles

  43. old man

    old man4 일 전


  44. C. Galindo

    C. Galindo4 일 전

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Megan is a two-faced excuse for a human being when you side with a pedophile there's a problem. Megan is a glorified puppet and will do whatever it takes to get to the top. you'll never make it

  45. Jonathan Cagle

    Jonathan Cagle4 일 전

    I understand where she went wrong, but if we try and silence the left we’re no better than them. Listen to others and educate yourselves better from both sides of the ball. The whole cancel culture has to stop. Anyone can speak their mind, it’s our right as Americans. Educate who you can and keep fighting the good fight. But hold American ideals in your core. Don’t stoop to the radical lefts level.

  46. Michael Makinney

    Michael Makinney5 일 전

    I like Megan, despite her going awry. People of substance go astray at time. She’s smart & articulate ✨

  47. Frodrick Fronkensteen

    Frodrick Fronkensteen5 일 전

    Ya, uhm... she didn't seem to happy to be there.

  48. Douglas Vasey

    Douglas Vasey5 일 전

    Sorry Megyn: when everyone is corrupt, then corruption can't be left to the voters, it must be addressed by the military and the courts. Sorry Megyn, I'm not a sexist or anything, but your blondness is showing.

  49. Lloyd Martin

    Lloyd Martin5 일 전

    This is ridiculous to think it is okay to bring back someone that fooled us all in the Fox Nation. Keep her off and never give her a single platform again. Nust like crooked liar Hillary.....hmmmm maybe she will be Hillary's next running mate lmao

  50. tscholent

    tscholent5 일 전

    News Media radicalizing readership is the first step to totalitarian government...

  51. Lisa R.

    Lisa R.5 일 전

    We "know" who she is now... We have no use for this person.

  52. Dr. Abuze

    Dr. Abuze5 일 전

    A woman scorned... But she let Trump eat her on national TV. Perhaps she liked it?

  53. carlos luna

    carlos luna5 일 전

    Although I do not share many of MK’s views, I cannot help but admire her intelligence and guts. There are times she’s really pissed me off but that’s how the news should be. I know the President and MK don’t get along but they are both highly intelligent people and are interesting to follow.

  54. The Sequence

    The Sequence5 일 전

    Megan Kelly is a completely dishonest person. I have absolutely no respect for her.

  55. Colin Davis

    Colin Davis5 일 전

    All you people getting upset as if you measure these anchors with degrees of loyalty or lack thereof, quit allowing yourselves to be duped by any of these people, it's so unbecoming, as if these anchors who make millions per year aren't paid to say what you want to hear, keeping everybody divided against the so called other side...(Hegelian Dialectic) utilised to cause you all to keep watching the Freemasonic "sleight of hand"...WAKE UP...!!!

  56. M__ O

    M__ O5 일 전

    I'm from the Hood bro this lady is a gangster thug, sneaky, and someone you keep an eye on

  57. Hector Escariz

    Hector Escariz5 일 전

    I'm a TRUMP follower but even that I'm in loveeeee with thiss woman....she is not beautiful only she is a Genius I mean it she have to be in FOX that's it !!!!! I mean it !!!

  58. Smeagol G.

    Smeagol G.5 일 전

    Megyn Kelly birthed me backwards

  59. michael paulissen

    michael paulissen6 일 전

    Super good looking snake..... Intelligent, good looking, inquisitive, and totally untrustworthy!

  60. Will Baker

    Will Baker6 일 전

    Happy Birthday Megyn Kelly.

  61. Yevgeniy Ayrapetov

    Yevgeniy Ayrapetov6 일 전

    Very Remembering Thing When Megyn Kelly screamed -,Oh My God,She Is Holding A Weapon,She Is Loading A Weapon!,-about a woman in Baltimore who was murdered with her child by...things Megyn Kelly called-,OFFICERS,! Those were not officers,those were murderers in police uniform,worst of worst scenario. As It Known Life On Our Planet Earth Came To The End! Events in Baltimore was a final point!

  62. John Smith

    John Smith6 일 전

    8:23 After a second viewing of this interview, maybe Megyn Kelly is redeeming herself? 12:19 With Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon at CNN - - that network should be known as Wizard of Oz, for it is full of Lions and Tigers and Queers oh my :-)