Meet the Parents Cold Open - SNL


  1. 1pilot2000

    1pilot20002 일 전

    It's been YEARS since SNL has been THIS GREAT!

  2. Jacqui Bailey

    Jacqui Bailey2 일 전

    Lawyer...ish 😀😂

  3. John Abraham

    John Abraham4 일 전


  4. xxSpike1989xx

    xxSpike1989xx4 일 전

    im guessing after recent events trumps codename is back to "putins little bitch"

  5. Serj Herman

    Serj Herman10 일 전

    HAHAHA. COMEDY GOLD. Just like Dirty Grandpa, you twat.

  6. Samuel Tillman

    Samuel Tillman14 일 전

    I've got a whole hard drive named "YIKES!". lmao I'm sure this is actually true

  7. Sebastian Spencer-Rollins

    Sebastian Spencer-Rollins17 일 전

    This was so magnificent. They are trained professionally, there was no breaking of character. Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon were amazing. All four of them delivered well.

  8. Michael

    Michael19 일 전

    Terrible Gowdy impersonation.

  9. NikeWilderKOEllsbrose

    NikeWilderKOEllsbrose23 일 전

    They are originals Stiller de Niro?



    Nasty trannys

  11. Red Stevens

    Red Stevens개월 전

    Love the focker references

  12. Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett개월 전

    Amusing and all Presidents have something to hide. And I don't really think DJT is scared of the FBI. He wasn't before he was President. You can take that statement as liberal or conservative as you please. Either way, it's true.

  13. H Kay

    H Kay개월 전

    De Niro made his greatest work so early.And it is still magnificent.I'm surprised he bothers.

  14. Dave Dee

    Dave Dee개월 전

    5:00 They should have had the read out from the machine as Trump's signature

  15. Skii Bunny

    Skii Bunny개월 전

    Pedophiles everywhere!!

  16. Sean Richardson

    Sean Richardson개월 전

    I'm sorry to inform everyone that I realized that this SNL actually ripped off a lot of the jokes in this skit from a movie I saw recently. It's really sad to see SNL has come to this.

  17. Bubba Horton

    Bubba Horton개월 전

    That film was hilarious af

  18. ivorytower99

    ivorytower99개월 전

    LOVE IT!!!!

  19. sm1135ster1

    sm1135ster1개월 전


  20. Laughing Dead Productions

    Laughing Dead Productions개월 전

    Unfunny and the audience was beyond obnoxious

  21. Arnold Layne

    Arnold Layne개월 전

    These two are great together.

  22. Memo Urrea

    Memo Urrea개월 전


  23. Jean Welsh

    Jean Welsh개월 전

    PAWS UP !!

  24. Eva Catsoulakis

    Eva Catsoulakis개월 전


  25. AnotherOrangeJulius

    AnotherOrangeJulius개월 전

    You have something like reverse Stockholm Syndrome if you think this is good. The only thing remotely redeeming about it is that DeNiro and Stiller probably had a good time.

  26. Kevin Law

    Kevin Law2 개월 전

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  27. Robert Polityka

    Robert Polityka2 개월 전

    DENIRO looks just like Mr. Muller.

  28. Light of Day

    Light of Day2 개월 전


  29. Mother Father1987

    Mother Father19872 개월 전

    Gaylord Focker😂😂

  30. ecsrepair

    ecsrepair2 개월 전

    Progressive tools.

  31. Aloha Hawaii

    Aloha Hawaii2 개월 전

    Go and destroy Trump😂😂😂

  32. Lynell Tiller

    Lynell Tiller2 개월 전

    This was gold!

  33. I Am Kolossus

    I Am Kolossus2 개월 전

    Shit was corny as fuck except for the Sessions and Pence portrayal then it just sucked.

  34. E. Q.

    E. Q.2 개월 전

    6:29 ... LMAO

  35. Catness Johns

    Catness Johns2 개월 전


  36. Shaktima Brien

    Shaktima Brien2 개월 전

    Brilliant ~

  37. TheLatinGQ

    TheLatinGQ2 개월 전

    "How did you like that pee-pee tape?"

  38. Anthony Smith

    Anthony Smith2 개월 전

    Most excellent

  39. William Zayas

    William Zayas2 개월 전

    Best SNL opening!

  40. John Oliver

    John Oliver2 개월 전

    Why is busted Child Molester Robert De Niro doing on a comedy sketch..? It's well known that Robert De Niro has a thing for young Boys!

  41. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott2 개월 전

    De Niro is a mutt, pig, dog, punk ass bitch. SNL is ISIS

  42. Emma Brannen

    Emma Brannen2 개월 전

    Did I catch AVPM reference??? "Smartest... kindest...sexiest..." Someone tell me I'm not crazy

  43. xpaige

    xpaige2 개월 전

    DeNiro as Mueller = brilliant casting

  44. tim wilson

    tim wilson2 개월 전

    Funny, but awkward watching these guys read off a teleprompter

  45. fla la

    fla la2 개월 전


  46. knightguy11

    knightguy112 개월 전

    SNL has become unwatchable. Nothing but hatred. Bye!

  47. Gezquester

    Gezquester2 개월 전

    I died!

  48. derrick thomas

    derrick thomas2 개월 전

    Keep come

  49. Madnessd16

    Madnessd162 개월 전


  50. Doodelay Explains

    Doodelay Explains2 개월 전

    Ben Stiller and The Sessions/Pence duo was incredible lol I guess we don't know enough about Mueller to make a good representation of how he actually is yet. Like how it used to be with Bannon lol

  51. Krav Maga International

    Krav Maga International2 개월 전


  52. Harrison Rutledge

    Harrison Rutledge2 개월 전

    Hilarious, Cohen ahahaha

  53. Mama Green

    Mama Green2 개월 전

  54. GIMMIE s u c c

    GIMMIE s u c c2 개월 전

    People find this shit funny?

  55. Camille McKenzie

    Camille McKenzie2 개월 전

    Code name for Ivanka? "Girlfriend" Code name for Jared Kushner? "Other girlfriend"

  56. Will Millar

    Will Millar2 개월 전

    Do the cast rehearse these before filming? A lot of the time you see them looking offstage as if they're reading from cue cards ... Christopher Walken was the king of making it look bad on purpose

  57. Darryl Banks

    Darryl Banks2 개월 전

    Milk? Cat?????

  58. Marty Nichols

    Marty Nichols2 개월 전

    Meanwhile POTUS 45 just Keeps Winning! MAGA!! Beating N Korea + China + Mexico + Iran + Dems + Fake Media + SNL!!! LOL hahaha :-) Trump easy 2020 :D

  59. Thomas Ramquist

    Thomas Ramquist2 개월 전


  60. Ladi Jae

    Ladi Jae2 개월 전

    I will be so GLAD when the MUELLER'S probe brings out all the "RECEIPTS" to see whose left STANDING! Haha!

  61. Steve Rakes

    Steve Rakes2 개월 전

    Trump Rocks!

  62. Tomasz Lach

    Tomasz Lach2 개월 전

    Kate McKinnon in this scene looks like the gollum from the lord of the rings ;)

  63. laykita4ever

    laykita4ever2 개월 전

    Two Fredos ... :)

  64. Yankee Skunkee

    Yankee Skunkee2 개월 전


  65. FiFi

    FiFi2 개월 전


  66. Kraye Inluv

    Kraye Inluv2 개월 전

    Will SNL please get Octavia Spencer & Leslie Jones playing Diamond & Silk!! My life would suddenly have meaning! Lol

  67. Rom Rom

    Rom Rom2 개월 전

    Very funny

  68. transce080

    transce0802 개월 전

    rehashing a dumb joke from a dumber movie

  69. Jules.C

    Jules.C2 개월 전

    Looks like ben stiller

  70. Kelly Darrow

    Kelly Darrow2 개월 전

    His cuff was on the the forearm. Surprised no one on SNL recognized that bp is done on the bicep.

  71. Jonathan Smit

    Jonathan Smit2 개월 전

    touch rare response carefully front phone snow show pass instance believe

  72. lolly rod

    lolly rod2 개월 전

    trumptard is making America a joke....I hate all his inbred supporters.... I'm not laughing.....

  73. Carl Brand

    Carl Brand2 개월 전

    De Niro is king. And Ben Stiller plays Cohen spot on - voice and facial!

  74. Taller Wall

    Taller Wall2 개월 전

    robert de niro hasn't aged well, looks like he's about ready to kick the liberturd bucket

  75. Stony OG

    Stony OG2 개월 전

    De Niro messed up the "live from NY it's saturday night".

  76. Gary Jocher

    Gary Jocher2 개월 전

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  77. David Redfern

    David Redfern2 개월 전

    Donld trump 20 20. Fuck all the haters

  78. EmeraldView

    EmeraldView2 개월 전

    Funnier if you've seen the movies.

  79. Jory Jones

    Jory Jones2 개월 전

    Listen you little focker 😆

  80. Jack Peteson

    Jack Peteson2 개월 전

    as soon as Sessions said someone first thought was Robert Mueller

  81. Curt Okerman

    Curt Okerman2 개월 전


  82. Ashlee Cope

    Ashlee Cope2 개월 전

    Yassss lol

  83. rpbsjy

    rpbsjy2 개월 전

    "two Fredos" Oh, jesus...I have been saying that for months...and then I find out that Cohen likes to think of himself as 'Tom Hagen'. This whole thing is like a horror comedy.

  84. Lyndell O

    Lyndell O2 개월 전

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  85. MeiLan Z

    MeiLan Z2 개월 전


  86. Brad Jennings

    Brad Jennings2 개월 전

    Not funny!

  87. japhygato

    japhygato2 개월 전

    This isn't good. They're looking at the cue cards the entire time, flubbing lines, and Stiller's accent just goes in and out repeatedly. So close to being a decent callback.

  88. a communist

    a communist2 개월 전

    5:05 to 5:38 That was a throwback to "meet the parents" that had me dying

  89. Michelle Kitch

    Michelle Kitch2 개월 전


  90. King Nellz

    King Nellz2 개월 전

    FOCKERS!!!! LOL!!!!

  91. Kareem Abdel Hakam

    Kareem Abdel Hakam2 개월 전

    Oh! That sleazy Fock!

  92. Tyler The Bookworm

    Tyler The Bookworm2 개월 전

    Are you talking to me?

  93. apexibb750

    apexibb7502 개월 전

    Putin little bitch, now it's stormy's little bitch.

  94. Эрьмезь Костюшкин

    Эрьмезь Костюшкин2 개월 전

    Хуйня какая-то на английском

  95. Blessedone333AZ

    Blessedone333AZ2 개월 전

    Oh look it's the child rapist Robert De Niro! You're all clapping for this fool even though his whole life he has been nothing but an evil deceptive selfish person

  96. Daconqueror 777

    Daconqueror 7773 개월 전

    " i toss & turn in my shoe box every nite' ( instantly thought of mr jingles the mouse in green mile) XD

  97. V0xX Hub

    V0xX Hub3 개월 전

    'Live from Saturday, it's New Yorkity Night!!' X'D great little flub, looooved this, SO good, De Niro looks phenomenal as Mueller, and brings a great heir to the character, tres impressed ^.^

  98. Justin Moore

    Justin Moore3 개월 전

    Wage curriculum drop over respect discourse dancer sigh cost walking

  99. homes24

    homes243 개월 전

    That ending

  100. The Fight Club Podcast

    The Fight Club Podcast3 개월 전

    I once met de niro in person, I asked him out for lunch. He was like sure we went to a Starbucks nearby and spoke for a while. I asked him about his movies how he acts so effectively blabla. He said he always had personality disorders that allowed him to release those twisted emotions on the screen. He said Travis Bickle in taxi driver want an act he had very angry feelings about society at the time. He mentioned in Heat he really at that time felt alone misunderstood. He gave me his autograph smiled at me and said "if ur messed up enough like me u could be a great actor".