McDonald's Secret Menu Hacks


  1. TheDoctor'sHenchwoman

    TheDoctor'sHenchwoman일 전

    My misophonia nooo

  2. Gacha Shy

    Gacha Shy5 일 전

    I love how I’m ten seconds Rhett got from just lightly smushing it with his fist to going to a full elbow🤣😂

  3. Christopher

    Christopher7 일 전

    Oh my God, can't you edit the volume of your disgusting chewing? lol

  4. Person that likes YouTube

    Person that likes YouTube8 일 전

    Rhett and link like to leave photos of something there talking about

  5. carmon lyons

    carmon lyons10 일 전

    I'm gonna make a sloppy ron

  6. Joaby Gaming

    Joaby Gaming12 일 전

    I asked for the big mac sauce at mcdonal's and they did not give it to me I think because I m in the uk


    JULIA TIO16 일 전

    Wait what happened to link

  8. James Butler

    James Butler17 일 전

    I've got the best hack for getting inside details about McDonald's Date a worker!



    🎵 I’m hacking it music 🎵

  10. Annika grace

    Annika grace25 일 전

    rhett and link are fartest!!

  11. Midnite Wolf

    Midnite Wolf27 일 전

    a friend helping with your meat slapping adventures is always a plus

  12. Downunda Thunda

    Downunda Thunda28 일 전

    My own "Secret Menu" item is a Double Quarter McChicken Pounder. Remove the ketchup, mustard and the beef patties. Add two McChicken patties and Big Mac Sauce. Lettuce is optional. It's delicious.

  13. KeHu v:

    KeHu v:개월 전

    Someeeetimes the chewing noises bothers me, but i don't care bc i enjoy this guys so much

  14. Coca Yna

    Coca Yna개월 전비디오-FQkKy1zJ2OY.html clearly canadian

  15. FreewayKingz

    FreewayKingz개월 전

    That little girl at the end REALLY needs to get hit in the face with a brick!

  16. Ian Hargis

    Ian Hargis개월 전

    Did you get the mcgangbang

  17. The Last True Patriot 69

    The Last True Patriot 69개월 전

    I can’t stand chewing lol

  18. FBILogan Moore

    FBILogan Moore개월 전

    I got the mc flurry and the apple pie blended

  19. Smokesalmon 038

    Smokesalmon 038개월 전

    Link pretending he didn’t apparently eat a dog

  20. FanEth

    FanEth개월 전

    Link looks like Ian from Smosh

  21. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs개월 전

    Oreo McFlurry’s are good.

  22. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs개월 전

    Put barbecue sauce on fries and you have great food

  23. APotatoGuy LikesDogs

    APotatoGuy LikesDogs개월 전

    Link made ground beef

  24. Tyler McManly

    Tyler McManly개월 전

    im down for the sloppy joe the most

  25. Shagg Commentaries

    Shagg Commentaries개월 전

    I just cranked a couple of Rona’s and I just ordered 10 hot and spicys

  26. WH0 Kn0ws

    WH0 Kn0ws개월 전

    My cousins surname is Mcdonald

  27. Beth Orr

    Beth Orr개월 전

    The Sloppy Ron- the nickname all the family calls your drunken uncle behind his back!

  28. James Alderman

    James Alderman2 개월 전

    They didn't make the 'McGangbang'? WHY?

  29. Kate Hughes

    Kate Hughes2 개월 전

    i just realized that Rhett and Link creates the first mukbangs

  30. melissa jackson

    melissa jackson2 개월 전


  31. Looney VIK

    Looney VIK2 개월 전

    I keep rewatching this video for some reason

  32. neames

    neames2 개월 전

    “double quarter pounder WITH CHEESE...which is also just the bread n the meat...” why order with cheese when you want just the bread and the meat 😂😂😂 hilarious

  33. Steven Johnston

    Steven Johnston2 개월 전

    The big mac can litteraly be made by buying two $1 cheeseburgers, and adding mac sauce

  34. Ash Stankus

    Ash Stankus2 개월 전

    I wonder if chef Mike has seen this

  35. Alex Pais

    Alex Pais2 개월 전

    You just need a confident look on your face LOL

  36. min may Ngo

    min may Ngo2 개월 전

    Rhett almost finished his sloppy Ron inconspicuously by the time they're done talking, wow what a hungry boi

  37. Whatsitmatter Whydoyoucare

    Whatsitmatter Whydoyoucare2 개월 전

    Smashed bread is NOT a tortilla 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂😂

  38. Justin Ring

    Justin Ring2 개월 전

    Link with a beard looks like Tai Lopez

  39. Michael Plays

    Michael Plays2 개월 전

    I’m sorry but links beard is disuqsting..

  40. Baz Griffith

    Baz Griffith2 개월 전

    Man, I just got a job at McDonald's and now I'm like... Be nice to the workers, there's no secret menu, just be chill

  41. Rachel Frumkin

    Rachel Frumkin2 개월 전

    Yes Link with the beard! Ba da da da da I'm lovin it!

  42. MacDoNaLds

    MacDoNaLds2 개월 전

    We will consider these products

  43. Sam Hartman

    Sam Hartman2 개월 전

    The most surprising part of this episode is how you got exactly what you ordered.

  44. Stella Christiani

    Stella Christiani2 개월 전

    I'm drooling the whole time watching this 🤤

  45. Mario Possamato

    Mario Possamato2 개월 전

    5:46 It's Mr. Bean

  46. Emonie McAdams

    Emonie McAdams2 개월 전

    Ew bearded link!? Lol I don't like it 😂😂

  47. Paul O'Neal

    Paul O'Neal3 개월 전

    You would need bacon strips for the ice cream sandwich....

  48. Paul O'Neal

    Paul O'Neal3 개월 전

    Double quarter pounder with cheese and big Mac sauce.

  49. Dewy Wannamaker

    Dewy Wannamaker3 개월 전

    At this point; they still didn't trust Link with a real knife.

  50. CallOfPundy1192

    CallOfPundy11923 개월 전

    Yeah control freak is the perfect description of link... Or downright asshole 🤣

  51. Fearless Girl

    Fearless Girl3 개월 전

    Link's beard gives me an odd feeling 😳😬

  52. TheIkaika777

    TheIkaika7773 개월 전

    Definitely two junk food junkies.

  53. 6laderunner

    6laderunner3 개월 전

    No sloppy joe filling should be whitish in color. They should have gone with a much higher ratio of BBQ sauce and a little more ketchup. That looked really good, but it’s no sloppy joe (or Ron).

  54. Kristian Nowak

    Kristian Nowak3 개월 전

    12:31 Dont you mean Hamburgeraco?

  55. Albert Sanchez

    Albert Sanchez3 개월 전

    Link looks like josh peck

  56. Obie Flice

    Obie Flice3 개월 전

    Aw that kid in the end was friggin adorable.

  57. audrey godsey

    audrey godsey3 개월 전

    There is a dirty burger that we sale at our store, its really good. It is a McChieken and a McDouble.

  58. The Great Amida

    The Great Amida3 개월 전

    There is no way that McDonalds, any McDonalds, will give you a menu item deconstructed.

  59. Sigrún Á

    Sigrún Á3 개월 전

    Link can be so creepy especially when it comes to food or beyonce

  60. Voiceman

    Voiceman3 개월 전

    I need to try that apple pie in a mcflurry NOW!

  61. Voiceman

    Voiceman3 개월 전

    Link is more attractive with that beard.😉

  62. Mr. Clean

    Mr. Clean3 개월 전


  63. Alena Marie

    Alena Marie3 개월 전

    My mouth is watering! Sooo hungryyy

  64. Gatcha Crazy

    Gatcha Crazy3 개월 전

    Who watches this like, a million times because they love the secret menu hacks? No one? Ok...

  65. Brieanna Moon

    Brieanna Moon3 개월 전

    Anyone else notice the McDonalds picture on the wall in the background?

  66. Alan Johnson

    Alan Johnson3 개월 전

    Those are really good ideas like McDonald’s should do that

  67. Marshalls vlogs

    Marshalls vlogs4 개월 전

    OMG mouth is watering

  68. Microsoft SCCM Guru

    Microsoft SCCM Guru4 개월 전

    Not even kidding, watched this, went to McDonalds, got the McGriddle, and an Oreo McFlurry - DELIGHTFUL

  69. alice gray marks

    alice gray marks4 개월 전

    Terrifying, but hillarious. Also, it is healing to see such kindly menfolk. Thank you!

  70. Hannah Procopio

    Hannah Procopio4 개월 전

    “Nothing we’re doing is wrong” 😂😂😂

  71. sandra natalija

    sandra natalija4 개월 전

    don't you have wraps at mcdonalds in the us?

  72. Angel X

    Angel X4 개월 전

    Will it dish soap

  73. Sean Hart

    Sean Hart4 개월 전

    No such thing as food hacks in canada. No one who works at a fast food joint knows how to speak english. Or work efficiently enough to do their jobs properly.

  74. Frankie Senica

    Frankie Senica4 개월 전

    Why does link look like modern day Eminem

  75. Piz

    Piz4 개월 전

    Sounds like two brothers playing wack a mole

  76. Jedi Sentinel

    Jedi Sentinel4 개월 전

    1: now i hate mcdonalds ALOT less 2: why did i have to watch this video at 4 am when no mcdonalds are open 3:im about to gain alot of weight from eating all these foods 4:alot of questions are going to be asked of me when i do this later today 5:this is getting to be a long list 7:this made me like mcdonalds 8:i skipped 6 and none of you noticed 9:all of you just checked back to see if i actually skipped 6 10:you just laughed because i skipped 6 and you didnt notice. 11:have a nice day :D

  77. jacob vader2

    jacob vader24 개월 전

    is link wearing an Aerosmith shirt

  78. MSH 9

    MSH 94 개월 전

    Imma quickly take a mcshit

  79. Rebekka Dagitz

    Rebekka Dagitz4 개월 전

    Why does link always touch the food lol gross

  80. Justin James

    Justin James4 개월 전

    This man just said “dink it... *slop it* “

  81. PeachHazel7

    PeachHazel74 개월 전

    Their so dorky it’s Awesome 😂😂

  82. Bobominer pvp

    Bobominer pvp4 개월 전

    For the sloppy joe instead of mixing it on the plate they should have just brought a big plastic bag and squished it all together from the outside and then used it as a piping bag LOL

  83. SRT8 _HEMI

    SRT8 _HEMI4 개월 전

    Anyone else feel that McDonald’s always has a broken ice cream machine

  84. finn mooney

    finn mooney4 개월 전

    rip east coast and therefor rip me no taco

  85. CB Random

    CB Random4 개월 전

    Link with a beard is really making me feel uncomfortable

  86. hongvan nguyen

    hongvan nguyen4 개월 전

    how these guys not fat

  87. Dano Da Zombie

    Dano Da Zombie4 개월 전

    I'm gonna try the ice cream sammiches

  88. halfbakedoreo

    halfbakedoreo4 개월 전

    My McDs food hack was a McGriddle with a chicken patty. They got rid of the breakfast chicken though. I would add some hot sauce and syrup and get a close Chicken & Waffles.

  89. GOD OF BOI

    GOD OF BOI4 개월 전

    6:15 they're beating there meat😂😂😂😉😉😆

  90. Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis4 개월 전

    R.I.P. Pico Guacamole Burger :(

  91. Bray Wright

    Bray Wright4 개월 전

    How come American McFlurrys at 4x the size of the U.K. ones. Our ones are tiny tubs

  92. Dave Kateridge

    Dave Kateridge4 개월 전

    Is it me or they having a bad day

  93. UmmMark

    UmmMark4 개월 전

    Never thought I'd see Link beat rhett's meat

  94. Oceane Bilong

    Oceane Bilong4 개월 전

    If you go to MasterChef....

  95. Nolan Ramsey

    Nolan Ramsey4 개월 전


  96. mattromano83

    mattromano834 개월 전

    "all robot mouths are just slap-chops" lmao

  97. LuCa H

    LuCa H4 개월 전

    The one Link called “a Sad Mac” the one with only the bread and patty is how I eat every burger ever. Doesn’t matter where it comes from. And it’s the only thing I would eat from this video except for the desert stuff.

  98. EmmaTheMelon !

    EmmaTheMelon !4 개월 전


  99. Alex Summers

    Alex Summers4 개월 전

    why am i doing this to myself, i am SO HUNGRY

  100. koko*don*

    koko*don*4 개월 전

    Alot of ppl dont like links beard, but I love it