McDonald's Acquires Artificial Intelligence For Drive-Thru | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


  1. Maria Daphne

    Maria Daphne시간 전

    I love butterscotch! 😂

  2. Pan!c on

    Pan!c on6 일 전

    I'm going to say this is the right move from trump these are aimed at children and should not be creating a drug epidemic in children it is a good decision to ban these.

  3. Habiba el

    Habiba el8 일 전

    Why do democrates have a donkey on their flag?? I first tought it was a joke.. but why a donkey 😆 #fromHolland.

  4. BuddingK WoT

    BuddingK WoT14 일 전

    6 deaths and it gets a ban, guns killed thousands but no ban, hmmmm

  5. Intelligent Design

    Intelligent Design19 일 전

    It almost feels like shows like this and hosts like this are only there to make brutal politicians more human.

  6. rabha hussein

    rabha hussein20 일 전

    Whats up donald vader

  7. big O bryan

    big O bryan21 일 전

    He meant that's how the first lady got involved with vaping ..... herself .... he misspoke himself again . This is all so weird hahahaha

  8. Queenie

    Queenie21 일 전

    I told my family this when they first came out, vapes are dangerous because if you smoke a vape around me I always cough, so I knew.

  9. lololololol

    lololololol22 일 전

    I thought he'd say: "got a son together....-on the verge admitting he vapes- who is a beautiful young man and she feels very very etc"

  10. Alessandro Silva

    Alessandro Silva23 일 전

    Suddenly Andrew Young makes sense with this McDonalds move...

  11. Michael Bender

    Michael Bender25 일 전

    I end up talking like trump say the wrong thing on purpose so i can feel comfortable mcdonalds food taste great at a price

  12. Cole Scott

    Cole Scott25 일 전

    I don't like trump, but even an broken clock is right twice a day

  13. Socrates Inglessis

    Socrates Inglessis26 일 전

    Suddenly Trump likes regulations?

  14. jayvegas

    jayvegas26 일 전

    What does the CDC say about arsenic & cyanide?

  15. reem ghebreyohans

    reem ghebreyohans27 일 전


  16. Xcellence

    Xcellence27 일 전

    Donald Trump man ...😂😂😂😂😂😂 Is her son not your son as well??

  17. Ajith Inguva

    Ajith Inguva27 일 전

    ATF and V

  18. Sean Riddolls

    Sean Riddolls28 일 전

    From 2009 to 2019: Deaths from Vaping: 6 Deaths from Cigarettes: 4,800,000 So, why is trump banning vaping and not smoking?

  19. Daniel W

    Daniel W28 일 전

    E-cigarettes are less dangerous than normal cigarettes. Also, there's no second hand smoke, just water. I don't see why they should be banned.

  20. Fuddyduddy Horsemanship

    Fuddyduddy Horsemanship개월 전

    I think Trump doesn't have friends in the vaping industry, if he did he wouldn't say he'd stop it because it is unhealthy. He doesn't give a shit about people's health.

  21. Arad

    Arad개월 전

    Good to know tobaccos killed less than 6 people! pff we're safe now!

  22. Maria Robles

    Maria Robles개월 전

    Put trump in the same cages he has the Latins and drinking 🚽💩. He will suddenly mature 😂. Earth will be free of insanity.

  23. Warsrecker

    Warsrecker개월 전

    I actually think that trump banning e-cigarettes is a family dispute. His son vapes all the time, and trump hates it. And when his son vapes right into his face he is like "Son you are not doing that vape anymore" - What you wanna do. Mom has allowed it. You can't do anything". "I am banning all that juice stuff." And so he did :)

  24. KK B

    KK B개월 전

    Mcdonald, how about just having mobile app for ordering take aways with drive through option.

  25. Div-E Sepid

    Div-E Sepid개월 전

    who is this boring nigga?

  26. Dan

    Dan개월 전

    so last night Melanie was like 'hey Donald, I don't want him smoking that stuff anymore, use your power and just ban it for everybody, that will stop him'

  27. Jude Adeline

    Jude Adeline개월 전

    All the people that died over the years from smoking cigarettes and they've never even considered banning it. Guess it's not the same lobbyists.

  28. Abhi Bhasme

    Abhi Bhasme개월 전

    Is that a Donkey as Democratic party logo?

  29. Django90

    Django90개월 전

    The only thing I admire about Trump is that he doesn't drink or smoke

  30. rich corleone

    rich corleone개월 전

    You are so good man at this

  31. GusMcGuire

    GusMcGuire개월 전

    "She's got a son....together, that is a beautiful young man and she feels very strongly about it." - ok, hands up. Who else heard "it" and wondered whether Trump was referring to Vaping or the son?

  32. Unreal

    Unreal개월 전

    Ban cigarettes then and ban opioids also... I don't vape but I hate that hypocrisy

  33. 2NDS0N

    2NDS0N개월 전

    Adults don't flavor their drugs? Seriously??? When was the last time you went down the liquor aisle? E-liquid makers are supplying what their consumer base (primarily made up of former smokers) is demanding...enjoyable flavors. duh!

  34. Ljubica Kljaic

    Ljubica Kljaic개월 전

    You don't know the first thing about vaping, just like the guy you criticize. Yeah, yeah, he can't remember his son's name and isn't exactly the father of the year, but is that really the point here. Trump bans flavors using a completely unrelated issue - six dead people who died because they used street THC e-liquid. Vaping has been in US since 2007, nobody died, until last 30 or so days. And it has nothing to do with flavors. Freaking unbelievable.

  35. Jane Prendergast

    Jane Prendergast개월 전

    But no gun control?

  36. WiseWeeabo

    WiseWeeabo개월 전

    I like how they frame it as it will "speed up" the process, not to replace people... which is the main goal/incentive for the company...

  37. WiseWeeabo

    WiseWeeabo개월 전


  38. JD vlog

    JD vlog개월 전

    way morethan 6 people dies coz of alcohol and cigarets ..

  39. Akshay Rana

    Akshay Rana개월 전

    what about the guns? Guns are claiming more lives...

  40. Biotecnología 2016

    Biotecnología 2016개월 전

    yes cuz actual cigarrattes are harmless

  41. InteryCreeper

    InteryCreeper개월 전


  42. LucaAlop1997

    LucaAlop1997개월 전

    how many people die because of alcohol and cigarettes again? xD but vaping is especially bad because....?

  43. D'Juan Stanziola

    D'Juan Stanziola개월 전

    tabacco has not killed anybody... bad E.Cig killed 6 ...

  44. Seyam Rahman

    Seyam Rahman개월 전

    Because cigarettes didn’t target kids

  45. BlackPiano

    BlackPiano개월 전

    “She8s got a son...together. And she feels very very strongly about it.” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  46. Khizar Bilal

    Khizar Bilal개월 전

    6 people die of vaping "allegedly" and vaping is being banned... what about alcohol ?!?! or actual cigarettes.

  47. D K

    D K개월 전

    oh well then i guess children wlil have to go back to smoking normal cigarettes

  48. Ahmed Dabbagh

    Ahmed Dabbagh개월 전

    Yup . Tobacco money

  49. Batatz Batatatz

    Batatz Batatatz개월 전

    Why I got an McDonald's add before this vid?

  50. Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal

    Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal개월 전

    Trevor... Its very simple. It's actually not his son.

  51. Leon Rod

    Leon Rod개월 전


  52. Griffith Guts

    Griffith Guts개월 전

    Yep kids are vaping

  53. jeromesims

    jeromesims개월 전

    If you're asking why e-cigarettes are banned and tobacco isn't it prob because e-cigarette don't have a long-standing and well-funded lobbying group like the historically powerful tobacco industry. In other words.... $$$$$ + POWER = Immunity

  54. Nigussie Dechassa

    Nigussie Dechassa개월 전


  55. Tarin

    Tarin개월 전

    That’s definitely the tobacco lobbyists at work

  56. PrinsHD

    PrinsHD개월 전

    Not even funny

  57. Cerbyo

    Cerbyo개월 전

    kid jokes about shooting up a school on facebook....prison for life. kid licks icecream in supermarket....20 years, life in prison. hundreds of kids lives ruined by death or hospital bills or trauma due to shootings just this year. 6 old people with pre-existing lung conditions who vape die...priceless. for everything else theres american mastercard

  58. mms s

    mms s개월 전

    Trevor, Trump has a price tag, so don't celebrate banning of e-flavored cigarettes just yet.

  59. Evan

    Evan개월 전

    Andrew Yang #Yang2020

  60. klaus moritz

    klaus moritz개월 전

    One of the only south African I like