Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut


  1. Cut

    Cut개월 전

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  2. John-Adrian Coker

    John-Adrian Coker13 일 전

    Also the singer with the raspy voice didn't answer the coach's question, so even though she claims to have always sounded this way... everyday she lit.

  3. NerdE Girl

    NerdE Girl16 일 전

    @Natalie Deeble thats a really good idea!

  4. Katie Martin

    Katie Martin8 시간 전

    The nervous girl looks like Morning Myrtle.


    AQWLAXUS F.J.8 시간 전

    2:48 Boi if you don----

  6. Faith Hibbs

    Faith Hibbs10 시간 전

    the country roads thing at the end was hilarious

  7. ♛ Huffdaddy™

    ♛ Huffdaddy™10 시간 전

    God dang the girl in white is beautiful

  8. Saarah R

    Saarah R11 시간 전

    i heard billie eilish 👀

  9. Han Sa

    Han Sa17 시간 전

    The first person in the line. I cannot exaggerate this enough, she has a good tone but I CANNOT FUCKING STAND SINGERS WHO DONT ENUNCIATE.

  10. Nicole Brown

    Nicole Brown20 시간 전

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Vocal coach : OH SO YOU DONT HAVE A DEGREE

  11. aesynthi

    aesynthi일 전

    am i the only one who thought the vocal coach's singing wasn't that bad?? like, she sung fine? where are yall getting that she's absolutely terrible from lmao

  12. true avacardo forever

    true avacardo forever일 전

    I just realised that the vocal coaches were a bit rude

  13. Kaylarose Adkins

    Kaylarose Adkins일 전

    I love the ending *I actually live in West Virginia for a long time now* amazing voices

  14. Ghostiiie kun

    Ghostiiie kun일 전

    Im sorry but that so-called "vocal coach" is quite arrogant ...I smoke weed and I can use my head voice just fine. 😪😪😪 she sucks at singing too....

  15. Owen Tedja

    Owen Tedja일 전

    Who’s the cute girl in white?

  16. ᏆᎷ ᏩᎻᎾᏚᎢ

    ᏆᎷ ᏩᎻᎾᏚᎢ일 전

    I love the 2nd guy! He looks so cool!!!

  17. Júlia

    Júlia2 일 전

    "siing somethin... ᶠᵒʳ ᵐᵉ " yeah that guy was totally tryne hit on her

  18. catt oneil

    catt oneil2 일 전

    am i the only one who doesn’t like the girl in the purple

  19. Kailey Hall

    Kailey Hall2 일 전

    3:25 my baby billie is TAKING OVERRR😂😍😍😍

  20. Sunny Quan

    Sunny Quan2 일 전

    Trained not trained not trained not trained DAMN just describe the person

  21. Artistic.Addictions

    Artistic.Addictions2 일 전

    Vocal couch. Mkay.

  22. Cierra Jackson

    Cierra Jackson2 일 전

    1:41 IKYFL 😂😂

  23. Beast Overload

    Beast Overload2 일 전

    *im just glad someone sang Billie*

  24. Flakey

    Flakey2 일 전

    i give that girl who sang I won’t say I’m in love from hercules all of the love I have to offer

  25. Flakey

    Flakey2 일 전

    i give that girl who sang I won’t say I’m in love from hercules all of the love I have to offer

  26. Timmy Turner

    Timmy Turner2 일 전

    He very funny looking

  27. Hunter DeMartini

    Hunter DeMartini2 일 전

    She sang billie and immediately im interested

  28. Isabella Taylor

    Isabella Taylor3 일 전

    When dude said “all of y’all are filthy as hell.”

  29. Crimzon

    Crimzon3 일 전

    No one: Duranged: “I can’t sing for shit” 😂😂

  30. D Sto

    D Sto3 일 전

    3:25-3:34 she’s better than billie no cap

  31. S N O O P T H E D O G G

    S N O O P T H E D O G G3 일 전

    No hate but they can't sing

  32. GetFreshCrew PJ

    GetFreshCrew PJ3 일 전

    The first girl can't sing sorry not sorry

  33. Blackrag PubG

    Blackrag PubG3 일 전

    Olga was a bitch

  34. Jade Morter

    Jade Morter3 일 전

    "a lot of mixed kids would pick that song to sing".... What? That's a strange affiliation to make

  35. X MKG

    X MKG3 일 전

    Chubby, female michael jackson

  36. Paris Ross

    Paris Ross3 일 전

    Whole heartedly thought that guy was a girl the entire time. absolutely gorgeous 😂🔥

  37. Lucky The pup

    Lucky The pup3 일 전

    dorange pitss i fucking love you dude. never change

  38. Liam Morris Thompson

    Liam Morris Thompson3 일 전

    Anyone else feel uncomfortable for the people waiting to sing, just me ok.

  39. A.I.M Gawd 103

    A.I.M Gawd 1033 일 전

    0:28 so honest 😂

  40. Tiberius X

    Tiberius X3 일 전

    Please do match the food order to the random customer

  41. no name

    no name3 일 전

    The so called "vocal coach" needs to shut up. She's honestly so rude, in my opinion, and how can you call yourself a vocal coach when your vocals are literal trash. She gets on my last nerves. But what do I know, I'm just a random person on the internet

  42. Carmen Garcia

    Carmen Garcia3 일 전

    Deranged is my favorite of all time

  43. tuck Dartmouth

    tuck Dartmouth4 일 전


  44. c g

    c g4 일 전

    3:24 MY QUEEN!!!!

  45. Shahin MLR

    Shahin MLR4 일 전

    What's Brandons insta?

  46. xarvany

    xarvany4 일 전

    U teach vocal? U suuuuckk, you think you know it all KEEP CALMMM

  47. arren v

    arren v4 일 전

    ion know what yall talkin bout i like the vocal coach lady! i like that she talks about the technicality of their vocals, and plays with their tones. she seems pretty cool and knows her shit.

  48. Haley 101

    Haley 1014 일 전

    They all kinda tried to hard 😐 not hating butttt it was kinda hard yo watch without cringing

  49. Jacob Ferreira

    Jacob Ferreira5 일 전

    Everyone hating on the vocal coach even tho she had a good voice sounded like a female grunge singer

  50. AB

    AB5 일 전

    Yana is so damn sexy

  51. Mary Kate Blum

    Mary Kate Blum5 일 전

    Omg I’m doing a summer camp at AMDA

  52. nadia lynn

    nadia lynn5 일 전

    3:31 is... Is. That. Billie. Eilish?¡?!!¡ MY WIFE🙌🏽😍