Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut


  1. Cut

    Cut9 개월 전

    Follow Cut Allstar Duranged Pitt on IG at

  2. Missy Missy

    Missy Missy13 일 전

    How can I get on this show as a matcher or judge?

  3. xCrimson BladeX ಠ_ಠ

    xCrimson BladeX ಠ_ಠ개월 전

    @AWhiteLatina and how would you know?

  4. AWhiteLatina

    AWhiteLatina개월 전

    He smells like ass.

  5. GreenCookieWolf

    GreenCookieWolf2 개월 전

    are u saying duranged is the only person who matters

  6. Blake Vogt

    Blake Vogt15 시간 전

    The girl singing the love had way to many vocal runs

  7. khadija najjar

    khadija najjar일 전

    omg the girl who sang billie eilish she’s so good!!🥰❤️❤️

  8. iamnichollo

    iamnichollo2 일 전

    Marcelito Pomoy should be here lol

  9. Reina Melancholia

    Reina Melancholia2 일 전

    Derange is such a mood

  10. Alice Swan

    Alice Swan2 일 전

    It's ridiculous how talented these singers are (I love so much that really really tall guy)

  11. breastmilk

    breastmilk2 일 전

    Brandon is GORGEOUS!

  12. Michael Frigerio

    Michael Frigerio3 일 전

    "fuck, if i know bro" hahahaha

  13. LadyNikitaShark

    LadyNikitaShark3 일 전

    Last one: see what I did here? The maestro does not need to sing 😜🤣

  14. shauna estes

    shauna estes3 일 전

    3rd girl was the best. Don’t argue with me.

  15. Simone T

    Simone T3 일 전

    I don’t think any of them have ever heard a black person sing 😬 they are all too airy. Black vocals are heavy

  16. The match Kookie is holding in Spring Day

    The match Kookie is holding in Spring Day3 일 전

    Last girl was the only voice I liked tbh

  17. Špela Orel

    Špela Orel4 일 전

    The vocal coach is straight up from r/awfuleyebrows

  18. MoonxStar

    MoonxStar5 일 전

    Kay, The first girl was just too extra.



    1:56 The singers on the left are me and my friends being idiots during class while trying not to be loud

  20. _ Lil lilly

    _ Lil lilly5 일 전

    If I was on that show and I had to sing I’d be like (🤐-😶-😬-😮-😧-🤢-🤮)

  21. azure

    azure5 일 전

    duranged pitts hair said --o--

  22. Armaan Verma

    Armaan Verma5 일 전

    WTF, that was a guy?

  23. Zattack 3000.1

    Zattack 3000.15 일 전

    2:39 Yes for musical theatre people!

  24. Arthur Faisca

    Arthur Faisca6 일 전

    "im a guy, my name is brandon" what the fuck??

  25. Motshan Ridge

    Motshan Ridge7 일 전

    Hahaha that was Italian, not Russian

  26. Daemon Dotexe

    Daemon Dotexe8 일 전

    "Definately trained....because she's singing in a different language" This statement is like soo stupid :D

  27. Laura Scoggins

    Laura Scoggins9 일 전

    I really like the voice of the first Girl.

  28. Melanie Frenzel

    Melanie Frenzel10 일 전

    The guy with the funny hair looks like Totoroooooo:D

  29. aLixE

    aLixE10 일 전

    The first one is singing a tik tok song. That's all I learned from that.

  30. Aman kodimela

    Aman kodimela11 일 전

    Man the second girl is hot

  31. Jeanne Bernardus

    Jeanne Bernardus11 일 전

    The first girl is over doing it to much so she can't even say the Words properly Lmao-

  32. Sarah xoxo

    Sarah xoxo11 일 전

    I literally thought Brandon was a girl 🤦‍♀️

  33. Idk

    Idk11 일 전

    4:53 is sending me 💀

  34. Lindsey H

    Lindsey H11 일 전

    when the woman who can't sing thinks she's good enough to judge others :X

  35. Kittengirl6000

    Kittengirl600012 일 전

    0:11 bruh

  36. Lyndsey Collins

    Lyndsey Collins12 일 전

    I keep coming back to watch this just for brandon lol

  37. Xx_hotsauce_ xX

    Xx_hotsauce_ xX12 일 전

    I'm sorry but the girl with the red hair was mean and I'm sorry but her eyebrows wth 😂

  38. Ashley Lesperance

    Ashley Lesperance13 일 전

    But dose Brandon have a KOreporter? I really liked his voice

  39. Gillian Canilang

    Gillian Canilang13 일 전

    The girl with the green skirt her foundation kinda gave me flash back mary vibes😂

  40. Gillian Canilang

    Gillian Canilang일 전

    @Maximilian Reilly-McDowell awww that's cute but like she is really giving me flash back Mary vibes so like bye

  41. Maximilian Reilly-McDowell

    Maximilian Reilly-McDowell일 전

    She's my best friend, and she's equally that porcelain without any foundation. :)

  42. Manuel Capretta

    Manuel Capretta13 일 전

    No Bass?

  43. Irena giraffe

    Irena giraffe13 일 전

    The first girl was not tjay good

  44. Edward Rose

    Edward Rose14 일 전


  45. jjodoin05

    jjodoin0514 일 전

    Lots of cameltoe with this generation. High waisted jeans cameltoe.

  46. yasmin porat

    yasmin porat14 일 전

    The furst guy is one of us. He's a theatre kid( well not kid...guy?)

  47. Shazia Ahmed

    Shazia Ahmed14 일 전

    All of them have a wonderful voice

  48. yaphace

    yaphace15 일 전

    Bro NUN of those people can sIng

  49. Blizzero

    Blizzero15 일 전

    I'm here for Yana :)

  50. Augustus Elf

    Augustus Elf15 일 전

    I couldn't continue past like, 2 minutes, so much cringe

  51. Marko San

    Marko San15 일 전

    i wanna see more of YANA

  52. Marko San

    Marko San15 일 전

    I think the girl with "raspy" voice cried and scream a lot as a child

  53. Leala Bagg

    Leala Bagg15 일 전

    Vocal coach: I teach strings and vocal *starts singing* Me: Chucks my headphones across the room

  54. I'm in my mums car GeT oUt My CaR

    I'm in my mums car GeT oUt My CaR15 일 전

    The "singing teacher " Was very rude whilst she wasn't even good at singing . honestly didn't vibe at all!

  55. I'm in my mums car GeT oUt My CaR

    I'm in my mums car GeT oUt My CaR15 일 전

    The first girl annoyed me alot because the song doesn't have pauses that long. Plus she was a bad singer.

  56. Jr Pueyo-Morales

    Jr Pueyo-Morales15 일 전

    1:00 ok it's good 1:06 hard no

  57. xxBree xx

    xxBree xx16 일 전


  58. M Tee

    M Tee16 일 전

    The vocal cOaCh can eat ass

  59. Gioele 00

    Gioele 0016 일 전

    When you are Italian and you can understand what the last singer was saying. Me: Stonks 📈

  60. kate weaver

    kate weaver16 일 전

    ppl in the comments are actually offended by the vocal coach saying she smokes weed. y’all are to sensitive it’s sickening.

  61. Daddys Dad

    Daddys Dad16 일 전

    “Why else would you know how to sing in Russian” *Singing in Italian :/*

  62. playkickboxer

    playkickboxer16 일 전

    Yana is still extremely beautiful...

  63. J.P. Hardy

    J.P. Hardy17 일 전

    I'm so incredibly tired of that blah raspy "blues" Norah Jones type voice. Everybody does that shit on the singing shows, and it's become gimmicky and lame.

  64. Rowan Housden

    Rowan Housden17 일 전

    I had to stop watching cause the first girl sucked so bad omg

  65. Taylor Tompkins

    Taylor Tompkins18 일 전

    Nobody: Nobody at all: NOT A LIVING SOUL: Theatre Kids: ... 2:40

  66. Kailyn H

    Kailyn H18 일 전

    The vocal coach us a bitch sorry but