Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer


  1. Jug Head

    Jug Head55 분 전

    1:56 tony stark 0:06 tony stuck

  2. S0L1D Xen

    S0L1D Xen56 분 전

    54k dislikes? Clearly it’s all DC fans


    MASTER FQ시간 전

    Roses Are Red Nebula Is Blue I Miss You Tony *Natasha Too*

  4. shivam soni

    shivam soni시간 전

    I love marvel 😍😍😍😍 I love Avenger's

  5. Hafiz Mhd

    Hafiz Mhd시간 전

    when hawkey running he dont hold the guantlet😀

  6. matias roa

    matias roa시간 전

    Watched the movie 3 times in theaters now, in 3 different formats... And I keep coming back to this trailer.

  7. Corporal Johnny

    Corporal Johnny시간 전

    You can't move on after watching the movie. Where did it bring you? Back to me. ~Marvel Entertainment

  8. Chender Edits

    Chender Edits시간 전

    Avengers: This is the fight of our lives. We lost friends, family. Me: ItS rEwInD tiMe

  9. Callie hammac

    Callie hammac시간 전


  10. Fardeen Aalam

    Fardeen Aalam시간 전

    I really love the music from this trailer

  11. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark시간 전

    spoiler alert: i'm still alive

  12. EzSolo

    EzSolo시간 전

    Everything started from Tony, and ended with him...

  13. Nil

    Nil2 시간 전

    OMGG !! it's Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man who repeat "what ever it takes".... IT TAKES LIFE GUYS

  14. Netflix Girl

    Netflix Girl2 시간 전

    So…My dad got tickets for endgame at 12 @ night and thought it said 12 in the morning………

  15. Rajesh Masarkar

    Rajesh Masarkar2 시간 전

    Idk why 54k disliked this???😐

  16. Amin qaziany

    Amin qaziany2 시간 전

    Where is yondu?

  17. Gerardo Sandoval

    Gerardo Sandoval2 시간 전

    I still crying, and feeling so excited about Endgame

  18. ZIKK3R

    ZIKK3R2 시간 전

    Avatar: I am inevitable Avengers: And i am Avengers endgame

  19. eggo global

    eggo global2 시간 전

    Would not watch the endgame if ironman died at the infinity war...

  20. Real believer

    Real believer3 시간 전

    you..yes YOU stop it...his dead

  21. LuckyTuber

    LuckyTuber3 시간 전

    Comments when the film came in cinema: who else watched the film? Commemts now: who else didn't watch the film?

  22. WALL nut

    WALL nut3 시간 전

    When there is a meme about hulk but isnt"I see this as an absolute win": I see this as an absoulte win!

  23. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow3 시간 전

    So, You spoiled the endgame, you screwed up big time, everyone's pissed. The real question is how are you going to make things right?

  24. Iyesie Loquite

    Iyesie Loquite4 시간 전

    Everyone commenting about whats happening the me? "I stil didnt watch the movie and it sucks!"

  25. dante sparda

    dante sparda4 시간 전

    Anyone still here?..

  26. The Fallen

    The Fallen4 시간 전

    RIP Howard Potts ❤️

  27. punky junky

    punky junky5 시간 전

    Part of the journey is the end And Some people... Move on But not us Not us...

  28. Kost Elmi

    Kost Elmi5 시간 전

    We all said what is black widow going to do, shoot Thanos? We were wrong

  29. Siddesh Shamanewadi

    Siddesh Shamanewadi5 시간 전

    End game was nice....but no one can beat THE DARK KNIGHT

  30. The Bnbrkr

    The Bnbrkr5 시간 전

    Am I the only one who thinks Thanos looks like Rick from Pawn Stars ?

  31. Shubham K

    Shubham K5 시간 전

    Avengers 1: Shawarma Endgame : Salad

  32. Shubham K

    Shubham K5 시간 전

    Hey Peter Parker, got something for me? Peter: Spoilers?

  33. KOREA H K

    KOREA H K5 시간 전


  34. Bluury

    Bluury5 시간 전

    I really want to see the movie people at my school keep saying spoilers

  35. wHaT's uP guYs

    wHaT's uP guYs5 시간 전

    Really is a best movie of 2019

  36. Servine

    Servine6 시간 전

    Most people forgive spoilers... ...but not us... ...not us.

  37. The Salty Potatoe

    The Salty Potatoe6 시간 전

    Avatar to avengers infinity war: You cant beat me Avengers infinity war: But he can (Avengers endgame

  38. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi7 시간 전

    2:16 another trailer scene that Isn’t true, bcz that wasn’t mjolnir in the film

  39. Tourbillon Viesky

    Tourbillon Viesky7 시간 전

    Thor: I like this one T'challa: Get these man a bed A vibranium bed



    How many are watching the trailer after watching Endgame? . . . I'm sure that I'm not alone 😉😉😉😉

  41. Jeduthun Zang

    Jeduthun Zang7 시간 전

    GUYS WE’RE SO CLOSE TO BEING #1 FOR ALL TIME BOX OFFICE GROSS Don't stop watching endgame in theaters!!! Let's make this the #1 movie worldwide together. WHATEVER IT TAKES✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  42. Tourbillon Viesky

    Tourbillon Viesky7 시간 전

    Tony (2018) : Wong you're invited to my wedding Wong (2023) : I'm here at your funeral

  43. Jude Samillano

    Jude Samillano7 시간 전


  44. Animesh Nath

    Animesh Nath7 시간 전

    Still does a great job at hyping me up even though I have already seen it like 3 times.

  45. Descendentes Alc

    Descendentes Alc7 시간 전


  46. Nilson Garcia

    Nilson Garcia8 시간 전

    Tony Stark : I am Iron Man!....😇

  47. PaGaLPANTI Things

    PaGaLPANTI Things9 시간 전

    54k dislikes are from the Thanos's army

  48. oof

    oof9 시간 전

    I just realized they actually spoiled the 5 year time jump a little bit by showing Natasha's red hair growing out under her blonde hair

  49. Evos Smurf

    Evos Smurf9 시간 전

    Indo here

  50. gerhard kovacevic

    gerhard kovacevic10 시간 전

    Thor: fat and drunk T’Challa: Give this man a salad

  51. Megan C

    Megan C10 시간 전

    Infinity War is better than Endgame. Captain Marvel almost ruined Endgame for me.

  52. Sundari Balasubramanian

    Sundari Balasubramanian10 시간 전

    Proof that tony stark has a heart He's in our heart Iron man love u 3000

  53. Collateral Killer

    Collateral Killer10 시간 전

    Who else come here again and again for this 1:58

  54. SwIrL ProDuCtIoNs

    SwIrL ProDuCtIoNs10 시간 전

    thanos can say the n word because when he snapped he stole it from blackpanther

  55. andrew hendry

    andrew hendry10 시간 전

    Spoiler Alert! Iron Man Dies

  56. Sahira Banu

    Sahira Banu11 시간 전

    Nice 57

  57. Lucius Irving

    Lucius Irving11 시간 전

    If only Warner would make the Justice League this year, but got kinda screwed.

  58. Batman _

    Batman _12 시간 전

    I hope at least 100 people found my comment. Ok so my experience of watching this was ruined by some annoying little boy here’s why. 1. He was talking randomly and made loud laughs at which parts wouldn’t even funny. 2. He kicked the chair right next to me which made noises. 3. Not even once the people right next to him never tell him to shut up. 4. At the part of when the battle against Thanos and Avengers just got f*cked because he won’t shut up, like the scene was awesome but he just had to ruin it. 5. And I had to deal with this for 3 HOURS. I will forever hate him for ruining the first time I ever watched Endgame.🤬😡👿

  59. Batman _

    Batman _12 시간 전

    BlackCatPlay46 yep I thought about telling his parents but I thought I would ruin someone else’s experience so I waited until the end to tell one of them.

  60. BlackCatPlay46

    BlackCatPlay4612 시간 전

    Maybe go see it for a second time for a more enjoyable experience, If the kids parents were there I would've said something if they weren't I would of just killed him lol. No one ruins a marvel movie like that.

  61. Berry Allen

    Berry Allen12 시간 전

    Batman :what's the matter between you and Tony, Steve. Steve:we had a disagreement. Batman : any chance your mothers had same name

  62. lil_slayer_13 !

    lil_slayer_13 !12 시간 전

    Omg Endgame BEAT avatar!!!!!


    TOUR MANIA13 시간 전

    Some people should move on after watching the movie...but not us..NOT US.....

  64. Bharath Mohan

    Bharath Mohan13 시간 전

    Avatar you are in the endgame now......

  65. rosangela ruiz

    rosangela ruiz13 시간 전


  66. Mr Short

    Mr Short14 시간 전

    Whatever it takes

  67. m k

    m k14 시간 전

    Avatar still top grossing.


    I AM THANOS14 시간 전

    I swear I cried a million times watching this movie

  69. D P

    D P14 시간 전

    Some people's watches have ended, but not us...not us


    NØAH SØLAR15 시간 전

    Mr.Stark... We won

  71. moka chan

    moka chan15 시간 전

    *whatever it takes*

  72. DC Danner

    DC Danner15 시간 전

    Watched endgame like 5 times now still I watch the trailer it's so good 😂👍

  73. FliXer 13

    FliXer 1315 시간 전

    I love that movie 3000

  74. Dragon_ Slayer

    Dragon_ Slayer15 시간 전

    Who is here after the movie

  75. Blyvz_

    Blyvz_16 시간 전


  76. Inglis boy Fan

    Inglis boy Fan16 시간 전

    One of the best and most inspirational movies I have ever seen out of Marvel.

  77. Zack Tran

    Zack Tran16 시간 전

    Never knew a iron man scene would ever be in the endgame trailer but I was wrong

  78. Miguel Mercado

    Miguel Mercado17 시간 전

    $167,951,860 to go

  79. Zoom Boi

    Zoom Boi17 시간 전

    When you and the Bois go to fight the ender Dragon We're in the endgame

  80. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson17 시간 전

    Who’s the British woman speaking

  81. Stogie2112

    Stogie211217 시간 전

    Ethan Johnson ..... It’s a direct quote from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  82. i2E Prod.

    i2E Prod.18 시간 전

    Rat fan club like this!

  83. 1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM

    1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM18 시간 전

    168 million left

  84. EKoranjeWK

    EKoranjeWK18 시간 전

    I just seen it, its was perfect. After the dissapointment of game of thrones you marvel saved my day

  85. Bryan Hypebeast

    Bryan Hypebeast18 시간 전

    Who else scared to look at comments for spoilers

  86. A Really Good Production

    A Really Good Production18 시간 전

    avengers went for the head of avatar

  87. Tomislav Mijoč

    Tomislav Mijoč18 시간 전

    SLOBODAN PRALJAK, last true hero, real mean, not some marvel bulshit

  88. M Killer

    M Killer19 시간 전

    Avatar: You can’t beat me Infinity war: I know, but he can Endgame: appears

  89. Pafr0

    Pafr020 시간 전

    For the people ( probably spam accounts of the children of thanos ) who disliked should be part of the decimation

  90. TheCoolKidz21

    TheCoolKidz2120 시간 전

    Some people don’t see 10 years of GREATNESS but not us........But NOT US!!!!!

  91. king_has_no_cloths kul

    king_has_no_cloths kul20 시간 전

    imdb comment section is dearly missed as it had legit discussion. As it was one place where movie buffs could go and take it out! but here it is just not possible. that chat of yahoo and aol are also dearly missed. had they been there now it would have been mayhem for this kind of movie. In fact it was more social back then.

  92. Natalino Raposo Belina

    Natalino Raposo Belina20 시간 전

    ♥️ love you Avengers 💔

  93. recall

    recall20 시간 전

    This is a really crap trailer

  94. Stogie2112

    Stogie211217 시간 전

    recall..... Everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

  95. recall

    recall19 시간 전

    +Fam squad 1 Why does it matter when it came out? If I think it's crap then I think it's crap...

  96. Fam squad 1

    Fam squad 119 시간 전

    recall why are you criticizing a trailer that came out 2 months ago

  97. Zain Baig

    Zain Baig20 시간 전

    Avatar get ready

  98. Gopnikriding

    Gopnikriding20 시간 전

    Yes i know it was legit

  99. king_has_no_cloths kul

    king_has_no_cloths kul20 시간 전

    how is thanos destroyed in marvel comics?

  100. Chanya Sathmi

    Chanya Sathmi21 시간 전


  101. Kyle Ho

    Kyle Ho21 시간 전

    Maybe some people leave from MCU But Not us Not Us

  102. kara danielle

    kara danielle21 시간 전

    wait who's talking in this trailer???

  103. M L

    M L21 시간 전

    Some people didn’t cry with Tony’s death, But not us Not us...

  104. Misery

    Misery21 시간 전

    My man thanos killed half the universe just to play farmville

  105. Malik Shariff

    Malik Shariff21 시간 전

    Whatever it takes to find a pirate copy i shall do some of us don't move on!Bwahahaha haha

  106. suraj mohanty

    suraj mohanty22 시간 전

    I can challenge there'll be another part after good earnings This is the best way to say end game as no other movie after that But but but but but but but but After grand success there'll be another part either by marvel or some other