Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer


  1. Peter Frank

    Peter Frank11 분 전

    When Peter Parker nearly take the Gauntlet off Thanos, we learn that the Avengers had the chance to win. When Thor throws the Stormbreaker and it struck Thanos in the chest, we learn that the Avengers had all the powers and strength to win. In regards to how the writers could implement Carol Danvers, whose powers are supposedly "off the charts", into this second half of the story, the word to describe it is not "curious" but rather "worrisome".

  2. Assassin Boss01

    Assassin Boss0112 분 전

    Didn't realize it at first but freeze frame 1:57, Tony is there. Now we know he survives even though it was basically a known fact.

  3. AmericanNegro

    AmericanNegro13 분 전

    Who's here after clicking on the thumbnail ✊✊👏👏🤘🤘

  4. Samira Abdul salam

    Samira Abdul salam13 분 전

    Subchribe op Dastro Gaming

  5. Corey Lassen

    Corey Lassen13 분 전

    Brie larsson just made me lose all hopes of Marvel... Smh...

  6. Bl x ZE

    Bl x ZE13 분 전

    Dread it, run from it, how the f*ck is Tony still alive

  7. Ninjo 3000

    Ninjo 300014 분 전

    I just watch captain marvel (all credits scenes as well) the other day then I watched this and now everything makes sense WATCH CAPTAIN MARVEL

  8. TheRealTonyStark

    TheRealTonyStark15 분 전

    Everyone: “WE WANT HULK!” Me: I wonder where Nakia and Okoye are since they haven’t been in any of the trailers, and what will happen to Vision, now that we know he can function without The Mind Stone”

  9. Kashouri Katsu

    Kashouri Katsu15 분 전

    This trailer......"I like this one"

  10. Ali Ghazal

    Ali Ghazal19 분 전

    We know iron man is back on earth as nebula is walking with new costumes with the avengers🤔

  11. Real Unpopular

    Real Unpopular19 분 전

    Your telling me Captain Marvel stopped saving the world for 5 minutes and put lipstick on?

  12. ZeuSaAk ZeuSovič

    ZeuSaAk ZeuSovič19 분 전


  13. Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας

    Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας20 분 전

    _I'm Iron Man. - Who's we? - Let's take a photo. - She's searching for you. - I had a date. - Because we'll need them to._ _I am Iron Man. - No.. Thank you! - When do we start? - Bit of both. - AVENGERS A......!! - He said yes._ _I'll be there. - We'll be ready. - On the inside. - WHAT THE F** - Earth it is. - Who are you? - Oh God.. - I hate that moth dust. - Get some rest sir._

  14. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow21 분 전

    This is the number of possibilities that they will win this time 👇

  15. urvik bhan

    urvik bhan21 분 전


  16. yoyo Mir

    yoyo Mir22 분 전

    I will watch this movie in cinemas Whatever it takes

  17. Aindrila Bhattacharya

    Aindrila Bhattacharya22 분 전

    I will not leave during the intermission for food Whatever it takes

  18. Adam Clarke

    Adam Clarke22 분 전

    How will the Avengers get out this one will they defeat Thanos tone in next month

  19. alexander ogunde

    alexander ogunde23 분 전

    I think now Thor will aim for Thanos' head in the next movie😂😂😂

  20. Abdulkadir Çalka

    Abdulkadir Çalka23 분 전


  21. Gregor Mehn

    Gregor Mehn23 분 전

    I like this one

  22. MeuesenexD

    MeuesenexD23 분 전

    Went and saw Captain Marvel in my local theater this past weekend, and during the Marvel Studios intro (where they paid homage to the Late Stan Lee) the entire audience went silent, and then we all stood up and gave a standing ovation. it was wild because i was in the back row, and saw each person standing, not a person was in there seats. "True Believer...True Believer"

  23. ThePedophile 78

    ThePedophile 7823 분 전

    Search for keywords on youtube My brothers wife is very lonely

  24. YaBoiDraco

    YaBoiDraco23 분 전

    Perfectly balanced as all things should be

  25. Ahmad Marhadi

    Ahmad Marhadi24 분 전


  26. sathish kumar

    sathish kumar24 분 전

    படம் முடிவில் one above all வருவார்

  27. WLJ-Messaging

    WLJ-Messaging24 분 전

    With all the hate flying around about Bree Larsons" Captain Marvel" I would like to point out that not all these movies were great and the characters had to grow on us and i think the same will be for Captain Marvel, things are not always so great but they can be.

  28. maukka

    maukka24 분 전


  29. Shadow Beast

    Shadow Beast25 분 전

    In reddit there are spoilers for the whole movie check it out

  30. MG EREN

    MG EREN25 분 전

    S N A P

  31. Ban Zamudio

    Ban Zamudio25 분 전

    Increíble 🤭👍🏼

  32. Priyan G

    Priyan G26 분 전

    Did anyone else see tony in the end so he is saved?

  33. Aviva Gomberg

    Aviva Gomberg26 분 전

    hawkeyes new haircut = lesbian icon, thank you

  34. OnniBoy _

    OnniBoy _27 분 전

    I will survive until 24th of april, whatever it takes! Yeah, jokes on you america, the movie comes out 2 days earlier at my country

  35. Zeiylah zvn_

    Zeiylah zvn_27 분 전

    Where the flash?

  36. lil jmc

    lil jmc27 분 전

    i got literal chills when i heard the music

  37. Forrest Rossbach

    Forrest Rossbach28 분 전

    Marvel is hiding something. Nebula is shown in two places in the lineup. fallowing Steve Rogers and again fallowing Tony Stark.

  38. fromgentorev

    fromgentorev28 분 전


  39. fromgentorev

    fromgentorev22 분 전

    +MeyerRandall1128 oh, you'll see 😉 😃😃😃

  40. MeyerRandall1128

    MeyerRandall112826 분 전

    fromgentorev it’s not going to happen chief

  41. Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett29 분 전

    Ant man will save us all🛶👍💫

  42. HapYBoo

    HapYBoo29 분 전

    {\_/} (•_•) >🍕> I sell pizza it costs 1 like

  43. yorgee smorgee

    yorgee smorgee29 분 전

    i hate it when ever its a good movie and theres that boring parts and you think to yourself should i go to the bathroom or will there be a good part in a couple of seconds i dont want to miss

  44. G b

    G b31 분 전

    Hawkeye haircut is the symbol of half of the universe wipeout


    OGINGOCNI31 분 전

    I will make SURE I go to the bathroom before I take my seat

  46. Blake Kimmel

    Blake Kimmel31 분 전

    "WE WANT MORE HAWKEYE" you want mohawkeye? What. No

  47. Benjamin Hobson

    Benjamin Hobson32 분 전

    Quantum relm theory confirmed

  48. R-A-H_-

    R-A-H_-32 분 전


  49. vichhi

    vichhi34 분 전


  50. Konrad Skomra

    Konrad Skomra34 분 전

    Why does the hawk guy look like Sayonara boy?

  51. Manuelito Perez

    Manuelito Perez35 분 전

    Quiero que Hulk juegue un papel importante.😭

  52. Tuoppi _24

    Tuoppi _2435 분 전

    Can't man My mom said no

  53. kleindropper

    kleindropper35 분 전

    I heard Tony Stark goes back in time to stop Wolverine from stopping Mystique from shooting the president, and the Sentinels of the future easily stop any threat from Thanos.

  54. Sanskrit artist enlightened

    Sanskrit artist enlightened36 분 전

    Some people hate these movies But not us

  55. HeroBrettKiller1

    HeroBrettKiller136 분 전

    Thor: I like this on Captain marvel: I don’t like white dudes Thor: Sorry I was talking about storm breaker

  56. Diversive

    Diversive36 분 전

    OMG, another Marvel movie that will be very special, unique and breathtaking with new concepts and ideas!!!

  57. ew

    ew36 분 전

    I have a feeling some of the hero's (probably all) Will be coming back. This is an opinion. Now I will say... Whatever it takes.

  58. Michelle De Guia

    Michelle De Guia36 분 전

    Where is blackpanter?

  59. Movie Scenes

    Movie Scenes37 분 전

    Omg i must have it on my channel.

  60. Kar sid

    Kar sid37 분 전

    Or goose the cat saves everyone

  61. Kar sid

    Kar sid38 분 전

    What if bob ross saves everyone

  62. Cyber Killerz

    Cyber Killerz39 분 전

    Whatever It Takes!

  63. Mixtures By Khalifa

    Mixtures By Khalifa39 분 전

    Still In Trending in Pakistan

  64. oForgottenHero

    oForgottenHero40 분 전

    We should thank Starlord for giving us another avenger movie.

  65. Ричард Адидас

    Ричард Адидас40 분 전

    Kang is the real villain in the Quantum Realm buddies.. Time travel is happening dooodes

  66. Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash41 분 전

    Hillary for prison 2020

  67. Ohad Ganon

    Ohad Ganon41 분 전

    Omg I Got Orgazma

  68. Thomas Jocelyn

    Thomas Jocelyn42 분 전

    how come thanos is not in this?

  69. Keil Bouttell

    Keil Bouttell42 분 전

    Is the captain America scene where you can see him buckle up his shield from one of the previous captain America films or is it gonna an Endgame clip

  70. star gamer

    star gamer42 분 전

    @Marvel Entertainment is there a Stan L ee cameo?

  71. Quaronn CZ

    Quaronn CZ38 분 전

    Yes there is

  72. Chris G

    Chris G42 분 전

    1:52 *Tony:* that up there? That's the endgame. How were you guys planning on beating that? Steve: Together. Tony: We'll lose. Steve: Then we'll do that together too.

  73. Doctorwhovian

    Doctorwhovian43 분 전

    Whatever it takes

  74. Alessio DelCastillo

    Alessio DelCastillo43 분 전

    41 thousand people actually disliked this.

  75. Sangam Kalyan

    Sangam Kalyan43 분 전

    Can endgame beat avatar's boxoffice record ?

  76. Justin S

    Justin S44 분 전

    The 40,000 dislikes r dc fans =)

  77. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker45 분 전

    The trailer is so intense, but when Tony says, "Whatever it takes." at the end... man that just gets me hyped.

  78. Mew Cat

    Mew Cat46 분 전


  79. Mew Cat

    Mew Cat46 분 전

    I swear before getting into the cinema i'll shout "WHATEVER IT TAKES" so i can get emotionally prepared.Oh who am i kidding i will cry in this movie.The last time i cried not in movie but generally was when Logan died...

  80. BVS- DC

    BVS- DC46 분 전

    Efso +1

  81. BVS- DC

    BVS- DC46 분 전

    Efsane be!

  82. Thanos car

    Thanos car47 분 전

    So how is life going after you know the snap

  83. Ryan Harding

    Ryan Harding48 분 전

    The big hint is the avengers logo

  84. Yash Prakash Saini

    Yash Prakash Saini49 분 전

    0:29 one line every superhero movie can't be completed without.. THE WORLD HAS CHANGED

  85. Mr Reactorz Zone

    Mr Reactorz Zone49 분 전

    4days 68M views omg and 2.3M likes soon 3M

  86. Grant Morrow

    Grant Morrow50 분 전

    Thor's approval is possibly the only thing that could have saved captain marvels reputation.

  87. my boi cHaD

    my boi cHaD50 분 전

    i will see this on the day it comes out *whatever it takes*


    BFA ELITE50 분 전

    some people just watched one time the trailer.. BUT NOT US

  89. Abhinav Gupta

    Abhinav Gupta50 분 전

    Something that shows I am a huge MCU nerd

  90. Abhinav Gupta

    Abhinav Gupta51 분 전

    This comment is pointless

  91. Dark Energy

    Dark Energy51 분 전

    Sorry the last one was so bad I'm done. Catch on RedBox.


    BFA ELITE51 분 전

    i will not die untill i will see the movie whatever it takes

  93. 1NexusOne

    1NexusOne52 분 전

    It feels like a fanmade trailer :)

  94. Kayleigh Fabulous

    Kayleigh Fabulous52 분 전

    Going to see Endgame under any circumstances Whatever it takes.

  95. Lou Carp

    Lou Carp52 분 전


  96. Babe Ainur

    Babe Ainur53 분 전

    *I will watch it at cinema whatever it takes, i promise.*

  97. Hatake KjChun

    Hatake KjChun53 분 전

    I really like theme music make me feeling so high tell me i not alone

  98. Adi Negru

    Adi Negru53 분 전

    guys i need some help, can someone make the part from 1:57 to 2:10 into a loop of 1 hour please. i have no editing programs or the skill to do it. thank you

  99. MØzekiÆL

    MØzekiÆL54 분 전

    No thanos, no Spoilers, exactly how its suppose to be!

  100. Battling Rusher4.0

    Battling Rusher4.055 분 전

    Captain marvel

  101. ThER

    ThER56 분 전

    1:31 When you dont have enough money for haircut.

  102. syed bilal abbas zaidi

    syed bilal abbas zaidi56 분 전

    Thanks to STARLORD for giving us an another AVENGERS movie.

  103. Joseph Barros

    Joseph Barros58 분 전

    fight against Thanos with bow and arrow... wtf