Marlon Wayans on Eddie Murphy Visiting Him in the Projects and Finally Making Him Laugh


  1. Enigma Unresolved

    Enigma Unresolved7 분 전

    I hate Fallon's fake laugh and fakeness overall.

  2. octoberfire13

    octoberfire136 시간 전

    His movie, SEXTUPLETS, is awesome hahahahahahahaha - I just saw it on Netflix

  3. CPA

    CPA12 시간 전

    Ahahahahh now i want to watch it!!

  4. CPA

    CPA12 시간 전

    I can see a box of cigars his back pocket

  5. Lafania Rolling

    Lafania Rolling일 전

    Looks wonderful so handsome

  6. Mr Ottawa1

    Mr Ottawa1일 전

    How come the crowds laughing always synchronized ?

  7. Nicklas Brady

    Nicklas Brady일 전


  8. Joe Mack

    Joe Mack일 전

    I like the movie. Should have went to the big screen but thanks for putting it on Netflix

  9. Z.I.N. Goddess

    Z.I.N. Goddess일 전

    Fallon over Kimmel...... Period

  10. jay Elgringo

    jay Elgringo일 전

    Jimmy damnnn stop your fucking fake laugh.... I cant anymore

  11. Vrajam

    Vrajam2 일 전

    Fallon's gotta be the fakest most annoying interviewer of them all. Fake laugh, fake attitude and terrible jokes.

  12. FREEWILL 724

    FREEWILL 7242 일 전

    I was taz the tazmain devil

  13. Brian.

    Brian.2 일 전


  14. Judy McGaugh

    Judy McGaugh2 일 전

    Oh, come on Jimmy, he isn't that funny, he sounds like he's trying too hard, to be funny, instead of being natural..

  15. Brian Burton

    Brian Burton2 일 전

    I like the Wayans movies. Just don't think he is funny when he tries to tell jokes. But that outtie belly button thing is true!

  16. Ramon Alzate

    Ramon Alzate2 일 전

    There was a kid named pj i used to rock with he got in a lot of fights at school and he told me he took something from my house a little car that would shoot out and he had a OUTIE belly button he was only maybe 11 when he did it though his mom died and he had to move away feel bad hope hes good now

  17. Topha WYNTR

    Topha WYNTR2 일 전

    Do white ppl actually understand that outtie belly button joke ? 😅

  18. mike

    mike2 일 전

    He's hilarious but Hollywood isn't trying to boost his career

  19. Unique

    Unique2 일 전

    I loved it!

  20. xzyle1000

    xzyle10002 일 전

    Look it up from raw u know Eddie Murphy RAW u digg look up the writer's credit u will see Robert Townsend and Keene ivory wayans now go figure that's y he said Eddie Murphy was n da projects fool! Where u At? Cream of the crop!

  21. CalixLuv

    CalixLuv3 일 전

    lmao Marlon's fucking hilarious

  22. Miss D

    Miss D3 일 전

    His movie Sexptuplets was hilarious!!

  23. David David

    David David3 일 전

    I made the same exact face as questlove cuz that was sooooo fucking true. Ive never heard anyone say that before, EVER, but now that its pointed out, its absolutely TRUE! mind blown! Its one of those things youve known your whole life but never thought about it until it is just put that bluntly. thats possibly one of the best observational humor jokes that has ever been told.

  24. Mental Music B Sides

    Mental Music B Sides4 일 전

    Great interview. 😆 😆 😆

  25. Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis4 일 전

    People forget just how good Eddie was at standup comedy. He did so many movies and then music but if he stuck to comedy alone He would be on the mount Rushmore of comedy.

  26. Jeremy Govender

    Jeremy Govender4 일 전

    marlon is shit at stand up.. but damn he is funny, also a good actor

  27. Lakevia Moore

    Lakevia Moore4 일 전

    That dance move was stolen from New Edition just in case y’all didn’t know..but I still loved it.

  28. junebugg777

    junebugg7774 일 전

    Damon Wayans is the funniest out of all of them.

  29. Liz Rose

    Liz Rose4 일 전

    Love the jokes recognizing patent grandparent awesome world is world war 2 Hero generation, Recognizing iwe are still old fashioned about our kids, heterosexual marriage for life legacy and raising our own children home schooling 💗💗💗✌️we are old skool🤣😊believing God and country is ok 👍

  30. Novell Music Media-Novell Allen

    Novell Music Media-Novell Allen4 일 전

    He looks so healthy and beautiful

  31. Melinda Mullins

    Melinda Mullins4 일 전

    He's so handsome👍

  32. Stacia Belcher

    Stacia Belcher5 일 전

    Old folks only want the TV with the butt in the back!

  33. kenneth ruffin

    kenneth ruffin5 일 전


  34. g7thebeatmaker

    g7thebeatmaker5 일 전

    That sound just like his sister too

  35. Jay P81

    Jay P815 일 전

    I wish Marlon and Shawn would do a Wayans Bros reboot .

  36. Maximus Orion

    Maximus Orion5 일 전

    Dominican... No socks... Woowww

  37. Jenni giro

    Jenni giro5 일 전

    I watched that movie 100 times sh*t so damn funny man. I couldn't stop 🤣🤣 Marlon Wayne is underrated for sure. My favorite ones. -Sextuplets -Lil Man -White chicks -Don't be a menace to society...while drinking your juice in the hood. & etc.👍🏽funny dude.

  38. omri cabaza

    omri cabaza6 일 전

    this guy is like the black jim carrey love his humor a slapstick king

  39. Denise Moore

    Denise Moore6 일 전

    Marlon looks good! Period.

  40. Warehouse TheWoodman

    Warehouse TheWoodman6 일 전

    Sadly, Black comedies never even get a nod...

  41. Kevin Lawrence

    Kevin Lawrence6 일 전

    Jimmy Fallon has the most fake laugh.

  42. Mike

    Mike6 일 전

    Jimmy Falon is a fake laugher

  43. Sarah Dell

    Sarah Dell6 일 전

    That fake laugh pisses me off every time. Ruins everything

  44. new hire

    new hire7 일 전

    If it's a Wayans movie or show you watch it period

  45. Phillyinthis BitchYouhearddat?

    Phillyinthis BitchYouhearddat?7 일 전

    Still just not funny to me

  46. Angie B

    Angie B7 일 전

    I would pay money to attend a Wayan family @ the upcoming generation of comedians THEY FUNNY TOO

  47. Kontra Brand

    Kontra Brand7 일 전

    Marlon really starting to look like Keenan

  48. Ajoh Wong

    Ajoh Wong7 일 전

    That joke about his dad made go straight to Netflix and watch his movie.

  49. Bubba Kushii

    Bubba Kushii7 일 전

    Lol I was just listening to Joe Rogan that joke caught me off guard

  50. Real Rell

    Real Rell7 일 전

    To Shawn be free not gonna lie I read into that statement for yrs I been saying shawn wayans is gay after seeing scary movie.... TUCKED IN OR OUT

  51. Jman 2081

    Jman 20817 일 전

    I like the wayans but sextuplets sucked

  52. chinniwonkenobi

    chinniwonkenobi8 일 전

    My brother use to have a outy, now hes fat and has an inny

  53. smc5127

    smc51278 일 전

    His part of Norbit was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  54. Jerrod Crittenden

    Jerrod Crittenden8 일 전

    Eddie's Laugh.... Man I'm Dead!

  55. Grey Watson

    Grey Watson8 일 전

    The no socks look is retarded.

  56. Maximus Prime

    Maximus Prime8 일 전

    Its hard to watch Jimmy attempt to interview anybody.

  57. Josh black

    Josh black9 일 전

    Well damn, I have an outtie belly button 😐😐😐😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  58. C Hansen

    C Hansen9 일 전

    No socks, ewwww, theres no way his feet and shoes dont stink!

  59. swekz

    swekz9 일 전

    he was best as loc dog

  60. samotrianiké victory

    samotrianiké victory9 일 전

    I'm Dominican and I have no socks. XD