Markiplier Lied to His Mom About Becoming a YouTuber


  1. Sab Thunderboy

    Sab Thunderboy5 시간 전

    But...he DID become a youtuber...

  2. Zachary Hale

    Zachary Hale11 시간 전

    This was edited right? He barley talked to him.


    CHOP SUEYYY14 시간 전

    "wanna hear another joke murray ?"

  4. jackwithdoodles

    jackwithdoodles19 시간 전

    Who’s Been a fan before 2019? I’m gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers with notifications turned on🤩

  5. 『 _SmallLeaf_ 』

    『 _SmallLeaf_ 』19 시간 전

    Mark: A millionaire, businessman and successful content creator Also Mark: Repeats What Seth says and then tells a story Us: What a legend

  6. UziEdgeGameing —

    UziEdgeGameing —일 전

    He now has 24.6 subs!!! Mark is best no doubt

  7. Clint Kemper

    Clint Kemper일 전

    I've watched Markiplier for 8 years and I never realized that he was half Asian 😂

  8. cancersurvior2012

    cancersurvior2012일 전

    Omg I love Mark!!! Be my friend!!

  9. Allison wolf

    Allison wolf일 전

    Made on November 13th now it’s December 13th

  10. Reaping_legend

    Reaping_legend일 전

    the laughs ruins it

  11. Jim Mulvaney

    Jim Mulvaney2 일 전

    24M subscribers all descend upon Seth's comment section... I feel like 'fans' is an understatement. Being a fan of Mark's can be a way of life at times. Community is more like it.

  12. SuperiorComicFan

    SuperiorComicFan2 일 전

    2:15 - 2:25 Big brain time

  13. Chantel N

    Chantel N2 일 전

    This is so wrong 😂

  14. Moon Heroz

    Moon Heroz2 일 전

    I've never thought Markiplier would be in a Late Night show! He's that popular! WOW!

  15. Jessica Warner

    Jessica Warner2 일 전

    Mark didnt know what to do with himself

  16. Henning Gu

    Henning Gu2 일 전

    His mom is in his videos guys. Edit: Oh wait. Ok. Got it 😅

  17. Enoch Nazrathian

    Enoch Nazrathian2 일 전

    Dude open your eyes man. Holy up n smokes

  18. airicsunn

    airicsunn2 일 전


  19. BonKuNGZ The Security guard.

    BonKuNGZ The Security guard.2 일 전

    Wow some news fact

  20. Jombo

    Jombo3 일 전

    Man he looks dapper in that suit.

  21. Kate Evanz

    Kate Evanz3 일 전

    dont put a bad title on mark. hes a good guy.

  22. Dylan Schwartz

    Dylan Schwartz4 일 전

    Who here is a Markiplier fan?

  23. Cameron Hollands

    Cameron Hollands4 일 전

    I am not surprised that he studied biomedical engineering because he always talks about his "big brain"

  24. Emma Carpio

    Emma Carpio4 일 전

    i see mark, i click.

  25. Ya Boi Dayron

    Ya Boi Dayron4 일 전

    Yea, he also forgot that he's fucking rich when it came to crowdfunding his niece's funeral.

  26. Finnx

    Finnx4 일 전

    i love him omg

  27. Hannah nightshade wolf

    Hannah nightshade wolf4 일 전

    Dude I didn't know this happened lol

  28. Savanna McIntyre

    Savanna McIntyre4 일 전

    Wait I have a question mark were you expired to make KOreporter video 's or did you just wanna do something new??????

  29. I make animations And comics

    I make animations And comics4 일 전

    Lava tie?

  30. KC Beauty

    KC Beauty4 일 전

    All the unnecessary laughs edited in

  31. Justin

    Justin4 일 전

    Mark is KOreporter Keanu Reeves.

  32. BabyBlue Simmons

    BabyBlue Simmons4 일 전

    Wait does momiplier know of Unus Annus?!

  33. BabyBlue Simmons

    BabyBlue Simmons4 일 전

    Is Mark okay with this title?! Because it seems kinda fucked..

  34. dedley01

    dedley014 일 전

    I don't see anything wrong with it.

  35. Maxture

    Maxture4 일 전

    His like the Ryan Reynold guy but asian.

  36. Bum Bum

    Bum Bum4 일 전

    Markiplier lovers ❤️❤️❤️ 👇🏻

  37. Talyn Smolgay

    Talyn Smolgay5 일 전

    Mark here: smart, professional, kind Mark in Unus anus: I was broke as a child and I’m going to attempt to kill Ethan in every video

  38. Crynzx

    Crynzx5 일 전

    Momiplier need to see this

  39. Nicole Yamada

    Nicole Yamada5 일 전

    🥺🥺 he’s so handsome ✊🏻

  40. Jackie Rumker

    Jackie Rumker5 일 전

    So cool to see how far you've come Mark! Congratulations!

  41. Panda Man

    Panda Man5 일 전

    “When they think G A M E R they think of you”