Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You (Live at The Tokyo Dome)


  1. MrGallan50

    MrGallan505 시간 전

    little bit of Whitney Houston coming out there...….sounds good

  2. The Dude

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  3. The Dude

    The Dude일 전

    Stop saying bad words everyone is a good bideo🤪

  4. 최서열

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  5. Dillon Callaway

    Dillon Callaway4 일 전

    Ariana Grande watches KOreporter

  6. Steven Rolston

    Steven Rolston6 일 전

    I'll watch this in January. I don't care

  7. Dominic Royal

    Dominic Royal6 일 전

    What does Mariah say in the end when she gets in the elevator? It sounded like something in Japanese?

  8. Jake_TheFox4675 roblox

    Jake_TheFox4675 roblox4 일 전

    it looked like she was starting to cry because she had to leave japan

  9. Black Beauty

    Black Beauty5 일 전

    SAYONARA/ goodbye. this is the last song on the tour



    Mariah Carey 😉⚘🦋

  11. Resident Evil fan

    Resident Evil fan10 일 전

    Mariah Carey can be amazing to this day siging this day then it was back in the day.

  12. Samson Iosia

    Samson Iosia11 일 전

    Everything about this is Iconic! Mariah Carey is Christmas!

  13. Yani Rue

    Yani Rue12 일 전

    Mimi has her shuffle DOWN

  14. 그런 사람

    그런 사람13 일 전

    이때 원피스며 헤어밴드며 왜이리 이쁘지

  15. 초가쓰

    초가쓰13 일 전

    머라이어케리씨? 저는대한민국 웰컴투코리아,사람입니다, 가까이에선못뵙지만, 사실적으론미인이세요, 노래도가창력이뛰어나십니다, 이건칭찬입니다, 앞으로도계속해서, 크리스마스때 훨씬더, 좋은모습으로도뵙으면합니다, 머라이어케리씨를사랑하는코리아팬중한여자입니다....사랑하고좋아해요머라이어케리씨?..

  16. Tomato Boi

    Tomato Boi14 일 전

    Plot twist: Someone from future send the camera via time travel

  17. Christoffer Öhman

    Christoffer Öhman14 일 전

    Ariana who?

  18. Romain Morin

    Romain Morin14 일 전

    After she stunned all them with that performance and the really angelic ending I can see why this is the biggest song EVER in Japan!

  19. J22

    J2215 일 전

    Why did I think she looked asian in that thumbnail

  20. sasuke22dante

    sasuke22dante16 일 전

    what a babe

  21. Derli Abubakar

    Derli Abubakar16 일 전

    i love you MC

  22. William Wen

    William Wen17 일 전

    the only Christmas song can compare with wham's last Christmas

  23. Fernando Ricca

    Fernando Ricca18 일 전

    101% live

  24. meltor me

    meltor me18 일 전

    Beautiful! ❤

  25. okay then.

    okay then.18 일 전

    i also forgot that her and nick cannon were a thing 😭😭

  26. MrKmaxxx

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  27. 名無権兵衛

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  28. Iron Leeuwarden

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  29. John Boot

    John Boot20 일 전

    oh hey look she didnt flop singing it this time. never will forget new years 2016.

  30. a nono

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  31. don zack

    don zack20 일 전

    I just love how she uses her soft voice at the end of the video😍 4:33..."All I Really Want Is Sayonara"

  32. riffknot

    riffknot21 일 전

    hate her

  33. riffknot

    riffknot19 일 전

    What do you mean

  34. Mariposa

    Mariposa21 일 전

    riffknot yet you’re here

  35. dd 99

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  36. Gina Bud

    Gina Bud22 일 전

    This is a meme song also it’s officially 2020 yall

  37. Josalyn Jenkins

    Josalyn Jenkins22 일 전

    your singing is the best

  38. badri kies

    badri kies22 일 전

    Isn't her dance the cutest thing ever 😍

  39. ItzTiTz

    ItzTiTz22 일 전

    Yayyy lip syncing and idiots love it, yayy

  40. a nono

    a nono7 일 전

    ItzTiTz it’s quite obvious she’s singing live lmao

  41. Mariposa

    Mariposa21 일 전

    Dreams Of Water she’s not lip syncing dummy.

  42. yoel sadarman

    yoel sadarman23 일 전

    Voice Best and Song Best New Year 2020

  43. toybot bato

    toybot bato23 일 전

    So beautiful. Thanks for singing the song

  44. Kenneth

    Kenneth23 일 전

    How legendary every xmas this song hits the top charts , mariah Carey is a LEGEND and I will argue with anyone because this women made gold with this song she’s everything she never has to sing and her catalog will Make her money because they way I play her music you would think it just released .

  45. Pikachu with a Keyblade

    Pikachu with a Keyblade23 일 전

    1 year till FF7 boys.

  46. Chan Seung Lee

    Chan Seung Lee23 일 전

    Yeah that's great but can she shut the fuck up once in a while and not blast this in every shopping ball

  47. Eudson Elisiário

    Eudson Elisiário23 일 전

    Ótima canção. Viva Tokyo

  48. Taurino Ciumento

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  49. Ucup Ucup

    Ucup Ucup23 일 전

    Is this from 90? Really? It looks like these days camera

  50. Friend

    Friend24 일 전

    There was people who made this sont better

  51. Newton Sparetire

    Newton Sparetire24 일 전

    When I was younger I was obsessed with her. But now I'm alone 2 hours before new years. Gonna take some sleeping pills and hope to not wake up this time. I thought 20 was enough, guess not.

  52. Xterno life

    Xterno life24 일 전

    She didn't age

  53. iciconnect

    iciconnect24 일 전

    Yeah this is older. Sadly she decided to get breast enhancements sometime later during her career. It's rumored to have negatively effected her high pitch. 😢 Don't get me wrong, it's her choice as a woman. But the pitch of her voice has never been then same since then.

  54. Mehdi Bukhari

    Mehdi Bukhari22 일 전

    @Sally Vee yessss i hope this decade her vocals do so goooooodddd just like aretha and how her voice peaked when she was in her 50s

  55. Sally Vee

    Sally Vee22 일 전

    @Mehdi Bukhari Sweet Sweet Fantasyriah was iconic. When her body is in great shape, she seems to have healthier more consistent vocals. She slayed my existence with that tour in 2016.

  56. Mehdi Bukhari

    Mehdi Bukhari22 일 전

    @Sally Vee once she takes a rest shes gonna have such a good comeback

  57. Sally Vee

    Sally Vee22 일 전

    She was just overworked and not resting properly. If you watch her concerts during the Charmbracelet Tour of 2003-04, her voice rivaled her prime.

  58. Mehdi Bukhari

    Mehdi Bukhari23 일 전

    she actually has vocal nodules which makes it hard for her to sing and if she removes it she may lose her voice :( sad what all that hard work came too, but she made the best singing career in history

  59. Juan Andrés Castillo Soria

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  60. mathew kim

    mathew kim24 일 전

    Japanese reaction is fuck shit quiet...

  61. Thomas Norton

    Thomas Norton24 일 전

    All I Want For Christmas is one of euphony middle-of-the-road top 40 performers to once do something live and not lip-sync you're ripping the public off and making millions doing it your phone he's in my book an artist Falls or Rises on his own merits if not do not call yourself an artist you are a performer only in it for the money and that's not art

  62. mskernow

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  63. ColourWheel

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  64. Dwiarkha kick

    Dwiarkha kick24 일 전

    Aku jatuh cinta

  65. Алмас Турдыбаев

    Алмас Турдыбаев25 일 전

    Best song for Christmas 🇰🇿

  66. AshleyS60

    AshleyS6025 일 전

    Casual reminder that the Queen sold out Tokyo Dome (150,000 people) in 30 minutes. THE LEGEND THE ICON THE SUPREME! This quality is IT omg her BEAUTY! I just know they have this entire concert on film...release it Mimi PLEASE

  67. Kinam Yun

    Kinam Yun25 일 전


  68. Vava Habla

    Vava Habla25 일 전

    I think that mariah is just trying to revive her dead career using her old songs which its annoying

  69. Mehdi Bukhari

    Mehdi Bukhari22 일 전

    @Sally Vee ok im talking about most popular now, as in most copies sold within the last couple of years, im not against her im literally a lamb and shes my top artist.

  70. Sally Vee

    Sally Vee22 일 전

    @Mehdi Bukhari Most popular? Music Box sold over 30 million copies. Daydream sold 25 million. They're still far ahead of the Merry Christmas album.

  71. Mehdi Bukhari

    Mehdi Bukhari23 일 전

    she didn't revive it everyone else did this was her least popular album in the 90s and now her most popular cause of everyone

  72. Nonoy

    Nonoy24 일 전

    Everyone's career will eventually die but Mariah will keep coming back even just once a year. Skinny legends only.

  73. dodi dodu

    dodi dodu25 일 전

    It’s so beautiful 🤩❤️❤️ i love it !!!!!

  74. 김태준

    김태준25 일 전

    일본이 저렇게 반응이 ㅈ도없으니까 에미넴이 극대노하지

  75. robert sharpe

    robert sharpe25 일 전

    That’s some wonderful lip singing

  76. robert sharpe

    robert sharpe2 일 전

    Dandelion Mariah here’s what she actually sounds like perfect singing

  77. Dandelion Mariah

    Dandelion Mariah2 일 전

    @robert sharpe and this performance was from 1996

  78. Dandelion Mariah

    Dandelion Mariah2 일 전

    @robert sharpe how do you know? have you watched every single one of her recent performances or only just the two or three subpar performances that have gone viral bc y'all hate women?

  79. robert sharpe

    robert sharpe2 일 전

    Dandelion Mariah Pretty much she hasn’t been able to sing like this in probably 10 to 15 years at least

  80. Dandelion Mariah

    Dandelion Mariah3 일 전

    yeah because every time she sings perfectly it's gotta be lip sync

  81. ᴄᴏɴꜱᴛᴀɴᴛ

    ᴄᴏɴꜱᴛᴀɴᴛ25 일 전

    1996 omg,

  82. MrRamazanLale2

    MrRamazanLale225 일 전

    Trumps version is way better