Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman FULL POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE | Fox PBC Boxing


  1. Marcus Mckenzie

    Marcus Mckenzie23 시간 전

    woulda coulda shoulda... showboating before the fight then they get humbled!!!!

  2. Angelo Salazar

    Angelo Salazar일 전

    I love pacq but dumb he's knotted too...!!@

  3. lovella Nava

    lovella Nava8 일 전

    thurman: i am keith "ONE TIME" thurman. reporter: how many paquiao knock you down? thurman: ONE TIME

  4. Daimler Pogi

    Daimler Pogi8 일 전

    I respect to thurman

  5. Paul Xiong

    Paul Xiong14 일 전

    He is very kind that why he is senators god with he

  6. michael choy

    michael choy14 일 전

    When God decides who's gonna be victorious , nobody can do anything about it !!

  7. thanix dalao

    thanix dalao15 일 전

    my advice to you Thurman don't under estimates your opponents.thank you because you able accept defeat.

  8. Preferred Jackin

    Preferred Jackin16 일 전

    Pacquiao may have won the game but Thurman won the hearts.. great respect he showed. This is how sports should be.

  9. Allan Espinozacr

    Allan Espinozacr18 일 전

    A fucking slap of humbleness to you bitch ass Thurman u knew manny never talk shit and u wanted to trash talk manny after manny beat yo ass he still gave u props bitch ass

  10. HideNameMe

    HideNameMe18 일 전

    13:03 Thurman was bleeding

  11. FEL Arcade

    FEL Arcade19 일 전

    My respect for Keith Thurman, this guy fight with his heart and give the legend Manny Paquiao one of his most dificult fight in his amazing carrer and, Keith allways geve us the best fights, he is right on that, he allways bring wars

  12. Jan Cautibar

    Jan Cautibar20 일 전

    Loss to a legend is a great honor..✌️nice fight keith you fight manny toe to fight clean..godluck to you..💪💪

  13. mark lester sajul

    mark lester sajul20 일 전

    pacman won the fight but he lost the interview🤣🤣😁

  14. J.G. The Skymark

    J.G. The Skymark19 일 전


  15. Father And Son

    Father And Son22 일 전

    Thurman is a stubborn guy,,, Look! A 40 years old knocked you down, what a shame on you!!!!!

  16. Delfin Garcia

    Delfin Garcia23 일 전

    At least thurman learn humility, go thurman i salute you!

  17. Eduardo Macias

    Eduardo Macias24 일 전

    And thats 1 of the worst nick name one time LOL

  18. Eduardo Macias

    Eduardo Macias24 일 전

    Thats right once one time a champ



    I really like the fight performance it was amazing exchanging blows without fear



    Thats the words i want to hear from a very sportsmanship individual like thurman

  21. Adzmie KL

    Adzmie KL24 일 전

    Mr thurman clean fight

  22. Adzmie KL

    Adzmie KL24 일 전

    Mr thurman even you lose you're good fighter i'm malaysia respect you.

  23. full throttle 2

    full throttle 227 일 전

    This is why I love boxing it's all about respect

  24. Jake TV

    Jake TV29 일 전

    You can see in thurman face that manny really hurt him.

  25. Alberto Miguel

    Alberto Miguel29 일 전

    Honesty, Pacquiao interviews are so cringy

  26. Alberto Miguel

    Alberto Miguel29 일 전

    Honesty, Pacquiao interviews are so cringy

  27. Orphic hoax

    Orphic hoax개월 전

    Dont trust pac man when he smiles at you

  28. Ertiza’s Ideas

    Ertiza’s Ideas개월 전

    Thurman still didn’t learnt the lesson of humbleness, he will disappear in history without any impact like many Pac-Man Pacquiao

  29. Hamidah Midah

    Hamidah Midah개월 전

    Next many vs Saul Alvarez

  30. albert gaming

    albert gaming개월 전

    Hirap mag english idol manny

  31. Kid Ray

    Kid Ray개월 전

    Keith Thurman look like he got a phone call from the principal 😂 gethebelt 😂 someone take this guy to the hospital 🏥 bro look like he try rob One punch

  32. Kid Ray

    Kid Ray개월 전

    Bro look like martin when he fought tommy Herns many came out like he got to run the store to grab some milk 😂

  33. Belle - Benicio

    Belle - Benicio개월 전

    This lauage was the hardest fight for manny. He got tired of it hahaha

  34. Belle - Benicio

    Belle - Benicio개월 전

    This guy reminds me of manny

  35. Belle - Benicio

    Belle - Benicio개월 전

    This Thurman Will be the next prime!! His smart !!!!!

  36. sola simula

    sola simula개월 전

    Look at many praising his opponent

  37. Coolture

    Coolture개월 전

    boxers know when they win or loose. Thurman sounds like he knows he lost but knows he did great. and he if Manny lost this fight, there’s no question why Thurman won.

  38. tanny petilla

    tanny petilla개월 전

    hhahahha you so aglee thurman

  39. ItzDrei

    ItzDrei개월 전

    Manny is so nose bleed😂😂 Team Paquiao😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Nestor Cabrales

    Nestor Cabrales개월 전

    Fake ass fight .

  41. The Visually Gifted

    The Visually Gifted개월 전

    This where hamlinz was