진심을 담은 위로ㅣMan acts like a dog to befriend a depressed dog


  1. Miss LS

    Miss LS2 일 전

    You are wonderful sweet little dog..

  2. Adam D Pendragon

    Adam D Pendragon2 일 전

    Poor dog, I know how she feels. It's a cruel world but at least there's still some good people out there.

  3. shoot timer

    shoot timer2 일 전

    Gj you good people gj 💪

  4. Irene D.

    Irene D.2 일 전

    You DON'T know what to do??! OMG! Go to a pound, get her a friend, a puppy, an older dog, a kitten, something! You sit inside and put her head on your lap. Put food or water on your hand and present it to her. My gosh! You mean well but... USE YOUR BRAIN! :-/ This is so sad!

  5. Irene D.

    Irene D.2 일 전

    Whew! It happened by the end of video: what took them so long!? >.<

  6. cloudy 97

    cloudy 972 일 전

    U guys r going to heaven for sure. Plz continue to help these dogs.

  7. Сергей Бульба

    Сергей Бульба3 일 전

    ВСЕМ Привет! будьте здоровы

  8. Don- Pablo

    Don- Pablo3 일 전

    Pourquoi le titre est en français alors que dans la vidéo c'est pas français Son of bitch

  9. Irene D.

    Irene D.2 일 전

    @Don- Pablo V'ouis! Ils auraient du lui amener un 'tit toutou mignon pour qu'elle se ranime l'esprit.

  10. Don- Pablo

    Don- Pablo2 일 전

    @Irene D. ah jcomprend mieux pk il est dépressif si-mer le collègue 💪

  11. Irene D.

    Irene D.2 일 전

    @Don- Pablo Si ca marche pas, le p'tit chien-chien a perdu son petit toutou (j'sais pas si c'etait son bebe) et elle est deprimee, n'est pas sortie pendant 50 jours. Le veterinaire n'a rien trouve', simplement un coeur brise'.

  12. Don- Pablo

    Don- Pablo2 일 전

    @Irene D. uee jcroi ta raison, tu fais preuve d intelligence 🧠 💯🛀

  13. Irene D.

    Irene D.2 일 전

    Le titre est en francais pour toi?? Ca doit etre automation: il est en anglais pour moi! Mais y'a les sous-titres automatiques en anglais pour moi. Tapes sur C.C. et peut-etre ils seront en francais pour toi?

  14. lui lui

    lui lui3 일 전

    😢😢😢 💔 Hart pain 🙏😢

  15. Indian Knight

    Indian Knight4 일 전

    Chinese eat dogs

  16. Boksunni1

    Boksunni14 일 전

    "After 50 days Olmang came out" literally dragging her out of the house lol

  17. 3A

    3A4 일 전


  18. Jayoti Dey

    Jayoti Dey4 일 전

    My dog had severe anxiety almost bordering to fear psychosis when I adopted him. He was scared just to exist. I used to sit on his bed for long hours to make him comfortable. Now he is in a much better shape. I am a proud mama

  19. Mohammed Ait Said

    Mohammed Ait Said4 일 전

    I learned that dogs are just like humans ♡ (wise conclusion from the lady) That s the concept of the video . Please make others know that dogs or animals are like us .

  20. John Doe

    John Doe5 일 전

    Korea is a weird country, on one hand they want to eat dogs on the other they want to save them?

  21. Merlin Krisp

    Merlin Krisp5 일 전


  22. Leslie Meeks

    Leslie Meeks5 일 전


  23. cello

    cello5 일 전

    견전문가 쓰앵님 대단하심

  24. Sensi Milia

    Sensi Milia5 일 전

    thank you

  25. memati bash

    memati bash5 일 전

    Poor dog 😢😢

  26. * Nokk62 *

    * Nokk62 *6 일 전

    Awww....wow.... So very lucky to have a good loving family to bring her out of her sadness. I hope she gets 100% better....

  27. blackz!!!!

    blackz!!!!6 일 전

    Thank you guys .. I appreciate you

  28. Hồng Đào

    Hồng Đào6 일 전

    chó cũng cần được chia sẻ động viên như con người

  29. julius turner

    julius turner6 일 전

    She needs a friend😢

  30. Dion Burnett

    Dion Burnett6 일 전

    I can't believe how truly sensitive all of these people were to this dogs emotions. Even the doctors said "she is healthy, only her heart is in pain". To see all these people so concerned for this animal that they did 100% of everything. Medical, prayer, love, patience. Literally everything was done, I can't believe I watch this unfold on a four minute video.

  31. Giullia Oliveira

    Giullia Oliveira6 일 전

    Nossa eu fiz isto tanta vezes para agradar meus cães kk

  32. Tobi Bb

    Tobi Bb6 일 전

    i never had anything being so hard not to cry to

  33. Mia May

    Mia May7 일 전

    Loss of appetite they should have given her medication for that, there are syrup's for kids for that. Just because her mental state is sending false info to the body doesn't mean we start by fixing the mental, they should have starting by fixing symptoms to wait out the depression... Weird ass techniques!

  34. Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan Chan

    Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan Chan7 일 전

    So extremely heartbreaking, sadness video of loss of a companion I’ve ever seen! Thank you for caring! You’re awesome! ❤️🙏🏽😘

  35. CommanderConn

    CommanderConn7 일 전

    They proboally tried to eat him

  36. Oriru Bastard

    Oriru Bastard7 일 전

    She's a dog. Yes she can get depressed. But she needs attention, distraction and fun fun. But also a little bit of time to recover.

  37. Abrilla 2 M

    Abrilla 2 M8 일 전

    Dumb dog

  38. Bluetit Paradise

    Bluetit Paradise8 일 전

    😢😢😢 Poor dog!!

  39. Nemisis

    Nemisis8 일 전

    Even dog has a soul...

  40. Barrier Boy

    Barrier Boy8 일 전

    a dog without a pack has got to be one depressed, scared dog.

  41. anneshirley duncan

    anneshirley duncan8 일 전

    This was extremely hard to watch. I'm so glad that they're able to care for her. I pray that she will get better soon.

  42. Sil Silentzjac

    Sil Silentzjac8 일 전

    I wish all people are like this. Fuck knowledge. Only loving and caring. But my world is fucked up. I am alone surrounded with ugly creatures including my own family. I am depressed. Mind who wanted to die but a body trying to survive. I dont know how long ill keep up but one thing is for sure, soon ill leave this ugly world of mine. If there is what you call god, Please dont fucking let me born again.

  43. Kronos Gaming

    Kronos Gaming8 일 전

    Yeah I love what people do for animals but she is fenced in? Like what? how is she supposed to not "isolate" herself when she is trapped

  44. Amanda C

    Amanda C9 일 전

    This hurts my heart. Poor love. 😭♥️

  45. Aeman Ali Hassan

    Aeman Ali Hassan10 일 전

    this is why you don't eat dogs because they have feelings like human

  46. Roge Slay

    Roge Slay10 일 전

    Befriending a dog before dinnertime

  47. dingostar2620

    dingostar262011 일 전

    To people who say animals dont have feelings, stick a finger up your ass.

  48. Ai Random YT

    Ai Random YT11 일 전

    dude,just gaved them a new dog to be a friend of her

  49. Cope Herrera

    Cope Herrera12 일 전

    Lonely people to lonely dogs

  50. Serenity Shibe

    Serenity Shibe12 일 전

    Now I’m depressed

  51. Rose Rice

    Rose Rice12 일 전

    Acts like dog to befriend depressed dog *YEAH IT'S BIG BRAIN TIME*

  52. 꽃게

    꽃게12 일 전

    Can ee stop talking about eating dog here. This is a vid to understand the puppy not a video to be racist and think that every asians are dog eaters😒 most of the people in asia love dogs and most of them have never ate one in there life u know. And its called culture like the italians eating pizza or the french eating snail. And you cant say that asians are wierd for eating dog when almost everyone in he world eats cows lambs or pigs because every living thing (including plants and humans) are the same and none of them are worser or better. Just saying.

  53. Irene D.

    Irene D.2 일 전

    OH DO SHATTAPP YOU IDIOT! Some animals are here to be FOOD, dogs are NOT! If you can't comprehend that, go jump in a lake!

  54. Flufferstuff_the_Blameless

    Flufferstuff_the_Blameless13 일 전

    Thank you for leading the world on the knowledge of the dog's soul. You are answering for many prayers. They have souls, like humans, but no sin. They are a gift from God.

  55. Harden 013

    Harden 01314 일 전

    This just shows you that even dog's have feelings, depression is no joke

  56. Allanzo

    Allanzo14 일 전

    I cry

  57. 사랑입니다고양이는

    사랑입니다고양이는15 일 전

    강아지 고양이들도 우울증을 심하게 겪으면 자발적 금식으로 자살을 택하는 경우도 있다고 하네요.... 부디 올망이가 마음의 병을 꼭 떨쳐냈으면 합니다..

  58. YoungSuk Lee

    YoungSuk Lee15 일 전

    진도는 우리조상들의 맘과 비슷하대요 절대로 가축으로 보면 안되요 사랑과 관심을 받고 자란아이는정말 사람같아요 저렇게 이불한장없이 집안도 돼지우리같이 해놓고 키우는당신은 진도를 키울자격없는 사람같아요

  59. e11egant

    e11egant15 일 전

    마지막에 표정이 한결 밝아졌네요,,말만 못하다 뿐이지 사람이랑 다를게 없음

  60. Manny Gomez

    Manny Gomez16 일 전

    Get another dog.. to help encourage her.

  61. mono toned

    mono toned16 일 전

    Wish I had the courage like this dog. Hmmm.

  62. dangboof

    dangboof17 일 전

    i wish someone would act like a human to befriend this depressed human.

  63. A

    A17 일 전

    lol what a weirdo. he pretended to be a dog but then just grabbed the dog in the end. so no point doing all the acting up.

  64. WelcomeToWillsWorld

    WelcomeToWillsWorld17 일 전

    With all due respect, it's not rocket science, just get her another young dog to look after...

  65. Julian Johandy

    Julian Johandy19 일 전

    so sad you know when my dog gave birth to 4 puppies 1 female puppy died of a disease now I only have 3 male puppies WHY WON'T GOD GIVE US A CHANCE like if you hate God for letting puppies die 😥😥😥😥

  66. mothmos

    mothmos19 일 전

    cue the overly dramatic sad music

  67. Jose

    Jose20 일 전

    Doggos and humans both need eachother equally.

  68. N W

    N W20 일 전

    Please let the dog be part of the family. Let the dog into the house to live with the family.

  69. Маргарита Ратушная

    Маргарита Ратушная20 일 전

    Я не поняла ни одного слова без перевода, но я увидела ВЕЛИКОДУШИЕ этих людей 👍...

  70. Tobias R.

    Tobias R.20 일 전

    Stupid dislikers!

  71. Funky173

    Funky17321 일 전

    Cesar Millan's Daddy and Junior may help in no time :D

  72. Steve Owens

    Steve Owens21 일 전

    Stupidest shit i've seen in awhile people need to get over themselves.

  73. Live Happy

    Live Happy21 일 전

    친구 한마리 대려오면 치료되는데

  74. ALLALTITUDE productions

    ALLALTITUDE productions22 일 전

    korean jindo? my aunt and uncle just left for california with their jindo after being here for a few months . . . ace was a good boy

  75. MrBabyBitch666

    MrBabyBitch66622 일 전

    lmao this song was in the last sad dog video I watched

  76. Happy

    Happy23 일 전

    like any human, this dog needs good sex and everyting gonna be allright

  77. No_One 32

    No_One 3223 일 전

    "I should help the dog to overcome it." damn.... Im not a dog but.... No one has ever said that to me. sounds like its better to be a dog. fuck.... T_T

  78. Nikola Sisevic

    Nikola Sisevic24 일 전

    There is always a group of people that dislike the video because they are bored. Disliking this video is like kicking this dog.

  79. hurmuz arslanturk

    hurmuz arslanturk24 일 전

    Ne güzel insanlar bizde bunalıma asla giremez köpekler girse zaten ilgilenecek kimse olmaz ne yazık ki

  80. Lord Touch Me

    Lord Touch Me24 일 전

    What is japanese television?

  81. tony smithuntstienlockski

    tony smithuntstienlockski24 일 전

    that dogs just waiting to be eaten. proberbly watched its whole family go in a stew

  82. 飛翔葉Hishouha

    飛翔葉Hishouha24 일 전

    People who say dogs don't have feelings are totally in the wrong. Dogs are such sensible living beings, yet they're so resilient. They need love and care. ❤❤ My dog was given to us a few years ago now. I'm certain she used to be abused and confined. She's still very anxious and if you move too fast near her, she acts as if you're going to hit her. My poor little baby didn't even know how to play with a toy, we had to teach her to have fun. Even if she'll probably always stay with scars, I'm happy to see how much she's changed since we've had her. She's much happier, I'm sure.



    Update on Olmang?


    OLBICHL24 일 전

    02:50 Oh, she came out? Looked like she was rudely dragged out... just what you need when depressed!


    FOLK FORST24 일 전

    This isn't porn!!

  86. Gabriel Castaneda

    Gabriel Castaneda24 일 전

    Her mental break down... now she's seeing humans in all four pretending to be dogs.

  87. William Iannucci

    William Iannucci25 일 전

    God bless you people for your Love towards this dog.