MAMA (2013) Ending Explained


  1. Kiro The hero

    Kiro The hero21 시간 전

    4:32 when i see somebody on a iphone11 plus

  2. Bryce Ayres

    Bryce Ayres일 전

    The vault

  3. Ki-Adi- Mundi

    Ki-Adi- Mundi일 전

    MAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!just killed a man

  4. AvengerSans

    AvengerSans2 일 전

    I think a good movie, maybe a sequel, they could make a movie about the child who avoided death with MAMA, and because of this, the baby wants revenge for choosing a different child, apart from her actual child, so as a relentless spirit the ghost child hunts down MAMA, as revenge for picking a different child, instead of her own with the help of everyone from the movie maybe? P.S. This is the type of movie which would probably keep me up for NIGHTS. Darkness, disfigurement, standing still and immediately chase you creepily, and FINALLY, ghost women

  5. Kiro The hero

    Kiro The hero21 시간 전

    Good idea i cant believe nobody saw this its a great idea

  6. Just Toast

    Just Toast2 일 전

    The vault

  7. Kendra T

    Kendra T5 일 전

    *Mama, getting her own baby back:* WTF? THIS ONE'S DEAD! *Me:* BITCH, SO ARE YOU!

  8. THICC boi

    THICC boi6 일 전


  9. Muhammad Sajjad

    Muhammad Sajjad6 일 전

    Annabel is awarded nobel common sense prize for being smart enough to close the closet which makes her the smartest horror movie girl ( or atleast one of them) and she is better than them all!!!

  10. Michael Francis Holbein

    Michael Francis Holbein6 일 전


  11. skierer manierer

    skierer manierer7 일 전

    Mama is a good mama

  12. Serena Odonata

    Serena Odonata9 일 전

    This is almost the only horror movie I actualy like, cause it has a story, a real story, not just stupid anoying people getting killed, splatter and jumpscare. The characters feel real, they feel human, the "monster" is relatable, which makes it not only less random, but also more real and therefore more scary. When I watch or read something, it is about emotion or uncovering a story, that makes sense, that is what I want and usualy, horror does not convay that.

  13. Whatamidoing.mp4

    Whatamidoing.mp410 일 전

    Mama....... just killed a man

  14. Kaveh Behbin

    Kaveh Behbin10 일 전

    Mama’s portal reminds me of SCP-106’s portal

  15. Kaveh Behbin

    Kaveh Behbin10 일 전

    They made this into a movie? I saw the short and that scarred me, so the movie will most likely break me!

  16. paynexkiller

    paynexkiller11 일 전

    Really love this film.

  17. bryce blake

    bryce blake11 일 전

    Please do the turning foundflix

  18. Sandra Swerts

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  19. Luka Hansen

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  20. Sylvia Duran

    Sylvia Duran13 일 전

    The vault

  21. Rickey Moore

    Rickey Moore13 일 전

    Did it need an explanation? It was pretty simple lol

  22. Fusion Blade

    Fusion Blade13 일 전

    Freddy Mercury intesifies

  23. Asia Munns

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  24. Plague Doctor Raven

    Plague Doctor Raven14 일 전

    *Annabelle looks like a goth Karen*

  25. Gabopr13

    Gabopr1314 일 전

    Mama's ability to travel through those dark portals and walk through walls (in some way) along with her look. It kind of reminds me of SCP 106

  26. Nardi Frroku

    Nardi Frroku14 일 전

    How the fuck do you survive by only eating qerris bruuhh

  27. Dr.Chill W.

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  28. kiwi

    kiwi15 일 전

    MAMA UwU

  29. GLITCH

    GLITCH15 일 전


  30. Juan Carlos Campos

    Juan Carlos Campos15 일 전

    Again, this guy doesn't explain anything. He just goes over what we all already know.

  31. Eddie the Trap Gawd

    Eddie the Trap Gawd16 일 전

    And I when I was in the theater watching this I was sad when the ending came. The girl couldn’t grow up to decide for herself whether she wanted to die and become a moth or not

  32. Eddie the Trap Gawd

    Eddie the Trap Gawd16 일 전

    Yea honestly if I left the faucet running I can come back as a ghost. Anything goes when I’m a ghost with unfinished business.

  33. Colin Griffin

    Colin Griffin16 일 전

    1922 pls

  34. Adonan the Stoic

    Adonan the Stoic17 일 전

    mOtHeR Of tHe YeAr

  35. Agha Abdullah

    Agha Abdullah18 일 전

    So Mama was basically a demigorgon traveling through walls. Lol

  36. Hell Hound Killer

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  37. No0by 2K

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  38. Eric John Joloyohoy

    Eric John Joloyohoy19 일 전

    is that Jaime fookng Lanister?

  39. bitten_vigilante

    bitten_vigilante19 일 전

    This guy is so loud and emphasizes the last syllables of every word so loudly that my ears hurt

  40. Sophie kate

    Sophie kate20 일 전

    "Kinda like Pennywise"

  41. Asuna Yuuki

    Asuna Yuuki21 일 전

    Is mama a banshee?

  42. Yahir Sayago Perez

    Yahir Sayago Perez22 일 전

    Tall grass pls

  43. ava h

    ava h24 일 전

    do 1922

  44. Levi Richards

    Levi Richards24 일 전

    mamaaaaa oooooOOOOooooo

  45. Dio Brando

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  46. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee26 일 전

    This *mama* is nice also did i use the * right? Nvm "mama" isn't nice 2 nice people trying 2 help

  47. michael presutti

    michael presutti27 일 전

    1994 them gaint ant movie after the first atomic test in new mexico

  48. leah sylvester

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  49. BatEmpire

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  50. Ebola123

    Ebola12329 일 전

    My friend told me about this when we were in 6th grade

  51. Sincerely Defiant

    Sincerely Defiant29 일 전

    Forget mama, let's talk about that daddy

  52. Sophie_ Universe

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  53. Python Dragon

    Python Dragon개월 전

    Hey, its Jamie Lanester

  54. lukisnootis

    lukisnootis개월 전

    now explain *JOE MAMA*

  55. Adam Skead

    Adam Skead개월 전

    Damn where she get all the cherries? Does she have her own cherry patch or something in the after life?

  56. Anthony Clay

    Anthony Clay개월 전

    Question, if Mama was so violently protective of the children, why did she let them be taken from the house in the first place? And no "it was day out" doesn't count. Nothing about the movie indicates that she's specifically averse to light or daytime.

  57. Finty 4

    Finty 4개월 전

    I watch this because i know i wont conjure up enough courage to watch the actual film

  58. dancingkitty 123

    dancingkitty 123개월 전

    The movie ending was satisfyingly unsatisfactory.

  59. day of cool

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  60. The Springtrap

    The Springtrap개월 전

    You lying to yourself when you say you didnt cry during this film.

  61. Cabonce Gaming

    Cabonce Gaming개월 전

    its like how scp 106 travels but with no moth