MAMA (2013) Ending Explained


  1. Phoeberia

    Phoeberia일 전

    I dont want my life character development to be a horror story x.x

  2. DavidAnimaey 99

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  3. Jeff Reliford

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  4. Enes Tarhan

    Enes Tarhan2 일 전

    Best movie ever

  5. A. F.

    A. F.3 일 전

    Maaaamaaaa oooooooooo Didn't mean to make you cry!

  6. Garrett Anderson

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  7. Kakashi Hatake

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  8. The Pounder

    The Pounder5 일 전

    You’re so cute

  9. WNT 68

    WNT 688 일 전

    Absolutely no fucking way... this did not come out in 2013! I remember watching this when I was little, with my mom in theaters when I was around 8 (2008)? What the fuck, no way....

  10. Abison Dahal

    Abison Dahal8 일 전

    *That sad moment when you die but come back as an angry spirit because you forgot to save your data on a pokemon game*

  11. Unl34shed B34st

    Unl34shed B34st9 일 전

    Mama.... OOOoooOOO. Didn't mean to make you cry, if I'm not back again this time tomorrow. Carry on, because nothing really matters, to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. rockcandyfrost maya

    rockcandyfrost maya10 일 전

    I watched this when I was 10 and it scared the shit outta me

  13. Hyrule Bros

    Hyrule Bros10 일 전

    This figur remember me at my 4th grade Teacher

  14. ellcap Campaign

    ellcap Campaign10 일 전

    That origin story was scary

  15. _SStertyzXX _

    _SStertyzXX _10 일 전

    Mama looks a lot likes one of it’s form

  16. DMZ500

    DMZ50011 일 전

    I hate when little kids and baby’s get hurt

  17. Josh Walker

    Josh Walker12 일 전

    The girls when they ferril:WE HAVE RABIES When they found:I swear we dong have rabies When they normal:no more rabies Lilly whe she see mama:WHERE MY RABIES BITCH Mama:COME HERE BITCH

  18. LionsAllday DETROIT

    LionsAllday DETROIT13 일 전

    jamie lanister?

  19. Josh Walker

    Josh Walker13 일 전

    Mama be like this lil girl my baby Her sister be like don’t go plz Mama be like....this my baby now k byee Her sister NO She protecc She attacc But mostly She want her baby bacc

  20. Sunmourn

    Sunmourn13 일 전

    Man looks like a younger version of Death from Supernatural

  21. Amerlad mad

    Amerlad mad14 일 전

    her closing the door is the probably the smartest decision any horror movie character has ever made... which is to say, its very sad that that's the smartest action. fyi the real hero of the story is victoria, she's been the defacto ambassador between mama and her uncle and his wife.

  22. Reid Mclellan

    Reid Mclellan14 일 전

    I didn't realize the baby sitter from monster house was in this movie

  23. 2018 James Panagakos

    2018 James Panagakos15 일 전

    Dammit, Jamie Lannister

  24. Killer Snake

    Killer Snake15 일 전

    I just wonder what happened to Lily's body ! Did her body turn into moths ?

  25. Killer Snake

    Killer Snake13 일 전

    @LionsAllday DETROIT Exactly , I was thinking about the same thing . Maybe her body turned into blue moths . Who knows !

  26. LionsAllday DETROIT

    LionsAllday DETROIT13 일 전

    yeah not sure because not like she was a spirit so that honestly shouldnt have happened to her

  27. Red Dog

    Red Dog15 일 전

    The scientist always dies

  28. ttler davis

    ttler davis16 일 전

    any one else got scared at 8:08

  29. william burr

    william burr17 일 전

    Those damn Lannisters..smfh

  30. m m

    m m17 일 전

    Everyone got what they wanted! Yay! Except for the psychologist. And the aunt. Who are both dead dead.

  31. Someone? Who??

    Someone? Who??17 일 전

    *Insert child support jokes here* >_>

  32. Bertel Kuhl

    Bertel Kuhl18 일 전

    The vault

  33. jason vorhees

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  36. BloxGaming gg

    BloxGaming gg19 일 전

    4:32 XD when she started crawling I ran away from my phone

  37. Shire Varlin

    Shire Varlin20 일 전

    4:01 IZEL?

  38. Rome Fortunato

    Rome Fortunato20 일 전

    3:48 did he ever find the brother? Etc. it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this etc.

  39. Rome Fortunato

    Rome Fortunato20 일 전

    3:20 so was his body ever found? Etc.


    SLENDERxNOVA _21 일 전

    The scariest film ive ever watched Memorys watching this movie lol

  41. noemie rara

    noemie rara22 일 전

    Well at least, I hope she takes care of her daughter she “stole”

  42. Bella 12

    Bella 1223 일 전

    the vault

  43. Tails the Fox

    Tails the Fox23 일 전

    Am I the only one who cried during the ending of the movie?

  44. RickythaRuler

    RickythaRuler24 일 전

    The one thing I really disliked about the movie that they brushed over was how they became basically creatures and then close to normal humans again in a matter of a scene or 2

  45. ariana ghandi

    ariana ghandi24 일 전

    MAMA 2 the baby daddy

  46. Veronica Greene

    Veronica Greene24 일 전

    I absolutely loved Mama... And I understand more now that you’ve explained the issues with Ghost and how mama was grieving for her baby to be out at rest. This is an artistic ghost story as it relates to the ghost character arc and perspective. Rather than just making Mama an evil bad guy...#shehaslayers Anyways now that I know more about spirt guides it’s safe to say Victoria Spirt Guide is Moth in the form of her sister ❤️😘 how sweet

  47. Ur mom Gay

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  48. Filet O Weeb

    Filet O Weeb25 일 전

    Mama and the painting from IT look very similar

  49. E6Aires

    E6Aires25 일 전

    Imagine how hard it must have been to find an actor that looked exactly like the father cause they’re twins lmao

  50. Comedy Clam

    Comedy Clam26 일 전

    No the vault is ass

  51. Nia Weaver

    Nia Weaver27 일 전

    Just want to say, I watch more of ur vids then i actually watch movies lol. AMAZING WORK!!!

  52. GOLIATH100

    GOLIATH10027 일 전

    Doom slayer: hold my beer

  53. crimson bloodmoon

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  54. eyeless jack

    eyeless jack28 일 전

    mama is pretty much in limbo until she gets what she wants then her soul will be put to rest

  55. Maja Rosales

    Maja Rosales28 일 전

    mama is a good movie the premise alone is strong and it is base on strong emotion of mother and daughter .that no matter what state of physical being u turn to be.and that is . a MAMA

  56. brenda 467

    brenda 46729 일 전

    First movie that gave me a genuine jump scare

  57. suicide foxy

    suicide foxy29 일 전

    i like how i clicked on this video even tough i am not scared of any horror movies but this one

  58. King T_U_R_K_I

    King T_U_R_K_I29 일 전

    The vault

  59. Sherly Pierson

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  60. TheIonick50

    TheIonick5029 일 전

    Next do the sequel: “Just Killed a Man,” and then the next 2 in the series: “Put a Gun Against His Head” and “Pulled the Trigger Now He’s Dead.”

  61. Jake D

    Jake D개월 전

    Jesus Jaime Lannister

  62. putsome basilonit

    putsome basilonit개월 전

    Fucking branches....