Making Ugly Clothes Cute Challenge (thrift flip)


  1. Peyton Ford

    Peyton Ford9 시간 전

    More thrift flilp

  2. Kay Jay

    Kay Jay일 전

    At 2:49 niki pulls out the shirt she was wearing at the start of the vid lol 😂 It’s not that funny...😐

  3. n ly

    n ly일 전

    Niki's fit thoo

  4. Christina Stillo

    Christina Stillo일 전

    "It smells like a funeral home....." Well my dad works as t a funeral home

  5. harjit hundal hundal

    harjit hundal hundal2 일 전

    Please do more thrift flips

  6. Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad3 일 전

    Do a part 2

  7. favorite songs

    favorite songs3 일 전

    Niki won

  8. Jaylee Mai

    Jaylee Mai3 일 전

    Omg niki

  9. Lola Parks

    Lola Parks4 일 전

    I like nikis beat but i still love yours gabi

  10. Lilli Tønessen

    Lilli Tønessen4 일 전


  11. Kayley Veléz Muñoz

    Kayley Veléz Muñoz5 일 전

    Omg plz do another thrift flip

  12. Lisa Russell

    Lisa Russell5 일 전



    #D. PADMAVATHI#6 일 전

    Awesome video

  14. OfficialLisa _Style

    OfficialLisa _Style6 일 전

    making chlothes for each other challange

  15. Nadia PachecoVega

    Nadia PachecoVega6 일 전

    Gabi:this is Polly,this is Hadley and this is Margaret Me:"'on the floor"' lol🤣😂🤣🤣😂 I'm dying me can't stop laughing

  16. Sara Stankovic

    Sara Stankovic6 일 전

    I wish i can buy this outfit’s

  17. Bellagore Pretty Disaster

    Bellagore Pretty Disaster7 일 전


  18. Anna Thomas

    Anna Thomas7 일 전

    Laren diy just crops every thing 😂

  19. Aqsa Safi

    Aqsa Safi7 일 전

    Gabi,s first dress looked like a doll,s dress

  20. Ruhi Patel

    Ruhi Patel7 일 전

    Didn’t you say at the beginning you were diy ing 2 outfits??

  21. Currently Karis

    Currently Karis7 일 전

    “ You could be a bag designer!” Fancy bags by Gab I’d buy them! 😀

  22. AgLiKat

    AgLiKat8 일 전

    *Gabi had the same movement lol* 9:07

  23. sar_ har_

    sar_ har_8 일 전

    You girls are talented ... 2020 anyone?

  24. Kathryn Woodard

    Kathryn Woodard8 일 전

    More flipped throw

  25. Natsuki In boots

    Natsuki In boots8 일 전

    Gabi: it smells like a funeral home Niki: how do you know what a funeral home smells like

  26. Ava Vargas

    Ava Vargas9 일 전

    were are yall

  27. Fayruz Zaeema

    Fayruz Zaeema10 일 전

    Can u guys pls do another one of this

  28. Isla schmulian

    Isla schmulian10 일 전

    I sub and joined

  29. Carolina Adamantopoulou

    Carolina Adamantopoulou10 일 전

    Niki pulled a shirt out and it was the shirt she was wearing in the intro like if you noticed

  30. prima mehi

    prima mehi10 일 전

    niki and gabi complimenting each others outfits makes my heart soft 💙💗 i have watched this more than once, i just like re-watching their videos HAHAHAH

  31. Daisey Bautista Pablo

    Daisey Bautista Pablo11 일 전

    You atctully wore the yellow shirt with the flowers un the beiginnig

  32. Alana Rose

    Alana Rose11 일 전

    *Where my Gabinators at??*

  33. Vanessa Agbor

    Vanessa Agbor13 일 전

    I want to see more of these and niki is right gabi = bag designer

  34. Cupcake Girl

    Cupcake Girl13 일 전

    Can we also just talk bout gab’s outfit while they were shopping 10/10 for sure!!!

  35. Star zone Gacha

    Star zone Gacha14 일 전

    OMG these are so cool I can’t do that LOL I suck at diy Love you Nikiand Gabi

  36. Amelia Harper

    Amelia Harper14 일 전

    You should do day evnig and night

  37. Skylar Davis

    Skylar Davis15 일 전

    Niki won

  38. M&A Minecraft

    M&A Minecraft15 일 전

    Gabi: Okay I am getting a few options here... While saying that she is holding like 12 shirts LOL

  39. Jayla Pflepsen

    Jayla Pflepsen15 일 전

    Why doesn't Gabi use her bodist

  40. Shrinks 11

    Shrinks 1116 일 전

    Gabbie says Melanie Martinez vibe lmao

  41. Barbara Trammell

    Barbara Trammell16 일 전

    can u do a 72 hr clothes swap

  42. Hope Loves Dolphins

    Hope Loves Dolphins16 일 전

    Didn’t they say they would make three outfits? Pls correct me if I’m wrong

  43. Alliah Jaella Galsote

    Alliah Jaella Galsote18 일 전

    Are you guys sisters

  44. Esthephany Pineda perdomo

    Esthephany Pineda perdomo18 일 전

    Do an another

  45. Sofia Ureña Rodriguez

    Sofia Ureña Rodriguez18 일 전

    I’m I the only one who noticed that Niki bought the yellow shirt she wore in the intro in the thrift shop?? 🧐 Like if you did notice! 👇🏻

  46. Starry Night

    Starry Night19 일 전

    I thought the gray dress was cute

  47. toxic cloudz

    toxic cloudz19 일 전


  48. Suresh Venmarathil

    Suresh Venmarathil19 일 전

    Wait didn’t they say that they were going to do 3 flips?

  49. Rival

    Rival20 일 전

    Gabi: *grabs dolls* Me: its time to panic Also me: *Has fucking nightmares by these dolls*

  50. Avery Barbeau

    Avery Barbeau20 일 전

    Gabi should be an assecorie maker

  51. Minodora Iordan

    Minodora Iordan20 일 전

    This is pOlLy this is hAdLeY and this is MaRgArHeTe😆

  52. Kevin rittinger

    Kevin rittinger21 일 전

    I love you so much niki

  53. Annika Wilson

    Annika Wilson21 일 전

    Gabi * gets everything * Niki * only gets want she needs *

  54. Cortez Mary

    Cortez Mary22 일 전

    You guys should do onother one of these videos

  55. Anisah Begum

    Anisah Begum22 일 전

    Gabi looks soo pretty wiv her hair straight Nd she looks good in yellow

  56. Ali Campbell

    Ali Campbell22 일 전

    More thrift flips this is such a good idea

  57. James Bissonnette

    James Bissonnette22 일 전

    Do it againe and niki

  58. Simona Lukosiute

    Simona Lukosiute22 일 전

    MORE THRIFT FLIPS! People spam so they see this

  59. Lexie C

    Lexie C23 일 전

    You both look amazing

  60. Laury Games

    Laury Games23 일 전

    They need to try making or trying Lolita outfits especially Gabby cause her outfit made me think of Lolita style anyone else agrees?