Making Ugly Clothes Cute Challenge (thrift flip)


  1. Taco Bell.a

    Taco Bell.a시간 전

    The demon in the dolls are gonna haunt gabi

  2. Natalia Ross

    Natalia Ross4 시간 전

    Nikki so won but I liked yours to gabbi

  3. Prabhnoor Kaur

    Prabhnoor Kaur4 시간 전

    You already revealed the outfit on the cover of the video Then the video is kinda useless Still love you tho

  4. av. rianna

    av. rianna5 시간 전

    okay im not trashing on anyone at all. especially not nikki and gab, but like isnt godwill for the leas fortunate

  5. Fiona Bianchi-Wiener

    Fiona Bianchi-Wiener5 시간 전

    gabby literally thought they were cute when there not but love u all I love Gabbie the most

  6. Lexi Burrows

    Lexi Burrows6 시간 전

    Gabi please open a bag shop

  7. Diamond Vlogs

    Diamond Vlogs6 시간 전

    You should do more thrift flips! And one that you could do is you can thrift flip for EACH OTHER OR LIKE A TWIN SWAP THRIFT FLIP CHALLENGER

  8. G Is awesome

    G Is awesome7 시간 전

    the shirt nikki was wearing in the intro was from the thrift store

  9. Rachel Agbenyega

    Rachel Agbenyega7 시간 전

    Did you mean to plan the yellow??

  10. Glam Ava

    Glam Ava7 시간 전

    Why does Niki look like Bille Eilish

  11. Ali Katz corner

    Ali Katz corner7 시간 전

    Niki:MAKE IT MESSY MAKE IT MESSY Gabby:nah fam

  12. Tessa OConnell

    Tessa OConnell8 시간 전

    Love you

  13. Felipe Pina

    Felipe Pina8 시간 전

    You guys look good in every outfit you where this is my dads phone by the way

  14. Isabella Cooper

    Isabella Cooper9 시간 전

    Gabi: casually just hugging creepy dolls

  15. Dogs woves and Animals

    Dogs woves and Animals10 시간 전

    I mean 1.Niki 2.Niki 3.Gabi So over all ... Niki won I'm so sorry Gabi

  16. Dogs woves and Animals

    Dogs woves and Animals10 시간 전

    Agin Niki I'm sorry Gabi but I am a lot more like Niki

  17. Dogs woves and Animals

    Dogs woves and Animals10 시간 전

    Niki won

  18. Mizuki Riessfeld

    Mizuki Riessfeld11 시간 전

    Gabi to me was like the girl who has everything cute and girly and niki tomboy look but in this its like Nki is more of a girly and Gab is an old lady but lowkey those outfits are hawt

  19. Holly Goff

    Holly Goff12 시간 전

    8:50 it wasn’t gabi it was the dolls

  20. Antix _

    Antix _13 시간 전

    The last one gabby looks like Chanel from scream queens 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  21. Kairi that weird Girl

    Kairi that weird Girl15 시간 전

    My style is like the opposite of what they are drooling over lol😂

  22. Maristela Ferrancullo

    Maristela Ferrancullo18 시간 전

    Can You guys make a video Barbie life challenge

  23. Officially Ziza

    Officially Ziza18 시간 전

    Gabi is so meeeee i just want to buy stuffs that suits meeee ONLYYYY

  24. Anannya Dixit

    Anannya Dixit18 시간 전

    Smells like a funeral home😂

  25. Nia KAY

    Nia KAY19 시간 전

    And editing on point

  26. Nia KAY

    Nia KAY19 시간 전

    Amazing. Wow so impressed to see how you both changed the style of the dresses and accessorized it lovely!

  27. Brittany Walko

    Brittany Walko22 시간 전

    They all look so good

  28. On Chen

    On Chen22 시간 전

    There styles are so different!

  29. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith23 시간 전

    Is gabby pregnant

  30. xxDarkWolfieYuixx

    xxDarkWolfieYuixx일 전

    When my Chinese teacher stuck up the middle finger What I wanted to say: um miss I don’t know if you know this but the middle finger means the F word in America What I said: ....

  31. Jas Cervantes

    Jas Cervantes일 전

    I am not into girly things and pink I hate pink😄😄😄😄😅

  32. Jas Cervantes

    Jas Cervantes일 전

    Me and niki have the same taste of clothings😆😆😆😆

  33. Chicken Leg

    Chicken Leg일 전

    Gabi looks so innocent with those dolls of hers

  34. BAD GIRL Bish

    BAD GIRL Bish일 전

    Niki was wearing one of the shirts from the thrift store in the intro

  35. Mary Simmons

    Mary Simmons일 전

    It looked like gabby was pregnant because of the way she stood😂😂

  36. basketball_bear24

    basketball_bear24일 전

    This vid was great

  37. Amy Ramirez

    Amy Ramirez일 전

    Plz dislike DONT LIKE D-I-S-L-I-K-E I want this to be the most disliked comment plz 👇🏽

  38. elena isabel

    elena isabel일 전

    You guys should do 24 hours in walmart and see if you get caught

  39. xox gacha videos

    xox gacha videos일 전


  40. Kelly Hansen

    Kelly Hansen일 전

    Those dolls are probably possessed tbh

  41. Gerardo Valle

    Gerardo Valle일 전

    You should diy your own phone case/doll

  42. Abigail Morales

    Abigail Morales일 전

    Gabi is about to get haunted from these dolls

  43. Asia mahgoub

    Asia mahgoub일 전


  44. Briella Jager

    Briella Jager일 전

    Gabby is hella strong

  45. Myla Dobbins

    Myla Dobbins일 전

    Make slime please

  46. Lala Land

    Lala Land일 전

    I love you guys

  47. Maya Seguin

    Maya Seguin일 전

    hi i hit the join buttun

  48. Sayuri Trout

    Sayuri Trout일 전

    The gray dress is cute niki

  49. Hiss_princess 817

    Hiss_princess 817일 전

    More thrift flips

  50. Sienna Dehmer

    Sienna Dehmer일 전

    You should buy the same piece of clothing and diy it you’re own way

  51. Itz_ Cookie

    Itz_ Cookie일 전

    Lol loved the vid

  52. Marla The Llama

    Marla The Llama일 전

    The gray dress that Niki got looked cute

  53. Rylie Mariee

    Rylie Mariee일 전

    smells like a funeral home.

  54. Mollie Hughes

    Mollie Hughes일 전

    I can just imagine gabi keeping the dolls and putting them on a shelf in her room for decor and niki just going in there when gab is not there and then Niki gets freaked out and then she throws the dolls away ! 😂😂😂❤️And also gabi should be a accessory designer and niki should be a top designer

  55. LittleDeers Gachalife

    LittleDeers Gachalife일 전


  56. meme King

    meme King일 전


  57. Artistic Moon

    Artistic Moon일 전

    I would actually buy Gabi’s bag!

  58. luna

    luna일 전

    You guys are super talented

  59. Isabel Shay

    Isabel Shay일 전

    I volunteer to teach y’all ho to sew

  60. aditi patel

    aditi patel일 전

    omg I love these videos ❤💙💚💛💜💓💖💗💟

  61. Arlisha Jensen

    Arlisha Jensen일 전

    I love your video