Making Fake Freckles ~*WORK*~ For Me


  1. Ruth Playz!

    Ruth Playz!3 시간 전

    4:37 that transition was beautiful

  2. wasabisazzdafirst

    wasabisazzdafirst3 시간 전


  3. ArcNyX

    ArcNyX16 시간 전

    2:01 you guys know what video title that Jenna wearing yellow jacket with that funny looking hair?

  4. Random trash Pile

    Random trash Pile일 전

    I’m not joking, why does Jenna look 25?!?!?

  5. chaira quintin

    chaira quintin일 전

    7:35 I started laughing because in 5th grade, this kid pulled out a red sharpie and colored his cheeks and said he was pikachu 😂😂

  6. peachy piranha

    peachy piranha일 전

    jenna makes anything entertaining

  7. L

    L2 일 전


  8. Reyna

    Reyna4 일 전

    The freckles actually looked super cute on her😍

  9. Zara Bridenstine

    Zara Bridenstine4 일 전

    do an all over self tanner video lol

  10. Scott Collins

    Scott Collins5 일 전

    Since you just redid the hydrodip Crocs, maybe you should do this again... Maybe with some... Just for men and Jenna....

  11. A is for Annihilation

    A is for Annihilation6 일 전

    I don't want to see u fail. I just love watching u do wacky shit to yourself & all of your wonderful personality traits come out as u do it. It's refreshing knowing there r fun, wacky ppl like me out there that give zero fucks about whether ppl approve or not.

  12. A is for Annihilation

    A is for Annihilation6 일 전

    All the clips of her video madness just sums up why I appreciate this woman. Let your freak flag fly, giiiiiirl! Love it!

  13. Crystal Hernandez

    Crystal Hernandez9 일 전

    What's up with the editing?

  14. Val hamham

    Val hamham10 일 전

    You should do a video where you do a craft or something and let your Too Much Gene go WILD and not care about the end result

  15. Alexandra Stay

    Alexandra Stay11 일 전

    I live right next to Rochester in Oswego and void is a good description lol

  16. K. Kayylon

    K. Kayylon11 일 전

    jenna reminds me of dory form finding dory . 😂❤️

  17. Eili Kjerland Skaar

    Eili Kjerland Skaar11 일 전

    Who was the «invisible feckles» example? Thought it was crystallindy

  18. emmy .s

    emmy .s12 일 전

    oh i see that leisure suit...

  19. Ema Christine

    Ema Christine12 일 전


  20. plum

    plum12 일 전

    this helped a lot actually thank you

  21. Chantal Bellmont

    Chantal Bellmont14 일 전

    I'm a redhead who has freckles, but over the last year I've developed like 4 chronic illnesses, so now I barely ever go outside. Most of my freckles have now faded into oblivion, and I miss them. I might try this sometime, to get those freckles back! :)

  22. Plant Me Ashley

    Plant Me Ashley15 일 전

    What the hell how have i never seen this

  23. Tessa Klem

    Tessa Klem15 일 전


  24. otaku artist

    otaku artist15 일 전

    That thing jenna is using to make the freckles gives me a lot of childhood memories. My mother used to draw some pretty designs on my hands and arms

  25. Thx 4 Clearing that up

    Thx 4 Clearing that up16 일 전

    J Roc living his best life

  26. Lindsey Vasquez

    Lindsey Vasquez17 일 전

    I have freckles and I always loved them and I never understood why people hated them

  27. Sydnee Hawley

    Sydnee Hawley17 일 전

    REGARDLESS. Jennas eyebrows looks absolutely naturally perfect here ❤️

  28. msagona

    msagona18 일 전

    okay major idiot moment but she’s from Rochester new york?? i feel so dumb i’m from like a half hour away gn

  29. yvonne smith

    yvonne smith18 일 전

    Jenna you should be a pumpkin

  30. Tanner Poole

    Tanner Poole23 일 전

    Tbh Jenna when you said you were 33, I thought you were joking. I thought you were 25.

  31. Yria Martin

    Yria Martin23 일 전

    now yall know how we as freckled people that actually enjoy them feel when we put makeup on :)

  32. Victoria Adams

    Victoria Adams24 일 전

    Jenna: "SOMETIMES IT COMES OUT GREEN" [comes out black] Julien: "ohmygod everything is happening so fast" I cackled

  33. Lora Landry

    Lora Landry24 일 전


  34. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep25 일 전

    I’m an Irish girl with ginger hair, blue eyes and way to many freckles I hate my freckles so much I wish I didn’t have any tbh cuz its really hard to find a cheap but pigmented foundation that will cover up all my dam freckles

  35. Corbs-adorbs🦄🦄🦄

    Corbs-adorbs🦄🦄🦄26 일 전

    If you can dodge a wrench you dodge a ball

  36. imandosaur

    imandosaur26 일 전

    I laughed so hard at 11:18

  37. Owen Greene

    Owen Greene27 일 전

    As a fellow Rochester resident, I can confirm that it is a sunless void.

  38. Lil Bitch

    Lil Bitch27 일 전

    Did you edit this video while drunk?

  39. Audra Chupp

    Audra Chupp29 일 전

    Kaveri is a brand that actually works

  40. VeeChaos

    VeeChaos29 일 전

    This is actually your first video I've seen hahaha

  41. Jerica Barnhill

    Jerica Barnhill개월 전

    Looks natural with the light ones & darker ones 😃

  42. Kailee Pettigrew

    Kailee Pettigrew개월 전

    Watching this in October waiting for Shane's new video to come out lmao

  43. Maggie Mae Burrage

    Maggie Mae Burrage개월 전

    You need to hydrate it with henna oil! It'll come our stronger then. Love you

  44. Dana Harvey

    Dana Harvey개월 전

    Looks more like someone with diarrhea farted in your face.

  45. Ged Agnors

    Ged Agnors개월 전

    It looks good!

  46. Margatatials

    Margatatials개월 전

    too much gene

  47. Nadji B

    Nadji B개월 전

    The transitions *WORKED* for you

  48. Bianca Mancuso

    Bianca Mancuso개월 전

    The sunless void that is Rochester New York

  49. Susan Saphire

    Susan Saphire개월 전

    This was actually really good

  50. Madison Walsh

    Madison Walsh개월 전

    "I love it, but this is stupid." My new favorite phrase.

  51. chanyeolpcy _k

    chanyeolpcy _k개월 전

    U know im cry, my indonesia friend say me i have freckles i really ugly they bully me 😭😭😭😭😭

  52. Christa Graves

    Christa Graves개월 전

    I have fralks and I like them

  53. MissGypsy

    MissGypsy개월 전

    You look beautiful you don’t need to wear make up! Your beautiful just the way you are! And the freckles look adorable on you!!

  54. Gypsy Queen

    Gypsy Queen개월 전

    I have freckles and eye bags ;-;

  55. Danielle

    Danielle개월 전

    Okay but what did fake freckles using just for men

  56. scorpiobone

    scorpiobone개월 전

    what are these transitions lmaoo

  57. The Ugly Barnacle _

    The Ugly Barnacle _개월 전

    My friend drew on fake freckles with sharpie and when she told me that I was first like “NOIOOOOOOOO” but then they ended up looking good as hell

  58. Maggie Pete

    Maggie Pete개월 전

    *I may or may not have a mole over the right side of my lip, so yeah. If anyone was wondering. Just like Jenna.*

  59. Spicy Memer47

    Spicy Memer47개월 전

    i have non seasonal freckles uwu and theyre. fine.

  60. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel개월 전

    I honestly hate my freckles 😂