Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard6 일 전

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the delay here, we're in the last couple of weeks before our wedding and i am quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hope you enjoy this lil video!! which polish color would you wear?? xoxo, saf

  2. Jessica Stehbens

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  3. DragonWithCoffee

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  4. ShadowSan

    ShadowSan6 일 전

    I did it

  5. Chrissy Romanelli

    Chrissy Romanelli38 분 전

    Hello Mauve*sorry if I didn't spell it right*

  6. Kati Mae

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  7. Anne

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  8. Kyleigh Peltier

    Kyleigh Peltier시간 전

    Franken nail

  9. Hannah Doughty

    Hannah Doughty시간 전

    "THE DEATH OF THE FRANKEN" credits to me, Hannah Doughty

  10. Jacinta-lei Evans

    Jacinta-lei Evans시간 전

    Franken mauver

  11. Tri Summers

    Tri Summers시간 전

    Lawn Mauve-r? Mauve it, hot stuff? Mauve it, or lose it? Mauve-o (like OwO)? ... SUPER-MAUVE-A?????

  12. Daniel Godell

    Daniel Godell시간 전

    I like to Mauve it Mauve it

  13. sawiczs

    sawiczs시간 전

    Mauvie Magic!

  14. Madene Wolmarans

    Madene Wolmarans2 시간 전

    You should name is :simple frankin🤗♥️

  15. Mukunda Komaragiri

    Mukunda Komaragiri2 시간 전

    I just noticed, but, around 18:00ish you can hear JJR's theme, from Man about cake. It's everywhere.

  16. Vivian fast

    Vivian fast2 시간 전

    Rosē Mauve

  17. mmikaylaambrose

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  18. Party_If_You_LOL

    Party_If_You_LOL2 시간 전

    The Franken mauve

  19. CaliCupcake YT

    CaliCupcake YT2 시간 전

    Range Mauver

  20. Tiger Ice cream

    Tiger Ice cream2 시간 전

    Omg that’s ma birthday

  21. Katherine Morrison

    Katherine Morrison2 시간 전

    "Mauvie Dick" PLS

  22. Mocci Mocca

    Mocci Mocca3 시간 전

    Mauve to the mauve

  23. Oxygen Tv

    Oxygen Tv3 시간 전

    Magnificent mauve😍😍😍

  24. Aliza Annisa

    Aliza Annisa3 시간 전

    Mauve-y Wavey (Drac vibes)

  25. billie eyelash

    billie eyelash3 시간 전

    Name it "Simply nygaard" or "Simply Saf

  26. billie eyelash

    billie eyelash3 시간 전

    Name it "make a mauve"

  27. Mika Brock

    Mika Brock3 시간 전

    the holo day yasss queen

  28. Pawz Plays

    Pawz Plays3 시간 전

    Franken polish

  29. Alexia Ion

    Alexia Ion3 시간 전

    "Franken shade"

  30. Jana yahia

    Jana yahia3 시간 전

    Franklin mauve 😁❤️maybe

  31. Helena Devic

    Helena Devic3 시간 전

    Move out

  32. greta kutzer

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  33. SilentNinjaFox

    SilentNinjaFox4 시간 전

    Missed opportunity for Saffolding, benana and simply mauve or simply mauvelogical

  34. Kari Dior

    Kari Dior4 시간 전

    Why couldn't Safiya just name it "Spill The Teal" duhhhh....😒😒😒

  35. CHANDRAKALA Chandu

    CHANDRAKALA Chandu4 시간 전

    Love it

  36. hit or miss i guese they never miss hugh?

    hit or miss i guese they never miss hugh?4 시간 전

    *Mauve over clover* idk

  37. DaisyCake 110

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  38. Stephanie Joy Ragudo

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  39. Sarah M

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  40. Louna Chrifa

    Louna Chrifa4 시간 전

    Safia please stop doing videos with this woman,it makes your videos boring 😓 beff I'm sure she is not stable and she acts weird

  41. Emma

    Emma4 시간 전

    Safia the nailpolish cueen

  42. Sanjana srinath

    Sanjana srinath4 시간 전

    franken taco !!

  43. KaitieKate123 _90

    KaitieKate123 _904 시간 전

    Berry me in polish.

  44. padackled

    padackled4 시간 전

    Let me Mauve you

  45. marylyn rodrigo

    marylyn rodrigo4 시간 전

    Saf-fald would’ve been cool too lol

  46. Emotional lps

    Emotional lps5 시간 전

    You should call the polish mauve over

  47. Nikee Noll' Torres

    Nikee Noll' Torres5 시간 전

    Franken nail

  48. Karissa Mcdonald

    Karissa Mcdonald5 시간 전

    Simply Frankin

  49. Destiny Ann Foxx

    Destiny Ann Foxx5 시간 전

    Saftine Or Crisfiya 'Cause it's their baby

  50. Claire Chen

    Claire Chen5 시간 전


  51. I.E. Pirillo

    I.E. Pirillo5 시간 전

    "Mauvelous" (Marvelous + Mauve for that franken)

  52. Demi Bevan

    Demi Bevan6 시간 전

    Frankin mauve

  53. Kate PinkandFluffy

    Kate PinkandFluffy6 시간 전

    Just a quick late idea for the name: "You mauve me" :)

  54. bhaveena the dog lover

    bhaveena the dog lover7 시간 전

    Muave and Grove is my name

  55. Ella Kate

    Ella Kate7 시간 전

    ''just mauve it'' maybe???

  56. Shellface

    Shellface7 시간 전

    I love the idea of it being Simply Frankish or Simply Frankin polish

  57. Mikhyla Santiago

    Mikhyla Santiago7 시간 전

    I think it should be simply franken

  58. RetroCurry

    RetroCurry7 시간 전

    Emma’s low and chill energy is me

  59. sherly kosasi

    sherly kosasi7 시간 전

    Mauvy mauve

  60. Zoya Quddoos

    Zoya Quddoos7 시간 전

    A frakin-ora is born

  61. Londyn Williams

    Londyn Williams7 시간 전

    mauvenin frankin

  62. Orla And gacha

    Orla And gacha8 시간 전

    Frankenstein mauve

  63. Angela lilfunky1

    Angela lilfunky18 시간 전

    Do you only get to take home one bottle per appointment? That cup looks like there's at least 3 bottles worth of polish in it!