Making A Killer Give Up With Head On - Dead by Daylight


  1. AaronPlaysTV

    AaronPlaysTV4 개월 전

    Stream is over now! But you can follow at to tune in to future streams! Hope you all enjoyed the Head-On video and I can't wait to record more in the future :D

  2. DeeJay Spider

    DeeJay Spider4 개월 전

    I’m not getting notifications

  3. NateHiggers

    NateHiggers4 개월 전

    AaronPlaysTV you’re actually a bully

  4. NateHiggers

    NateHiggers4 개월 전

    AaronPlaysTV you’re the best player I have ever seen

  5. Cedric Barnes

    Cedric Barnes4 개월 전

    AaronPlaysTV can we get more survivor videos like this?!

  6. Rossi Last name

    Rossi Last name4 개월 전

    Can I get a like 🥺

  7. XtremeNL

    XtremeNL2 일 전

    5:48 nice game

  8. Casey

    Casey3 일 전

    how does he have 10 million bloodpoints?????????????????????

  9. Der quoten wichser

    Der quoten wichser3 일 전

    Why fo you have 10 Mio bloodpoints max is 1 Mio?

  10. Marco

    Marco9 일 전

    How does he have 10 million BP ?

  11. MortalLynx 27

    MortalLynx 2724 일 전

    The doctor are lagging

  12. Ho11en is Ballin

    Ho11en is Ballin개월 전

    This makes me want to buy name for head on and plus how do u have 10 mil bp?

  13. Phoenix Fast

    Phoenix Fast개월 전

    how to you have 10 000 000 bp???

  14. gacha_g4m3r yeah

    gacha_g4m3r yeah개월 전

    So when do we get head off?

  15. derryberry7991

    derryberry7991개월 전

    So much bullying yet I can't look away. I love watching Aaron give killer the ol razzle dazzle but I genuinely felt bad for this huntress

  16. Hero4fun

    Hero4fun개월 전

    8:50 you failed there. It was too far.

  17. Hero4fun

    Hero4fun개월 전

    The huntress now got a lockerofobia.

  18. Cloud Sipper

    Cloud Sipper개월 전

    8:51 because you did it like 5000 seconds late

  19. Mattstack 911

    Mattstack 911개월 전

    Why you delete Trapper Head On Video dud xD

  20. Ito Ito No Mi

    Ito Ito No Mi개월 전

    You guys absolutely degraded and traumatized her lmao

  21. Tails

    Tails개월 전

    Is this hacked how does he have legacy and over 1 mil bloodpoints?

  22. Neko Marc

    Neko Marc2 개월 전

    Wait your bloodpoints

  23. AbsolutDeutscher

    AbsolutDeutscher2 개월 전

    How do u have 10 mio points

  24. Angelblacksoul YT

    Angelblacksoul YT2 개월 전

    Are u stupid?????????

  25. Freshest Of Milk

    Freshest Of Milk2 개월 전

    Ngl the Doc kinda looks like he is Elsa from frozen when he uses his electricity.

  26. Apple Snapple

    Apple Snapple2 개월 전

    Why can’t I ever get head on to work it never activated when I’m in a locker

  27. muderX

    muderX2 개월 전

    How do you have 10m BP?! I thought it capped at 1 mil

  28. rotted peach

    rotted peach2 개월 전

    Hex: Head On

  29. Fuzionz Frenzy

    Fuzionz Frenzy2 개월 전

    Ban the music

  30. Sampson the dogo

    Sampson the dogo2 개월 전

    it hurts when i hear fake laughing

  31. シMehdi

    シMehdi2 개월 전

    3:53 Doctor : stuned by head on Dwight : HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  32. Overight ,.

    Overight ,.2 개월 전

    He hackdd legacy and bp in 10m bp he has

  33. Isaac Aleno

    Isaac Aleno2 개월 전

    GUYS GO TO 5:47 put the speed at .25 and look at that hatchet

  34. Epic Adventure

    Epic Adventure2 개월 전

    You're bad, Jesus

  35. Katsumi-Senpai

    Katsumi-Senpai2 개월 전

    There is something is bothering me and it was bothering me for a long time which is how in the hell you have too many bp ??

  36. Rozetta

    Rozetta2 개월 전

    Hows de fook do you have 10 million bloodpoints?

  37. RobinX •

    RobinX •2 개월 전

    Rozetta he has a video on it lol

  38. shayan seyfi

    shayan seyfi2 개월 전

    dude how y have 19m bloodpoints?!

  39. Veiluwu

    Veiluwu2 개월 전

    why do yall got the reaction speed of a dead cat LMAO

  40. david martinez

    david martinez2 개월 전

    I got a 3 minute borderlands ad for this lol I watched the whole thing

  41. Cao 05

    Cao 052 개월 전

    2:32 YeEt

  42. hybriddashie

    hybriddashie2 개월 전

    How do you have 10 mill blood points

  43. Elvin geo

    Elvin geo3 개월 전

    There gonna end up nerfing this perk watch

  44. Boom boom

    Boom boom3 개월 전

    So this is what rank 20’s look like

  45. Deuc3prod

    Deuc3prod3 개월 전

    Those blood points tho hm

  46. FBI

    FBI3 개월 전

    Man when I was watching this and the Mario jungle music was putting me too sleep good soundtrack