Make a Hole in One, I'll Buy You Anything - Mini Golf Challenge


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug25 일 전

    Like the video if I should do this with fans next

  2. John Saili

    John Saili7 일 전

    Gang time samoaSonq

  3. Prajal Prajal

    Prajal Prajal10 일 전

    Gang :


    VOID NESS10 일 전

    I bet in the intro that u did not got it hole in one lol

  5. dinopawnz

    dinopawnz13 일 전

    its sunshine and rainbows


    DIY QUEEN13 일 전

    @mike*_ *mavro 20/10

  7. Andrew Pavel

    Andrew Pavel6 시간 전

    This video should be called Brian being a good person for 18 minutes

  8. gary cabrera

    gary cabrera6 시간 전


  9. Megan Metzger

    Megan Metzger17 시간 전

    Faze rug is the best KOreporter channel to sit and watch KOreporter to

  10. Grand Samurai

    Grand Samurai19 시간 전


  11. Popular Rex 70988

    Popular Rex 70988일 전

    It,s poto quality

  12. Gary Brainard

    Gary Brainard일 전

    ill give it an 8

  13. Donutgamer 25

    Donutgamer 25일 전

    Can I go to your house and goft

  14. Theresa Carvalho

    Theresa Carvalho일 전

    You look pale

  15. Lynchii Boi

    Lynchii Boi2 일 전


  16. DailyBeautyCo

    DailyBeautyCo3 일 전

    love your videos but not a fan of the color quality of this video

  17. Gaming Paradox

    Gaming Paradox3 일 전

    12:21ЅᎾ ℂUᏆℰ

  18. Roberto Elena

    Roberto Elena3 일 전


  19. Im Bullets

    Im Bullets3 일 전

    Remove the filter, and either use the old one or just dont use one

  20. Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma4 일 전


  21. Splinter XXX

    Splinter XXX5 일 전

    9:36 name of those shades !

  22. Glamorifix Glamorifix17

    Glamorifix Glamorifix175 일 전


  23. Isaac and Jayden

    Isaac and Jayden5 일 전


  24. Ems Sparks

    Ems Sparks6 일 전

    I want Noah to participate in a video!

  25. Ems Sparks

    Ems Sparks6 일 전

    I like when Noah speaks

  26. Dark Soul Rising

    Dark Soul Rising6 일 전

    Why Brian still has that damn spirit board in his possession is beyond me...

  27. Matthew Rosemeier

    Matthew Rosemeier6 일 전


  28. Super Nova685

    Super Nova6856 일 전

    It’s not always rainbows and sunshine

  29. Assassin Boy03

    Assassin Boy036 일 전

    Quite cameraman

  30. videznv

    videznv6 일 전

    This dude always uses the same prizes






    Rainbows and sunshine.

  33. 100k subcribes Without videos

    100k subcribes Without videos6 일 전

    faze rug never pinned our comment

  34. Raven Wolf

    Raven Wolf7 일 전

    Papa rug wearing a shirt with himself and Bosley on it is the best thing about this video tbh.

  35. moneel kumar

    moneel kumar7 일 전


  36. laker 4 life

    laker 4 life7 일 전

    Kind of wish the last whole was jessicas butt

  37. Austin Culver

    Austin Culver7 일 전

    Do you give the prizes that dont made or keep them

  38. Bobby Resch

    Bobby Resch8 일 전


  39. Joshua Callen

    Joshua Callen8 일 전


  40. I like pie

    I like pie8 일 전

    The filmer is awfullll

  41. Irais Lopez

    Irais Lopez8 일 전

    I like the lens no hate I love your videos and everything but the lens kinda makes your videos look kinda pale and adds less color no hate towards you I hope you understand love you and your videos ❤️✌️😂

  42. TsG Brezzy

    TsG Brezzy8 일 전


  43. N Miller

    N Miller9 일 전

    8.9 out of 10

  44. FirePheonix

    FirePheonix9 일 전

    I love you

  45. Kemauri Middleton

    Kemauri Middleton9 일 전


  46. Kurkzy

    Kurkzy9 일 전

    The Color is off it looks blue fix it plz and THANKYOU

  47. Sof Mags

    Sof Mags9 일 전

    “Unicorns and rainbows” is what you’re trying to say LOLOLOL .....I think 🤔

  48. Natalie Hinojos

    Natalie Hinojos9 일 전

    I wanna meet u so bad😔❤️

  49. iRonix

    iRonix10 일 전

    i think the saying is sunshine and rainbows :)

  50. SatiZfies

    SatiZfies10 일 전

    the filter is really bad

  51. Chante Penetana

    Chante Penetana10 일 전

    Not trying to be mean but the camera quality looks so werid now

  52. Trench SAD

    Trench SAD10 일 전

    5 stars on Yelp

  53. Clem

    Clem10 일 전

    Why did u drill a hole in your floor

  54. samer hammoud

    samer hammoud10 일 전


  55. Jahnoah Baller

    Jahnoah Baller10 일 전

    I want to do it

  56. Lance Kay

    Lance Kay10 일 전

    I rate it a 1

  57. Mini.MLB.PLAYERS Jose

    Mini.MLB.PLAYERS Jose10 일 전

    I see that quality

  58. Joshua Ambriz

    Joshua Ambriz11 일 전

    My name is Alex to

  59. Slyter Family

    Slyter Family11 일 전

    🤔 hmmm........ 1-10 for a rating hmmm...... I think the rating is 1-10 is 2000000000000,0000000000,0000000,00000,000,0,0,0,0,0 rating love ❤️ u faze rug :) I would die to meat u can u do a pop up shop in Fresno PLEASERR


    MR W4TERMELON311 일 전

    Camera quality looks a bit off....

  61. Nadin Hafez

    Nadin Hafez11 일 전

    Can u do a part 2

  62. Shubham

    Shubham11 일 전

    This video looks like a movie after putting your "$2000" lens..

  63. Emilio Gomez

    Emilio Gomez12 일 전

    10 rating

  64. Biad Hehe Xd

    Biad Hehe Xd12 일 전

    hrello from the dqrk sdei end dose anybody hrere wanna be my frined

  65. Biad Hehe Xd

    Biad Hehe Xd12 일 전

    do nt wer like whats thew tewmpuitre