Magnet Smash in 4k


  1. Shantanu Singh dhiman

    Shantanu Singh dhiman3 일 전

    4:48 December 1st , when you survived no nut November!

  2. GammaGaming

    GammaGaming3 일 전

    blop glonp fop

  3. LaGuerre19

    LaGuerre194 일 전

    Wow, that egg splatter really *_BLOSSOMed._* Thank you, thank you.

  4. Eyüp AAA

    Eyüp AAA5 일 전

    How did you seperate the magnets?

  5. Taylor Stewart

    Taylor Stewart9 일 전

    wow. you film wasting all this food when there are starving kids all around the world that could have eaten those magnets

  6. Rian Richardson

    Rian Richardson6 일 전

    You got me there in the first half, not gonna lie.....

  7. James Justjames

    James Justjames12 일 전

    Could have done without the loud woman.

  8. Bart Scholten

    Bart Scholten8 일 전

    i absoluty agree with you

  9. Eris Cyl

    Eris Cyl15 일 전

    I’m a vegan so I don’t watch eggs explode like meat eaters.

  10. Deathly Lich

    Deathly Lich19 일 전

    Not even kidding, the coke sounded like the ancient demon screeching as it was being banished back to its hellish dimension

  11. GamerBot

    GamerBot21 일 전

    *knock knock knock* "OH" *knock knock knock* "OH" *knock knock knock* "OH"

  12. TheMangledTriangle

    TheMangledTriangle22 일 전

    Yep I officially love her personality

  13. Morgz Nan

    Morgz Nan개월 전

    2:52 Vegans will not be happy 😂

  14. TravelLove

    TravelLove개월 전

    What was even the point of inviting the lady? She just laughed all the time.

  15. Jam Gart

    Jam Gart개월 전

    Yay! One of my favourite peoples with two of my other favourite peoples to watch! Happy days

  16. Stevey TeeVee

    Stevey TeeVee개월 전

    6:03 Why wasn't the cap screwed on? I probably could have squeezed that thing off by hand.

  17. The Warrior

    The Warrior개월 전

    But how did you separated the magnets?

  18. Hussein bulehlib

    Hussein bulehlib개월 전

    2:19 She sounds like billie eilish

  19. Like This Comment

    Like This Comment개월 전

    I paid heaps

  20. Devon Sumner

    Devon Sumner개월 전

    3:27 🤣that laugh tho LOL

  21. Mithaq

    Mithaq개월 전

    "Those eggs will make a mess" "Yes, I'm a vegan"

  22. Zach Merwin

    Zach Merwin개월 전

    I love her reactions

  23. kanehi

    kanehi개월 전

    What would look cool is to have a strobe light going off while the liquid is being splattered! Love the experiment!

  24. iiRyderPlayz

    iiRyderPlayz개월 전

    Great job keep it up

  25. Melo Cream

    Melo Cream개월 전

    Who here is a fan of The Big Bang Theory

  26. L33X23

    L33X23개월 전

    Dude I’m not gunna lie it kinda sounds like a guillotine

  27. Léo Bertolino

    Léo Bertolino개월 전

    I saw her in Fun with Flags !

  28. Hal Kael

    Hal Kael개월 전

    Never thought Id ever see her “ohh” face... now we seen it in SloMo

  29. Matt H

    Matt H개월 전

    How do you know if someone ia a vegan? Just wait theyll tell you.

  30. Emily Miller

    Emily Miller개월 전

    How does one separate the magnets from each other?

  31. Evil Bouillabesse

    Evil Bouillabesse2 개월 전

    2:28 me laughing when my friend falls in the stairs

  32. EYE NAN

    EYE NAN2 개월 전

    Amy Farah Fowler 😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Kp

    Kp2 개월 전

    She kinda thick

  34. Little Misty-eyed

    Little Misty-eyed2 개월 전

    She’s so adorable, she’s my favourite guest in any show she features on

  35. pawan kumar

    pawan kumar2 개월 전

    Bring sheldon with you

  36. Emmanuel Gestupa

    Emmanuel Gestupa2 개월 전

    Sounds like a guillotine

  37. Shadow 3091

    Shadow 30912 개월 전

    A Jewish, vegan neuroscientist is one of the funniest, nicest people I can think of

  38. 225crownline

    225crownline2 개월 전

    do it again but put the cap on tight

  39. Dustin Reid

    Dustin Reid2 개월 전

    Why do vegans insist on telling you that they're vegan. Eggs come up immediately she says shes vegan.

  40. Dustin Reid

    Dustin Reid2 개월 전

    Why are the oranges not orange.

  41. Andy Pang

    Andy Pang2 개월 전

    *I M A V E G A N*

  42. Casey Flentye

    Casey Flentye2 개월 전

    Really? You had to declare your a vegan? Really??

  43. Jordzz

    Jordzz2 개월 전

    Mayim’s laugh is the best😂

  44. Danknessmeme 8 years ago

    Danknessmeme 8 years ago2 개월 전

    Imagine putting head in there. :-]

  45. Emma owens

    Emma owens2 개월 전

    Is it just me or does the audio Chan’s a couple minutes into the video

  46. ZT_Reno

    ZT_Reno2 개월 전

    why are the mics bad?

  47. Oisín Feery

    Oisín Feery2 개월 전

    Who else just absolutely loves mayim!

  48. circlepit85 popoulos

    circlepit85 popoulos2 개월 전

    pls to all youtubers stop play with food

  49. Desolations102

    Desolations1022 개월 전

    Would have loved to see a raw steak, they didn't even crush the bananas or watermelon they had on the table.

  50. kandi Bhai Mobile Gaming

    kandi Bhai Mobile Gaming2 개월 전

    Amy farah fauler 😍

  51. Khalil Davis

    Khalil Davis2 개월 전

    How long did this video take to make this guy cast disappear in the next shot

  52. Ace_L3G1TZz 272

    Ace_L3G1TZz 2722 개월 전

    Aye bruh she mad thicc 🤤 I’m definitely not vegan 😏

  53. Rupert Wright

    Rupert Wright2 개월 전

    guys you should get a big bottle of diet coke and put like 5 mentos in it then srew the lid before it erupts and the when its closed smash it with the magnet and see what happens!!

  54. Blaise Mangera

    Blaise Mangera2 개월 전

    She looks like she is from the Big Bang theory

  55. Bonjour

    Bonjour2 개월 전

    3:00 vegan left the chat

  56. Nurf

    Nurf2 개월 전

    4:36 1st of December

  57. I Am A Duck

    I Am A Duck2 개월 전

    Vegans just have to tell everyone they're vegan.

  58. spookyspoots

    spookyspoots2 개월 전

    How do you separate the magnets?

  59. Santiago Brobeck-Lopez

    Santiago Brobeck-Lopez2 개월 전

    I put the KOreporter channel on .25 speed

  60. Build Jelmer

    Build Jelmer2 개월 전

    I really respect you guys for not using the name of the celebrity in the title just so you would get more views

  61. JackswastedlifeLP

    JackswastedlifeLP2 개월 전

    Well, on KOreporter they're the bigger celebrities😉

  62. The Furry Sniper

    The Furry Sniper2 개월 전

    i guess this all went off with a big bang... sry, had to

  63. Go Piña

    Go Piña2 개월 전

    Imagine this way more bigger and like squishing a portapotty or maybe a house 🤟😎 it might be impossible but that would be sick

  64. Hugo Jeep

    Hugo Jeep2 개월 전

    Go Piña Or a person