MAGICIAN WINNER | Tomer Dudai | Israel's Got Talent 2018


  1. Marie-france delaume

    Marie-france delaume2 시간 전

    vraiment merveilleux

  2. Dr. Flotzim Hara

    Dr. Flotzim Hara3 시간 전

    שמו את ישראל ראשוןןן

  3. foxy games

    foxy games일 전

    מי שמישראל שיתן לייק וסאב

  4. Ella לוי

    Ella לוי2 일 전

    5:42-5:44 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣

  5. Ella לוי

    Ella לוי2 일 전

    ישראלי? פרגן בלייק👍🏼🇮🇱

  6. Valeria Abramov

    Valeria Abramov3 일 전


  7. Muzammil Khalid

    Muzammil Khalid3 일 전

    i know all these tricks

  8. crazy fortnite

    crazy fortnite6 일 전

    אללה ישראל

  9. ori engel

    ori engel7 일 전

    כל הישראלים לייק

  10. Eduardo Cohen

    Eduardo Cohen8 일 전

    What is the music at 2:13??

  11. Eduardo Cohen

    Eduardo Cohen8 일 전

    I found: The name of song is "Magic" from Pilot

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  13. Tamil Researcher

    Tamil Researcher8 일 전 Zach king a magician

  14. Justin Bieber Malaysia

    Justin Bieber Malaysia9 일 전

    Israel got talent?? Oh I think I know what is Israel talent... Killing Palestinian

  15. אוריאל קמרלקר

    אוריאל קמרלקר10 일 전

    ישראל האלופה🇮🇱🇮🇱❤❤


    OR STRUGO6 일 전

    +אלעזר ליבוביץ נו כל דבר שקשור לישראל כמו שיוטיובר פירסם את זה אתם מתלבים איזה גאווה יש בזה גאווה אמיתית זו גבורה ונכון אני ממש אוהב את תומר דודאי

  17. אלעזר ליבוביץ

    אלעזר ליבוביץ10 일 전

    נכון יגבר

  18. Teom Cam

    Teom Cam12 일 전

    The most surprising part is, seeing judges getting shocked with such ordinary tricks. Such shows requires eligible judges actually knows something about this profession. All tricks he performed very known and super ordinary.

  19. Gaga Rizqulloh

    Gaga Rizqulloh13 일 전


  20. Harsh

    Harsh18 일 전

    That music was of hitman reborn😊😊

  21. Stabgan

    Stabgan20 일 전

    wh0 is that hot judge


    PAUL FELDMAN22 일 전


  23. מיכאל מליכוב

    מיכאל מליכוב22 일 전

    למה זה באנגלית

  24. Som L. Maden

    Som L. Maden27 일 전

    No magic in the land of Israel. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee."

  25. Frankilin Jamais Alves

    Frankilin Jamais Alves29 일 전

    What is the name of this song, please?

  26. BaekStie A.N

    BaekStie A.N개월 전

    What the title of the song? Can you tell me, please?

  27. Wael jbara albargouthi

    Wael jbara albargouthi개월 전


  28. Touch Music

    Touch Music개월 전

    damn on israel

  29. anuj choudhary

    anuj choudhary개월 전

    outstanding how you have done this

  30. anuj choudhary

    anuj choudhary개월 전

    outstanding how could you do

  31. Hong Hong

    Hong Hong개월 전


  32. Abdennour Abdellah

    Abdennour Abdellah개월 전

    نيك أمهاتكم يا إسرائيليين

  33. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali개월 전

    خدع معروفة في اليد الإليكترونيه التي تقفل أصابعها بطريقه زمنيه منتظمه ويتم سحبها بتحكم كهربائي،كما أنا المخادع نزل من الصندوق وأختبأ في درجات السلم الذي طلع عليه للصندوق ثم أختفي هذا السلم. ألاعيب مكشوفه. ألعبوا غيرها.

  34. Игорь Сомов

    Игорь Сомов개월 전

    Perfect legs :)

  35. Mike Vallen

    Mike Vallen개월 전

    This video is spoiled by some of the pretentious and attention seeking judges and members of the screaming audience .

  36. Percy Avalos

    Percy Avalos개월 전

    Como se llaman las jueces, están guapísimas

  37. David Lee

    David Lee개월 전

    What is the background song?

  38. ใจ โทรมๆ

    ใจ โทรมๆ개월 전


  39. Udin_ ResQ999

    Udin_ ResQ999개월 전

    Shoe n platform magnetic 40th used trick.. Save Palestine..

  40. Nabeel Ahmed

    Nabeel Ahmed개월 전

    So Tallented people's wo it's Very NICE


    SOMEN MAJI개월 전

    Omg what's a talent...

  42. นิล 2005

    นิล 2005개월 전


  43. Kami Nazir

    Kami Nazir개월 전

    name of female judge in red hot dress ?

  44. Or Noy

    Or Noy시간 전

    Noa kirel

  45. michael queen

    michael queen개월 전

    one of the best acts i ever seen

  46. Bangla Mjer Tv

    Bangla Mjer Tv2 개월 전

    Awesome best masic

  47. hiep doan

    hiep doan2 개월 전

    có ai biết tên bài hát đoạn đầu video ko?

  48. gb Borges

    gb Borges2 개월 전

    kkkkk tá louco

  49. Rafael Deniz

    Rafael Deniz2 개월 전

    En el minuto 2:08 mis ojos miraron a la mujer más hermosa que jamás aigan visto antes

  50. Rafael Deniz

    Rafael Deniz2 개월 전

    No entiendo nada sólo puedo decir que la chica del pelo negro es extremadamente hermosa

  51. เอก ระเบียบดี

    เอก ระเบียบดี2 개월 전


  52. علي ماجد

    علي ماجد2 개월 전

    ههههههههه طركاعة وعلي

  53. MiSTeR Pan iN FiFa

    MiSTeR Pan iN FiFa2 개월 전

    What music

  54. alien ware

    alien ware2 개월 전

    Israel is a real terrorist i hate this country

  55. Thecla Bougard

    Thecla Bougard2 개월 전


  56. kobe mertens

    kobe mertens2 개월 전

    Hesitate laughter lonely affect distinct own naturally ballot dominant whatever apologize.

  57. وهم_77

    وهم_772 개월 전

    تسقط إسرائيل ولعنت الله على الصهاينة👎👎 وعاشت فلسطين وعاصمتها القدس حره أبية

  58. nimfa09007

    nimfa090072 개월 전


  59. Yougant S

    Yougant S2 개월 전

    Dynamo did that 1st one

  60. Silence Typer

    Silence Typer2 개월 전

    I love Shin Lim

  61. #yokos

    #yokos2 개월 전

    Twins! 😉

  62. juan harizma

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  63. ابراهيم ابو احمد

    ابراهيم ابو احمد2 개월 전

    الله يحرقو باالدنيا وباالاخرة يايهود الزب

  64. Daniel Mohai

    Daniel Mohai2 개월 전

    What’s so special about this guy? I didn’t like his tricks

  65. Smid 429

    Smid 4292 개월 전

    Those are very simple illusions.....

  66. revie durias

    revie durias2 개월 전

    GOD BLESS ISRAEL from philippines

  67. Zdeňka Schejbalová

    Zdeňka Schejbalová2 개월 전

    Je dobrej!!!!

  68. CLIV

    CLIV2 개월 전

    Can i have her name who has a yellow hair she is a judges

  69. Magic Blog

    Magic Blog2 개월 전

    Однозначно красавчик

  70. jokcai

    jokcai2 개월 전

    Tiene tantos cambios de escena que es difícil disfrutar el acto e incluso pierde la magia.

  71. Moon Nguyen

    Moon Nguyen2 개월 전

    I know the way he did magic.

  72. Kerrie Lee

    Kerrie Lee2 개월 전

    2.35 song please

  73. agus ardiansyah

    agus ardiansyah2 개월 전

    What lyric song ?

  74. Thomas Grabowski

    Thomas Grabowski2 개월 전


  75. Wutthipong P

    Wutthipong P2 개월 전


  76. armando

    armando2 개월 전


  77. Phionah Vivian

    Phionah Vivian2 개월 전

    am speechless oh my God people are talented.

  78. Mimi Studioz

    Mimi Studioz2 개월 전


  79. Nikita Dessai

    Nikita Dessai2 개월 전

    I saw d same acts in America's got talent. . N these judges are overreacting a bit too much 😝

  80. I will kill you :-!!

    I will kill you :-!!2 개월 전

    OMG 😲

  81. RK Noor

    RK Noor2 개월 전


  82. pes 2018 android

    pes 2018 android2 개월 전

    What's the song name

  83. James O'Hanlon

    James O'Hanlon2 개월 전

    why did he bother wearing the gloves at all

  84. ماجد الحربي

    ماجد الحربي3 개월 전

    Palstain will be recovered . 👌

  85. Mannard Mann

    Mannard Mann3 개월 전

    Rename the show to Israel's got bullets to shoot Palestinian kids!

  86. lenoj pogi

    lenoj pogi3 개월 전

    great woww magic

  87. Aga Zgaga

    Aga Zgaga3 개월 전


  88. Surya The Scientific

    Surya The Scientific3 개월 전

    Really wondered any one do you have any idea how he did

  89. Ayla

    Ayla3 개월 전

    He looks a bit like Rudolph Valentino :)

  90. rodrigo veiga

    rodrigo veiga3 개월 전

    Olavo meu

  91. Keyboard Goods

    Keyboard Goods3 개월 전

    3:30 & 5:22 Hitman Rainbow Hibari is BGM

  92. HL LL

    HL LL3 개월 전


  93. falesTEEZ

    falesTEEZ3 개월 전

    palestine never existed and will never exist. there is no even 1 palestinian leader 100 years ago FREE ISRAEL

  94. Walid Belabbes

    Walid Belabbes3 개월 전

    the magic is great but we all know that there is no israel it's palestine #PALESTINE

  95. ReLDum

    ReLDum5 일 전

    Theres no palastine.

  96. parodgame . pro

    parodgame . pro개월 전

    Are you sure about it? A dumb Natzi?

  97. Walid Belabbes

    Walid Belabbes3 개월 전


  98. falesTEEZ

    falesTEEZ3 개월 전

    palestine never existed and will never exist. there is no even 1 palestinian leader 100 years ago FREE ISRAEL

  99. Rodrigo Jung

    Rodrigo Jung3 개월 전

    what's first song ?

  100. zirasayers

    zirasayers3 개월 전

    Very cool!

  101. Q April

    Q April3 개월 전

    אני מערכת כתיבה טיפשית, בשימוש על ידי טיפשים ואנשי דת שקר

  102. א ו

    א ו3 개월 전

    חחח מצחיק

  103. ליה קרונפלד

    ליה קרונפלד3 개월 전

    I love him

  104. smugshot

    smugshot3 개월 전

    who know what song is on 4.23 pls????

  105. Dont Sign

    Dont Sign3 개월 전

    LMAO how do these people believe that Israel exists fk isreal it's called Palestine 🇵🇸


    MARKO GUERRA3 개월 전

    Song 2:33 please.

  107. CheezeNachos

    CheezeNachos3 개월 전

    This is a frickin talent show why all of you in the comments are arguing if it's Israel or Palestine, so stupid