MAGICIAN WINNER | Tomer Dudai | Israel's Got Talent 2018


  1. Daffa Haidar

    Daffa Haidar53 분 전

    Israel itu anjink

  2. dasho chou

    dasho chou9 시간 전


  3. Hussen Ahmed 11

    Hussen Ahmed 112 일 전

    يلعن كسموكوا يا ولاد الوسخة يا اوساخ لينا عودة والله

  4. Shazzy Khan

    Shazzy Khan2 일 전

    Suckling pigs

  5. Fanatic Chess

    Fanatic Chess4 일 전

    Like seriuoslyyyy 😂😂😂😂

  6. Ivan Stoyanov

    Ivan Stoyanov4 일 전

    Amazing amazing amazing

  7. MrHabib

    MrHabib4 일 전

    Lol israel so behind in life with magic. Here is one.. vanish back to your original home: US

  8. Sarath Kumar

    Sarath Kumar5 일 전


  9. 좋은 녀석

    좋은 녀석5 일 전

    Not bad.....but kind off old school magic.

  10. AnxiousHeart 2342

    AnxiousHeart 23427 일 전

    Winner? This is basics for dynamo.

  11. MacGyver Thompson

    MacGyver Thompson7 일 전

    Professional. Perfect. Amazing.

  12. Шухратбек Нишонов

    Шухратбек Нишонов7 일 전

    Зор зор 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇰🇬🤗👏👏

  13. John Waller

    John Waller10 일 전

    Unfortunately the first one is not magic if you look it up the guy has a brace on his leg that clips in and there for he can fake matrix leans and stuff like that sorry 🤙🏾🤙🏾

  14. Laxmi Kandari

    Laxmi Kandari10 일 전

    What a bad magician😫😫

  15. Nagnath Jamadar

    Nagnath Jamadar15 일 전

    Osm really too good magician

  16. Michael Cidranes

    Michael Cidranes20 일 전

    Dynamo does the same trick on the street (falling backwards). Is somebody gonna tell me there's a magnet in the concrete. The truth is spiritual. These magicians are in contact with supernatural spirits that are aiding them in their magic. Wires could hold up his weight when they lean back but you can clearly see that their are none attached to his body or clothes.

  17. Carmelo Castiglione

    Carmelo Castiglione22 일 전

    Great stuff! And I thought that the only talent in Israel was to kill innocent Palestinians and take their land. 😂

  18. Flex Phlopp

    Flex Phlopp22 일 전

    Грязно исполненные старые фокусы

  19. нинель грибовская

    нинель грибовская25 일 전

    Просто Супер,великолепно!!! Благодарю от души!!!

  20. Akbar

    Akbar26 일 전




    The final




  23. J O E L

    J O E L29 일 전


  24. Samuel Quiroz

    Samuel Quiroz개월 전

    y yo aquí dejo un comentario en español XD

  25. Steve

    Steve개월 전

    All these exact tricks were done years ago on other talent shows. This is nothing new.

  26. Albert Lin

    Albert Lin개월 전

    so all it takes to win in Israel are some store-bought tricks? ok

  27. Kitty Ziggyz

    Kitty Ziggyz개월 전

    Name of the song plz

  28. hemakesh sai

    hemakesh sai개월 전

    that was insane

  29. buda nunukan nunukan

    buda nunukan nunukan개월 전


  30. Aditama daffa

    Aditama daffa개월 전

    Song please?

  31. Le Hieu

    Le Hieu개월 전

    Link music??

  32. Dino d

    Dino d개월 전

    I thought Israelis were smart creatures.this is most pathetic magic trick.even kids can do this.the woman is half inside table.the guy can't even hide his distraction properly while doing the white cloth retractable thing in hand.the bend thing is patented by Micheal Jackson shoe from smooth criminal

  33. Andrew Katz

    Andrew Katz개월 전

    Tomer Dudai is definitely one of the best illusionists I've ever seen.

  34. Антон Коломийченко

    Антон Коломийченко개월 전

    эффектно, но на победу не тянет.. все секреты его фокусов - давно раскрыты(и не только на ютубе)

  35. Faizal Abdul_

    Faizal Abdul_개월 전

    backsound the song is tomer dudai ?

  36. Faizal Abdul_

    Faizal Abdul_개월 전

    @Zin Wai Yan thank you very much

  37. Zin Wai Yan

    Zin Wai Yan개월 전

    Back sound is= Alive by sia

  38. Ariff Yusof

    Ariff Yusof개월 전

    Jus give a freedom to Palestine and u guys will be amazing.. Just share our love together and stop the war to make a peaceful world. The Palestine are innocent. The kids, mother and all in Palestine people are innocent. U guys shouldn't kill them to make a country that is not legally a country.

  39. All In One

    All In One개월 전

    Congratulations u find and english comment

  40. nwike ndulue

    nwike ndulue14 일 전


  41. jcris risare

    jcris risare19 일 전

    im very happy ,,

  42. sebbysonix

    sebbysonix28 일 전


  43. Annemarie Hogervorst

    Annemarie Hogervorst개월 전


  44. Zephyr Ely

    Zephyr Ely개월 전

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  45. 王旭英

    王旭英개월 전


  46. Romman 313

    Romman 313개월 전

    Israel only have one talent , killing child.

  47. Sila Rahayu

    Sila Rahayu개월 전

    Song is ?????

  48. Ujjwal Srivastava

    Ujjwal Srivastava개월 전

    all tricks performed by him are easily noticeable



    I hate you Israel you dogs

  50. Sam Cars

    Sam Cars2 개월 전

    تحيا فلسطين 🇩🇿🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇩🇿

  51. Malik Farqan

    Malik Farqan2 개월 전

    Wah kia magic he

  52. Nano Ness

    Nano Ness2 개월 전

    الله يعطيكم مصيبة

  53. Denis Guyot

    Denis Guyot2 개월 전

    bravo l,artiste

  54. umar afghani

    umar afghani2 개월 전

    1:40 guys don't u think he got magnet in his butt that does not allow him to sit on that thing that he is standing on

  55. michael adams

    michael adams2 개월 전

    electronic legs

  56. Bimalendu Adhikari

    Bimalendu Adhikari2 개월 전


  57. mu afi

    mu afi2 개월 전

    patek jancok....



    Song Sia-alive

  59. silentforcepower

    silentforcepower3 개월 전

    الكيان الصهيوني قوت تالنت

  60. benjamin S

    benjamin S3 개월 전

    Jewish tricks

  61. Sức sống 360

    Sức sống 3603 개월 전

    Làm sao mà hay quá

  62. Logan Jonson

    Logan Jonson3 개월 전

    اشكالكم مثل اشكال الشيطانين ليست لكم ارض وفلسطين هي ارض المسلمين

  63. Logan Jonson

    Logan Jonson3 개월 전

    You Jews are the dirtiest creatures

  64. ไกรสิทธิ์ มั่นจันทร์

    ไกรสิทธิ์ มั่นจันทร์3 개월 전


  65. RIZAWAN Shoukat

    RIZAWAN Shoukat3 개월 전

    We hate isreal at all

  66. Human s

    Human s3 개월 전

    Even this magician steals ideas from others! I've seen these tricks a lot, People depend on stealing and living on the fees of others, As you do in the land of the perverted ,

  67. Dhirendra Singh

    Dhirendra Singh3 개월 전

    name of soundtrack please

  68. mustafa muhanad

    mustafa muhanad4 개월 전

    شباب اتمنى تكتبولي إسم الأغنية من فضلكم

  69. Cyristantine Ann John

    Cyristantine Ann John4 개월 전

    Stupid, so many magician can do like this, lol, stupid & cheap magician

  70. agazian state

    agazian state4 개월 전

    Demon power

  71. Illidan

    Illidan4 개월 전

    Great performance, for a great country!

  72. CalugareanuKlu

    CalugareanuKlu4 개월 전

    Can you tell the name of the judges plz!!!

  73. Aylaan kurdish

    Aylaan kurdish4 개월 전

    Wohea wow is it real???????????????how

  74. Shavezcr7

    Shavezcr74 개월 전

    1:23 Song Name Plox

  75. Françoise Chavaneau

    Françoise Chavaneau4 개월 전


  76. TGGIL

    TGGIL4 개월 전

    ישראלים תנו בלייק!!!!!!!

  77. Happy Unicorn

    Happy Unicorn4 개월 전

    Omg מה קורה פה

  78. YouTube Hershko

    YouTube Hershko4 개월 전

    ישראלי ליק

  79. Gauthier Jean-claude

    Gauthier Jean-claude4 개월 전


  80. Yair soroski

    Yair soroski4 개월 전

    תנו לייק ישראלים

  81. king sagark

    king sagark4 개월 전

    israel women beautiful

  82. Maayan Armoza

    Maayan Armoza4 개월 전

    הוא מישלנוווווו

  83. Willy Agau

    Willy Agau4 개월 전


  84. ヅPLAYFXヅ

    ヅPLAYFXヅ5 개월 전

    first song name pls

  85. Safa.f Layale

    Safa.f Layale5 개월 전


  86. הירו jabareen ג'בארי hero

    הירו jabareen ג'בארי hero5 개월 전

    וואו וואו איזה מדהים

  87. Waheed Jan

    Waheed Jan5 개월 전

    Israel love u

  88. Sasmita Malla

    Sasmita Malla5 개월 전


  89. Kuppu Samy

    Kuppu Samy5 개월 전

    It's not real. it is trick

  90. Bam boo

    Bam boo5 개월 전

    Rose are red Violet are blue The title is English So why aren't you

  91. War Warz

    War Warz14 일 전

    The towle is green Wear by a police We dont care about others We dont care about english

  92. Jane

    Jane5 개월 전

    I liked it regardless

  93. Koral

    Koral5 개월 전

    the judges in israel's got talent are so bad..

  94. James Oldham

    James Oldham5 개월 전

    What's the first names and second names of the Israeli judges on Israel got talent 2018

  95. pattehpatteh jalloh

    pattehpatteh jalloh5 개월 전


  96. Divyajeet Nayak

    Divyajeet Nayak5 개월 전

    Oh my god.... Oh my god.... Wow

  97. Jared Nielsen

    Jared Nielsen5 개월 전

    Amazing performance. Maybe its time to do a GOT TALENT world competition? would be very interesting

  98. Haytham Dalank

    Haytham Dalank5 개월 전

    2:08 Beautiful !!!!!

  99. הדר מנצור

    הדר מנצור5 개월 전

    להפציץ בתגובטת

  100. הדר מנצור

    הדר מנצור5 개월 전

    חחח ישן יחסית לעכשיו

  101. Marcela Medeiros

    Marcela Medeiros5 개월 전


  102. Prince Dan

    Prince Dan5 개월 전


  103. TheProDouble

    TheProDouble5 개월 전


  104. יהונתן מוסטאקי

    יהונתן מוסטאקי5 개월 전


  105. Eddy Guilindro

    Eddy Guilindro5 개월 전

    Name de Music ... minuto 1.20

  106. נועה רוזן

    נועה רוזן5 개월 전



    ADGG GAMING5 개월 전

    ילאה ישראל