[M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))


  1. Wendy Mak

    Wendy Mak시간 전

    i miss their voices... once they started singing, you know it's them! loves!

  2. Irma Lynn

    Irma Lynn시간 전

    I really wish i knew 2ne1 and kpop in general when they debuted... I started listening to them in 2017 after their disbandment and they made my life so much brighter.. I just wish i was there when Bommie sang for the first time "you and I" or when the whole world was shaken by their talent.. I love them so much..

  3. kirika20

    kirika20시간 전

    why is the choreo in the video when she doesn't even dance? it just makes her look...funny. I'm happy for her though, she fell down and rose up, I love her voice.

  4. Sara Sadiq

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  5. Elle Lu'lu' Deen

    Elle Lu'lu' Deen시간 전

    Long time no see. Oh how i missed 2ne1. Glad to see this! Btw, look at her face, errmmm too much plastic surgery, seriously i love her natural face. 😅

  6. larry hoj

    larry hoj시간 전

    i miss you honey 😭😭😭♥️

  7. Василий

    Василий시간 전

    Ну и хуета

  8. Quỳnh Nguyễn

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    Stream 8M View now💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️

  9. Quỳnh Nguyễn

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    Stream 8M View now❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂😏

  10. Ana Lúcia7

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  11. kookie_ 21

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    happy 7.7 M views 😍

  12. Allen U

    Allen U시간 전

    To those who can't afford to buy album... you can help bom by streaming "SPRING" on KOreporter AND SPOTIFY

  13. Lisa G

    Lisa G시간 전

    Y mi Cl 💔💔💔💔😥😥😥

  14. Yenn Won

    Yenn Won시간 전

    Hermosa Voz Hermoso Video y que Hermosa Luce Park Bom 😭😍 ELF México te apoya Bom 💙

  15. SiraGem VOC

    SiraGem VOC시간 전

    omg I've never been a fan of 2NE1 cause I was too young when they were famous, though I am the best was the very first kpop song I listened and Gotta be you also brings me back so many memories. But I know they were legends and I've heard other songs. It makes me so emotional to see them both together, and just considering everything Bom has been through... At her age it's almost impossible to keep being an idol but here she is still singing, getting views, making us feel things.... I'll be so sad if I can't keep seeing her when she reaches 40's but everything she and 2NE1 have done remains in my heart

  16. Sierra Fanny

    Sierra Fanny시간 전

    I can’t stop listening. It’s too good. I miss her so much. So happy that she is back.

  17. Tishany Taylor

    Tishany Taylor시간 전

    Is make I happy when a see this video #bompark #darapark

  18. Irish Sanlayan

    Irish Sanlayan시간 전

    7.7M lakas!💪💪👑👑

  19. Yong Ji-ho

    Yong Ji-ho시간 전

    Keep streaming guys let's give love to our queen

  20. Was sabi

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  21. Fatima-Kyfa Gabi

    Fatima-Kyfa Gabi시간 전

    I miss 2ne1 so much 💜 she have best voice

  22. Saim Avancena

    Saim Avancena시간 전

    I feel sad for all the people who just download this song for free, Park Bom doesnt get anything 0000 i dont think 2$ is expenisive. And streaming aint hard when i go school i leave my phone and its streaming also when i go volleyball or hang out with friends im still streaming it. I'll do anything for Bom...cos she deserves it..

  23. Just Nothing

    Just Nothing2 시간 전

    I'm so happy that after 5 years of imprisonment in hatred of other people around her, she now comeback with her voice as her sword to fight back and prove that NO ONE CAN REPLACE THE QUEEN. Please love and support her till death.


    JIKOOKS BABY2 시간 전

    Sadly this is the first time I hear park bom’s voice. Her voice is so angelic and peaceful! Im so in love with it

  25. iiJellox3

    iiJellox32 시간 전

    여기 한국분 없어요? ㅋㅋㅋ

  26. Success is my name

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  27. Mai Mai

    Mai Mai2 시간 전

    รักและคิดถึง ❤

  28. Success is my name

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    7,685,253 COME ON GUYS, LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO 8 M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Raby Atul

    Raby Atul2 시간 전

    I miss Park Bom voice.. I miss 2ne1 badly.. Really hope that one day they will unite again and kill the stages performance like they always did before this

  30. 951201 N.

    951201 N.2 시간 전

    I miss 2ne1 😥❤️

  31. Saim Avancena

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    In 3 Hours if we get this to 8M then we can reach our 10M goal.. But as what im seeing the vi3ws are increasing so slow like Linda ok dont buy her album or buy it digitally but streaming aint hard especially for Bom she has gone through alot and she deserves more than this...

  32. Success is my name

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  33. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson2 시간 전

    this song is so beautiful

  34. lixdae

    lixdae2 시간 전

    Ha hecho su mejor trabajo, fuerza~

  35. lost soul

    lost soul2 시간 전

    Thanks for Czech subtitles

  36. Kpop lover

    Kpop lover2 시간 전

    Good job guys we are doing good i hope we will get 8M till tmr....👍❤

  37. Alane Reys

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  38. Ariel Concepcion

    Ariel Concepcion2 시간 전

    Come on guys don’t be lazy keep streaming we need to get 10millions views ..

  39. tamonwan panalee

    tamonwan panalee2 시간 전

    I love you park bom😘😘

  40. Gine Lau

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  41. Ash Malanum

    Ash Malanum2 시간 전

    Hear me out: What if D-Nation stands for Dara Nation? Scotty is just a front but Dara is the real financier behind the scene, because she’s rich like that? Haha. 😂

  42. Success is my name

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    +Levi _ looool

  43. Levi _

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    Stop watching too many k-drama for now. Now help to stream this mv. 😂

  44. Success is my name

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    LOL that would be boss af tho

  45. Saim Avancena

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    I think youre thinking way too much🤣🤣😂😂

  46. Soak T

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    YG는 망할 일만 남았고 그럼 보석함에서 썩어나가던 보석들도 자유가 되겠지. 잘 될 일만 남았다. 박봄 화이팅

  47. MrIchikochang

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  48. Levi _

    Levi _2 시간 전

    GUYSSS!!!! WE ONLY HAVE 1 MORE DAY. LETS GO FOR 10M for this first week. Lets show our support to bom and 2ne1. And hoping 2ne1 will make a comeback. I believe a lot of blackjack hoping for their comeback even before these song release. Now bom and dara sing again, there might be still some hope for 2ne1 comeback. If that happen, we'll support them and make it an epic comeback for them. #blackjack #bomshell

  49. Success is my name

    Success is my name시간 전

    +Levi _ yes sis!!!!!we need more people to like this!

  50. Levi _

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    Success is my name aye aye captain. Help me pin up these comment.

  51. Success is my name

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  52. Priscila Coronel

    Priscila Coronel2 시간 전

    OMG that’s amazing I miss you 2ne1 😭😭😭

  53. Aear

    Aear2 시간 전

    women keep winning

  54. Mika

    Mika2 시간 전

    Ok, i'm crying now. I miss 2ne1 so much, this make me so happy . Great job my Bom, great job my Dara. Thank you so much for this, thank you so much for be natural, you're a daring woman. Never give up.💜

  55. meera

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  56. Gabriel Xhang

    Gabriel Xhang2 시간 전

    Ver a dara y a boom de nuevo es kfianflqnoanfisnfo 2ne1 vuelve ploooooooxxxx

  57. Rhin Park

    Rhin Park2 시간 전

    The shot where Dara is in the door and Bom is behind (with spring background). To me it looks like Dara still waiting for another member to be with her and bom in the spring. It symbolizes that the outside of door was disbandment of 2ne1 , where to much rains and storms (Issues) and since Dara was the glued of 2ne1 she is waiting and trying to bring each members to the spring season. Sorry, I guess Im just too deep. 😭

  58. Yo yo

    Yo yo2 시간 전

    The more i listen the more i fall😢 Boom n Dara voice are sure GOLD frm India n missed 2nei

  59. iShip YeonBin_

    iShip YeonBin_2 시간 전

    They slayed!!! Our Queens are back!!

  60. 서하

    서하2 시간 전

    투애니원 보고꙼̈ 싶다 진심 ..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 박봄 음색 따라갈 아이돌 없음....

  61. dinh dung

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  62. Chikis Lizliz

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    7.6M vamos por mas de 10M

  63. 채영

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    Welcome back Park bom ❤️

  64. Xwerecat

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  65. miss Jia

    miss Jia3 시간 전

    This song is realllyyyy amazing😍😍😍.... Really exited to hear this song because i really miss 2ne1 sooo much😭😭..

  66. Norram Simeon

    Norram Simeon3 시간 전

    We only have 1day and 12 hrs left. We need more views to reach 10M...😭 please keep on stre@ming Blackjacks and Bomshell.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  67. Amen Jamir

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    2ne1 forever!❤❤❤

  68. Kaili Estrella

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  69. airinee

    airinee3 시간 전

    I cried so much finally you comeback I'm trully missing you eonni 😭😭

  70. Florence Thompso

    Florence Thompso3 시간 전


  71. Nico Sama

    Nico Sama3 시간 전

    i miss 2ne1

  72. Cherryl

    Cherryl3 시간 전

    Ahhh I'm so happy they sang together! Also, this song is sooo good

  73. Amaya Rose

    Amaya Rose3 시간 전

    seeing these 2 singing together warms my heart

  74. Shaf

    Shaf3 시간 전

    Ummm imagine Bom and Dara performing this at end of the year award shows???? :')

  75. Dara-2NE1♠️💜V-BTS

    Dara-2NE1♠️💜V-BTS3 시간 전

    Next 10m. 💕

  76. Chikis Lizliz

    Chikis Lizliz3 시간 전

    Blackjacks saben cuándo van ha dar los premios de mnet, inkigayo y show champions dónde está BOM nominada???

  77. 선재

    선재3 시간 전

    얼마나 노래하고싶었을까

  78. Chikis Lizliz

    Chikis Lizliz3 시간 전

    8m vamos!!

  79. monse ramirez

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    7.650.000M 😍😍😍😍

  80. Tuấn Kha Lê

    Tuấn Kha Lê3 시간 전

    The melody brings me back to the good old time, it is really that taste of music, thanks Bomie & Dara for letting me hear it again

  81. Success is my name

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  82. Saim Avancena

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    +Success is my name Thanks💘💘💘

  83. Success is my name

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    +Saim Avancena mainly from twitter sis ❤ @ygladies and @statsbom focus on her schedule. Also follow # park bom, fans post everything there.

  84. Saim Avancena

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    +Success is my name Can i please know where do you get informations for Bom's Schedule?

  85. Chikis Lizliz

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    +Success is my name haaaa ok ok gracias

  86. Success is my name

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    +Chikis Lizliz also she didnt perform on inkigayo yesterday. She will perform on The Show tomorrow at 6.00 pm KST

  87. MJ VDLT

    MJ VDLT3 시간 전

    Sabía que volverías, eres perfecta Bom 💓 y Sandara visual y genial forevah GRACIAS POR REGRESAR ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭🌹

  88. Chikis Lizliz

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    Siiiiii gracias

  89. bananaforlife

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    this my lullaby

  90. MachineMagpie

    MachineMagpie3 시간 전

    Bommie is legit the Korean Mariah Carey. We-

  91. Pink Monster

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  92. All about the Kpop

    All about the Kpop3 시간 전

    Park Bom really slayed! I really loved Dara’s part, it’s great to see them singing together again! They even performed together on a music show🙌

  93. 456 123

    456 1233 시간 전

    Stream.spring 8M

  94. Nadien Amrilia

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    Kayak lucinta Luna mukanya

  95. Matet Ygona

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    Yay. This is currently #11 Trending in the Philippines.❤️

  96. Shaf

    Shaf3 시간 전

    Same here in Singapore

  97. Lhar Capili

    Lhar Capili3 시간 전

    What happened to her face?? 🍑

  98. Saim Avancena

    Saim Avancena2 시간 전

    She became prettier... After 5 years she was in a beauty sleep

  99. Rosiris Varela

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  100. Success is my name

    Success is my name3 시간 전

    Shes a living doll. Beautiful Bommie

  101. sunflower loves

    sunflower loves3 시간 전

    Nothing! She's still beautiful:)

  102. Jose Chavez

    Jose Chavez3 시간 전

    nothing special she is very beautiful

  103. Jose Chavez

    Jose Chavez3 시간 전

    Genial si se puede vamos por ese millon de likes

  104. monse ramirez

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    +Rosiris Varela sigue mi Instagram cómo @battles_kpop_

  105. Rosiris Varela

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    +monse ramirez no sabia debemos seguir apoyando a bom sin utilizar esa palabra ♥

  106. monse ramirez

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    +Rosiris Varela me dijieron que si ponemos la palabra vista en los comentarios las visitas se congelan

  107. Rosiris Varela

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    +monse ramirez como asi

  108. monse ramirez

    monse ramirez3 시간 전

    Oigan saben si ponemos Views las vistas se congelan ?

  109. Rosiris Varela

    Rosiris Varela3 시간 전

    Bom we love you

  110. Rosiris Varela

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  111. ᆞᄉᆞ

    ᆞᄉᆞ3 시간 전

    I love you

  112. Iloveyou You

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  113. Try Me Corner

    Try Me Corner3 시간 전

    Only 1day 12hrs left guys, can we make it to 10m veews in a week?

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  120. Reatrey Phom

    Reatrey Phom3 시간 전

    Thank u for keep coming to this platform and showing love for Bom as blackjack

  121. Skyla Perrie

    Skyla Perrie3 시간 전

    QUEEN IS BACK!!!!!!

  122. Kpop Stan

    Kpop Stan3 시간 전

    Religiously watching this everyday ....we r coming 10M...please vote for her on mcountdown 😍😍thank u all fandoms for being so supportive...K-pop is United😍

  123. bae amor

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  124. peakaboo

    peakaboo3 시간 전

    Bom, I missed you so much! I'm so happy to see your comeback! Dara you're also lovely, seeing you together with Bom is wonderful!

  125. Meyra x

    Meyra x3 시간 전

    My ANGEL i love youuuu

  126. netteo8

    netteo83 시간 전

    The song itself was beautiful, and PARK BOM ft. DARRA? AMAZING! But on 3:17, WHY??? And people might bash me for this but..... it can be any better without that symbol.

  127. Saim Avancena

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    I think that it reference of her being stuck all alone cant get out( as she said she was afraid getting out of her home) in that triangle and as you see its dark but behind her they are her fans international fans and Korean's who stayed with her after all what happened thats why the lights behind her were turning on cos she found light in the darkness and that is her Fans... If there is something triangle it doesnt mean its illuminati...