[M/V] LABOUM(라붐) - Turn It On (불을 켜)


  1. Jendeukie Jeon

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  2. city.of.insomnia

    city.of.insomnia2 시간 전

    I pressed on a live show on KBS and the song is really good! Decided to stan! What's the fandom name and are they rookies or they already debuted a long time?

  3. Juliana Kissme

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    Welcome Latte <3

  4. Roxy Foxy

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    Our fandoms name is Latte and they debut in 2014 with song pit-a-pat.

  5. ᄂᄋᄉᄐ••Kimmy

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    i was bored watching music bank yesterday until laboum started performing this, i was like "OH WAIT THIS SONG IS REALLY GOOD, FINALLY STH DIFFERENT, AND THIS GIRL ?? WHATS HER NAME AGAIN?? IS THIS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? IM REALLY IN LUV" *im talking about yujeong btw* and yeah i might be *late* but im a *latte* from now on again, u cant imagine how much i like yujeong.

  6. Juliana Kissme

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    Welcome Latte <3

  7. MAH FRM

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    the girls are working so hard and they keep better 👏 Laboum are so amazing 😍 Super Talented and so Beautiful Girls 💓

  8. Hoà Triệu

    Hoà Triệu4 시간 전

    Thích giai điệu này quá đi 😘😘😘

  9. Sheka31 PR .

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    Today music core perform is excellent

  10. Juliana Kissme

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    They are so beautiful 😍

  11. Kana Park

    Kana Park4 시간 전

    Jun being zombie ... Im ;-;

  12. Wutt Yee

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    So this is the group who got Gracy anxiety tbh no hate tho they’re not even pretty I repeat no hate

  13. xxxKimxxx

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    Please go dig a hole and bury yourself, youre ignorance is annoying.

  14. Steve Wi

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    zombie?? So boring..

  15. Kenza Gevianka

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    Why this grup underrated?

  16. xxxKimxxx

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    Small company

  17. Juliana Kissme

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    Keep supporting LABOUM plz 🙏

  18. joan woo

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  19. 금강랑

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    아로아로 에서 체온으로 바뀌면서 으잉? 했지만, 여전히 좋았지만, 이게 뭐임 뮤비? 아직 한 번밖에 안봐서그런가?? 심란하네

  20. Rohan S

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    I come here everyday...

  21. Juliana Kissme

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    Me too 😍

  22. aireax

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    that’s jun right??😂

  23. a nemone

    a nemone8 시간 전

    yep. Jun from u-kiss.

  24. two to.

    two to.13 시간 전

    라붐 개이쁘고 노래 개좋고 다 완벽한데 뮤비 퀄리티 무엇.... 뮤비 제작사 반성해라 갑분좀(갑자기 분위기 좀비)... 스토리가 뭔지도 잘 모르겠고 그냥 연출이 전반적으로 오글거림...ㅠ

  25. Beyugy

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    im in love STILL

  26. LadyA-lien

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    Yo creía que iba de chicas que se obsesionaron con chicos al grado de secuestrarlos, y que por estar cautivos se volvían locos (zombies) xD (y más por la letra...) Pero después en los comentarios vi la teoría de que en realidad ellas buscan la cura para los zombies... D:< eso me dejo pensando mucho :´v espero saquen segunda parte! la necesito!

  27. Denisse Cruz Ramos

    Denisse Cruz Ramos16 시간 전

    I really love this song

  28. Beer Blaxx

    Beer Blaxx16 시간 전

    3.19 her vocal no joke

  29. marisa tamay

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  30. a b

    a b18 시간 전

    드라마타이즈 부분때문에 반복해서 연속재생을 못하고 반복재생은 색깔가사 동영상으로 하게 됨..

  31. mundinho ggs br

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  32. gray ft

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  33. TheBookDealer

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    this is soooo good wow and they are all so pretty ^_^ what is the name of the girl at 2:15?

  34. TheBookDealer

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    elongation57 thank you very much!

  35. elongation57

    elongation5720 시간 전

    She is ZN, the main dancer :)

  36. f(x)2017

    f(x)201722 시간 전

    for years I keep loving every new peace of LABOUM coming out...this time especially fantastic close ups! thank you for your hard work!

  37. فراوله

    فراوله일 전

    why this song reminds me of ending 2 of attack on titans ?? 🙂

  38. Jian Penaso

    Jian Penaso일 전

    Why don't you post this on 1theK channel? It's a good move.

  39. Beyugy

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    1theK deleted Laboum's mvs , its sad, bye million views😭😭😭

  40. Michelle Torres

    Michelle Torres일 전

    I miss yulhee so much😭😭

  41. ARMY with BTS

    ARMY with BTS일 전

    Wow! This song is really beautiful

  42. joan woo

    joan woo일 전

    수겸 학생이 너무 잘생겼어

  43. Blessing Tttt

    Blessing Tttt일 전

    Let’s get this to a million views

  44. Nina Exo

    Nina Exo일 전

    Come from music bank they’re v good fight exol here

  45. 洪郁淇

    洪郁淇일 전

    The song is good, and Jun is so handsome!

  46. a b

    a b일 전

    라디오스타 보고 곡 좋아서 보러 들어온 사람?

  47. ctee huda

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    Dear LATTES we can do 1 M before christmas right? Fighting!!!

  48. Yolo Yo

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  49. 민주환

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    This is now my favorite girl group song😆like omg the first girl who started the song WHO IS SHE?😍

  50. 민주환

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    +marisa tamay she is amazing and keep catching my eye😍

  51. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay17 시간 전

    민주환 the blonde? Her name is soyeon :)

  52. Onso-kumaru

    Onso-kumaru일 전

    Love this song but damn what a boring video. Girls are absolutely beautiful though, goddayum

  53. Fransheska PR

    Fransheska PR일 전

    One of the best song this year 2 excellent songs title tracks

  54. Aridian

    Aridian일 전

    When Haein does that hip roll it’s electrifying! Best choreography so far for LABOUM!❤️👏👏👏👏

  55. andrea

    andrea일 전

    most talented girls ever

  56. andrea

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    omg yes

  57. Ludenberg Walsh

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    For god sake why it hasn't reach 1M yet???

  58. itsmapleman

    itsmapleman2 일 전

    It's so frustrating how underrated they are. They have amazing songs yet people are sleeping on them! Do I need to get these people Purple mattresses or something!?

  59. Drica Kpop

    Drica Kpop2 일 전

    *FOR NEW FANS* ❌MV WITH NAMES ➡️koreporter.com/v/비디오-sXUQqiwTwNg.html

  60. Chloé Le Kervelec

    Chloé Le Kervelec2 일 전

    This song needs to top the charts, it's so good

  61. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx2 일 전

    Why do knetz hate good music and beautiful singers? This song is way too good.

  62. Erika Allen

    Erika Allen2 일 전

    Wow, they've come a long way since Sugar Sugar. I really like the turn their music took with Between Us, though I like all their songs honestly.

  63. 반갑디어나도

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  64. Ali Perdomo

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    The song is so great deserve better

  65. Aisyah Bian

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  66. Jimin's Cute Smile

    Jimin's Cute Smile2 일 전

    Ah the visuals and vocals are so good

  67. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme2 일 전

    I agree, keep streaming plz 🙏

  68. buterendipity

    buterendipity2 일 전

    i hate that these girls are so underrated

  69. nickolo Fortes

    nickolo Fortes2 일 전

    The UNIT feels. I love thier concept

  70. 릭롤

    릭롤2 일 전

    좋은 노래에 이런 뮤비를 묻히다니

  71. Lillian Smith

    Lillian Smith2 일 전

    Whose the guy?

  72. a nemone

    a nemone2 일 전

    The guy is jun(Lee jun young) He's from U-KISS Jun is an actor n a singer Jun is very versatile He's korea drama title ~avengers social club ~goodbye to goodbye He sang the drama "ost" ~goodbye to goodbye drama ost Part. 3--- because it's you

  73. lauren

    lauren2 일 전

    I'm streaming this everyday.

  74. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme2 일 전

    Me too. 😉

  75. 야모야

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  76. 야모야

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    48만 축하 ㅊㅋ

  77. Ly Vouch

    Ly Vouch2 일 전

    ♥️♥️♥️ Fighting girls 💕

  78. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme2 일 전

    Fighting lattes 💪

  79. Chiinii San

    Chiinii San2 일 전

    I'm in love with this group asdfgh

  80. Chiinii San

    Chiinii San2 일 전

    That's got to be the best looking zombie I've ever seen.

  81. saravá twins

    saravá twins2 일 전

    I'm here everyday 💕

  82. hernan villafañe

    hernan villafañe2 일 전

    Laboum never disappoint!👏😘

  83. Filipa Gomes

    Filipa Gomes2 일 전

    Amei ♡🔂

  84. HelenaLOVES Winter

    HelenaLOVES Winter2 일 전

    Yujeong, My baby is so hot!

  85. Juliana Kissme

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  86. Lee Hime

    Lee Hime2 일 전

    Wow I love this song, gonna stan these girls !

  87. Marie Gapultos

    Marie Gapultos2 일 전

    Who else watched the video to see Jun?😍 Btw luv the song❤️

  88. Clarissa Warne

    Clarissa Warne3 일 전

    i didnt know zombies could be so sexy lmao

  89. Nox M

    Nox M3 일 전

    509,196 492,110 471,242

  90. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme2 일 전

    Keep streaming please 🙏

  91. 사랑참 못됐다

    사랑참 못됐다3 일 전

    컨셉이 엉뚱하네 ㅋㅋ 좀비라니

  92. Tigerwei Fo

    Tigerwei Fo3 일 전

    460K in bug channel +45k in own channel,total 505k view in one week in both channel,fighting latte let achieve 1 million as fast as possible💪 panda always help latte,laboum should deserve better!

  93. Camile Moura

    Camile Moura3 일 전

    Hino ❤

  94. Mari Ketzler

    Mari Ketzler3 일 전

    Yasss good job girls. Jun is such an amazing actor sign him up please

  95. Markbam _Got7

    Markbam _Got73 일 전

    So good!! ❤❤

  96. DIA woo woo

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  97. 원숭이오랑우탄

    원숭이오랑우탄3 일 전

    지엔님 유닛티 맴버 아님?

  98. Lucy Smart

    Lucy Smart3 일 전

    They really deserve so much more

  99. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme2 일 전

    I agree.

  100. Ikan Duyung

    Ikan Duyung3 일 전

    *_This song make me feel sexy even tho I’m not a women_*

  101. wams jams

    wams jams3 일 전

    I know he’s a zombie and all, but he hella fine

  102. Kelly Jiae

    Kelly Jiae3 일 전

    Keep streaming, let’s get 1M !!!!

  103. NAM

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  104. NAM

    NAM3 일 전

    haein solbin you girls are hot

  105. Kim_Yoora _

    Kim_Yoora _3 일 전

    Good listening song❤

  106. i a m N A N A

    i a m N A N A3 일 전

    wat i didn know about this

  107. Hwalloween

    Hwalloween3 일 전

    Wow that intro though 👏

  108. Momo Once

    Momo Once3 일 전

    arte sólo hacen arte lpm 😍😍😍😍😍

  109. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay3 일 전

    I bet if this was a popular gg this would have millions of views

  110. amiramoo

    amiramoo3 일 전

    They literally have no bad songs not a single one yet people still sleeping on them i'm so mad

  111. Amelia Gordon

    Amelia Gordon3 일 전

    Look what you made me do

  112. Joshua Caparas

    Joshua Caparas3 일 전

    Best Girl Group Song released in 2018 OMGG!!! This is most definitely my cup of tea

  113. Виталька Каменский

    Виталька Каменский2 일 전

    No. Best - (G)idle!

  114. Joshua Caparas

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  115. Joshua Caparas

    Joshua Caparas3 일 전

    Also Jun is one fine Zombie I would have no problem being bitten by him lol

  116. 김남일

    김남일3 일 전

    항상잘듣고있습니다. 노래 너무좋아요ㅎㅎ

  117. this is e-KIMLIP-se

    this is e-KIMLIP-se3 일 전

    Definitely getting 90’s slow rnb girl group vibes here~

  118. Faunapia

    Faunapia3 일 전

    It's a shame they're so underrated, their music is amazing :)

  119. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme3 일 전

    1M views before 2019! Who is with me? 👋

  120. Tiffany Custer

    Tiffany Custer3 일 전

    I can't stop listening to this song!

  121. Juliana Kissme

    Juliana Kissme3 일 전

    Keep streaming! We have to get 1M views before 2019. 🙏

  122. Park Lyu

    Park Lyu3 일 전

    Pqp puta zumbi lindo

  123. Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine

    Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine3 일 전

    Question: What do you call a zombie (좀비) that's always ready? Answer: Junbi (준비) get it? get it? 😅 Because it's Jun.. And he's a zombie.. And 준비 means ready.. 😅

  124. ctee huda

    ctee huda일 전

    +Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine should do this in twitter with picture hhahhaha

  125. ctee huda

    ctee huda일 전

    +Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine hahaha :D

  126. Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine

    Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine일 전

    +ctee huda hahaa,, thanks. I guess I am a whole week too late when I thought about this. That's why not many people saw this 😅

  127. ctee huda

    ctee huda일 전

    All these deserves to repost hehehehe

  128. Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine

    Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine3 일 전

    Question: What should you do after U-Kiss a zombie that's always ready? Answer: You should stop kissing it and try not to *Turn it On* 😅 Don't worry, I'll keep this *Between Us* 😅😅