[M/V] LABOUM(라붐) - Turn It On (불을 켜)


  1. Nicole

    Nicole2 시간 전

    I really love this song.. Greetings from Argentina

  2. Simple Baby

    Simple Baby2 시간 전

    this song so refreshing btw i love their make-ups.

  3. my day & flover

    my day & flover19 시간 전

    2:59 - 3:40 is my fav part

  4. 韓粉天下

    韓粉天下일 전


  5. 韓粉天下

    韓粉天下일 전


  6. 韓粉天下

    韓粉天下일 전


  7. Enia Chao

    Enia Chao일 전

    Wow..this is a gem

  8. I’m done With my life

    I’m done With my life일 전

    Just found out about them and I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on talent for so long

  9. Syakirin57

    Syakirin573 일 전

    you guys needs to share their song for them to get recognition

  10. Scrumbscious Crispy Buns

    Scrumbscious Crispy Buns3 일 전

    favorite song from them

  11. ammm zeee

    ammm zeee3 일 전

    the intro is too long. that is a turn off.

  12. Baramel Crownies

    Baramel Crownies3 일 전

    For all of the people mentioning Grace: koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-NVgs_4nN_GY.html

  13. Đào Hoàng

    Đào Hoàng3 일 전

    Come here after watch House in Husband of Yulhee, hope laboum visit her house

  14. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx3 일 전

    That's never gonna happen, it would hurt their reputation even more. Their company won't allow it.



    All of their songs are beautiful. ❤️ Been a laboum fan since sugar sugar how about you?

  16. partiallyhydrogen8ed

    partiallyhydrogen8ed3 일 전

    Me too! But my favorite songs of theirs are Journey to Atlantis and Only U.

  17. Fahim Dwi Prabaswara

    Fahim Dwi Prabaswara4 일 전

    I am not laboum fan, but i always following their song since Pit A Pat, and my favorite song is Hwi Hwi

  18. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf5 일 전

    Laboum Lion heart 👇👇👇👇 koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Q3hhYF8tvqk.html

  19. consuelo sprite

    consuelo sprite6 일 전

    Damn it's groups like them that need the most love and support. They need to be given a chance, like many others, just because they're from a small company doesn't mean they don't do good music. You may never know what might happen in the future. I mean there was bts in the smallest company with no support and look at them now I sadly doubt it will happen the same to them but never underestimate any group OR the company. THAT is a fact.

  20. consuelo sprite

    consuelo sprite6 일 전

    People need to see this honestly. They always do great. My eyebrows are snatched😮

  21. EXO Aerie ᄂᄋᄉᄐ

    EXO Aerie ᄂᄋᄉᄐ7 일 전

    Stan laboum people!

  22. Ela

    Ela8 일 전

    Here because of Grace

  23. TaeYeon fanBrazil

    TaeYeon fanBrazil9 일 전

    Parte 2 ? Queroooo

  24. Kookie And jamless

    Kookie And jamless10 일 전

    They’re so underrated they deserve more

  25. Kookie And jamless

    Kookie And jamless10 일 전


  26. Msr. Dango

    Msr. Dango10 일 전

    that voices man

  27. シCʜσα ʜчυηαღ

    シCʜσα ʜчυηαღ11 일 전

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ haein

  28. シCʜσα ʜчυηαღ

    シCʜσα ʜчυηαღ11 일 전


  29. シCʜσα ʜчυηαღ

    シCʜσα ʜчυηαღ11 일 전


  30. Shawarma Offical

    Shawarma Offical13 일 전

    grazy grace? grazy grace.

  31. charlesgotdiks

    charlesgotdiks13 일 전

    this is the reason why i always like shuffled song on spotify

  32. Mike DeLaire

    Mike DeLaire14 일 전

    This song is ear candy, as pure as raw sugar. Simply beautiful.

  33. B Blue

    B Blue15 일 전

    Love laboum

  34. Olga

    Olga16 일 전

    what the fuck was with that intro? are they trying to be dreamcatcher?

  35. chowa

    chowa15 일 전

    +Olga there is no artistic choice here mv makers are simply. Trying to lure the viewers.

  36. Olga

    Olga15 일 전

    +chowa its not about frustration omg im saying its a weird artistic choice.

  37. chowa

    chowa15 일 전

    I'm sure you are frustrated. But there is no way to edit the video. You can put time stamp and try to watch it after that. Again, the main thing here is LABOUM's unbelievable effort to perform this song. You can literally see they are improving each by each in this sensual concept. Unless you put it on 1theK, the result of the view will be not very good. Public's attention is important but IMO the music will overcome and overtake at the end.

  38. Olga

    Olga15 일 전

    +chowa itd be fine if the zombie thing had any part in the video itself or if the song sounded anything like that intro music

  39. chowa

    chowa15 일 전

    Im sure you are frustrated why song is not starting. Im sure many of you feel the same. But many small companies try everything to do to get public s attention. We certainly enjoy when the mv coming out but there is s lot of money and effort going into this kind of stuff. So is laboum benefiting from this mv? Who knows. But the bottom line here is they are now the one of the top vocal girl group after between us. If the between us wad an intro this one wii be the body. Im sure the next song wii be a breakout chart topping masterpiece. And of course this song is already a masterpiece.

  40. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx17 일 전

    Solbin´s video eating spicy meat already has more views than this MV and in less than a week.

  41. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay14 일 전

    Juliana Wolf thank you!

  42. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf14 일 전

    +marisa tamay koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-elU6ZzSI4yU.html

  43. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay14 일 전

    Does anyone have a link?

  44. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf16 일 전


  45. partiallyhydrogen8ed

    partiallyhydrogen8ed16 일 전

    I hope she goes viral and brings positive attention to Laboum

  46. Lion Queen

    Lion Queen18 일 전

    I discovered this group because of Yulhee and I'm so sad that she's not part of this group anymore:( I hope for her comeback...

  47. chowa

    chowa15 일 전

    Yulhee was more of cute side. Im sure fans miss her. But i really don't think much differences had been made with her or without her since they shift the gear on thier concept.

  48. Dark Heart

    Dark Heart17 일 전

    Keep supporting Laboum pls!

  49. Grace July

    Grace July18 일 전

    plz let a miracle take place for them

  50. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf18 일 전

    _Happy birthday Soyeon!_

  51. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay19 일 전

    LABOUM TO KCON19NY PLEASE!! Latte go recommend laboum for kcon

  52. jowyboi

    jowyboi20 일 전

    song starts at 1:24

  53. Khánh Linh Lê

    Khánh Linh Lê20 일 전

    nghe như cứt

  54. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf20 일 전

    _For new fans_ 1:34 *Soyeon* - Main vocalist and dancer 1:46 *Haein* - Vocalist, rapper and lead dancer 1:57 *Yujeong* - Leader, lead vocalist and dancer 2:07 *ZN* - Main dancer and Vocalist 2:17 *Solbin* - Maknae, main rapper, vocalist, dancer and visual _FANDOM NAME: Latte_

  55. chowa

    chowa20 일 전

    Now LABOUM is with two title songs under their belt in this concept which is solidifying their image as legit vocal girl group. Their next song will be a hit and I guarantee it.

  56. Ella Sahagun

    Ella Sahagun21 일 전

    Can we stream this? 5million?

  57. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf20 일 전


  58. Auni Nurain

    Auni Nurain21 일 전

    Jun.... ❤❤

  59. JorgeIsGaming01

    JorgeIsGaming0121 일 전

    U-Kiss Jun and Laboum collabe. I dig it

  60. samuel stan

    samuel stan21 일 전

    hmmmm i wonder if what is yulhee part if her still in laboum, act i hope yulhee can stay tho😭😭😭 i love laboum since debut keep it up fighting

  61. rdthrd

    rdthrd22 일 전

    i found this song on spotify by accident and love it at first listen why i din't know this song before whyyy

  62. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf20 일 전

    Keep supporting Laboum pls! <3

  63. popo loki

    popo loki22 일 전

    he is jun ukiss?

  64. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx21 일 전


  65. SHINee Saranghae

    SHINee Saranghae22 일 전

    I love Laboum so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍



    Minha nossa que top

  67. Howru xworld

    Howru xworld23 일 전

    They deserve better

  68. chowa

    chowa23 일 전

    I like the transition of laboum from cute concept to the sexy concept. They have versatility to do both because of their singing ability.

  69. Anggi Fitriah

    Anggi Fitriah24 일 전

    2.47 who? Look like irene

  70. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf20 일 전

    Our main dancer ZN

  71. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay23 일 전

    Anggi Fitriah her name is bae jinye (stage name: zn) ✨

  72. VeLoVe VeXiA

    VeLoVe VeXiA24 일 전

    I stan this , they are talented .

  73. Pick Onibugi

    Pick Onibugi24 일 전

    I like this song so much and listen to it everyday. Why people don't know good song and only listen to popular groups? 😪

  74. Fluffy Unic0rn

    Fluffy Unic0rn25 일 전

    This mv deserve more views!

  75. Mirei Kiritani

    Mirei Kiritani25 일 전

    ≧ 1:20 🎧♥️♥️

  76. kpop is my lifeu

    kpop is my lifeu26 일 전

    Anyone here from GRAZY GRACE?

  77. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf20 일 전

    I am here just for Laboum

  78. I. F. Llamas

    I. F. Llamas26 일 전

    The MV is Good but the movie part is... 😐...questionable. The 'forest' is clearly a plantation.. when a fire weapon is shooted the efect is diferent...

  79. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx25 일 전

    no shit, really? I thought this was a hollywood movie!

  80. Rommel Mocorro

    Rommel Mocorro26 일 전


  81. 율희Yulhee ùwú

    율희Yulhee ùwú27 일 전

    1:30 is when the song starts

  82. Riveauty K

    Riveauty K28 일 전


  83. nuri zae

    nuri zae28 일 전

    Who's that guy???

  84. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx28 일 전

    ukiss Jun or actor Lee Junyoung

  85. Della Dolin

    Della Dolin개월 전

    Hey laboum this is nice song hooe you ve so famous like blackpink or better

  86. 강민경

    강민경개월 전

    청순섹시청초 컨셉이 더 조아요.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Hirai Momo * loves jokbal *

    Hirai Momo * loves jokbal *개월 전

    so zn love laboum more than uni.t?

  88. elongation57

    elongation57개월 전

    Personally, I love Laboum way more than Twice

  89. byunbyul

    byunbyul개월 전


  90. elongation57

    elongation57개월 전

    Please stream Laboum's other music videos Twice already has tons of fans

  91. Z Gundam

    Z Gundam개월 전

    This is the Music I like, no matter how many views it has. I don't care.

  92. Sult Ko

    Sult Ko개월 전


  93. 민주주의

    민주주의개월 전

    들어본 적 없는데 이 익숙한 표절 같은 느낌. 뭔가 외국곡 같은...

  94. elongation57

    elongation57개월 전

    라틴계 사운드곡이라 외국 곡처럼 들릴 수도 있겠네요 블랙핑크 노래도 미국 팝송 같던데...

  95. ednilson leandro lovera fuentes

    ednilson leandro lovera fuentes개월 전

    My god, they are beautiful

  96. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf개월 전

    Keep supporting Laboum pls koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-CZQa0qAelg4.html

  97. ednilson leandro lovera fuentes

    ednilson leandro lovera fuentes개월 전


  98. ednilson leandro lovera fuentes

    ednilson leandro lovera fuentes개월 전


  99. ednilson leandro lovera fuentes

    ednilson leandro lovera fuentes개월 전

    Oi turo bom

  100. josif broz TITO

    josif broz TITO개월 전

    come on, this is so good



    I can’t believe this is still stuck at 1.1 million views.... THIS SONG SLAPS AND YOU ALL LET IT FLOP.

  102. Rehana Saqin

    Rehana Saqin개월 전

    whats their company's name??

  103. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf20 일 전


  104. RED ROOM

    RED ROOM개월 전

    I really like this song but the beginning freaked me out, I thought there was going to be a jump scare idk why.

  105. Eva Hewitt

    Eva Hewitt개월 전

    If the company had been nicer to Grace she might be in this video..............

  106. Shafiyya Zahra

    Shafiyya Zahra개월 전

    Come here because of gangnam scandal:)

  107. SONE always SNSD

    SONE always SNSD개월 전

    why the not really famous group always produce a great song? They deserve more attention and loves! ❤

  108. Juju Jaydz

    Juju Jaydz개월 전

    one of them looks fucked in pleasure 😂 no hate i downloaded their song months ago because this song is such a bop (sadly pple are sleeping to them)

  109. Bostovenaar

    Bostovenaar개월 전

    whos dutch here?

  110. Love -Hyuna

    Love -Hyuna개월 전

    I kinda don’t like them (a little) now cause of the truthful things that someone told me about them 💢

  111. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay개월 전

    I hope your not talking about the bad rumors that spread of them bc of antis,, please do not listen to them and not write comments like this bc people keep falsely spreading these rumors😔

  112. elongation57

    elongation57개월 전

    What did you hear about them? I want to clarify it if it is a rumor or misunderstanding

  113. partiallyhydrogen8ed

    partiallyhydrogen8ed개월 전

    Don't believe baseless rumors please

  114. chaejun

    chaejun개월 전

    why arent they the nations gg.. their music has ALWAYS been exceptional :(

  115. kitten30

    kitten30개월 전

    Who came here because of that youtuber?

  116. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay개월 전

    kitten30 the group she was suppose to debut was them but the girls who bullied her wasn’t them (she says it in her pin)...they left before debuting and people are trashing laboum bc they think the mean girls are them...(grace supports laboum since their debut bc in their vlive laboum would always talk about her smiling and grace would post pics of her streaming them) anyways

  117. kitten30

    kitten30개월 전

    marisa tamay Well, many people still think she was, but just denies it to avoid trouble. But yeah, she still brought me here

  118. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay개월 전

    kitten30 the youtuber said she wasn’t referring to them and is actually their friends

  119. Its_me_pree hehe

    Its_me_pree hehe개월 전

    Grace 😢😭

  120. marisa tamay

    marisa tamay개월 전

    Its_me_pree hehe she wasn’t referring to them...she clarified people are wrongly accusing laboum and actually friends with them

  121. Lulu kpop

    Lulu kpop개월 전

    This is the first time I listened to one of their songs and they fucked me up. Literal chilllsssss I'm stanning for sure

  122. partiallyhydrogen8ed

    partiallyhydrogen8ed개월 전

    Yay! Tell your friends!

  123. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf개월 전

    Keep supporting LABOUM pls 🙏

  124. Asawa ni Chanyeol at kabit ni Suho

    Asawa ni Chanyeol at kabit ni Suho개월 전


  125. jowyboi

    jowyboi개월 전

    How is it that this song only has a little over 1 million views... Makes no sense

  126. choi soobin

    choi soobin개월 전


  127. Rad Jimenez

    Rad Jimenez개월 전

    Where is Yulhee btw?

  128. xxxKimxxx

    xxxKimxxx개월 전

    google exists

  129. Ahriahri

    Ahriahri개월 전

    she left the group

  130. elongation57

    elongation57개월 전

    She decided to leave the group because she is now married to Minhwan, a member of FT Island with a son. Only U was her last being with Laboum. By the way, did you check out to listen to 'Between Us', Laboum's previous title song where Yulhee is not involved?

  131. Nhu Tam Glam

    Nhu Tam Glam개월 전

    Who came from the drama “gangnam scandal “ ?! I’m actually so shook I had to idea she was actually an idol 😮

  132. Full _Sun

    Full _Sun개월 전

    This song needs more attention....It's great even in the 1st try

  133. The Newest Rescue

    The Newest Rescue개월 전

    Yuchan ah pls comes snatch Junyoung away from these girls you zombies belong together

  134. Maria Santi

    Maria Santi개월 전

    Que Dark trevoso, gostei🖤🖤🕵

  135. Haeri

    Haeri개월 전

    не понимаю почему так мало лайков, клевый клип и песня шикарная :3

  136. puspita

    puspita개월 전

    Guys name ?

  137. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf개월 전

    One of them is U-KISS's Jun

  138. Ajeng Rahma Safitri

    Ajeng Rahma Safitri개월 전

    Hi i just knew about Laboum few days ago, pardon bcs i'm single-fandom person. I read somewhere about some problems that came over them. I saw some people commented unpleasant things about the girls and underestimated them.. Now i found out this song I feel kinda grateful.. This songs sounds ear-friendly and great for traveling! Their vocals on latest live stage also great. I really hope people value artist from what they made, not only finding them to spread drama/hatred and take enjoyment of it..

  139. partiallyhydrogen8ed

    partiallyhydrogen8ed개월 전

    Thank you for watching with an open mind. Laboum has so many rumors spread by haters and people don't give them a chance.

  140. Nat Collins

    Nat Collins개월 전


  141. Nat Collins

    Nat Collins개월 전


  142. paola giron

    paola giron개월 전

    KISSmes y Lattes Fighting

  143. Juliana Wolf

    Juliana Wolf개월 전