[M/V] Eldon - Ghost!


  1. vectra lahu

    vectra lahu6 일 전

    Found this on spotify and what the hell you're so underrated! This song is amazing I love the creepiness, the vocals, the delivery, the lyrics holy hell. Truly deserves more

  2. eldon

    eldon2 개월 전

    👻💗 THANK YOU :) hope you enjoy it.

  3. _Kmy_ Stilinski

    _Kmy_ Stilinski2 개월 전


  4. Ji Aya

    Ji Aya3 개월 전

    I don't really get the message behind this song :( could someone explain ??

  5. _Kmy_ Stilinski

    _Kmy_ Stilinski4 개월 전

    Super Underrated bop

  6. Angela Contreras

    Angela Contreras5 개월 전


  7. Soo Binny

    Soo Binny6 개월 전

    Was expecting a ballad from the thumbnail but damn this is so good

  8. Insanity Confirmed

    Insanity Confirmed6 개월 전

    This gives me Billie Eilish vibes and I'm here for it!

  9. 絜蕾

    絜蕾6 개월 전

    Keep making music, this is unique.💐💐

  10. Yoongi to the Moon

    Yoongi to the Moon6 개월 전

    Why are all the comments in English,,, does this not get to Korean media?

  11. Tamires Alves

    Tamires Alves6 개월 전

    So talented~ I adore you

  12. Aiko Flores

    Aiko Flores6 개월 전

    Buena canción.♡

  13. Mar Cen

    Mar Cen6 개월 전

    Hahaha I love this! It’s so different and the musics is almost gentle despite the mv. Great job! Keep working hard!!!

  14. Struenda Makein

    Struenda Makein6 개월 전

    This remenber me to "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?"

  15. Joshua Chiang

    Joshua Chiang6 개월 전


  16. ianira fernandes

    ianira fernandes6 개월 전

    Estou encantada e maravilhada

  17. SexyPornStar

    SexyPornStar6 개월 전

    His voice is very pleasing to the ear. Is this on Spotify?

  18. Azaria Palmer

    Azaria Palmer6 개월 전

    This is just so good. I need to share this with a million people now

  19. chocoxlatea

    chocoxlatea6 개월 전

    Oh wow this is super different and I'm REALLY enjoying it!! Looking forward to more of his work!

  20. aeiou uoiea

    aeiou uoiea6 개월 전

    bua me encanta

  21. Jennifer Sullivan

    Jennifer Sullivan6 개월 전

    His voice is my life the tempo of this song is unique I really like the composition the beat the horn the cool vibe the chorus everything works, new to this artist but I am fascinated.

  22. Sabrina Angelina

    Sabrina Angelina6 개월 전

    Oh I really like this actually, his voice is very unique

  23. mai la la

    mai la la6 개월 전

    Wow .. This was everything. I loved every bit of this creepiness.

  24. 남준김

    남준김6 개월 전

    Wow this is something fresh that I needed

  25. NATT

    NATT6 개월 전

    oh shit this is a bop

  26. jangleo

    jangleo6 개월 전


  27. Ana Hernández

    Ana Hernández6 개월 전

    Why this masterpiece have only 884 views? I'm confused :))

  28. シKᴀᴡᴀɪɪ Iʀᴇʟʏɴ

    シKᴀᴡᴀɪɪ Iʀᴇʟʏɴ6 개월 전

    Ana Hernández 1,263 now

  29. Bryan L

    Bryan L6 개월 전

    Oh shit this song is so fun


    BUTTERFLY6 개월 전

    Love it 💥

  31. كيم ميسو Kim meso

    كيم ميسو Kim meso6 개월 전


  32. Ghinea Lorena

    Ghinea Lorena6 개월 전

    i love it...love and support from Romania...

  33. dondesiemprepuedoverte

    dondesiemprepuedoverte6 개월 전

    I love the song :) So beautiful voice.

  34. Ryeoren Singson

    Ryeoren Singson6 개월 전

    So creepy

  35. Otaku e Kppoper손채영 ソンチェヨウン

    Otaku e Kppoper손채영 ソンチェヨウン6 개월 전

    I am a medium.

  36. peter bsdk

    peter bsdk6 개월 전

    i love his voice lmao i'm stanning

  37. Emilka M

    Emilka M6 개월 전

    Oh Wow such a good song wowow new fav song

  38. rdvlvet _.

    rdvlvet _.6 개월 전