1. katie oneill

    katie oneill3 분 전

    I thought use were triplets 😂

  2. Pink Blossom

    Pink Blossom13 분 전

    Other people must have thought they saw Tati but it was just her twin

  3. Rianne R

    Rianne R시간 전

    You guys can all be triplets tbvh

  4. 【Angel'DArcherCryBabyAt221B】

    【Angel'DArcherCryBabyAt221B】2 시간 전


  5. Seth Ostrowski

    Seth Ostrowski2 시간 전

    Bruh this the lady i aint supposed to like now, right? Why am I being recommended this?

  6. Jessica Mae

    Jessica Mae2 시간 전

    How cool would it be if she did their makeup and tried to make them look as different as possible!?

  7. Whitney Mayfield

    Whitney Mayfield2 시간 전

    Lol @ the creepy twin throwback pic

  8. D Smith

    D Smith2 시간 전

    Sure wish you would LIST the products!

  9. Marina Garcia

    Marina Garcia2 시간 전

    Are you sure you aren’t a triplet?

  10. Tina Lee

    Tina Lee2 시간 전

    Their makeup is completely different. Erica's is way more glowy and I absolutely love it.

  11. Joselyn Garcia

    Joselyn Garcia3 시간 전

    Woah my mind was totally blown with that thumbnail !! I was so confused 😂

  12. Isha Hussain

    Isha Hussain3 시간 전

    Ctrl c Ctrl v Ctrl c Ctrl v noice

  13. Seya Leigh

    Seya Leigh4 시간 전

    They are all so beautiful.

  14. Maggie's Space

    Maggie's Space4 시간 전

    They all have the same voice, I was looking away and was so confused

  15. Need you now

    Need you now3 시간 전

    From the thumbnail and title i thought at first it was tati and her twin bc her sisters just looked like the same person

  16. Alyssa Collins

    Alyssa Collins4 시간 전

    The genes in your family!!

  17. Need you now

    Need you now3 시간 전

    Oh god there’s three of them!😆😆😆 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  18. Emmaline Hocker

    Emmaline Hocker4 시간 전

    omg when i watched your videos with them individually i literally thought they were the same person 😂

  19. Michelle Sabellina

    Michelle Sabellina4 시간 전

    Amazing amazing bone structure!!!! They are all beautiful!

  20. Jfjdj Fmfjjf

    Jfjdj Fmfjjf5 시간 전

    Are they actually twins!????

  21. L.D.M

    L.D.M4 시간 전

    Yes...she just said they were

  22. maya renee

    maya renee5 시간 전

    half of this video was me thinking how is tati talking but her voice isn’t moving your voices are like all the same

  23. marisuga

    marisuga5 시간 전

    What movie is shown at 5:00 ?

  24. Lauren Reeves

    Lauren Reeves6 시간 전

    There is so much tension lmao between all the sisters

  25. Makayla C

    Makayla C6 시간 전

    This was so trippy, first I thought Tati had used a green screen for the thumbnail, and then when it started playing I thought the girl on the right was the girl on the lefts reflection in the mirror and then i realised there were three different people here. Y’all look crazy alike!

  26. E Savage

    E Savage6 시간 전

    3 tati’s

  27. Maaariiaaa Ttyghhh

    Maaariiaaa Ttyghhh6 시간 전

    Yooo y’all triplets you guys look alike

  28. ildi

    ildi6 시간 전

    Holy crap! What genes does this family have! Everyone is gorgeous!! ❤️

  29. Summer Anne

    Summer Anne7 시간 전

    My brain broke!!!!!! The beginning I thought it was one person pasted twice into the shot and when they started interacting my brain shut down for a second and all I could do was shake my head.

  30. Maria Luna

    Maria Luna7 시간 전

    three tati’s in one video, is this a dream???

  31. Amy Goodman

    Amy Goodman7 시간 전

    I don't think tati looks like her twin sisters at all...... am I the only one?

  32. L.D.M

    L.D.M4 시간 전

    Of course she dont...she didnt say they were triplets

  33. Ve Zapata

    Ve Zapata7 시간 전

    Oh god there’s three of them!😆😆😆 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  34. RAY of sunshine

    RAY of sunshine7 시간 전

    From the thumbnail and title i thought at first it was tati and her twin bc her sisters just looked like the same person

  35. Bhupa Halai-Soni

    Bhupa Halai-Soni8 시간 전

    OMG.. all 3 of you sound the same! I have to really focus to see who's talking! 😊🤣 Love your sisters!

  36. itsa jones

    itsa jones8 시간 전

    And for the record I am always always laughing watching you together, as someone with a horribly stressful corporate job... THANK YOU FOR THAT!

  37. Ivett

    Ivett8 시간 전

    Tati tato tute

  38. Fernanda Montes

    Fernanda Montes8 시간 전

    I thought I was hearing Tati all the time holy! Xd

  39. itsa jones

    itsa jones8 시간 전

    All three of you are like these gorgeous doppelgangers of each other!

  40. Celeste Ranae

    Celeste Ranae8 시간 전

    Twins ??? More like triplets OMG

  41. WeKnow Nothing

    WeKnow Nothing8 시간 전

    Looks like triplets to be honest.

  42. lisab3th

    lisab3th9 시간 전

    You look like triplets. Tati, you need to see if you can open their phone using face recognition too!

  43. sara عالم

    sara عالم9 시간 전

    Subscribe to my channel to help me ❤

  44. mysticbarkingcow

    mysticbarkingcow9 시간 전

    I can't do that loreal foundation, I thought the initial smell would dissipate but I ended up having to remove it after a few hours and I am not typically super sensitive to smells. That stuff just smells like it should not be anywhere near the skin...

  45. Morgan V

    Morgan V9 시간 전

    Does anyone know what tati's ancestry/ethnicity is?

  46. Karen

    Karen9 시간 전

    I wonder if they have their periods on the same day...

  47. Karen

    Karen9 시간 전

    ok, but can we talk about their cheek bones? They're literally goddesses

  48. L Franco

    L Franco9 시간 전

    They have different earrings.

  49. Ashlee Tyler

    Ashlee Tyler9 시간 전

    Has she ever done black ppls make-up???

  50. v koon

    v koon5 시간 전


  51. Aqsa Zeeshan

    Aqsa Zeeshan9 시간 전

    My brain literally hurts after watching this 😂

  52. Salma Champion

    Salma Champion9 시간 전

    You all look so much alike and sound so much alike its a little creepy

  53. Luna Cruz

    Luna Cruz10 시간 전


  54. Amy Loomis

    Amy Loomis10 시간 전


  55. Al Self

    Al Self10 시간 전

    They look similar but their personalities are so different!

  56. Bernie Ward

    Bernie Ward10 시간 전

    I can open my identical twin sisters Iphone too!👯‍♀️😹

  57. Allie Beth

    Allie Beth11 시간 전

    Still not listing products?????

  58. L.D.M

    L.D.M4 시간 전

    They're in the video.

  59. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    the cup RM throws in the Run MV11 시간 전

    Didn’t know she was a triplet 😮

  60. Stephanie Guest

    Stephanie Guest11 시간 전

    Wait! WTF. I’ve followed you for YEARS and never knew you had twin sisters. I thought they were the same person! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Becka_ Zykan

    Becka_ Zykan11 시간 전


  62. chatreen oconnor

    chatreen oconnor11 시간 전

    Watch this high lmao

  63. Join Me Sophia

    Join Me Sophia11 시간 전


  64. GMsinging

    GMsinging11 시간 전

    Me: Sees the title: oh dang she probably took a lot of time editing this video, lemme click on this Opens the video: oh

  65. shirin naidu

    shirin naidu11 시간 전

    if I close my eyes and watch this I won’t be able to tell whose talking

  66. Mack Asmr

    Mack Asmr11 시간 전

    I feel like one of them has a wider face

  67. Cantare R&B

    Cantare R&B11 시간 전

    11 is an ANGELIC NUMBER. Angels are around you and they want you to know it.😍

  68. andrea medina

    andrea medina12 시간 전

    WAIT! So you guys are TRIPLETS or are they your TWIN SISTERS?

  69. Bruhh Whatt

    Bruhh Whatt12 시간 전

    Tatis mom just Ctrl + Duplicate her kids

  70. Mariana Marianito

    Mariana Marianito12 시간 전

    Erika’s face is actually wider because the environment works in identical twins and changes them, but she is super gorgeous and shaped. Same goes to Sabrina, she is gorgeous

  71. Karyliz Lozada

    Karyliz Lozada12 시간 전

    Your guys look like triples 🤭🤭

  72. Freddy Venti

    Freddy Venti12 시간 전

    We need more videos with the twins

  73. Ilinca

    Ilinca13 시간 전

    You can't really miss the fact that they are all family, it feels insane how they look so alike

  74. Rida Shaikh

    Rida Shaikh13 시간 전

    Oh my god cheekbones for daysssss

  75. Need you now

    Need you now12 시간 전

    This... Side by side setup... is ingenious.

  76. Bean BeanMachine

    Bean BeanMachine13 시간 전

    Their mums a freaking printer

  77. Sadie Nailed it

    Sadie Nailed it13 시간 전

    such a cute video....I wish I could press the thumbs up button again

  78. Need you now

    Need you now12 시간 전

    I love love love Tati dress. Where is it from?

  79. Clint Michael

    Clint Michael13 시간 전

    Every Tati video is SO far beyond and above super high-quality and entertaining/informative....but I think this one just might be my absolute favorite! 💜💜💜

  80. Amira Hudson

    Amira Hudson13 시간 전

    The dose of adorable baby cuteness at the end PRICELESS.

  81. Nadia Vega

    Nadia Vega13 시간 전

    Lovely video! The three of you are just stunning!

  82. jasselle lopez

    jasselle lopez13 시간 전

    Wtf 😭😭

  83. Izzy Pineda

    Izzy Pineda14 시간 전

    after staring at their faces for 20 minutes straight i can finally differentiate sabrina and erika

  84. Amy Laubenstein

    Amy Laubenstein14 시간 전

    Y’all could pass as triplets!

  85. T P

    T P14 시간 전

    the twins are gorge...

  86. Gabby Felix

    Gabby Felix14 시간 전

    Deadass thought y’all were triplets for a minute

  87. Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer Martinez14 시간 전

    Omgg y’all sure y’all not triplets 😱

  88. idk chief

    idk chief14 시간 전

    I WAS LITERALLY ABOUT TO COMMENT “why does tati look so different in the thumbnail” AND THEN I REALIZED THAT YOU HAD TWO CLONES