1. sydney minor

    sydney minor2 시간 전

    Okay but shook x3 the house

  2. TM159 mcBride

    TM159 mcBride7 시간 전

    It’s obvious how much Tati adores her baby sissy’s!!

  3. Michelle Bolieiro

    Michelle Bolieiro13 시간 전

    Such a sweet video.especially the ending

  4. Casandra

    Casandra21 시간 전

    Your videos with your sisters are always fun

  5. Isabel Duenas

    Isabel Duenas일 전

    y’all could easily pass as triplets!!!

  6. ascend2me

    ascend2me일 전

    saw the thumbnail and was curious...erika is a step above the rest, lol...

  7. haley alexander

    haley alexander일 전

    Y’all look like triplets!!! Love the looks!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Liana Bik

    Liana Bik일 전

    Ohh how many sisters does Tati have?? And are they Russian

  9. Haley Rebuck

    Haley Rebuck일 전

    I thought y’all were triplets😂💯

  10. Sarah Vegeta

    Sarah Vegeta일 전

    Wow did not know you had twin sisters. You could say you are triplets and no one would bat an eye. Great genetics in your family!!

  11. Roxanne Cruz

    Roxanne Cruz일 전


  12. YenieD13

    YenieD132 일 전

    Tati should have also replicated the same look also with medium range products and all 3 go out to confuse people

  13. alice aa

    alice aa2 일 전

    Ctrl & copy & paste x3

  14. Lucifer Widow

    Lucifer Widow2 일 전

    Tati is the Queen of messy buns!

  15. I love Dogs

    I love Dogs3 일 전

    They all ALSO sound the same Jesus Christ

  16. Anastassiya M

    Anastassiya M4 일 전

    I was so confused in the beginning 😂

  17. Naomi Pfirman

    Naomi Pfirman5 일 전

    Anyone else notice tati’s arm at 8:42

  18. Viviana N

    Viviana N5 일 전

    This tripped me oouutt 😂

  19. Hailey Engle

    Hailey Engle5 일 전

    11's follow me everywhere too!!

  20. Lesley March

    Lesley March5 일 전

    WAIT. Are they the actual twins from that x-files episode???? I remember that episode so vividly! I watched it all the time! Geeking out here!!

  21. lywo

    lywo6 일 전

    Your sisters are honestly adorable and so funny ! 🖤

  22. Pizza Marrita

    Pizza Marrita7 일 전

    They just knew

  23. Kayla Rausch

    Kayla Rausch9 일 전

    Tati, all of you could pass for triplets! The only thing that sets you apart from the twins would be your face shape. You’re all so beautiful!

  24. Pumpkin the Hamster

    Pumpkin the Hamster10 일 전

    Wow I- who’s who’s I am still confused

  25. Shaundel Persaud

    Shaundel Persaud11 일 전

    Tati at the end you said they still look like twins... can you do one to make them look totally complete opposite

  26. Katherine Gabrielle

    Katherine Gabrielle11 일 전

    1. I could tell Sabrina was Sabrina. She smiles more, and I noticed her hairline is a tad different. And her hair is shorter, but I noticed that last. 2. The three of you look sooooo similar!

  27. I z

    I z12 일 전

    The one on the right looks better

  28. Article Jones

    Article Jones12 일 전

    At 16:12 the foundation on the right is 420

  29. Mary Purpura

    Mary Purpura13 일 전

    This made me smile for so many reasons! I love seeing you girls together. I don’t have sisters, so I envy you and yours.

  30. Rafa Gasim

    Rafa Gasim13 일 전

    I don't think they're identical. I can tell them apart.

  31. Alexandra Gaskin

    Alexandra Gaskin14 일 전

    Omg even all three voices sounds the same

  32. kayy burton

    kayy burton14 일 전

    I was SO confused at first

  33. ikhouvanjou86

    ikhouvanjou8614 일 전

    the X-files scene made this EVERYTHING for me!

  34. Lara Loves

    Lara Loves14 일 전

    I can tell them apart easily. But then I have watched “Eve” about 100 times 😂

  35. M E L R O S E

    M E L R O S E15 일 전

    I think drugstore looks best!!

  36. 3028547

    302854715 일 전

    Twins.? More like triplets

  37. Love Love

    Love Love15 일 전

    They’re are like triplets 😳

  38. Kristen nikole

    Kristen nikole16 일 전

    It’s crazy that their identical but I could still tell right away who Erika was.. maybe because we see her more often 🤷🏼‍♀️

  39. Ashley

    Ashley16 일 전

    I’m an identical twin and I can open my sisters phone with my face but she can’t open mine. It’s super weird. But it’s crazy how twins can “fool” I guess the Face ID. My twin hates it but I love it. Makes me laugh every time I unlock her phone

  40. Nor Al-bahadli

    Nor Al-bahadli16 일 전

    This is scary 😂

  41. Carol Morimoto

    Carol Morimoto16 일 전

    O.M.G.!!!😱😱😱 Sabrina started talking and I seriously thought the video was out of sync because her mouth was moving but I was sure Tati was the one talking. Now we know they have at least one difference. Because they are IDENTICAL twins.

  42. Annaly Castañeda de Valenzuela

    Annaly Castañeda de Valenzuela17 일 전

    Wow! And they look like you!

  43. Karlie Glenn

    Karlie Glenn17 일 전

    They look like triplets

  44. arenarrah hervas

    arenarrah hervas17 일 전

    The three of u just look the same lol even ur voices sound the same

  45. QueenBee Rae - Hiv3

    QueenBee Rae - Hiv317 일 전

    I actually thought u were triplets hehe 😂

  46. n.

    n.17 일 전

    they’re soooo pretty. all three. 😭😍

  47. hAdam

    hAdam18 일 전

    All three of them look like Neve Campbell clones I am scared

  48. BrownMumba panda

    BrownMumba panda18 일 전

    5:05 The family photo 🚨 OMG all the girls look exactly the same . I rewinded that part so many times . Amazing 😊

  49. fallinginlife_

    fallinginlife_18 일 전

    Ohgoddd tatis everywhere!!!Im so confused

  50. Abiona Howard

    Abiona Howard19 일 전

    this is SCARY

  51. Trey Pope

    Trey Pope19 일 전

    You all have such strong faces... like model type faces... like omg what perfection

  52. Juli Lewis Price

    Juli Lewis Price19 일 전

    Earrings are different :) They are so beautiful and sweet

  53. Amber Wright

    Amber Wright20 일 전

    umm, i’m seeing triple. 😂

  54. Aiman Labiba

    Aiman Labiba20 일 전

    I need to know where Tati gets all her cute tops and dresses. I need this dress!

  55. Marian Kaine

    Marian Kaine20 일 전

    Wow! 😮 you guys have the same voice and so beautiful 😍

  56. Wkp

    Wkp21 일 전

    So I’m 100% down for baby picks My makeup.

  57. Oksana Koontz

    Oksana Koontz21 일 전

    They actually look like triplets

  58. Renee Zeiner

    Renee Zeiner22 일 전

    Love it! What a sweet family 😍😘

  59. Yeosang’s Chicken

    Yeosang’s Chicken23 일 전

    If one of your sisters took over your channel for a video I swear to you I wouldn’t notice.

  60. Aisha Rose

    Aisha Rose23 일 전

    Can someone tell me the order in which all of tati's sisters are born???