Lute: Still Slummin' (Mini Doc)


  1. GreySouthSpirit

    GreySouthSpirit5 일 전

    Still the most underrated artist and it is really sad because Lute is the definition of pure hip hop.

  2. Chef Carl Casper

    Chef Carl Casper10 일 전

    This is so feel-good. Cole is a mastermind.

  3. keeya warmuri

    keeya warmuri15 일 전


  4. thergvkid

    thergvkid23 일 전

    Those people who “thumbs down” doesn’t know the struggle!

  5. Omar Rey

    Omar Rey개월 전

    Yo I got to that micky Ds so often

  6. Lehlogonolo Maanaso

    Lehlogonolo Maanaso개월 전

    I really fucks with ya bro

  7. Cesar Preciado

    Cesar Preciado개월 전

    whats the name of the song that starts @ 7:15?? song is going so hard!

  8. E Cov

    E Cov2 개월 전

    Dope story thats real shit

  9. BoboJankins

    BoboJankins2 개월 전

    He sounds very similar to chuuwee, love this documentary

  10. Keilan Malone

    Keilan Malone2 개월 전

    He’s super talented

  11. Mack Dosen

    Mack Dosen2 개월 전

    To the ones who are dads and trying to escape that 9-5 but still trying to provide with that stress on ya mind about ya baby moms. Keep ya head down and continue to strive 👣

  12. Dalfry Noesy

    Dalfry Noesy2 개월 전


  13. Skulkerr

    Skulkerr3 개월 전

    is 7:16 an actual song?

  14. Chris Bedan

    Chris Bedan3 개월 전

    Such an inspiration. Your words are so powerful Lute. Thank you.

  15. Barron Hopkins

    Barron Hopkins4 개월 전

    Bro everyday I'll ride up and down sunset, the Ford Idlewild Albemarle WT Harris rozzelles ferry 485 all that but tightness up to you but that shit about being Bob and if I gotta I will fuck it , and that shit made me break down and cry when you were talking about being Bob. like some people don't know what it means to be bob or don't really understand what you're saying but for someone that has dreams goals wants hell even needs and sometimes you just can't get that clue to get u forward 💯 that shit hurts. I spent two years after I cut My fingers open welding depressed and just fell back I life and became bob at the airport pushing chairs. so best believe I know what it means to be a kid from the Ford that's just wants alittle more in life. Be blessed

  16. Carlos A

    Carlos A5 개월 전

    The time is now nigga or never at all, No time for plan B to cushion my fall.

  17. Dimitris Papachristos

    Dimitris Papachristos5 개월 전

    Just drop that 0:50 remix been waiting fo too long

  18. Jefe Shot

    Jefe Shot7 개월 전

    Lute's a real one

  19. ChatmanDidiT

    ChatmanDidiT8 개월 전

    Somebody tell Lute My momma had them plates fam

  20. Alex

    Alex8 개월 전

    Fuck yea bro !! I wish the best for you !! I can relate a lot with you , with the music and not graduating and the perspective on life not wanting to live in and die just working a 9 to 5 cause it’s only from 5 to 9 when I really come alive ✊🏽 stay blessed 🙏🏽 looking forward to your next project , brining hip hop back 💯 you gotta make it for all the people with Broken dreams that never made it

  21. nvdefrank

    nvdefrank8 개월 전

    when he spits at 00:50 he used those bars on a different beat and released that over the other which in my opinion was way better then the one he put on his album its unfortunate 😭😭

  22. Sign Upforstuff

    Sign Upforstuff8 개월 전

    Lute, for your next project you should make some more music with the rest of the Forever FC boys.

  23. Christopher Deaver

    Christopher Deaver9 개월 전

    IM GOING THROUGH THIS RIGHT NOW! PEACE KING....our lives are very similar lute thank your for this inspiration!

  24. Arthur Bellini

    Arthur Bellini10 개월 전

    ur amazing bro, loved it, cheers from Brazil (:

  25. Jeryd Gillum

    Jeryd Gillum10 개월 전

    "Damn I'm Bob"

  26. SteadyMovin

    SteadyMovin10 개월 전

    Damn, the vibe Lute,. Thank you for being!

  27. Stevie Quest

    Stevie Quest10 개월 전

    The end made me fucking cry 💗

  28. Blntd Brwn

    Blntd Brwn11 개월 전

    Whats the song at 7:31?

  29. Tre M.

    Tre M.3 개월 전

    It’s unreleased, suppose to be the intro on west 1996 part 2

  30. Deepvillains 7100

    Deepvillains 710011 개월 전

    can somebody tell me what's the song son 7:04

  31. Tre M.

    Tre M.3 개월 전

    It’s unreleased, supposedly the intro for west 1996 part 2 but didn’t make the final cut

  32. mubeenah

    mubeenah11 개월 전

    yes love him 🧡🤩 what an inspiration

  33. Jordan Clemons

    Jordan Clemons11 개월 전

    Ive watched this 25x

  34. Sneek da Puppetmaster

    Sneek da Puppetmaster11 개월 전

    imma fan

  35. Josiah

    Josiah년 전

    I wonder if he’s using the paycheck intro on his new project coming out??? Can’t find it anywhere and it sounds so 🔥

  36. Josiah

    Josiah년 전

    Whats the track at 0:50

  37. KiN CAMELL

    KiN CAMELL년 전


  38. milio619

    milio619년 전

    at 7.04 that track raw asf drop that track Lute i fuck wit it bro 👌

  39. arv

    arv년 전

    Thanks for sharing journey with us🙏

  40. milio619

    milio619년 전

    what’s the name of that song starts at 7.04

  41. Tre M.

    Tre M.년 전

    milio619 it’s the original intro for west1996 part 2, got scrapped at the last minute

  42. Lars Nygren

    Lars Nygren년 전

    Lute is easily one of the most talented and overlooked rappers to emerge the past few years. This is real!

  43. MackB.

    MackB.년 전

    mad respect

  44. palatable johnson

    palatable johnson년 전

    6:06 made me lol

  45. JayG Bandz

    JayG Bandz년 전

    Mad love to you uncle lute!💯

  46. RS_ 831

    RS_ 831년 전

    I respect how he brings in his work life!

  47. ENI

    ENI년 전

    8:03 - cool window

  48. Jalen Epps

    Jalen Epps년 전

    This shit gives me hope

  49. ICEMAN G

    ICEMAN G년 전

    This album is magic

  50. 32fogman

    32fogman년 전

    Anyone know the track that starts around 7:00 ? can't find it anywhere

  51. Tre M.

    Tre M.년 전

    32fogman it’s the original intro for west1996 part 2, didn’t make the final cut

  52. Jaime Martinez

    Jaime Martinez년 전

    Seems like a great guy, hope for all the success for him!

  53. Lil' C. Corleone

    Lil' C. Corleone년 전

    I guess I'm Bob too lol

  54. Frank Akwetey

    Frank Akwetey년 전

    You are an inspiration Lute! GO HARDER 🔥🔥

  55. Tuck Everlasting

    Tuck Everlasting년 전

    He snapped on that freestyle tho ... is this a song yet ?

  56. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian Lopez년 전

    Whats the track at 8.00?

  57. Brian Sanabria

    Brian Sanabria년 전

    I need that song Paychecks who knows where is it ?

  58. Victor Chirinos Jr

    Victor Chirinos Jr년 전

    Lute - Paychecks 7:20

  59. linda walters

    linda walters년 전

    Just me or does the thumbnail trip you out into thinking it's his own arm?

  60. wonderboyj8

    wonderboyj8년 전

    dam this the dopest piece i seen in a minute. much respect

  61. Langston Bristol

    Langston Bristol년 전

    When he started rapping at 0.54, is that song recorded?

  62. chris Velez

    chris Velez년 전

    keep growing lute your story ain't over just yet man

  63. hotcakes with syrup

    hotcakes with syrup년 전

    artists like lute get nowhere near enough respect and attention.

  64. C.R.G 1997

    C.R.G 1997년 전

    If y'all could show some love and subscribe and check out somethin I did I would appreciate. Any support is better than none at all 💯