Love & War 2 | 사랑과 전쟁 2 -- A Special Friend (2014.02.21)

  • 2014. 02. 21.
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  1. Lora Lee

    Lora Lee2 개월 전

    그 엄마의 그 딸이구만

  2. WTF Tube

    WTF Tube8 개월 전

    So many bitter ppl in the comments lmao

  3. Donna L

    Donna L8 개월 전

    If you don't understand how serious the bullying culture is in Korea, then you really better not comment. The bully deserved all of the suffering and more. For those who say that "it was all in the past" why bother her now. IMAGINE a criminal getting away for the crime that she committed without having been punished for it. THAT is how serious this is. Bullies = criminals.

  4. art is Universal

    art is Universal9 개월 전

    Korea such a discriminated against women. Why the wife's past matter she didn't kill someone and pregnancy is what?. Wife should not hide whtever the friend ti to reveal. Present is present. The wife said to husband at the end is right that the mother in law also hypocrite that she helps orphanage only for show for her husband, s election. The whole show do sent make sense in each series 피디님 제발 좀 드라마지어내서 만들지좀 마세요 있는 그대로 사실대로이면 더 재ㅣㅅ게보겟요 이걸보는나도

  5. Blu Intropher

    Blu Intropher개월 전

    This is a drama lmao

  6. Mary Christian

    Mary Christian년 전

    "I don’t know. Why is your wallet here.” >> “I don’t know why your purse is here.” (wallet = 남자지갑. purse = 여자지갑) (panty = 여자속옷. underwear = 남자속옷) (Running Machine = 틀림>런닝머쉰, 맞음>러닝머쉰)

  7. Mary Christian

    Mary Christian년 전

    "I think Mom is proud" => "엄마(라는 사람들)는 교만(자랑스럽다)하다고 생각한다." "I think MY Mom is proud OF YOU." => "우리 엄마는 당신을 자랑스럽게 생각한다."

  8. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee년 전


  9. JoJo General

    JoJo General년 전

    In this case, it's more like a woman wronged...

  10. Mee Lu

    Mee Lu년 전

    우와 이거 왠만한 드라마보다 훨씬 재밌다....

  11. strom trooper

    strom trooper년 전

    The man/woman who loss everything is capable of anything

  12. Lina Lim

    Lina Lim년 전

    Acting was rlly bad... hehe

  13. Renata Tumusabire

    Renata Tumusabire년 전

    Part 2 please 😉

  14. EvolniYzarc

    EvolniYzarc년 전

    I don't know what the hell I'm watching playa

  15. Unicorn 3 M

    Unicorn 3 M2 년 전

    부산년들이생각나네 . 잔인한것들 !

  16. salcazoid

    salcazoid2 년 전

    Remember what Bill Gates said, don't bully anybody. Someday one of those victims will be your boss when you found a job in future.

  17. WTF Tube

    WTF Tube8 개월 전


  18. Erika Sarte

    Erika Sarte2 년 전

    Well in the first place, why would she keep that as a secret to her HUSBAND!?

  19. Ysclucad Choi

    Ysclucad Choi년 전


  20. Saraswati Rokka

    Saraswati Rokka2 년 전

    If i was yunjeong i would take the money and i would torture both seungha and her evil mother too

  21. salcazoid

    salcazoid2 년 전

    박상범이라고 내 주변에 아는 친구인데, 예전에 삥듣은 경험이 있었음. 지금은 정신차리고, 여자친구도 있고, 번듯하게 회사 잘 다니고 있음.

  22. Kumudu mahagamage

    Kumudu mahagamage2 년 전

    It was ailee at 6.15!! Wow wow I love her 😻😻

  23. Alejandro Figueroa

    Alejandro Figueroa2 년 전

    Hey, this drama was filmed on my Birthday.

  24. Haruka Chan

    Haruka Chan3 년 전

    Everyone is there just like i feel bad for Seongha mean while im just singing HIGHWAY TO HELLLL YAHHHHH WOOOO!

  25. Jannah Mohamad

    Jannah Mohamad3 년 전

    i don't understand why the wife past as a bully is a reason of divorce? A past is a past. yunjeong is such a crazy person. Seungha just bully her at junior high school and she just cause her trauma as yunjeong insisted. But yunjeong still live happily with her mother and had a proper job. Seungha does not stopping her or drove yunjeong household into bankruptcy until they live on street in 15 years. They are living happily. Forgiveness showed that you had a big heart. Don't hold a grudge because it make you as a cruel person rather than enemy. Well, i also one of victim during my highschool, but i don't hold a grudge. It make ur heart more comfortable and let God punish them properly. Now, i am changing person and no longer a victim. The husband is selfish person. He is not perfect as he seems.

  26. Kira Lunar

    Kira Lunar년 전

    I thought that reputation was everything...especially in Asia.

  27. felype moura

    felype moura2 년 전

    Jannah Mohamad would you date a man who was a raper and murderer ?, past does matter.... People dont change easily... Actually for me past is one of the most important things... Can save you from a lot of problems in the future.

  28. maria maria

    maria maria3 년 전

    Jannah Mohamad bullying is not the reason of divorce here.... hiding the past is.. n c isnt even guilty for wat c did

  29. 바커 혼다

    바커 혼다3 년 전


  30. 이현지

    이현지4 년 전

    윤정이 아역 너무 예쁘다.오승아 나쁜년!!!!!캐릭터한테 한소리에요! 오해 마세요!!

  31. 님라프라스

    님라프라스4 년 전

    Kudos to mirae for trying to forgive but they're both rly mean to each other

  32. Kinglovesyoutodeath

    Kinglovesyoutodeath4 년 전

    55:24 "I'm not doing this to go to heaven. It has to come from the heart" Heaven gives you accountability. It's foolish to sacrifice oneself for good when there's no reward. (unless one says the "labor is the reward itself," in which case you will probably go really bitter because of thankless duties)

  33. Serina Sweeta

    Serina Sweeta4 년 전

    she deserves that !!!

  34. Love Kpop

    Love Kpop4 년 전

    What's with the husband? Well its true that the wife is kind of at fault, but its all in the past, haller? Can't they just live for the present? So my conclusion is, the husband doesn't want a wife with a dirty past since his father is politician, i just came for that.. Why divorce anyway just because of the past..? (SIGH)

  35. felype moura

    felype moura2 년 전

    Love Kpop ??????? So people must have the same values as you? Past does matter, I would never would marry a raper, murderer, porn actress, prostitute.... If doesn't matter why would her hide it? Past is one of the most important things to know. That is the best way to avoid problems in the future.

  36. John Kim

    John Kim4 년 전

    Yunjeong is crazy. We are talking about junior highschool! Yes, the bullying was bad. But to say that 15 years later, the bully is still the same when she clearly isn't is ridiculous. Also, I wouldn't care if my wife was a bully in junior high school. We are talking about JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL!!

  37. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee4 년 전

    @John Kim what they is need is a teaching of Jesus Christ, who forgave the people that crucified and mocked him at his death. Remember Luke 23:34, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

  38. My Violeta

    My Violeta5 년 전

    While Hyesun has to go through school having a reputation,why does the queen of the gang have the right to live happily?

  39. My Violeta

    My Violeta4 년 전

    too bad she is a cumdumpster....(seungah) her parents cant change her past once her "friends" revealed her true past as opposed the illusion her parents tried to show

  40. Love Kpop

    Love Kpop4 년 전

    Simple, it's because her parents know it all and tried to change their daughter life.. Parents are like that, would they just stay still when they know everything?

  41. En Ers

    En Ers5 년 전

    So mad about the ending.

  42. En Ers

    En Ers5 년 전

    I actually love the bully and her mother, the other bitch was crazy. Let it go.. Middle school? Seriously? Fucking crazy.. 참나... ㅁㅊ.

  43. Sistar Bora

    Sistar Bora4 년 전


  44. En Ers

    En Ers5 년 전

    Why does the fucking husband even care like thats just weird why would he give a fuck about what happened in middle school haha the fuck is this

  45. En Ers

    En Ers5 년 전

    @kidpax don't agree to stalking me and then act like you never said it :) you're the crazy one lmao...nice try though

  46. kidpax

    kidpax5 년 전

    @Imani Jennings KBS World TV is your channel? leaving crazytown.

  47. En Ers

    En Ers5 년 전

    @kidpax your opinion is false, stop going on my channel and looking through my comment. get off of youtube and the computer period and go find yourself a life and some friends.

  48. kidpax

    kidpax5 년 전

    @Imani Jennings Just setting this story straight for other viewers.

  49. En Ers

    En Ers5 년 전

    @kidpax stop going through my's weird. leave me alone before i block you.

  50. Bunnia31

    Bunnia315 년 전

    I Love revenge stories♡♡♡

  51. D Y

    D Y5 년 전

    새거좀 올랴주세요 오매불망 기다립니다..

  52. Lili Vuong

    Lili Vuong5 년 전

    I feel really bad for Seungha. Eventho she bullied that girl and got pregnant at an early age, it's in the past! Yunjeong is insane, it sure is Seungha's fault. her husband shouldnt look at her past! People make mistakes and should be able to turnover a new leaf.

  53. 엘리엘리

    엘리엘리7 개월 전

    ok. if someone make your member of family reach to die with bullying, just consider that as a mistake of them. you are saying shouldnt look at her fast? can you say her fast is not a part of her? look. when Seungha pretended to apologize to an woman(who acted as Yunjeong), it was fake. she even doesnt feel any guilty. how we think it was just a small mistake? its her terrible personality that never consider others. And if Seungha said sincerly sorry to Yunjeong , Yunjeong was about to forgive her but Seungha kicked the chance .



    Lili Vuong yes she should have told him. But His dad is in politics They look at the whole family like they do here only difference is in their culture Her getting pregnant in middle school would damage his dad's chances. And in all fairness being locked in a dark place plays he'll with your mind. Maybe if her parents had gotten her treatment after that she wouldn't be living that nightmare or and over again

  55. My Violeta

    My Violeta5 년 전

    but it is hyesun who planned it all out,more like a former friend who can't stand the sight of someone who never finished school and is a cumdumpster who lives a nice life.

  56. 서태린

    서태린5 년 전

    i'm sorry do you know the long term effects of bullying? while this may be fiction to some young people they have to deal with this as part of their everyday lives. DON'T just say everyone makes mistakes because some of these 'mistakes' can cause some people their lives.

  57. viondy yunatan

    viondy yunatan5 년 전

    its hard to be a korean.......

  58. vampvivid

    vampvivid5 년 전

    The first thing I say when I see new Love & War 2 episode "Oh god.. what now"

  59. SpecialSpear

    SpecialSpear5 년 전

    Its really hard when u dont have the power to get against all that pain

  60. Melanie Ng

    Melanie Ng5 년 전

    simple story but more lesson to learn,,, stop bullying now..

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    كانغ يومي5 년 전

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  62. Atiqa Labiba

    Atiqa Labiba6 년 전

    What goes around, comes around~

  63. Selina J

    Selina J년 전

    +뽀양피뷰 인생은 부메랑 이런뜻이에요~ 나쁜짓을 하면 나중에 반드시 나에게 돌아온다!

  64. 뽀양피뷰

    뽀양피뷰년 전

    Atiqa Labiba 무슨말이야

  65. Shinhwa15

    Shinhwa156 년 전

    bullies shud die....

  66. WTF Tube

    WTF Tube8 개월 전

    What the... I have been bullied too but I don't wish to see them dead

  67. Kimnai Taing

    Kimnai Taing6 년 전

  68. yumiko0017

    yumiko00176 년 전

    woah. that was a twist.

  69. Carole McDonnell

    Carole McDonnell6 년 전

    Thanks, KBS!! Good story!

  70. Dan Pahomi

    Dan Pahomi6 년 전

    First comment and first like.