Love & Hip Hop (Season 9) | Official Super Trailer | VH1


  1. daric nd

    daric nd개월 전

    why cant this show have no drama? just foolishness all the time ugh

  2. Kamleish Jones

    Kamleish Jones개월 전

    Cyn and Joe actually did revive the spirit of Love and Hip Hop: New York. Last year flopped this season was actually amazing

  3. Ikol Russell

    Ikol Russell2 개월 전

    Where are the white characters? Everyone should boycott this movie

  4. Flower City Events Mgt

    Flower City Events Mgt2 개월 전

    Does anyone know a Joe Budden Song?

  5. Natik Yakovlev

    Natik Yakovlev2 개월 전

    What kind of idiot brings a gun to an airport he’s definitely a crack head

  6. 2shae88

    2shae882 개월 전

    Did she just call his 🍆 a senior citizen? There’s pills for that! Now I see why he has issues with Safaree

  7. Dee Jay

    Dee Jay2 개월 전

    This season was soooo boring.

  8. Peachesxo

    Peachesxo3 개월 전

    Wait why can’t cyn get the D? That makes no sense lol 😂

  9. adoretay

    adoretay3 개월 전

    Cyn joe and the baby was in the same spot he proposed to tahiry at lmaoooo

  10. Lewis

    Lewis3 개월 전

    I love Yandy and Kimbella I hope they don’t fight 😩

  11. Mr. Gandalf

    Mr. Gandalf4 개월 전

    Blacks and Whites do have something in common, they both make worthless reality shows. Basketball and hip hop, bring back Bill Cosby.

  12. Dr NGO

    Dr NGO4 개월 전

    Shotti up on this??wtf

  13. Cece Mars-jean

    Cece Mars-jean4 개월 전

    What are u gonna fight after u killed someone?

  14. William Estrada

    William Estrada4 개월 전


  15. monte Flaks

    monte Flaks4 개월 전

    Omg Cin is so thirsty I remember when she was pro forming for a part in a soap opera. She is only 25 years old. Fake and dumb.

  16. Chanel Oberlin

    Chanel Oberlin4 개월 전

    Dreamdoll and Bri 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Melissa Ribeiro

    Melissa Ribeiro4 개월 전

    So Safari and Joe are friends?!....and bout to Marry two girls that were in a relationship before my god what a small world 😂 only love and hip pop 😂

  18. Sharon Hammond

    Sharon Hammond4 개월 전

    Kimbella girrrrrl simmer dat ass down sis be careful you know damn well yandy is a real friend boo and you are goin to find out when those 📷 stop rolling when it hitcha sis when tha door's close in silence a hurtin thg 😓 betta push pride to tha side I'll wait 🤔?

  19. iLuv Visa

    iLuv Visa4 개월 전

    This show right here is just sad SMGDH

  20. babyface_ haiti

    babyface_ haiti4 개월 전

    Boring... I need atl or miami hell, even hollywood. Only interest is in maino and maggi!

  21. Juliana Cheriza

    Juliana Cheriza4 개월 전

    I miss cyn with Erika they were cute together

  22. NanaAdwoa Siaw

    NanaAdwoa Siaw5 개월 전

    Cyn the beauty goddess, love her voice.

  23. Artemis Jones

    Artemis Jones5 개월 전

    Joe Budden wtf're way better than this. At least use this as fuel to release another dope album or mixtape. Halfway House/Escape route type.

  24. Golden Barbie

    Golden Barbie5 개월 전

    It’s good to see cyn happy she deserves to be

  25. Sophia Dilworth

    Sophia Dilworth5 개월 전

    I hate Love of Hip hop NY

  26. Antonio Allender

    Antonio Allender5 개월 전

    3:50-3:56 love that music

  27. kkk

    kkk5 개월 전

    VH1 is so desperate for ratings 🙄

  28. mummysdaughter

    mummysdaughter5 개월 전

    Remy's line never even made it. This season is so dry.

  29. Edgar Ortiz

    Edgar Ortiz5 개월 전

    They dont even try to make this ish credible anymore .Sad that people consider this entertainment .

  30. Kamylaira Arcelay

    Kamylaira Arcelay5 개월 전

    4:41 when you hit your pinkytoe somewhere lmaoooo😂😂😂

  31. Jahi Rodriguez

    Jahi Rodriguez5 개월 전

    Wait .....! What the hell is Shotti doing on there 😳

  32. Lil Queen

    Lil Queen5 개월 전

    Looks corny

  33. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee5 개월 전

    Hey it look good this year!

  34. ilyes fcb

    ilyes fcb5 개월 전

    3:08 they Got Ma Boi Tre3yway ! 💀💀

  35. Leila A

    Leila A5 개월 전

    Is kimbella painting herself black I swear she is white

  36. GuGu E. Michaels

    GuGu E. Michaels5 개월 전

    And the exploitation of black people by Viacon continues. Nothing but negative image! And yet we wonder why blacks are the most HATED RACE in the world.

  37. theaudry hall

    theaudry hall5 개월 전

    I know love and Hip Hop is scripted for a fact, but for them to make money off of me being shot is for their on personal gain. I have medical records and police reports stating I was shot from the back. So, my question is how is that self-defense and for Rich to air this because he has no storyline is sickening. Now my kids would be exposed because of this madness. From this she’s looking to promote her 1st book and also promote a 2nd book after trying to murder me and you guys are taking into this foolery. I laid in the hospital being air-lifted fighting for my life and this is the treatment I get in return?

  38. Theo Atkins

    Theo Atkins5 개월 전

    All drama queens . Women all cought up on this stuff . Arguing , and drama . shows will give you a damn headache .

  39. Colby the navajo

    Colby the navajo5 개월 전

    Everyone’s worrying about jail time or getting shot while Joe is arguing about having sex 😂😂

  40. mary anne

    mary anne5 개월 전

    Can't stand kimbella she acts like she's about that life and she really isn't

  41. Mayah Harrison

    Mayah Harrison5 개월 전

    Bruh Cyn is me😭😂

  42. Juliana Thompson

    Juliana Thompson5 개월 전

    I can't stand when women have a baby by a dude u keep fighting over and u hang in there the whole time. But when u have a baby uhate him all of a sudden! Grow up! He don't have to b w u! Just take care of the lil one!

  43. Juliana Thompson

    Juliana Thompson5 개월 전

    Kim grow up. Ya man is her responsibility! Ask yan!man kimbella. She's not his baby sitter. He's not w a girl. He has an addiction n u fussing all the time ain't helping! That's sends him to the streets so he won't hear ya mouth! U don't get it ! Yandy can't spy on him hire CHEATERs. Your no fun you just fuss fuss and fuss! My goodness! Surprised the man didn't just take off running!!!

  44. Juliana Thompson

    Juliana Thompson5 개월 전

    I hate childish baby mom's! U knew he was ya baby father what's all the hostility,???

  45. Juliana Thompson

    Juliana Thompson5 개월 전

    Uhm if u shoot ya husband b prepared to go to jail. Omg really!

  46. Juliana Thompson

    Juliana Thompson5 개월 전

    Cynthia stop it!

  47. Chantoya Robbinson

    Chantoya Robbinson5 개월 전

    Cancel the series man.. And move it to Chicago 🌇

  48. HotPocketsBoy

    HotPocketsBoy5 개월 전

    This is Shakespeare level stuff. The drama, the suspense. It’s unrivaled. True drama right here

  49. jason vorhees

    jason vorhees5 개월 전

    Mental illness in hip hop

  50. Hamish Evans

    Hamish Evans5 개월 전

    Joe Budden for pres.

  51. heyam m

    heyam m5 개월 전

    This looks boring

  52. Wild Earth

    Wild Earth5 개월 전

    Why Alexi Sky and not Erica Mena ? It’s the come back season, Erica Mena should take the place of Alexi Sky. Just wondering Kimbella, Erica Mena and Nya Lee !

  53. High Impact Cranium Penetration

    High Impact Cranium Penetration5 개월 전

    Rich Dollers needs his own show. Jk

  54. Popichil`O

    Popichil`O5 개월 전

    Looks intense😳😎.....1~Luv

  55. Family Vibes

    Family Vibes5 개월 전

    Where can i purchse the whole season??

  56. Maya Lee

    Maya Lee5 개월 전

    Joe agree to do the show but he doesnt wana deal with cyn outbursts..i also think he has something to hide...he's not telling her cus he dont wana hurt her n she needs to grow up

  57. Santana

    Santana5 개월 전

    I think Jonathan better stop all that yelling before he has a heart attack, he's too young for that - always seems on the edge and yelling smh 🙄

  58. Ericka H

    Ericka H5 개월 전

    @ 2:47, is the look of ALL looks!!! Ladies you know what I'm talking about....Rich got it down tho. LOL

  59. Joseph Eddings

    Joseph Eddings5 개월 전

    this is the best of the franchise because they are about business but understand they still need to turn up for the camera. It’s kind of more balanced than the others.

  60. Selina Robinson

    Selina Robinson5 개월 전

    When Ashley’s mother cried I felt that 💔 I know it’s going to hurt her so bad to be away from her child

  61. Pe Painville

    Pe Painville5 개월 전

    In 5 years you gon be on love and hiphop .... damn Cole is cold

  62. Marie Marie

    Marie Marie5 개월 전

    SYN baby it's time to move on

  63. Kimberly B

    Kimberly B5 개월 전

    Ugh.. Always yelling and screaming and fighting in front of their kids.. And then they wonder why they have broken homes and commit the majority of crimes and no dad in the home. Not every conversation has to be a fight.

  64. Natalie Would

    Natalie Would5 개월 전

    Man kimbella got big 😲😲😲

  65. ProdByOnetime

    ProdByOnetime5 개월 전

    I know mal was laughing at safarees intro and hand gestures😂😂😂😂

  66. Abidemi Onabolu

    Abidemi Onabolu5 개월 전

    Where is love and hip hop Miami 😒🙄

  67. Yusk

    Yusk5 개월 전

    Joe in a whole new velvet fedora bag.

  68. Yusk

    Yusk5 개월 전

    I never saw a single episode but god dammit Joe had me weak in that narration.




  70. Taryn

    Taryn5 개월 전

    Funky Dineva wasn't lying. It do look kind of good

  71. Rossellini Rossical Ross C

    Rossellini Rossical Ross C5 개월 전

    So glad Anais is back, she was hilarious last season

  72. I K

    I K5 개월 전

    Brah..they got Bible close ups! Im done.

  73. Facts facts

    Facts facts5 개월 전

    Joe smart with his money. He never really bought jewel no wonder i see how you invested that money. That real estate is SERIOUS!

  74. Jada Berry

    Jada Berry5 개월 전

    HARDLY NO CLASSY WOMEN ON THIS SHOW!! MAINLY EXTREMELY BAD role models.. TRASHY sounding and acting THOT'S .. I WOULD NEVER Want my daughter to look or act like most of these women or my son's to act like some of these men.. Trash media.. Stop selling this garbage to our PEOPLE.. Joe I'm extra disappointed in you and your choice ... You would think someone more OLDER would CHOOSE much wiser..

  75. Justin San Diego

    Justin San Diego5 개월 전

    No Mariahlynn = I aint watching.

  76. Jenneil Gardener

    Jenneil Gardener5 개월 전


  77. Alicia Scott

    Alicia Scott5 개월 전

    Kimbella face always looks greasy lol

  78. Paulo Gomez

    Paulo Gomez5 개월 전

    Mood muzik 5 on the way!!!!!!!!!!after this season 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  79. Niran

    Niran5 개월 전

    I might actually watch this... only cuz of budden tho.

  80. Trey Williams

    Trey Williams5 개월 전

    This on Hulu ?

  81. Isidora M

    Isidora M5 개월 전

    I might go back to watching love & hip hop

  82. XXKILLXX24

    XXKILLXX245 개월 전

    Yeah this season looks trash .

  83. Andrea Corbett

    Andrea Corbett5 개월 전

    When u adopt adopt from ur heart, cua the kid will be messed up

  84. Michelle Beauty

    Michelle Beauty5 개월 전


  85. Kora Marie

    Kora Marie5 개월 전

    Did alexis get her teeth fixed...she sounds different nothing wrong with it Ah ah Jonathan I guess they got rid of bianca and mariah

  86. Nay TheBoss

    Nay TheBoss5 개월 전

    Joe better give up that cocky!!

  87. Ben Valenzuela

    Ben Valenzuela5 개월 전

    Joe going full circle now

  88. jj

    jj5 개월 전

    I wish Lil Kim was on here some how some way.

  89. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez5 개월 전

    Remy ma always got the wprds to complete the rap

  90. decoymiata

    decoymiata5 개월 전

    More trash

  91. Tim Kruse

    Tim Kruse5 개월 전


  92. Nicole Taylor

    Nicole Taylor5 개월 전


  93. Nicole Taylor

    Nicole Taylor5 개월 전

    you niqqas keep my expectations low

  94. CommonSense

    CommonSense5 개월 전

    Why does this season look like a Power rip-off

  95. Phvntom

    Phvntom5 개월 전

    Can't wait for Mal, Rory and Parks to roast Joe

  96. Martine Lewis

    Martine Lewis5 개월 전

    I'm sorry but this season looks wack

  97. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne5 개월 전

    I've never seen a larger collection of fake black americans in my life, Jesus.

  98. Blank Mansion

    Blank Mansion5 개월 전

    What is the point of all of this? I never saw ONE episode of LHH. Ever. Any Season. Just Niggas Fighting. Why this new Season(other than money)?

  99. Makabongwe Mthiyane

    Makabongwe Mthiyane5 개월 전

    If you gave me these camera angles and the dramatic music, I could make eating cereal sound like a life or death situation

  100. Felipe V

    Felipe V5 개월 전

    That's snake in the grass Trey way