Lizzo - Good As Hell (Official Music Video)


  1. Mathew Millington

    Mathew Millington2 시간 전

    This song is fucking terrible


    REHZZIE3 시간 전


  3. Lori Gagliano

    Lori Gagliano3 시간 전

    Listen to cannibal corpse or Slayer for Jesus Christ sake

  4. Hugo Chavez

    Hugo Chavez4 시간 전

    I can appreciate it's optimistic sentiment. But I do not like this music.

  5. Nodrodsky

    Nodrodsky5 시간 전

    I think most modern music is garbage.But I think this is very good.i like her style.

  6. Febrian PM

    Febrian PM5 시간 전

    Why theres 2 music video for this song?

  7. ann martinez

    ann martinez6 시간 전

    Go girl do her thing.........

  8. hostyle0

    hostyle07 시간 전

    World: How you feelin? Lizzo: Fat as hell

  9. tem tem

    tem tem8 시간 전

    if we were all rich we would look that cute 24/7 too lets be honest

  10. SenrozmX

    SenrozmX10 시간 전

    How earthquakes happen...

  11. Karla Abrakadabra

    Karla Abrakadabra11 시간 전

    Bien perra 😍

  12. Josh Scheeter Parkers

    Josh Scheeter Parkers12 시간 전

    A new Meghan trainer. She won’t last long

  13. Sara Esteves

    Sara Esteves3 시간 전

    Nothing new about Lizzo, she's been around for a while. This song is 3 years old actually

  14. pastaboi396

    pastaboi39612 시간 전

    I have no idea what it is about Lizzo but she just gives everyone SO MUCH CONFIDENCE!!

  15. Areta Silva

    Areta Silva12 시간 전


  16. TY BROWN

    TY BROWN12 시간 전

    I still you this as a “reality check” 😂🙌🏽 🎧 Hair toss, check my nails - baby how you feelin? 🎤 Feelin good as Hell

  17. Liberty Mupakati

    Liberty Mupakati13 시간 전

    Your voice is killing my head

  18. Liberty Mupakati

    Liberty Mupakati13 시간 전

    You don't know how to sing lizzo you only now how to eat

  19. feet pls

    feet pls15 시간 전

    ive heard this song everywhere, and it really stood out to me. i love the choir parts, the instrumental and lizzo's voice, and i just found out the meanings behind the lyrics. this song is sick.

  20. 『 SMILEY FACES ツ 』

    『 SMILEY FACES ツ 』17 시간 전

    _This original song released three years ago;_ TikTok; Yeah let's just use this audio *_right now_* Radios; Why don't we play "Good As Hell" *_right now instead?_*

  21. Em’s World

    Em’s World17 시간 전

    Dang I love Lizzo. She isn’t afraid to do or say nothin, and she is so pretty. I want a voice like her and her confidence.❤️❤️❤️

  22. Joan MM

    Joan MM17 시간 전

    Lizzo is so beautiful! ❤️👌❤️👌

  23. Väinö Haimila

    Väinö Haimila17 시간 전

    This is trash

  24. Tony Brown

    Tony Brown17 시간 전

    LMAO “It’s a hair-flip!” ~ Chris Crocker. KOreporter OGs

  25. First Last

    First Last18 시간 전


  26. Isabel Arce Urizar

    Isabel Arce Urizar20 시간 전

    Your music is the best

  27. SWEET!

    SWEET!20 시간 전


  28. Layfield Claire

    Layfield Claire20 시간 전

    I thought i saw simone biles

  29. Carmen Ogea

    Carmen Ogea21 시간 전

    I thought I didn't know the song but when it started tiktok came to my mind.

  30. John Santana

    John Santana21 시간 전

    As I liked to see it, black people outside the "standard" representing many. S2 #goplanet

  31. Esther Kawili

    Esther Kawili22 시간 전

    I love your song

  32. LokotaLasVegas

    LokotaLasVegas22 시간 전

    Take a deep breathe, time to focus on you 💪

  33. Drama Lama

    Drama Lama22 시간 전

    I discovered lizzo, like ten minutes ago, and I am loving her!! You go girl!!!💪❤

  34. Micki ninaj

    Micki ninaj22 시간 전

    lizzo is one the happiest person in the world who keeps positivity alive this help cure depression not gonna lie

  35. Ray Gomez

    Ray Gomez22 시간 전

    hey now watch your weight lol before they find you on the

  36. Nathalie Wautelet

    Nathalie Wautelet22 시간 전

    Tharipist Lizzo


    HERMES y MATILDE23 시간 전

    I love this song

  38. N. B.

    N. B.23 시간 전

    Bruh she should be playing left guard not singing

  39. Adriana Vink

    Adriana Vink일 전

    This is so sick ❤❤❤❤❤

  40. Jessey Holyplayz

    Jessey Holyplayz일 전

    ;-; Im Not Feeling Good As Hell Im Feeling good as EPIC

  41. Ashton Armstrong

    Ashton Armstrong일 전

    Anybody: has insecurities about themselves/questions their existence Lizzo: *Someone holds her flute* We don't do that here. Baby, How you feelin'? Tell me.

  42. Lee Miller

    Lee Miller일 전

    You rockit girl love it

  43. Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa

    Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa일 전

    With the whole rapping-singing crossover appeal I'm counting on Lizzo to revive RnB

  44. Marcelle Santos

    Marcelle Santos일 전

    I love you lizzoooooooooo

  45. Michael Godfrey

    Michael Godfrey일 전

    41yr white make checking in- good as hell !

  46. Emanuele Santamaria

    Emanuele Santamaria일 전


  47. huhconduct

    huhconduct일 전

    Tell me how good you feel after you have your heart attack

  48. Phil Green

    Phil Green일 전

    68 white guy. She. Is. BEAUTIFUL.

  49. justin davidson

    justin davidson일 전

    Ewwwwwww cover up she too dang big for this

  50. Richard K

    Richard K일 전

    I'm a 54 year old white dude and have a question-What's there not to love about Lizzo?

  51. It's Tape!

    It's Tape!일 전

    Baby how tou feeling..........diabetus



    What ailments do you have or don't know you have?

  53. Sophia Kim

    Sophia Kim일 전

    I love her so much.

  54. Andrea Hansen

    Andrea Hansen일 전

    me: just left abusive husband.. in 2018 lizzo: pick yourself off the floor and have a margarita cuz its 2020 and people wanna fix the world again me: ok, but -- lizzo: GIRL

  55. lily wilson

    lily wilson일 전

    i love all of your positivity lizzo your songs always help me feel good about myself thank you queen

  56. Derek Fleming

    Derek Fleming일 전


  57. Kadyn Chan

    Kadyn Chan일 전

    omg i live in louisiana and im close to baton rouge awiufbaowienaweg

  58. Jocelyn Bush

    Jocelyn Bush일 전

    Who else was just going back to the beginning JUST for the beat

  59. EstimatedPerson

    EstimatedPerson일 전

    Hope she lives a long life

  60. Jane Brian

    Jane Brian일 전


  61. x_SaturnMan x

    x_SaturnMan x일 전

    Please read this, you are obese and this is unhealthy for you, you will die early with diabetes inside you, dont glorify this take care of yourself before obesity does

  62. Berniko Harkless

    Berniko Harkless일 전

    Yooooo. Like UPPPPS TO YOU LIZZZOOOO. this song reflects everything I'm going through right now with my fiance. Girl.. this is my anthem of 2020🥇🥇🎊🎊