Live PD: Teens Steal a Bulldozer (Season 3) | A&E


  1. A&E

    A&E4 개월 전

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  2. Fire and rescue show -also tankery show-

    Fire and rescue show -also tankery show-2 개월 전

    A&E cool

  3. SleepLess

    SleepLess3 개월 전

    Lmao you crazy

  4. Coke Coco

    Coke Coco3 개월 전

    A&E cool

  5. Jason Coughenour

    Jason Coughenour4 시간 전

    I feel like this kid really needs a father figure

  6. BLee Jr

    BLee Jr7 시간 전

    Why do teen boys have some "stupid" chip in their brains that make them do dumb things? And why do some kids hang with stupid kids when they know they're stupid? Don't people have common sense?

  7. Jack Weiser

    Jack Weiser15 시간 전

    Disappointed that I didn’t get to see a high speed chase between a bulldozer and cop car

  8. Fortnut 69

    Fortnut 69일 전

    Of course they where in San Andreas

  9. sorrynotsorryforbeingbias

    sorrynotsorryforbeingbias2 일 전

    He didn’t think he’d get in trouble for stealing it? Really?

  10. Senpai Jose

    Senpai Jose2 일 전

    our lord who art thow in heaven, killdozer, has returned

  11. J O

    J O3 일 전

    Bruh they shoulda all fled

  12. Tehx Juce

    Tehx Juce3 일 전

    Man just stick to fortnite

  13. LRG 215

    LRG 2153 일 전

    Privileged California kids...

  14. human151

    human1514 일 전

    Someone should have told the 18 year old that once you’re 18 it’s a whole new set of consequences. He was obviously too stupid to figure that out for himself and now he’s got a record. When I was 18 I was in the military. Unless you’re naturally a dumbass, the military will set you straight. It obviously doesent work for everyone.

  15. Lunker Junkies TV

    Lunker Junkies TV4 일 전

    I'm just impressed these kids could figure out how to operate a bulldozer!!

  16. groupsaredumb

    groupsaredumb5 일 전

    18 yr old sounded like Shia LaBeouf

  17. 34486

    344865 일 전

    Clickbait once I hear them say it was a bobcat.

  18. P1980

    P19805 일 전

    Woah, HOT cop!

  19. Fuck You

    Fuck You5 일 전

    Of course this happens in my city

  20. Andrew Hook

    Andrew Hook6 일 전

    18 year olds on bikes? Wtf

  21. Dan Erickson

    Dan Erickson6 일 전

    That's gumption.

  22. Christian Carreon

    Christian Carreon6 일 전

    The definition of why we can’t have nice things

  23. Scott Stevens

    Scott Stevens7 일 전

    Theyre all hispanic.... wow that figures.....

  24. Tania Zarate

    Tania Zarate7 일 전

    ay vienen los pinches chanclasos 😂😂

  25. Minzy

    Minzy7 일 전

    I wish the ep would kept on going so I can see the parents reaction 😩😭

  26. Sierra Misshed

    Sierra Misshed7 일 전

    👮🏼‍♂️Cop: Your Being Detained! 👨🏻‍🦱Man: oh. okay

  27. Steve Gundrum

    Steve Gundrum8 일 전

    They all have nice bikes tho

  28. Canadian Aussie

    Canadian Aussie8 일 전

    Detained lol

  29. Dominant White Male

    Dominant White Male8 일 전

    Dude is 18 chilling with a bunch of 15 year olds. Lmao

  30. 0c

    0c3 일 전

    Dominant White Male that’s called having friends from school

  31. Edgar Adame

    Edgar Adame10 일 전

    I liked the video, but I only disliked it so it can be at an even 1,000.

  32. X_2waveyy

    X_2waveyy10 일 전

    Everyone is wearing vans, it doesn’t get more Cali than that

  33. Joshua Hagen

    Joshua Hagen7 일 전

    Goin to jail is pretty Cali too

  34. celtzin lopez

    celtzin lopez11 일 전

    Lmao why didn’t they show their parents beating their butt I thought I hear a mom at the end 😂😂

  35. Julio Guillen

    Julio Guillen11 일 전

    The famous Marshawn Lynch quote. “ You know why I’m here” 😆

  36. ApplePie

    ApplePie11 일 전

    Obviously things aren't going well for the 18 year old. He's 18, has no license, no car, no job, and now no future. Smart.

  37. nephilly87

    nephilly8711 일 전

    What’s going on ?🤣

  38. thebrickprince101 101

    thebrickprince101 10111 일 전

    are they doing the gta mission were u have to get one to rob the bank?

  39. Incessuserro

    Incessuserro12 일 전

    "Released to his parents with a ticket for vehicle theft."

  40. ApplePie

    ApplePie11 일 전

    I know, right. Don't get me started.

  41. Sunny Farquhar

    Sunny Farquhar12 일 전

    Kids nowadays its definitely the parents to blame

  42. Alex Berg

    Alex Berg12 일 전


  43. biggreenmachine2007

    biggreenmachine200712 일 전

    It went from a bulldozer to a tractor and finally to a bobcat. Those are three different vehicles you know.

  44. Zoe Glover

    Zoe Glover13 일 전

    am i the only one who don’t know what a bulldozer is 🤣

  45. Sharpz HOF

    Sharpz HOF11 일 전


  46. Monsieur P.

    Monsieur P.13 일 전

    18 year old riding a bike? I had to start driving at 17 and give up my bike. I’m 34 now so I miss my old bicycles!

  47. Evann Anderson

    Evann Anderson14 일 전

    Buncha hooligans

  48. Taylor Joedicke

    Taylor Joedicke15 일 전

    Just me that didn’t see the whole title and thought they stole a bulldog not a bulldozer

  49. WhatA Bummer

    WhatA Bummer15 일 전

    I honestly like watching these videos

  50. Cristian Villanueva

    Cristian Villanueva15 일 전

    I think they were inspired by KILLDOZER. such is life

  51. Danielle Reeves

    Danielle Reeves15 일 전

    Love how there so serious about this

  52. rifted

    rifted16 일 전

    *police calling parent*: yeah so your son stole a bulldozer and crashed it into a building *mom* : lemme get the belt

  53. Herta Schneider

    Herta Schneider12 일 전

    Yes, unfortunately physical abuse is a serious problem... especially in black and Latino families...

  54. rifted

    rifted16 일 전

    *police calling parent* yeah so your son stole a bulldozer and crashed it into a building *mom* : lemme get the belt *son* 🥺it wasn’t me I swear🥺

  55. R C

    R C16 일 전

    3:09 Holstered for a lefty. 🔫🤚

  56. BarmySugar7599

    BarmySugar759917 일 전

    Iam sorry. But hahaha

  57. King OfTroy

    King OfTroy17 일 전

    Obama dreamers

  58. Marvin Ballin

    Marvin Ballin18 일 전

    Why the cop cars so slow?

  59. Tabby Gaming

    Tabby Gaming18 일 전

    I feel the 18 yr old get house arrest and ticket or free and ticket. The 15 yr old should be brought with the 18 yr old they are equal they both had the guts to do it they both should have gotten equal consequences!

  60. Ifraz Ahmed

    Ifraz Ahmed19 일 전

    I keep telling myself this is the last one. It’s never the last one.

  61. Sherree Cook

    Sherree Cook19 일 전


  62. Kevin Roberts

    Kevin Roberts19 일 전

    Bobcat or Bulldozer ? There is a big difference.

  63. Tim Brady

    Tim Brady16 일 전

    Bobcat makes bulldozers

  64. nevets

    nevets19 일 전

    18 years old and riding a bike seems like a winner

  65. broke hobo

    broke hobo20 일 전

    That kid that fled is so awkward.

  66. Baron von Quiply

    Baron von Quiply20 일 전

    Stealing a bulldozer? Watch out, could end up being a billionaire one day.

  67. James Ahern

    James Ahern17 일 전

    @Austin Angles Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen used to regularly joyride heavy equipment at construction sites.

  68. Austin Angles

    Austin Angles17 일 전


  69. Isaac Galicia

    Isaac Galicia20 일 전

    moral of the story commit crime before 18

  70. Retro_01 02

    Retro_01 0220 일 전

    In England we call them chavs 😂

  71. name surname

    name surname21 일 전

    Come on, Rockstar. Where is this thing in Bully?