Lindsey Stirling - We Three Gentlemen (Medley)


  1. DAndAl70rus lkj007

    DAndAl70rus lkj00717 시간 전

    Красивая женщина, прекрасный музыкант. Но я думаю, в постели она "бревно".

  2. Allison Garcia

    Allison Garcia일 전

    What happened to her? She hasnt posted in a long time...

  3. Ruth Noemi HO

    Ruth Noemi HO일 전

    Hola, lindas las canciones tuyas pero quisiera proponer que tal si puedas sacar un sonido del cóndor pasa musica peruana a un sonido electrónica y con tu violín seria algo grandioso

  4. Lisa Gutierrez Meza

    Lisa Gutierrez Meza일 전

    It sort of the carol of the bells just that the notes are different, but it’s still he same bass

  5. Zbigniew

    Zbigniew2 일 전

    Lindsey Stirling Jest cudowna . Uwielbiam ją

  6. Gabriel Divine

    Gabriel Divine2 일 전

    wow .. how long has it been? In face she looks so old .. I remember watching her years ago and fall in love with her, so pure .. time is not nice to anyone I guess :)

  7. Love Me

    Love Me2 일 전


  8. Semsa Bilge

    Semsa Bilge3 일 전

    Excellent. The perfect thing was to watch you with Loreena McKennitt. You are a miraculous being. We will always help you with awesome Santa and me (Witch) music :) I wish you a great 2020 year.

  9. 직활강매니아

    직활강매니아3 일 전

    정말 멋져요. 항상 응원 합니다.

  10. Aroly Santiago Suarez Diaz

    Aroly Santiago Suarez Diaz3 일 전

    Just an Angel on the earth

  11. Sampsa Kares Videography

    Sampsa Kares Videography4 일 전

    These locations are always so amaazing

  12. юрий харьков

    юрий харьков4 일 전

    Це Український ЩЕДРИК.

  13. Anna Nelssen

    Anna Nelssen4 일 전

    cool music video

  14. Bree Pierce

    Bree Pierce4 일 전

    I love that song

  15. Daniel Württemberg

    Daniel Württemberg5 일 전

    Funny how she "plays" the violin, while her dreads are inside the strings ;) When you shoot a video, at least TRY to make it look realistic.

  16. петр куликов

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  17. The legobuilders

    The legobuilders5 일 전

    Beautiful, i also very liked shatter me and roundtable rivals or how its called

  18. Grandma. exe

    Grandma. exe5 일 전

    Lindsay I don’t think you should put your wrist like that put it more out not in but love how your fingers are flying keep it up!!!

  19. Branford Families

    Branford Families5 일 전

    I love you Lindsey!!!

  20. ZXL Emmanuel

    ZXL Emmanuel5 일 전

    Si esto sale en LML me corto un huevo

  21. Alexander de Muth

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  22. BrownTown86

    BrownTown866 일 전

    Still playing the same trash, I see.

  23. Ginny Weasley

    Ginny Weasley6 일 전

  24. Ginny Weasley

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  25. Не ищи меня

    Не ищи меня6 일 전

    Home Alone?!

  26. Ringsat Bty

    Ringsat Bty6 일 전

    Please make cover of bad apple

  27. Gökçem Ardıç

    Gökçem Ardıç6 일 전

    You should definitely come to turkey for clip !!!

  28. 소음Noise

    소음Noise6 일 전

    옛날부터 계속 봤었는데 들을때마다 너무너무 좋은것 같아요ㅜㅜ 사랑해요❤❤😗

  29. Francisco cardoso

    Francisco cardoso6 일 전

    Go Lindsey your world rank now is 71 I believe you can be even better keep your good job I believe in you

  30. Duncan Xort

    Duncan Xort6 일 전

  31. Mr. Pickle

    Mr. Pickle7 일 전

    We three kings of orient are + God bless ye merry gentlemen...

  32. Coruja de ferro

    Coruja de ferro7 일 전

    I love you Lin !!!

  33. Gabriela Bertel

    Gabriela Bertel7 일 전

    This is art😣💜💜💜 I don't know why but i would like to see Lindsey playing Swan Lake😳💥

  34. Sarah Rooffener

    Sarah Rooffener7 일 전

    I love when she does these videos and I recognize her locations! This is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. 😍

  35. MİXED

    MİXED8 일 전

    My Favorite Crystallize & Shadows Dubstep Lowe ..

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    Subscribe me

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    Девушка вы замужем выходите за меня вы прекрасны

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  41. Борис Галицкий

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    you must be scrolling down to write a really positive comment, same lad same

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  44. Emre can Cerit

    Emre can Cerit8 일 전

    Hımym Lily?

  45. Ivan Gonta

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  46. Alexander's Video Picks

    Alexander's Video Picks9 일 전

    Lindsay is amazing like always! She gets better all the time!

  47. YaR Well

    YaR Well9 일 전

    Are here Djentlemens?

  48. Istvan Kovacs

    Istvan Kovacs9 일 전

    Hi Lindsey! Congratulations to the 12,3M subscribers! I love listening to your very good music! Keep it up! Fan from hungary. ❤️😀😊

  49. Scott Crawford

    Scott Crawford9 일 전

    Yano, it does amaze me that someone can play one thing, yet to afew ppl, the music can calm then from insanaty

  50. 大人女子りこさんの家

    大人女子りこさんの家9 일 전

    I am 43 years old and started KOreporter ♪It's a nice movie❤

  51. XxGalaxyWafflesxX

    XxGalaxyWafflesxX10 일 전

    Learned about you from my violin teacher, and don’t regret it

  52. Dominique Guillon

    Dominique Guillon10 일 전

    Je ne suis pas pas fan de cet instrument mais l'artiste le sublime ✌✌✌

  53. Владимир

    Владимир10 일 전

    Линси запиши свою игру на скрипке без обработки плиз)))

  54. Evan Flynn

    Evan Flynn10 일 전

    Firefly fans here? Anyone else want to see her do the Ballad of Serenity?

  55. Анатолий Емельянов

    Анатолий Емельянов10 일 전

    Линдси,обаятельная милашка! С вот что там она внутри себя скрывает,от всех нас? Это меня и притягивает и мучает.

  56. Anuj Sahay

    Anuj Sahay10 일 전

    Please play "The song of the white wolf" Witcher PLEASE

  57. silenc the whispers

    silenc the whispers10 일 전

    Wow ❤❤❤

  58. kenia betancourt

    kenia betancourt11 일 전

    PLEASE, can you play Anastasia’s Once Upon a December song!!!! I just imagine the music video you’ll make will be so beautiful!!!

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  60. Wolverine 335

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    I play violin and i want to be like you