Lil Pump Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  1. PRO Gamers777

    PRO Gamers77711 시간 전

    Nge karya Jadi rakjel Miskinnn Kyta Hehehehe 💯💯💯💯💯😆😆😆😆

  2. Backpackslayer 73

    Backpackslayer 7313 시간 전

    This is why bonless wings exist. For dudes like him

  3. Angie Bittle

    Angie Bittle일 전

    He is waiting his money

  4. Leonardo Tapia

    Leonardo Tapia2 일 전

    Lil pump Doesn’t know how to eat a wing

  5. Hue G. Rection

    Hue G. Rection2 일 전

    It makes me mad that theres was still alot of meat on the wings

  6. Hoà Tattoo artist

    Hoà Tattoo artist3 일 전

    yeah i'am like style Gucci Gang Brother Lil Pump Man

  7. Zechariah Gettig

    Zechariah Gettig3 일 전

    HOw does he not know how to eat wings?

  8. Anthony Quintana

    Anthony Quintana3 일 전

    Legend states you can feel your I.Q. Plummet in real time if you’re in a room with Lil Pump, Nikki Minaj and Cardi B at the same time.

  9. XD Tula

    XD Tula3 일 전

    Lil pump fell off

  10. Dirk McGirk

    Dirk McGirk4 일 전

    This kid gonna be broke within 5 years

  11. Anime 123

    Anime 1234 일 전

    D Rose gucci gang İ like two songs

  12. byron fuentes

    byron fuentes4 일 전


  13. Ayania Riggs

    Ayania Riggs4 일 전

    He so fine😖

  14. Ashley’s Tiers of Love

    Ashley’s Tiers of Love5 일 전

    3:25 there a face behind the chain

  15. Mr creamy 51

    Mr creamy 515 일 전

    “They got blue cheese” -lil pump-2020

  16. Justin Harrichand

    Justin Harrichand6 일 전

    No one listens to lil pump

  17. Ace Council

    Ace Council6 일 전

    What does he do?

  18. 乔瓦尼

    乔瓦尼7 일 전

    Probably Elliot hates Lil Pump, but he pays, so...

  19. Keelan Krueger

    Keelan Krueger7 일 전

    who tf likes blue cheese on they wings

  20. The Goat

    The Goat7 일 전

    Why is he touching his jewelry with his chicken fingers

  21. Brian Scantlebury

    Brian Scantlebury8 일 전

    lol pump here under cover

  22. Joni Amador

    Joni Amador9 일 전


  23. Rasmus Thermann

    Rasmus Thermann9 일 전

    Its like he tolk his dad with if he end getting thrown OFF

  24. Luke Salsbury

    Luke Salsbury2 일 전

    Rasmus Thermann tf were you tryna say bruh

  25. Andre Sahhar

    Andre Sahhar10 일 전

    Follow me on instagram andre_the5

  26. cami Ochoa

    cami Ochoa10 일 전

    Yas blue cheese

  27. Shriyans Sundaram

    Shriyans Sundaram10 일 전

    I got a Rolex for my bd as little pump says casually

  28. ahsan someone

    ahsan someone11 일 전

    Your eating while showing your jewelry 3:43

  29. DK _ DR34MZ _ YT

    DK _ DR34MZ _ YT11 일 전

    Ain’t nobody gon talk bout how he went to the strip club at eleven years old

  30. Rock Mix

    Rock Mix12 일 전

    Doesn't it just trigger you that he only eats like half of the wing

  31. La Footballeuse

    La Footballeuse13 일 전


  32. Roberto Rafael

    Roberto Rafael13 일 전

    All the niggas making comments

  33. Student Omar Said

    Student Omar Said14 일 전

    You guys should do NLE choppa and blueface

  34. Dakota hh

    Dakota hh14 일 전

    *Dey got blu cheze?*

  35. No one asked for your opinion

    No one asked for your opinion14 일 전

    I low key wish I was lil pump's gf

  36. zBreezyi

    zBreezyi14 일 전

    I wish X was still here to show his jewelry

  37. Aujanique Mackowiak

    Aujanique Mackowiak15 일 전

    Almost every rapper has a piece of there selves

  38. Vanessa Camarda

    Vanessa Camarda16 일 전

    Mii orooo

  39. Aderaldo Galdino

    Aderaldo Galdino16 일 전

    Esse cara e muito bizarro!

  40. Cantinna Hudson

    Cantinna Hudson16 일 전

    This dude lucky with drip

  41. Tou Her

    Tou Her16 일 전

    Lil.pump knows wassup with.them g6 presses!!