Lil Nas X - Panini (ft. DaBaby) [Chowder Video]


  1. RIP Etika

    RIP Etika33 분 전

    My sister said this was cringe

  2. Mighty

    Mighty39 분 전




    Кто из рашки лайк

  4. Lyam Appolaire

    Lyam Appolaire시간 전

    -eh panini-

  5. Help me get 1000 subs

    Help me get 1000 subs2 시간 전

    Never watched Chowder in a looong time, brings back memories from CN!

  6. saphix

    saphix4 시간 전

    How the fuck did shnitzel goes from "rada rada" to fluent english?? *confused thinking*

  7. Brenth Gripon

    Brenth Gripon5 시간 전

    I thought Chowder hate Panini?

  8. Littlepig Fruitleader

    Littlepig Fruitleader6 시간 전

    Shnitzel: (speaks normally) “Years of academy training wasted!”

  9. Ryaquaza 1

    Ryaquaza 16 시간 전

    Everybody gangster until Schnitzel stops the *rada rada*

  10. Alan G. Bandala

    Alan G. Bandala6 시간 전

    Nunca me gustó Chowder, pero esto si me gustó por alguna razón XD

  11. Stuart Brebnor

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  12. Stuart Brebnor

    Stuart Brebnor7 시간 전


  13. Stuart Brebnor

    Stuart Brebnor7 시간 전


  14. 5868 8686

    5868 86867 시간 전

    The epic crossover

  15. Queen B

    Queen B7 시간 전

    Bro I just realized panini is from chower....I'm slow

  16. cervidae

    cervidae7 시간 전

    His belt said "Rada" which made it funnier

  17. RHYANNON Schenck

    RHYANNON Schenck7 시간 전

    Titynn good to see you have a great day and black Friday

  18. jab

    jab7 시간 전

    what is this

  19. Kraken King

    Kraken King8 시간 전

    Yeah but why tho???

  20. RhysES Comics & Paper Animation

    RhysES Comics & Paper Animation9 시간 전

    I didn't know all these years Schnitzel learned english 😮

  21. E-Dubble Graal

    E-Dubble Graal10 시간 전

    something only 2000 s squad will remember

  22. Ken net

    Ken net10 시간 전

    do a version of gumball,this is beatifull

  23. Mangos bango

    Mangos bango12 시간 전

    Shouldn't panini be the one chasing chowder and chowder getting away from panini?

  24. supermario luke

    supermario luke13 시간 전

    Da baby: they like girls, I like girls. Lil nas x: well yes but, actually no. Edit: I hope this is original

  25. Dave the Duck

    Dave the Duck13 시간 전

    It’s funny because it’s official

  26. TAYSHAUN Alexzander

    TAYSHAUN Alexzander13 시간 전

    Wtf did I just watch? 😕 I mean I used to like chowder but jeez this takes fan dweebiness to a whole new level. 😂

  27. Dave the Duck

    Dave the Duck13 시간 전

    Lol wtf

  28. Bylloh

    Bylloh13 시간 전

    Oh wow a3rd video

  29. Chantell Benton

    Chantell Benton13 시간 전

    I love you nax

  30. Peter Jr

    Peter Jr13 시간 전

    1:07 I thought he was gay

  31. Delta Morrissey

    Delta Morrissey13 시간 전

    sick bru

  32. Vicente Ramos

    Vicente Ramos14 시간 전

    1:00 chapter 2 fortnite: ima end his career

  33. MUGEN the watcher

    MUGEN the watcher14 시간 전

    This is a masterpiece. But snitchzel should have said Rada Rada! Rada rada Rada rada!

  34. sister skinny legend megan

    sister skinny legend megan14 시간 전

    Omg cowboy emojiiiii

  35. Justdancegameplay

    Justdancegameplay15 시간 전

    Schintzel is really saying ratta ratta ratta

  36. NMK Games

    NMK Games15 시간 전

    Did you make this to weird us out about Schnitzel talking sentences

  37. Justin Hector

    Justin Hector15 시간 전

    Anyone else think he kinda milking it at this point.

  38. Aries Jackson

    Aries Jackson16 시간 전

    Bro I miss chowder show that was the stuff 😂😂😂😂

  39. Izzy Potatoes

    Izzy Potatoes16 시간 전

    Woaahhahhaha such a smart song

  40. Nasair DeJear

    Nasair DeJear16 시간 전

    I did no dabay was in but I like it

  41. Mr. NoName

    Mr. NoName17 시간 전

    Damn couldn't even get my boi Greenblatt on the animation team 😔

  42. S Carter

    S Carter17 시간 전

    Chowder oh my God why you in this video

  43. S Carter

    S Carter17 시간 전

    Oh my God is that chowder a poem English

  44. Xacklee Gaming

    Xacklee Gaming17 시간 전

    2x speed is the best play back from beginning

  45. Redninja Yt

    Redninja Yt17 시간 전

    Cartoon Network deleted scenes be like

  46. Pepe The frog

    Pepe The frog18 시간 전

    God has truly forsaken us

  47. Hyper Omg

    Hyper Omg18 시간 전

    What the film

  48. PBJ_Jams

    PBJ_Jams19 시간 전

    The Comments 1%: *Like This Song* 50%: All I hEaR iS rAdA rAdA 49%: ThIs mAn gOt 42069 rEmIxEs oF tHiS sOnG

  49. Diar Haxhishabani

    Diar Haxhishabani19 시간 전

    1:57 Interesting a rabbit is screaming and is bigger than a plane

  50. Jurgita Uchvaldaite

    Jurgita Uchvaldaite19 시간 전

    Lil nas x do you watch Chowder?!

  51. ĐH Gaming

    ĐH Gaming19 시간 전

    This is kinda weird for me

  52. GD EnchantedDirt

    GD EnchantedDirt19 시간 전

    I feel bad for any kid that doesn’t know what chowder is.

  53. Fanuel MetalGodzilla9

    Fanuel MetalGodzilla920 시간 전

    No mames no encontre comentarios en español😠

  54. Esceinnon [Garry's Mod]

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  55. LimboTheory

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  56. Danigamer 01

    Danigamer 0120 시간 전

    Lo mejor que he oído

  57. Айкар Седалищев

    Айкар Седалищев20 시간 전

    Where s RADA RADA

  58. The Mr.W Channel

    The Mr.W Channel21 시간 전

    Chowder is lil Nas X Panini is Skai Jackson Schnitzel is DaBaby Chowder holograms is robots

  59. Ed's Youtube

    Ed's Youtube22 시간 전

    Stealing from nirvana

  60. travis epps

    travis epps22 시간 전

    Not gunna lie these chowder animation on point with lyrics 🤣😂💀