Lil Durk - Bougie feat. Meek Mill (Official Audio)


  1. Lil Durk

    Lil Durk3 개월 전

    WHO READY 4 LS4TS2 ??

  2. Darius Holden

    Darius Holden11 일 전

    Do a project wit Roddy Ricch

  3. Anthony moffatt

    Anthony moffatt개월 전


  4. kie G

    kie G개월 전

    This bangz hard Durk. Respect from London Uk 🤫

  5. Nathaniel Johnson

    Nathaniel Johnson2 개월 전

    Drop it, niCCa damx 🤣😁💙

  6. Mark Joseph

    Mark Joseph2 개월 전

    We gonna be ready.... But will be ready ready.....?

  7. Raad Almansoori

    Raad Almansoori3 일 전

    Music video

  8. Bionic C

    Bionic C20 일 전

    First thing on my mind is a check U don't want no fashion Nova U want some Gucci

  9. Nello G

    Nello G21 일 전

    Came along way from da trenches ridin CTA I felt dat oms I did too real talk 💯💯💯

  10. Nello G

    Nello G21 일 전

    Alley-op my bitch give her back bro n she better not come back wit her back broke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. payton norman for life

    payton norman for life23 일 전

    The first part and the last OMG fire🔥

  12. The real AVENUE ELZ TV

    The real AVENUE ELZ TV24 일 전

    Avenue elz hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥who agree

  13. Rebecca Burton

    Rebecca Burton24 일 전


  14. YoungRangerJu

    YoungRangerJu개월 전

    This song makes me think of the bitches in chicago

  15. Drugz

    Drugz개월 전


  16. Darvis Vilchez

    Darvis Vilchez개월 전

    This shit gay “Better not send my bitch back with her back broke??” WTF

  17. Alicia Manson

    Alicia Manson개월 전


  18. M.L. Flagg

    M.L. Flagg개월 전

    All of sudden Richard Mille watches are now popping, the power of hip hop

  19. Peyton Clark

    Peyton Clark개월 전

    2020,yea doe

  20. Tkay DaSav

    Tkay DaSav개월 전

    "And I heard he rat I'm spitting T.E Ay " 😴😴 am I the only one who caught that lol



    meek mill 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Aitana Thomas-EL

    Aitana Thomas-EL개월 전

    When I’m gone off these drugs I don’t think about my ex 😩

  23. Aitana Thomas-EL

    Aitana Thomas-EL개월 전

    When I’m gone off these drugs I don’t think about my ex 😩

  24. Aitana Thomas-EL

    Aitana Thomas-EL개월 전

    When I’m gone off these drugs I don’t think about my ex 😩

  25. Lil BooThang

    Lil BooThang개월 전

    Durk is daddyyyy😍😍😍😏💋

  26. Rebecca Burton

    Rebecca Burton개월 전


  27. ia ra

    ia ra개월 전


  28. Elijah Wallis

    Elijah Wallis개월 전

    Club Banger! Volume Up!

  29. Freddie Foxworth

    Freddie Foxworth개월 전

    Meek always come with bangers!!!

  30. JAYROD ._

    JAYROD ._개월 전

    I’m probably the only one who listens to meek verse only😂🐐

  31. JAYROD ._

    JAYROD ._개월 전

    YBN Gøttï that’s my favorite rapper so it’s like special to me😂

  32. YBN Gøttï

    YBN Gøttï개월 전

    JAYROD ._ not only u my guy i be repeating his verse every time😭🔥🔥

  33. Lzy-Jinx

    Lzy-Jinx개월 전

    Chill lil durk you gonna burn me to death with all this fire🔥

  34. Fresh Ghost

    Fresh Ghost개월 전

    From the choppa to the jet it look like GTA

  35. Jasmine E.

    Jasmine E.개월 전

    Both kill’d this beat. Bars for Days.

  36. BG 216

    BG 216개월 전

    Silly. Rappers dissin on the same song.durk don't fuck meek

  37. plentycashgaming

    plentycashgaming개월 전

    Oh I think I'm bougie

  38. William Woodlin

    William Woodlin개월 전

    I like your music

  39. Crystal Squad

    Crystal Squad2 개월 전

    My friend teased me with this song when he say daddy gimme dis because I like a boy who go me school

  40. Fans Page

    Fans Page2 개월 전

    I popped some ex I was geeking I dm’d JLo 😂🤞🔥🔥

  41. Jai Sade

    Jai Sade2 개월 전

    Wait I just heard Drake say that JLo line recently. Who inspired who?

  42. Aaliyah Boyce

    Aaliyah Boyce2 개월 전

  43. Shizuo Rī

    Shizuo Rī2 개월 전

    “If He Too Loud And He Too Wild Then He Get Paid For” 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Evan Chaney

    Evan Chaney2 개월 전

    oooo i think im bougie

  45. Sey

    Sey2 개월 전

    this hit different in a wheel 🔥🔥

  46. Kimaria Miller

    Kimaria Miller2 개월 전

    This visual so hard!!!!!

  47. Mikel Elis

    Mikel Elis2 개월 전

    Banger don’t piss me of 🇬🇧

  48. Kade

    Kade2 개월 전


  49. Davonni Renee

    Davonni Renee2 개월 전


  50. Rhea Mendoza

    Rhea Mendoza2 개월 전

    First thing on my mind when I wake up is a check 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Austin -

    Austin -2 개월 전

    he said when im off the drugs i dont think about ny ex 😂😂😂 this niggas a fool

  52. chachi said

    chachi said2 개월 전

    My shit

  53. Tremayne Carter

    Tremayne Carter2 개월 전


  54. K KKING

    K KKING2 개월 전

    The song is fire

  55. shareef chandler

    shareef chandler2 개월 전

    Alley opp my bitch to harden give her back bro, and you better not send my bitch back with her back broke.. real rap 😂😂

  56. will smith

    will smith2 개월 전

    🔥🔥💯💯 Facts

  57. King Sweet

    King Sweet2 개월 전


  58. LoudPakz

    LoudPakz2 개월 전

    5...10mill...couple months

  59. Shakina Frink

    Shakina Frink2 개월 전


  60. Wolf !

    Wolf !2 개월 전

    Bro that Producer tag is too fucking damn loud

  61. JayyXo

    JayyXo2 개월 전

    This Beat Smack🔥

  62. The Wave Family

    The Wave Family2 개월 전

    Uhhh I think I’m bougee

  63. TFlamesMoney69 tt

    TFlamesMoney69 tt2 개월 전

    Bet not send my bitch back with her back broke

  64. dcanemone43

    dcanemone432 개월 전

    What’s the producers name? I couldn’t really hear the tag.




  66. Fuck U Pay Me

    Fuck U Pay Me2 개월 전

    Chi-Raq + Philly = Crack 🔫💯😎✌🏽

  67. Bullsnation

    Bullsnation2 개월 전


  68. YungxJT

    YungxJT2 개월 전

    Too much on my mind when I wake up I’mma mess, I been speedin when I drive, homies think that Imma wreck, if you fuckin wit my squad we gon hitchu in the neck, or we gon spray you wit that 22. til there isn’t nun