Lil Durk - Bora Bora (Official Music Video)


  1. Lil Durk

    Lil Durk개월 전

    all this clout shit, you chasin that

  2. StreetRunna Baby

    StreetRunna Baby3 일 전 I fukk with you Durk check my shit out

  3. Kat Woman

    Kat Woman7 일 전

    Funeral suit and tie I’ll shoot for da guys 💯💯🤞🏾💙💙💙

  4. Kat Woman

    Kat Woman7 일 전

    Lil Durk that’s Balenciaga space CADET💯💯🤞🏾

  5. Iyannah Parker

    Iyannah Parker9 일 전

    this shit hard

  6. stone Rome

    stone Rome10 일 전

    @The Fresh Raikage kissing bitches ew😷

  7. Keshon Robinson

    Keshon Robinson2 시간 전

    Aye anybody know the model who had the beautiful eyes and red swimsuit do she gtta IG

  8. Andrew Pouncil

    Andrew Pouncil18 시간 전

    This a banger Lil Durk Killed this song beat is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Jonny Aufiero

    Jonny Aufiero19 시간 전

    Beat was too hard for the flow

  10. Joker boy

    Joker boy2 일 전

    Im sorry but he look like a fool with them blonde dreads.

  11. Parrallel Kwerqz

    Parrallel Kwerqz3 일 전

    Who is better Lil Durk or Roddy Rich Like if Lil Durk Like if Roddy Rich

  12. Parrallel Kwerqz

    Parrallel Kwerqz3 일 전

    Btw I dont care i spelled ricch like that so dont say that

  13. kyle hill

    kyle hill3 일 전

    Stand up for my city and one our stars ..see u through no love respect

  14. Mack Diesel

    Mack Diesel3 일 전

    I’m tryna figure out who his idol with the fake Patek is

  15. Jonny Aufiero

    Jonny Aufiero19 시간 전

    Mack Diesel guessing a Chicago rapper

  16. Tibor Németh

    Tibor Németh3 일 전


  17. StreetRunna Baby

    StreetRunna Baby3 일 전 check my shit out🔥🔥🔥

  18. JayJay Rackedup

    JayJay Rackedup4 일 전

    Lil durk and quando rondo

  19. Angel Paniagua

    Angel Paniagua4 일 전




    " I Put Blood In My Shahada , I Got Kufis wit me now"💪

  21. Brendan L

    Brendan L4 일 전

    RIP Pluto

  22. mjwife 312

    mjwife 3124 일 전

    my shitttt

  23. Martin Panyak

    Martin Panyak5 일 전

    This is the most fking underrated song in the fking world

  24. Cook Goated

    Cook Goated5 일 전

    Now this is the 2012 durk😈

  25. lorraine simser

    lorraine simser5 일 전

    Why didn’t he shoot in bora bora 🙃

  26. Leah 22

    Leah 226 일 전

    Why name the video bora bora and you shoot it in miami

  27. MosFRM254

    MosFRM2546 일 전

    them hi hats is crazy!!!!

  28. Tellem_ Lando

    Tellem_ Lando7 일 전

  29. Cesar LaFlame

    Cesar LaFlame7 일 전

    My man said kissing girls eww lmao😂😂😂

  30. Keanan Williams

    Keanan Williams8 일 전

    Lil durk what the hell is a balenciaga space cadet

  31. CtG Mello

    CtG Mello8 일 전

    Go listen he better than Durk

  32. AMD LIFE

    AMD LIFE8 일 전

    Look at me and bitch... beauty and a beast

  33. jeremy mcneely

    jeremy mcneely9 일 전

    Love it

  34. PG8 Fitness

    PG8 Fitness10 일 전

    She ain’t 80 yet

  35. Slapface 313

    Slapface 31311 일 전


  36. Marlanda Salak

    Marlanda Salak11 일 전

    I love lil durk so much he always gonna be the best RAPPER

  37. Deborah Rankins

    Deborah Rankins11 일 전

    Loyalty Gang Ent

  38. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams11 일 전

    Durk been consistent since "Signed to the Streets" underrated by a longshot!

  39. Uniquely Kristie

    Uniquely Kristie12 일 전

    All this clout shit you chasing that Balenciaga 👟space cadet🌌 I don't even fuck with niggas I just rather chase a check💵💰🤑 🔥🔥🔥🔥(PERIOD🔊) On repeat 📻🎚🎧🔁


    MARIOakaSTRiKER12 일 전

    I do not know who Lil Durk is or why I am here, but it is kinda nice lol.

  41. Curtiss Christenson

    Curtiss Christenson8 일 전

    Aye yall see durk getting more recognition 🤯🔥

  42. Wakinyan Gonzalez

    Wakinyan Gonzalez12 일 전

    Durk said "I seen my idol wit a fake patek" #noautodurk Expose these niggas

  43. Christian Bass

    Christian Bass13 일 전

    Just found out about lil durk fire 🔥

  44. NoNoTeamBo$$

    NoNoTeamBo$$13 일 전

    All this clout shit, you chasin' that, Balenciaga, space cadet I don't even fuck with niggas, I'd just rather chase a check

  45. The Wendigo

    The Wendigo14 일 전


  46. Bully Service2k

    Bully Service2k14 일 전


  47. Bully Service2k

    Bully Service2k14 일 전


  48. Jordan Lucas

    Jordan Lucas15 일 전


  49. Jordan Lucas

    Jordan Lucas15 일 전


  50. Esteban Pedraza

    Esteban Pedraza15 일 전

    Check my song out

  51. DracoBlocc Gang

    DracoBlocc Gang16 일 전

    Offa lotta pills , kissing bitches EW !!

  52. GlryGng Jay

    GlryGng Jay17 일 전

    Everyone says durk passed sosa but they don’t know sosa lost computers worth of music back in 2013 !!

  53. June Walker

    June Walker17 일 전


  54. micheal faraday

    micheal faraday17 일 전


  55. selena sipra

    selena sipra17 일 전


  56. Sonia Deveau

    Sonia Deveau17 일 전


  57. Gladys Feval

    Gladys Feval17 일 전


  58. Kay Marie

    Kay Marie18 일 전

    Pluto was killed in a car crash...

  59. Augustine Williams

    Augustine Williams18 일 전

    “I just seen my idol with a fake Patek” 😳

  60. Swogang JoJo

    Swogang JoJo18 일 전

    Lil durk new artist work

  61. Swogang JoJo

    Swogang JoJo18 일 전

  62. Frank Polke

    Frank Polke19 일 전

    Women on point in video bout time durk on his shit green light was his military of shooters this his military of women.. 💸💸 💸 🔥 boat n women n durkio...

  63. NxD GVNG

    NxD GVNG19 일 전

    sht go crazy

  64. Lil Jetli

    Lil Jetli19 일 전

    Click the link for crazy video

  65. iPhoon

    iPhoon19 일 전

    Dassa Dassa Baddie

  66. Victor 74

    Victor 7419 일 전

    bdk but this song slaps

  67. Lxck Malik

    Lxck Malik19 일 전

    music video too trash do some real nigga shit not a bunch of hoes whores

  68. Kenneth Jackson

    Kenneth Jackson20 일 전

    Song and video is cool but those pants he warring must’ve belonged to one of those girls