Lil Durk - B.O.N [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Dir. By @RioProdBXC


  1. Jester King

    Jester King일 전


  2. Oumar Mohamed telmidy

    Oumar Mohamed telmidy일 전

    One of the realest 🔥

  3. Gus No Lackin

    Gus No Lackin일 전


  4. brittney leavell

    brittney leavell2 일 전


  5. Rivaldo Blackman

    Rivaldo Blackman5 일 전

    Need this Durk back😔

  6. Dream Chaser

    Dream Chaser7 일 전

    I've been looking for this song for years and finally found it 💯✊😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. why you always lien

    why you always lien11 일 전

    “Take me outta chiraq, like Jordan off the bulls” . That was literally a cry for help back then 💔. So glad he’s made it far . Durk is the only Chicago rapper who really raps about the perspective of chi raq.

  8. Triniti Scott

    Triniti Scott13 일 전

    I would take this Durk over the new Durk anyday.

  9. Property of Yah

    Property of Yah9 일 전

    I think the new Durk is being forced. He just don't seem himself.....

  10. Sam Bradley

    Sam Bradley12 일 전

    Everybody would

  11. Soul Searchin

    Soul Searchin18 일 전


  12. NP Mexicano

    NP Mexicano18 일 전

    6ix9ine jacket Lil Durk noCap

  13. Timothy Olofson

    Timothy Olofson18 일 전

    he said at 1:41, " Now I'm in LA, eat Shrimp and Dick" wtf?!

  14. Dump Bell

    Dump Bell22 일 전

    Rip Chino S/0 300 46 / Otd Dog Pound

  15. O G

    O G23 일 전

    I wish this was on Apple Music

  16. Kristina Parker

    Kristina Parker28 일 전

    Lil durk is a nasty rapper

  17. Kristina Parker

    Kristina Parker28 일 전


  18. Don Maliki

    Don Maliki개월 전

    I dont shoot.

  19. Tiyah F

    Tiyah F개월 전

    2019 STR8 BANG🔥🔥🔥



    1:22 durk such a snake diss capo while acting like he snatching a chain , that’s why sosa don’t fwy🤡🤡🤡

  21. Lul Shorty

    Lul Shorty22 일 전

    Mr Bulletz “ Net WORTH “ Obviously .. Didnt Say Anything About Him Having More Money Than Keef But He’s Worth More 🤧 . He Dont Give A Fuck If Keef Fw Him or Not lmaoo

  22. Mr Bulletz

    Mr Bulletz23 일 전

    @Lul Shorty do you know what net worth means ? It means how much money he's worth not how much money he have

  23. Lul Shorty

    Lul Shorty23 일 전

    Check The Net Worth 🥶 .

  24. Lul Shorty

    Lul Shorty23 일 전

    i Mean I Dont Think He Cares If Sosa Doesnt Fw Him 😂🤨 . Durk Gettinn Too A Bag 🗣 Features On Top Of Features Shows After Shows 🗣

  25. Lul Shorty

    Lul Shorty23 일 전

    You Came Back To This Too Point That Out 😂🤨 ? Goofy Ass Nigga .

  26. Shay Williams

    Shay Williams개월 전

    Dats da lil durk i would've love 2 meet 💙🤦

  27. ZAYWOP

    ZAYWOP개월 전

    When Durk was in his prime

  28. Sam Bradley

    Sam Bradley25 일 전

    ZAYWOP yep, this is the only Durk I listen to, and signed to the streets 2

  29. ZAYWOP

    ZAYWOP개월 전


  30. movie guru

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  31. Jaquan Smith

    Jaquan Smith개월 전


  32. James2wohard

    James2wohard개월 전

    We need the old durk back 💯

  33. Bousteri

    Bousteri개월 전

    This is legendary

  34. Wakinyan Gonzalez

    Wakinyan Gonzalez개월 전

    Sup 2019?

  35. Baby Girl

    Baby Girl2 개월 전

    Who still bump this loud af n the whip 🔊🔊🚘🔥🔥🔥🎯

  36. sunny xo

    sunny xo2 개월 전


  37. Choppa CD

    Choppa CD2 개월 전

    Nle choppa took his lyric. "Knock meat out his taco"

  38. Levar Kizer

    Levar Kizer2 개월 전

    Check out Levar Kizer on KOreporter O.L.N

  39. Sammy Yo

    Sammy Yo2 개월 전

    2020 anybody? Or I’m tweakin

  40. Sammy Yo

    Sammy Yo20 일 전

    Doris Tolefree you just broke

  41. Doris Tolefree

    Doris Tolefree20 일 전

    Sammy Yo u jus high

  42. Stay Woke TV

    Stay Woke TV2 개월 전


  43. 626 San Gabriel

    626 San Gabriel2 개월 전



    YOUNGG KINGG2 개월 전

    This song hard but I didn’t realize he said lean hella times

  45. Ровный Бро

    Ровный Бро3 개월 전


  46. Bo Jangles

    Bo Jangles3 개월 전

    Haha, 2:30 he turn away a girl and talking about busting a nut on some niggas? This dude gay as hell, and that autotune don't help.

  47. Kenny D.

    Kenny D.3 개월 전

    His best shit

  48. chrishaun green

    chrishaun green3 개월 전

    I miss the old durk no 🧢. He still that nigga tho, when he want to be.

  49. Gboybeatz

    Gboybeatz3 개월 전

    Who cant wait for some new durk

  50. Smurfito Brigante

    Smurfito Brigante3 개월 전

    LSFTS2 BROUGHT ME BACK HERE he was in This bag on There! 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Simply Sno

    Simply Sno3 개월 전


  52. remi giraudet

    remi giraudet3 개월 전


  53. Skarooch

    Skarooch3 개월 전

    Put this shit on spotify!

  54. Armin Bulagic

    Armin Bulagic3 개월 전

    August 2019?

  55. Glock Osama

    Glock Osama3 개월 전

    King L was harder

  56. Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods3 개월 전


  57. Endless Positivity

    Endless Positivity3 개월 전

    Hardest beat from Durk Hands Down 🤘🔥

  58. Yzeed Almushifry

    Yzeed Almushifry3 개월 전


  59. Pyrex TV

    Pyrex TV4 개월 전

    Why all these us video shot inside tho here in the uk we always outside

  60. Humble World

    Humble World4 개월 전

    I miss this durk bring him back, LSFTS2. 😈

  61. imarivision/greenspinach

    imarivision/greenspinach4 개월 전

    Def need this durk back

  62. Damien Gillum

    Damien Gillum4 개월 전


  63. Jonny Flame

    Jonny Flame4 개월 전

    We need the otf old durk back

  64. Nauj 1017

    Nauj 10174 개월 전

    Yes we do

  65. teebz R

    teebz R4 개월 전

    La Capone and king von way better then durk

  66. im not here anymore

    im not here anymore4 개월 전

    Take me out of chiraq like jordan off the bulls how you the king of chiraq you aint got no pull💯

  67. Branson Barrish

    Branson Barrish4 개월 전

    Fire ASF 🔥 🔥

  68. Steppa Kee

    Steppa Kee4 개월 전

    Nbs Dis Durk Come Back Da Rap Game OV

  69. Sammy Sosaa

    Sammy Sosaa4 개월 전

    I seen a couple niggas that I cannot mug Again bang bang 🔥💥

  70. Eb Bunny

    Eb Bunny4 개월 전

    Sounds like Tekashi ....

  71. FreeBlizzGang100#616#313#SSBX

    FreeBlizzGang100#616#313#SSBX4 개월 전

    This the durk we need