LeeMinJung is Bringing the Soup Over and LeeByungHun is Already Finished [My Little Old Boy Ep 114]


  1. De Artifex

    De Artifex4 일 전

    Is she still with her husband?

  2. JC this

    JC this10 일 전

    She's like a korean version of Emilia Clarke 💗

  3. Joe Frazier's Left Hook

    Joe Frazier's Left Hook6 일 전

    Stop marginalizing nonwestern celebrities. She’s only a “korean version” of anything to lazy racist ignorant people.

  4. Joe Frazier's Left Hook

    Joe Frazier's Left Hook11 일 전

    I still remembered her on Running Man Episodes 72 and 73 in Hong Kong way back in Dec 2011. She was so cute and adorable then. Now she is just flat out beautiful. Her face reminds me of Park Ji-yeon of T-ARA.

  5. lucyyyzz m311

    lucyyyzz m31128 일 전

    If Lee Byun Hyun read this comment section, he would have a mental breakdown since he knows English enough to understand these comments😅😅

  6. kimmie drummer

    kimmie drummer2 개월 전

    I could never take a man back who so disrespected me. The poor child will know about it one day when inevitably they'll see reports. Men need to respect marriage and their vows.

  7. Ho Lee cheng

    Ho Lee cheng2 개월 전

    'To err is human n to forgive is divine' Many of her fans wld fully agree tt this proverb suits her n everyone incl her husband deserves a second chance. For all we know, she has been v magnanimous towards him despite his many past scandals.

  8. Kiara Luna

    Kiara Luna3 개월 전

    Isn't he like 12 years older than her? Damn the level of maturity she has compared to him.. Imagine cheating on this talented beautiful women..... Lmao that should be a sin

  9. Scared Cat

    Scared Cat3 개월 전

    Sorry but I still remember how he cheat on her while she’s pregnant... looking at her saying sweet things about him kinda sad.

  10. Maliha Karim

    Maliha Karim3 개월 전

    Some questions seem to be way too personal 😔

  11. Christina Ann

    Christina Ann3 개월 전

    She definitely deserved better.

  12. Moon Light

    Moon Light3 개월 전

    Let the past in the past. Lee min jung and lee byung hun seems happy now. LBH often brought his wife and son to overseas for holiday/for work. They recently went to LA and Santorini, Greece. Check out their instagram posts. They might not post their pic together, but sometimes reporters caught them at the airport or there are some people took pic of them in LA

  13. alvin serdana

    alvin serdana3 개월 전

    they are six years married...this is good

  14. Michelle Chuah

    Michelle Chuah4 개월 전

    Lee ming jung is a great actress.I saw her once when she acted in Cunning Lady. She is so pretty , sweet and charming.🙂🙂

  15. Michelle Chuah

    Michelle Chuah4 개월 전

    Why did he cheat on her when he has a young beautiful wife. Hope he will not cheat her again.

  16. edtin ramasari

    edtin ramasari5 개월 전

    To ask if she had ever been disappointed by her husband was...the writers should've been more sensitive. Everyone knows how the scandal affected her family.

  17. Ces Ferr

    Ces Ferr6 개월 전

    she's so pretty

  18. risman putra

    risman putra6 개월 전

    salah satu aktris yg gw suka wajahnya di korea *lee min jung^^

  19. tyle 999

    tyle 9997 개월 전

    She's so perfect yet she got a cheater husband. I can feel that she's just enduring it all. 😭

  20. Saraswati Hazain

    Saraswati Hazain7 개월 전

    She look like suzy

  21. Ru Ja

    Ru Ja7 개월 전

    Lee Min Jung is really cool and warm-hearted. ❤

  22. Lala Lila

    Lala Lila8 개월 전

    I admire her after the scandal happen, she ever said: "every marriage/relationship have problems but it doesn't mean when it's didn't work you can just throw it away & leave it/running away from it...instead fix it & work it out together, every people/marriage/relationship deserve a second change"...she is young (far young then her husband), she is marriage in young age + when she was on top her carrier ...but she is mature, wise, breave, beautiful & he is soo lucky to have her as his wife & a mother of his children....he better not loose her...

  23. Ho Lee cheng

    Ho Lee cheng2 개월 전

    @Elene Qaldani Your English is considered to be rather good as long as it's understandable by d many viewers.

  24. daniella b

    daniella b2 개월 전

    lucyyyzz m311 oh god that’s horrible

  25. lucyyyzz m311

    lucyyyzz m3112 개월 전

    daniella b ye ye after a year of their marriage,, you can find it on internet,.... when she was in france to attend her friend's wedding, he met 2 women in their 20s and he dated one of them and then they blackmailed him.

  26. daniella b

    daniella b3 개월 전

    @Tralala_Beez what happened ? Did he cheat on her after they got married ?

  27. Tralala_Beez

    Tralala_Beez3 개월 전

    The fact that she was pregnant with his chld when that happened might have taken some part too in her decision to stay with her husband. And also the fact that divorced women are still perceived in a negative way in Korea, much so that staying with a cheating husband still seems like a better choice than getting a divorce. More so when you're a celebrity. And also the fact that the marriage was still very new. And also the possibility that she still loves him so much.

  28. Naomi Sait

    Naomi Sait8 개월 전

    that awkward moment when she says that when she first married he ate too fast and it disappointed her...

  29. Lamune Bloodriver

    Lamune Bloodriver9 개월 전

    LOL! when the MC`s ask if she ever got disappointed in her husband.. THATS AWKWARD AS HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL fucking brutal hahahahahah

  30. puddlemini

    puddlemini9 개월 전

    idk why but I find LBH kind of sleazy

  31. Aaiish

    Aaiish2 개월 전

    @Sam Rao correction: totally is***

  32. Sam Rao

    Sam Rao3 개월 전

    he kinda is

  33. Ana Maria Perez

    Ana Maria Perez11 개월 전

    que linda familia Lee byung hun

  34. M Park

    M Park11 개월 전

    What a strange decision... to go on a television show to be passively poked and prodded about such a topic.

  35. puddlemini

    puddlemini9 개월 전

    She obviously came on the show to make a new image. 100% the questions they're asking were preapproved topics

  36. Iwana Gohome

    Iwana Gohome10 개월 전

    Nothing strange in the least. Public figures open themselves to being asked about, commented upon and being probed. If one dislike this aspect, then keep out of the public view and be very private...don't court the media and seek the limelight for fame and recognition.

  37. dhglowlightblue

    dhglowlightblue11 개월 전

    She is sooooo pretty and charming 💕 the mums here really like her, and that says something about her character!

  38. stewjd76

    stewjd7611 개월 전

    Now that was real awkward. Everyone knows her husband wasn't faithful to her and to ask if she'd ever been disappointed by him...

  39. Ho Lee cheng

    Ho Lee cheng개월 전

    @Tralala_Beez How r we to know n it cld be d other way round, 'coz someone had ever mentioned tt d authorities/ court can be bribe by d one who has d power n money to offer them.

  40. Janet Chima

    Janet Chima개월 전

    She's courageous and a great actress. Her game face was perfect.

  41. Ten nam

    Ten nam7 개월 전

    @ATB FIFA what like he was banging around in gangnam...damn he is famous ..everyone will know him doing such a cheap thing...its so shocking to hear from such a good looking person..i really wonder how his wife cope up with him..i wont trust him if i were her..

  42. one 1994

    one 19947 개월 전

    @just Mee even it is before, but still they are still dating

  43. ATB FIFA

    ATB FIFA7 개월 전

    Lol Lee Byung Hyun has a reputation in Gangnam to whore around. He has been far from faithful. My friend has a friend who banged him

  44. Ardiano99

    Ardiano9911 개월 전

    I'm sorry to ask this, is lee minjung more beautifull than kim tae hee ?

  45. Iwana Gohome

    Iwana Gohome10 개월 전

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Each has their own charm and appeal.

  46. Ha Dang

    Ha Dang11 개월 전

    True. He is her husband good and bad. Divorce and continute to work our their marriage. That was her choice. It must be very difficult for her to deal with the scandal when just about the deliver the baby. It seems true that she is a thoughtful person. But "marriage is all about hard work" quoted by david beckham. I dont see any wrong with that

  47. Misael Sitepu

    Misael Sitepu3 개월 전

    @A 680 i dont think divorce is the solution too so dont advice people too divorce, divorce is not a good way for finish problem but can make new problem so dont bother other people live to advice divorce

  48. A 680

    A 6809 개월 전

    while marriage is about hard work, i don't think it's fair if one has to work all the more harder. But the fact that she worked hard to forgive him for the shit he did, i hope in turn he's working all the more harder to make up for it all.

  49. Allison Veluz

    Allison Veluz11 개월 전

    honestly i despise the fact that majority of the comments on this episode and clip keep bringing up the past scandal like that was obviously between the couple and those directly involved so why do continue to bring it up. it was a hard and difficult time for this couple and it is probably painful for them every time it is mentioned. people who continue to comment on how the wife deserves a better person should just stop making these remarks. It is their relationship, their marriage and their life so stop acting that you know what is best for them when you don't. I am sure they discussed this enough in private. Also those who keep bringing up how divorce is seen as a negative in korea really need to stop. It isn't that portrayed that negatively when there has been new discussions and exposure to it. There are even shows with celebrity cast who have been divorced and have gotten remarried heck there even was a drama about it so stop creating all this negativity towards the husband and bringing up the past and freaking move on.

  50. Iwana Gohome

    Iwana Gohome10 개월 전

    You have to take the rough and the smooth if you opt for the public eye. They are public figures and they courted the media for fame and thus their lives are fair game for comments.

  51. calvin yip

    calvin yip11 개월 전

    Damn if I have a wife like Lee min Jung everyday I go home and flirt with her lol that's why you marry your wife and not playing around need to be faithful. Plus they have a kid. He can't do that.

  52. Sam Rao

    Sam Rao3 개월 전

    he doesn't seem to completely understand her value sadly 😔

  53. Priya p

    Priya p7 개월 전

    calvin yip hmmmm m vry upset that ma queen z nt happy in real life.... o god send some hero in her life n help her to escape all the problems n live a happy life

  54. Iwana Gohome

    Iwana Gohome10 개월 전

    There is no cure for men who are philanderers. They would cheat at every opportunity, it is part of their make up. The only 'cure' is when they become impotent. That's when they cannot get it up anymore and thus unable to perform, hence they have no choice but to stop fcuking around, hehe

  55. Cadi Levox

    Cadi Levox년 전

    What a beautiful woman. Inside out. I just cannot understand how she had that unfortunate experience in her marriage. I just hope she and her husband are real tight now.

  56. Moonchild KNJ912

    Moonchild KNJ912년 전

    Minjung unnie you are so pretty and i love your drama so much, fighting ... #FateAndFury 💜

  57. Miseop Lee

    Miseop Lee년 전

    She is very pretty my lord! I like her she is sweet and such a great actress!

  58. SunTree

    SunTree년 전

    She is good actress, but why didn't she worked as actress after her marriage, this is so sad, I wan't see on drama or movie. she was so young, over 20 years younger than her husband actor Lee Byun Hyun is already over 50, who one of korean richest actor. He has already all thing, but had affair, i think, most rich old men are same, they can't change

  59. stewjd76

    stewjd7611 개월 전

    She's in a drama now "Fate and Furies". She had a baby so I don't blame her. Someone's gotta take care of the baby!

  60. yen sei

    yen sei년 전

    No, Lee Byung Hyun is 48y/o while Lee Min Jung is 36 so 12yrs gap.. They were married back in 2013 and since then she had her shows like Cunning Single Lady, Come Back Mister and now Fate & Furies..

  61. Natasya Kim

    Natasya Kim년 전

    She so pretty..

  62. Mermaid

    Mermaid년 전

    body language is unhappy...... poor Minjungie but marriage is never an easy ride

  63. shiera Hasif

    shiera Hasif년 전

    I watched Cunning Single Lady and saw she's acting with joo sang wook..She's so beautiful..Currently her new drama is airing now and she's reunite with joo sang wook in fates & furies.

  64. Angelica Liguid

    Angelica Liguid8 개월 전

    I really love their chemistry 😍😍

  65. Satrio DAC

    Satrio DAC년 전

    she choose her words very very carefully. haha

  66. Soru7

    Soru7년 전

    for all the pathetic hating piece of shits here spreading lies around, no, lee byung hun did not cheat on her, he was drunk and talked about sexual things with 2 women, who then blackmailed him to get some money out of him, thats it. therefore no cheating happened, go look up that word, if you degenerated haters dont know what it means, and then dont use such words you dont even understand yourselves...