Lee Byung-hun vs. T.O.P in stand off for ransom of little girl | Clip from 'Iris: The Movie'


  1. AsianCrush

    AsianCrush8 개월 전

    Stream 'Iris' on the web: bit.ly/2OrHlvP Or watch on PrimeVideo: amzn.to/2JKy9E7 *only available in US & Canada*

  2. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy Bears27 일 전

    Choi Seung Hyun definitely has a unique look to him as does Kim Jisoo. YG is onto something

  3. A Cup Of Tae

    A Cup Of Tae29 일 전

    Okay but T.O.P is a snack. That thumbnail killed me

  4. デュラはぁん

    デュラはぁん개월 전


  5. eunoia

    eunoia개월 전

    T.o.p voice killed me thousand times

  6. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy Bears27 일 전

    I swear his voice doesn't sound like this IRL

  7. Lam Nguyen

    Lam Nguyen2 개월 전

    Tôi rất thích top vì hợp vai diễn hành động

  8. Асыл Умирова

    Асыл Умирова2 개월 전

    I've watched this scene when I was 5 or 6, and the silent death of Yuki hurt me so much. And TOP was my first ever crush)

  9. kuro kyoka

    kuro kyoka6 개월 전

    Waiting for TOP for Action career again , Drama or film, is OK for me. I love how his eyes say what he feel, it s so deep.

  10. Âśh Łē

    Âśh Łē7 개월 전

    T.O.P is so sexy it’s unreal wow

  11. DoubleLow7

    DoubleLow77 개월 전

    LOL you can see the dollys underneath the car at 6:29 doing all the work.

  12. dFruitzig a

    dFruitzig a8 개월 전

    0:10 I heard "Onni-Chan" for the "Guardian Angel" caption???????



    Hay cómo quisiera que Estuviera sup titulada 🇲🇽😥😥 Los actores de esta película Son muy buenos sobre todo El actor que rescata a la niña Claro también el cantante 😎💙

  14. Stranger 425

    Stranger 4258 개월 전

    (Finds out TOP is the bad guy) I love this a whole lot more

  15. ιndrιcaвlυrrмyιѕ X

    ιndrιcaвlυrrмyιѕ X8 개월 전

    I wonder what T.O.P. will look like if he were to act in a Khistorical drama?? He should!!!!

  16. Prarthana Perera

    Prarthana Perera6 개월 전

    I'd love to see him in a martial arts movie. Like the movies the shaw brothers produced😍

  17. Excuse Mee

    Excuse Mee8 개월 전

    Ok but he's so FINE

  18. softly

    softly8 개월 전

    this scene was legendary

  19. Misty Pinckley

    Misty Pinckley8 개월 전

    God he is one of the most talented and sexist men alive

  20. twicethetic puff

    twicethetic puff8 개월 전

    Youngie T.O.P♡

  21. Mhae Aguilar

    Mhae Aguilar8 개월 전

    T.O.P's voice 😍

  22. NOMOlonelyNOMOhappy

    NOMOlonelyNOMOhappy8 개월 전

    This is not TOP. This is actor Choi Seunghyun 😏

  23. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy Bears27 일 전

    @Samali Nanteza They know that. You missed the point

  24. Samali Nanteza

    Samali Nanteza2 개월 전

    Choice seunghyun is T.O.P of bigbang

  25. Kabak Marlon

    Kabak Marlon8 개월 전

    so he planned to jump off the bridge so there was car ready

  26. Choki Moon

    Choki Moon7 개월 전

    😂🤣 hihihi

  27. Nonayur Beezwax

    Nonayur Beezwax8 개월 전

    Stop ruining things! Wus wrong witchu?!!

  28. Amira. M

    Amira. M8 개월 전

    Its amazing to see this once fat boy turned to be the hottest guy ever! Like, really hot! Those sharp stare?! Gahhh

  29. Danielle Dixon

    Danielle Dixon8 개월 전

    Ok but can we just take a moment to admire T.O.P's beauty....even now. His sunken in face still races my heartt

  30. Xuxa Helgenberger

    Xuxa Helgenberger8 개월 전

    Is this true or am I dreaming 😭😭😭 is this New or watt Please someone tell me😭

  31. love ikon love bigbang

    love ikon love bigbang8 개월 전

    2010 IRIS

  32. Otaku Senpai

    Otaku Senpai8 개월 전

    This looks BAD...

  33. Mary Kathleen Sapp

    Mary Kathleen Sapp8 개월 전

    Wow...TOP looked so good and healthy here!!

  34. Vlr Srv

    Vlr Srv8 개월 전

    I clicked because of the thumbnail lol ✌️😅

  35. Ashiee Bae

    Ashiee Bae8 개월 전

    TOP will always have one of the classic visuals in kpop. The kind of visuals that is irreplacable because no one has yet have that kind of aura

  36. sandubu

    sandubu8 개월 전

    Yasss! He's an exotic korean man~ thick eyebrows, with natural eyeliner, that jaw line and deeper than ocean voice dang~

  37. hadixyz

    hadixyz8 개월 전

    best spy action military movie. 2009.

  38. m m

    m m8 개월 전

    Is T.O.P from big bang

  39. Brandon Armstrong

    Brandon Armstrong8 개월 전

    Yes he is

  40. Nick-E Nicole

    Nick-E Nicole8 개월 전

    I was just scrolling through and saw my bias *TOP!!!!!!!!!!*

  41. Nick-E Nicole

    Nick-E Nicole8 개월 전

    @Queen Jendeukie ... I miss this man so much! He'll be out in June!!

  42. Queen Jendeukie

    Queen Jendeukie8 개월 전

    Same 😂

  43. Lucas Marinho

    Lucas Marinho8 개월 전

    I Love this drama ❤ the best

  44. kibina97

    kibina978 개월 전

    Glad to see you posting Seunghyun (TOP) content! I very much appreciate it, put a smile on my face :)

  45. ARMS reenakhil

    ARMS reenakhil8 개월 전

    Wow, the title is bit distracting.

  46. Diane Plouff

    Diane Plouff8 개월 전

    Ok was Yuki kill when the car was t-bones because they never showed her after that in this clip.

  47. Mathukmi jajo

    Mathukmi jajo8 개월 전

    She was shot. Go watch, it is one of the best Korean series.

  48. hojae yun

    hojae yun8 개월 전

    It's actually a drama that was filmed back in 2010 it was REALLY a good drama hahaba

  49. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy Bears27 일 전

    2008 actually

  50. Pygmy Puff

    Pygmy Puff8 개월 전

    T.O.P Is H.O.T!

  51. Santi Sandra

    Santi Sandra8 개월 전

    T.O.P it's a great actors a great entertainer and a great singer

  52. 八神の子

    八神の子8 개월 전


  53. Santez QT

    Santez QT8 개월 전

    T.O.P oppa 🤗🤗

  54. Stef Lúthien

    Stef Lúthien8 개월 전

    I remember watching the whole series only for T.O.P when I was younger. I was kinda disappointed that he didn't appear that much but beside that I was positivly surprised by it. The series is better than the movie of course. XD