Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month


  1. Kotton Kandy

    Kotton Kandy일 전

    U should have left them in peroxide and baking soda

  2. Memphis Baker

    Memphis Baker2 일 전

    So your seeing me my name is Memphis see you some day

  3. Emma Wolfe

    Emma Wolfe3 일 전

    I literally had no idea y'all were 40 years old. You guys hide it pretty well 😂

  4. james rathbun

    james rathbun5 일 전

    I clicked it didnt work.



    2:14 start time

  6. Sydney Phill

    Sydney Phill7 일 전

    0:39stop staring at us Rhett.

  7. vansoffthewall

    vansoffthewall8 일 전

    i missed one 😂


    PEDER PLAYS8 일 전

    I was at the hospital because I had appendicitis’s

  9. Phenomenal Beast

    Phenomenal Beast9 일 전

    November 19th is my birthday

  10. Lucuri Yt

    Lucuri Yt9 일 전

    I got 4 right

  11. Wild heart broken

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  12. Megan Shadd

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  13. Megan Shadd

    Megan Shadd10 일 전

    hydrogen peroxide !!

  14. PSW Official

    PSW Official10 일 전

    Rhett when he gets a boo boo Rhett: I cut it, you lick it.

  15. DragonGaming

    DragonGaming10 일 전

    l lol

  16. Jonathan Breakfest

    Jonathan Breakfest11 일 전

    4:22 gekume’s foreskin

  17. Rainbow Rocks

    Rainbow Rocks11 일 전

    Osmosis...That's what happens to most vegetables submerged in a substance that contains water. The vegetable absorbs the water in the liquid and expands, causing the tomato to get bigger and the pumpkin to get firmer. Sorry if this is too science-y, but I just had to comment it instead of talking to the screen and face-palming when they got it wrong XD

  18. Brea :P

    Brea :P12 일 전

    Is Link’s name NEAL!?

  19. Chocolate Addict

    Chocolate Addict10 일 전

    His last name is Neal

  20. MadGameBoy

    MadGameBoy13 일 전

    '& of course we also left links glasses in mouthwash for a month' next shot of link without glasses, despite wearing them throughout video up to this point

  21. Dieppe Raid Documentary

    Dieppe Raid Documentary13 일 전


  22. Tamashi Okami

    Tamashi Okami13 일 전

    It filled up with liquid because it’s made of cells. osmosis. This is basic science.

  23. Amellia Mendel

    Amellia Mendel13 일 전

    Please do this with laundry soap

  24. IronNinjavsGaming

    IronNinjavsGaming14 일 전

    Leave things in liquid nitrogen for a month

  25. Depressed lil Potat named Luna

    Depressed lil Potat named Luna16 일 전

    Leave things in blood for a month lol

  26. That eloteman

    That eloteman16 일 전

    Do paint thinner

  27. Anna N

    Anna N16 일 전

    When he called a scalpel a knife...

  28. Lauryn-Hill Carrilho

    Lauryn-Hill Carrilho17 일 전

    *For the people who only wanted to see the tooth, like me, this is the time-> **7:07*

  29. Itz_PhoenixPlayz❤️

    Itz_PhoenixPlayz❤️18 일 전

    Link I like your old hair style😢

  30. Itz_PhoenixPlayz❤️

    Itz_PhoenixPlayz❤️18 일 전


  31. seba albo sebix

    seba albo sebix18 일 전

    *eats poop*

  32. Jeff N

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  33. Robloxian Noob

    Robloxian Noob19 일 전

    I wonder if people believe that link left his glasses in something for a month

  34. oh yeah yeah soldier

    oh yeah yeah soldier21 일 전


  35. Slut Bag

    Slut Bag23 일 전

    try bore urine and pig blood

  36. Wild Gacha

    Wild Gacha24 일 전

    Why is it that only now have i realized that the gmm fire logo actually has the letters gmm in it

  37. Mrz Sexitreatz

    Mrz Sexitreatz28 일 전

    Am I the only one who noticed link said "biological" instead of 'biodegradable" when he was talking about the tooth LMFAO!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Leia Monti

    Leia Monti29 일 전


  39. Yikesss

    Yikesss개월 전

    The teeth come in at 7:09

  40. Aaliyah Johnson

    Aaliyah Johnson개월 전

    Can y'all plzz leave things in dry ice for a month

  41. Samcuch 1

    Samcuch 1개월 전




    oN iNStaGrAm

  43. Eliza Dallamacat

    Eliza Dallamacat개월 전

    “Good mythical morning” Me: its night time right now

  44. Cyndi Campbell

    Cyndi Campbell개월 전

    Timestamp 1:50 end of sponsorship




  46. Viola the Leg Queen

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  47. Stich Iover 101

    Stich Iover 101개월 전

    Leave things in smoothed CD's

  48. Josh-motions

    Josh-motions개월 전

    Who misses links hair. Only me... oh well

  49. Jens Brenner

    Jens Brenner개월 전

    I'm quite disappointed that bleachedboarsteeth.com doesn't exist.

  50. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito개월 전

    I knew garlic'd still stink 'cause puttin' stuff in alkyhall is how you make "extract!" It extracts the dang essence! Me smart!

  51. ValerieCat

    ValerieCat개월 전

    3:06 me in Science 😩

  52. Grimmy Playz Arcades

    Grimmy Playz Arcades개월 전

    You should leave things in water for a month

  53. Binweeble _

    Binweeble _개월 전

    Liquid nitrogen would be epic

  54. T x p i c a l T x d d y

    T x p i c a l T x d d y개월 전

    I got a literal ad about TOOTHPASTE right before this video started lol

  55. Cynn Cynn

    Cynn Cynn개월 전

    Reveals answers 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 3:47 6:16 8:19 9:54 11:13

  56. Creative Spirit

    Creative Spirit개월 전

    Things in hot sauce for a month! And Aloe Vera Gel Also pineapple juice

  57. Twinliciouz ThaGamer

    Twinliciouz ThaGamer개월 전

    Here for that gentrification joke 😂🙌🏾

  58. Kitty lover 123

    Kitty lover 123개월 전

    Rhett: if we lose we have to wash our mouths with soap Link: *is confused*

  59. leo Garrett

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  60. tsm_painn

    tsm_painn개월 전

    That looke like a fortnite slurp

  61. No name Person

    No name Person개월 전

    Leave stuff in blood for a moth

  62. Corn

    Corn개월 전

    This channel is kinda dead

  63. Baked Moose

    Baked Moose개월 전

    i swear in about every episode link just doesnt like something :D

  64. Titan_is_my_real_name

    Titan_is_my_real_name개월 전

    11:35 glasses 11:43 no glasses

  65. Kassandra Delarosa

    Kassandra Delarosa개월 전

    There all B

  66. Alexa Derrick

    Alexa Derrick개월 전

    But his glasses was on his eyes

  67. Potato_Soup

    Potato_Soup개월 전

    *I havent watched GMM in years and omg link has salt and pepper hair but not really*

  68. Chocolate Addict

    Chocolate Addict개월 전

    What made you stop watching?

  69. Halle McGehee

    Halle McGehee개월 전

    You guys have to have to have to come to Soulfish Cafe when you’re in Memphis to get some good soul food. Also DO NOT GO TO CORKYS for your bbq. That place has sold out. Go to Centeral Bbq or Germantown Commissary. But first come to Soulfish!!!!!!

  70. Mekala Diehl

    Mekala Diehl개월 전

    You guys have really soothing voices😂 y’all could put me to sleep

  71. Zoey Vincent

    Zoey Vincent개월 전

    You should leave things in toothpaste for a month

  72. not your average muggle.

    not your average muggle.개월 전

    U guys are like ron and Harry Potter

  73. Sienna Roberts

    Sienna Roberts개월 전

    It would be a miricle!!!

  74. amber husband

    amber husband개월 전

    In the beginning when they kept on saying Memphis all I could think about is my cat named Memphis

  75. Elitech

    Elitech개월 전

    two great human beings creating awesome content

  76. Standard Sediment

    Standard Sediment개월 전

    Rhett could be a spy the whole show because a lot of this is fake

  77. Payden Stdenis

    Payden Stdenis개월 전

    Put stuff in gasoline or Diesel for a month

  78. Judah Brewster

    Judah Brewster개월 전

    Oh I thought that was a slurp juice from fortnite. 😥

  79. Hannah

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  80. Tilly Winchester

    Tilly Winchester개월 전

    He started the video with his glasses on 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  81. Tilly Winchester

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    Sorry I’m new here 😐

  82. Oceane Bilong

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    They always do that

  83. Just Ava

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    I only got one right The last one🤣😂

  84. DJ EG

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    I have family in Memphis

  85. bold eagle

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    11/19 is my birthday

  86. Oceane Bilong

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    So that's the eleventh of whatever the nineteenth month is Or is it the other way round because I don't quite understand why Americans do it that way 😂😂😂😂😂 umm

  87. My pets Life

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    I love you guys you guys are very funny 😁 and one of my favorite KOreporter or

  88. Kim ._.

    Kim ._.개월 전

    This show makes me feel old 😂 idk why but I love watching it

  89. dailey jennings

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    Let’s go okies

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    I thought it was slerp jus like if agree 👍

  93. brooklyn sparks

    brooklyn sparks개월 전

    I’m from Tulsa Oklahoma sksksks woahh

  94. leo soto

    leo soto개월 전

    My dad has left his tooth in mouthwash for 5 years

  95. Stewart Family

    Stewart Family개월 전

    You such good KOreporter's ever

  96. Dog

    Dog개월 전

    Just Casually Leaving A Tooth In Mouthwash

  97. MysticalDuck

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    You should keep things in coffee for a month

  98. alexis isbored

    alexis isbored개월 전

    Why did Memphis start on my birthday

  99. Kaitlyn Philip

    Kaitlyn Philip개월 전

    For the boars tooth one,MOUTH WASH IS SUPOSED TO WHITEN TEETH

  100. thatmixboy 3

    thatmixboy 3개월 전

    U need to do some much just to get it open

  101. Daniel Noblin

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    Y'all be careful MEMPHIS IS DANGEROUS

  102. Kallie Foy

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    You should do things in cough syrup

  103. Lps Emerald

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    Bruh, why couldn't my lungs wait one month.

  104. MegZ

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    I got a toothpaste ad 😂

  105. Kali Chance

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    I only knew b was right for the first one because of that whole lead soaked into tomatoes from our lead plates