1. Nakeima Williams

    Nakeima Williams7 시간 전


  2. Candy Guidry

    Candy Guidry19 시간 전

    Are you going to Hawaii ?

  3. Janessa Montes

    Janessa Montes19 시간 전


  4. Evangelina Mendoza

    Evangelina Mendoza22 시간 전

    Emma. Hjiknpugvxrwrzfcvhbjmpotrce

  5. Vanda Cardoso

    Vanda Cardoso23 시간 전

    Are you taking Catherine to Dubai?

  6. Estefany Bermudez

    Estefany Bermudez2 일 전

    Are you going to panama

  7. Nelly Pastrana

    Nelly Pastrana2 일 전

    Elle is so smart!

  8. Haven Berna

    Haven Berna3 일 전

    Are you going to the beach?

  9. Gabriella Samuels

    Gabriella Samuels3 일 전

    My birthday is before Catherine🙌💖🎂

  10. Ban Al_sayeh

    Ban Al_sayeh4 일 전


  11. Zaccylah Burbank

    Zaccylah Burbank4 일 전

    I think your taking cathirne to phinoex or borabora

  12. cassandra barragan

    cassandra barragan4 일 전

    Catherine's birthday is on August24 and my birthday is on August 25

  13. Sidney Placide

    Sidney Placide4 일 전

    bora bora cathrine wanted to always go their

  14. maria montes

    maria montes5 일 전

    It was so cute when Alaïa gave Elle a hug

  15. Isabella Maravilla

    Isabella Maravilla5 일 전

    Wow. That’s me when I need some time from my 3 year old and my 15 year old

  16. Alexaida Lopez

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  17. Jesus Macaay

    Jesus Macaay5 일 전


  18. Kayla Durant

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  19. John Foroma

    John Foroma6 일 전

    i know ace family went to borabora

  20. Marian Castro

    Marian Castro6 일 전

    Is she 29

  21. patricia jordan

    patricia jordan7 일 전

    today is my birthday I know your girlfriend birthday kenjia

  22. Charles Uerata

    Charles Uerata7 일 전

    Bora bora

  23. Hailey Brown

    Hailey Brown7 일 전

    My birthday is August 13

  24. Alexia Arjona

    Alexia Arjona7 일 전

    Justin can you come to belize

  25. Maha Ahmed

    Maha Ahmed7 일 전

    Happy birthday

  26. Aaliyah Romero

    Aaliyah Romero7 일 전


  27. Jennifer Bioco

    Jennifer Bioco8 일 전

    Hi im new sub.ilove your family vlog💖💖💖💖

  28. Karen Villanueva

    Karen Villanueva9 일 전

    I think Hawaii

  29. Zoe Deans

    Zoe Deans9 일 전

    I can’t spam y’all IG because I’m to young to have IG 😿😿

  30. Zaara Rahman

    Zaara Rahman9 일 전


  31. Jessica Corfield

    Jessica Corfield9 일 전

    I am in Aldershot bye-bye bye bye bye I love you you are the best KOreporterr ever hope your daughter's have fun together

  32. Jessica Corfield

    Jessica Corfield9 일 전

    L happy Birthday I hope you have a good time I'm about your kids I love you you are the best KOreporterr ever bye-bye buy and so no phone not happy because I don't want you to leave bye-bye

  33. Yamali arelia Calix pastor

    Yamali arelia Calix pastor10 일 전

    Omg my name is ledy wow your daughter is the cutest

  34. Lupe Saifoloi

    Lupe Saifoloi10 일 전

    She’s August 24th omyyugawwwdd and I’m August 25th 💕

  35. Aries Studio

    Aries Studio10 일 전

    So sad a girl that introduced me to this channel left me 😥

  36. Kinley Small

    Kinley Small10 일 전

    Mae you gise come to my place at 365 Rigged R.d grantsboro this is kindly❤❤

  37. Kinley Small

    Kinley Small10 일 전


  38. hailey seo

    hailey seo12 일 전

    Maybe Bora Bora

  39. valy_gamer_pro

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  40. Dakota Chloe

    Dakota Chloe12 일 전

    Austin:im going to talk to your manager elle im your maneger

  41. Haley Smith

    Haley Smith13 일 전

    The beach!!! And my bday is April 20th!

  42. Lyric Tomlinson

    Lyric Tomlinson13 일 전


  43. Tialia White

    Tialia White13 일 전


  44. Alessia Tolentino

    Alessia Tolentino14 일 전

    Bora bora

  45. Larrissa Risher

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    Good morning 🌞🌞🌞

  46. Larrissa Risher

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  47. Corina Carter

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  48. Jasmine Conell

    Jasmine Conell17 일 전

    Bora bora

  49. Lovely Golden

    Lovely Golden17 일 전


  50. Calisa Prince

    Calisa Prince18 일 전


  51. Briana Bravo

    Briana Bravo18 일 전

    Happy. Brithday

  52. Danyelle Rodriguez

    Danyelle Rodriguez18 일 전


  53. Natalie Stewart

    Natalie Stewart18 일 전

    I think u guys are going to Florida

  54. Cute Squad

    Cute Squad19 일 전

    I love the intro

  55. Brando anjael Canales paz

    Brando anjael Canales paz19 일 전

    the Bahamas

  56. TheAdventurer

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  57. shannon bagwell

    shannon bagwell19 일 전

    The 🌴

  58. Deysi Velasquez

    Deysi Velasquez20 일 전

    To the zoo

  59. Eric Markiewicz

    Eric Markiewicz20 일 전

    Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈 29

  60. Jimmy Christian

    Jimmy Christian21 일 전

    Elle is so cute😘😘😍

  61. glendon williams

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