Learning How To Dance in 24 Hours


  1. Dj smiles

    Dj smiles2 시간 전

    Lauren looks so happy 😀

  2. Meira Starita

    Meira Starita3 시간 전

    You killed that but it was like 15second long.

  3. Elissa Ward

    Elissa Ward3 시간 전

    Please collab with James Charles!!❤️#prettylittlelaurs

  4. Mackenzie Lundy

    Mackenzie Lundy3 시간 전

    OMG that was amazing, so so so good! You go girl!!!!

  5. Zoë Rose!

    Zoë Rose!3 시간 전

    Ok but... BODY GOALS! 💖

  6. Bittersweet Charity

    Bittersweet Charity4 시간 전

    You did well! I think your movements could have been sharper, but that’s about it!

  7. Keirstin De Borja

    Keirstin De Borja4 시간 전

    10:39 , she is looking a little more orange than usual

  8. Jordan Gerardy

    Jordan Gerardy5 시간 전

    Why did I get Trisha paytus vibes from her performance at the end? Anyone else?

  9. Just Rose.

    Just Rose.5 시간 전


  10. Emily Pollard

    Emily Pollard6 시간 전

    Why can she dance better in 24 hours than me in 6 years😂😂

  11. Purple Berry

    Purple Berry6 시간 전

    Omg this was amazing

  12. ananya tomar

    ananya tomar6 시간 전

    Slay it gurrrrrllllll

  13. Keira Summers

    Keira Summers7 시간 전

    seriously this is what you had to do to get attention on youtube dance around in your bra. You should just stop seriously because you have a younger audience and no one needs to see this ok thanks!

  14. iiSuper_Toxic 0623

    iiSuper_Toxic 06237 시간 전

    she danced with her friend a lot though?'

  15. Daniela Garibay

    Daniela Garibay8 시간 전

    She’s ORANGE 🍊

  16. Aislyn P.

    Aislyn P.8 시간 전

    What’s the song??

  17. stephentherarabear

    stephentherarabear8 시간 전

    The teachers got all the cakes and the legs perfect shape

  18. Riya Patel

    Riya Patel8 시간 전

    What is the song??

  19. Karemy Reyes

    Karemy Reyes9 시간 전

    When I watch this after I learned the dance

  20. Sidney Keller

    Sidney Keller10 시간 전

    Constructive criticism: this video was very interesting and Lauren is a good dancer but she was hyping up the end to much just for a silly, short, little 15 second video

  21. Norman The hamster

    Norman The hamster14 시간 전

    Yassssssssssss Queen 👑

  22. Xiktlali Macias

    Xiktlali Macias15 시간 전

    Queen 👑

  23. iLuvCookie

    iLuvCookie16 시간 전

    Oh mah gaaawwwd!!! U can dance giiiiirrrll~~ those moves on fleek!

  24. Sofia Nunez

    Sofia Nunez17 시간 전

    3:46 me too sis

  25. Sparkels9999

    Sparkels999918 시간 전

    Do another songs with her

  26. pg muan

    pg muan19 시간 전

    I feel saaxxxyyyy 😂

  27. slime.by. mampa

    slime.by. mampa20 시간 전

    11:04 Lauren looked like Donald Trump (cause she was orange)

  28. Madeeha Tariq

    Madeeha Tariq21 시간 전

    Sis u changed since the breakup. More loose?

  29. Zee Dallas

    Zee Dallas21 시간 전

    Just stick with DIY 🤣

  30. Pavithra Prabhu

    Pavithra Prabhu21 시간 전

    inflexible is a word

  31. wild and free

    wild and free22 시간 전

    go LAUR

  32. Yasmin’s Corner

    Yasmin’s Corner일 전

    This is a professional waste their time on Lauren

  33. Melannie Nieto

    Melannie Nieto일 전

    What is the song called

  34. Maia Ogiyama

    Maia Ogiyama일 전

    I learnt this in ten minutes

  35. Taylor McCoy

    Taylor McCoy일 전

    4:38-4:42 was *SO GOOD!!!* 😍😍👌

  36. Christy Morris

    Christy Morris일 전

    Ilysm Lauren you did so awesome and you should dance. 💝❤❤this was amazing

  37. Diana Reyna

    Diana Reyna일 전

    Lmao I love Megan batoon

  38. Fizzy Pop

    Fizzy Pop일 전

    They say the hip roll is sexy, me thinks of spongebob "bring it aaaarrrrooooouuunnnnd town."

  39. Marjorie Donovan

    Marjorie Donovan일 전

    i think ur sooo good u should do more dancing and im a dancer too

  40. EverythingYourNot BB

    EverythingYourNot BB일 전

    You need to dance moree

  41. Taylor Anne Tugaoen

    Taylor Anne Tugaoen일 전

    megan makes simple clothes look so good. wth

  42. Marienel Alvarez

    Marienel Alvarez일 전

    MORE please :)

  43. Ava Daye

    Ava Daye일 전

    That literally wasn’t even a dance. But it was cute.

  44. roo thao

    roo thao일 전

    Oh hi megan.

  45. Angi Casarez

    Angi Casarez일 전

    You should do another one your so good

  46. destiny lynn

    destiny lynn일 전

    Megan is so cute❤

  47. Zoe Helms

    Zoe Helms일 전

    They sound the same!!!

  48. HyunJæ

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  49. Sydney Carroll

    Sydney Carroll일 전

    dolan twins whooo?!?

  50. Arianett Avina

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  51. Dmoney Supreme Luis Vuitton

    Dmoney Supreme Luis Vuitton일 전

    Anybody else clicked cause of the thumbnail?

  52. BurritoBeans

    BurritoBeans일 전

    90% "whats the same if the song?" 70% "Wth is he so orange?" 60% "Andrew" 20% normal comments 2% this

  53. Emerald Cordova

    Emerald Cordova일 전

    Is that Kian holding the camera?

  54. Pink Ko

    Pink Ko일 전

    megan is so cute n funny omgggg

  55. Panna Akhtar

    Panna Akhtar일 전

    Well that was a bit of a disappointment 😂

  56. Second acc 13

    Second acc 13일 전

    Is she still dating Andrew?

  57. Gold Eagle

    Gold Eagle일 전

    It makes me wonder, what you can learn and do for a 3 to 4 min dance performance. I think Laura needs to enrol in a few dance classes, her infectious personality and energy is needed when learning the intricacies of dancing.

  58. Agustina Sierra

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  59. Eva Vlogs

    Eva Vlogs일 전

    Slay girl

  60. Michael Castillo

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  61. Rishita Sharma

    Rishita Sharma일 전

    There was literally no dancing wth was that

  62. Alyannah Qhloee

    Alyannah Qhloee2 일 전

    does anybody remember Shane Dawson's vid about his camera man's crush(Megan Batoon) out of topic

  63. Rian Chesley

    Rian Chesley2 일 전

    I'm sorry but her dancing was super awkward tbh. I feel that though

  64. Ainsley Holmes

    Ainsley Holmes2 일 전

    Right as you said just a tip my take a reminder went off like you were doing the tip

  65. morethancoupons2010 Meiz

    morethancoupons2010 Meiz2 일 전

    Love u like me

  66. Layla Carson

    Layla Carson2 일 전

    Literally stole the Dolan twins idea

  67. Art

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  68. Kevlyn Kennedy

    Kevlyn Kennedy2 일 전

    That was so good

  69. Maggie _ko

    Maggie _ko2 일 전

    DIY QUEEN + DANCING QUEEN = Dicing Queen? 🎲

  70. Karla Garcia

    Karla Garcia2 일 전

    Dam the clip looked like a music video I could never 🤧

  71. Alexis Zapata

    Alexis Zapata2 일 전

    Yasss ❤️❤️❤️

  72. Bianey Carrera

    Bianey Carrera2 일 전

    Omg u did so goooooooooooooooooooood

  73. Kaiya B

    Kaiya B2 일 전

    I'm selling replays 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00

  74. dezydog6

    dezydog62 일 전

    Is her face orange or what?

  75. Megan ddy

    Megan ddy2 일 전

    My name is Megan

  76. Malaika Hussnain

    Malaika Hussnain2 일 전

    Wuts the name of the music 😂

  77. Britt Crea

    Britt Crea2 일 전

    It was soooo short☹️

  78. Norma Duffort

    Norma Duffort2 일 전

    Meghan’s face at 5:40 😂😂

  79. Alia Abraham

    Alia Abraham2 일 전


  80. Sophia Maxon

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  81. Camelah Cornejo

    Camelah Cornejo2 일 전

    Is it just me or is she lookkey orange? Lol

  82. nerdy bird

    nerdy bird2 일 전

    omg megan!!!!!! love herrr omg

  83. Jåķê Pãułeř

    Jåķê Pãułeř2 일 전

    Lauren is a mood

  84. That Little Spy

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  85. Brigitte Magdalena Guedes

    Brigitte Magdalena Guedes2 일 전

    She looks so stiff when she dances 😂😂😂😂😂

  86. 2 일 전

    You are such a good dancer Lauren!!!! And it only took you 24 hours! :)

  87. Rose *-*

    Rose *-*2 일 전

    *Secretly a professional dancer*

  88. Kate

    Kate2 일 전

    It's Megan!!!

  89. Ella W

    Ella W2 일 전

    I COULD NEVER DANCE THAT WELL!!! Great job Lauren!!❤️

  90. billie eilish

    billie eilish2 일 전

    Srry but that was soooo disappointing lmao

  91. Buzzy Bee

    Buzzy Bee2 일 전

    um........ why were u in a bralette????

  92. Belle xoxo

    Belle xoxo2 일 전

    I on,y know Megan bc of Shane’s video where she went on a date with Andrew

  93. Alexis Relue

    Alexis Relue2 일 전

    I take jazz and tap class

  94. Belle Dunjey

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  95. fluffy puff

    fluffy puff2 일 전

    ILYSM MEGAN AND LAUREN!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  96. Charlotte Mann

    Charlotte Mann2 일 전

    You are so beautiful and u are my role model

  97. Lucy Fitter

    Lucy Fitter3 일 전

    love you lauren you are my idol and your soooooooooo pretty

  98. Billie Eilish FoEva

    Billie Eilish FoEva3 일 전


  99. xoxo, _.simplyjeon._

    xoxo, _.simplyjeon._3 일 전


  100. lenny Marquez A

    lenny Marquez A3 일 전

    Ahhh I love them both 😍❤