League of Legends Origins | Documentary Trailer


  1. el patriarca

    el patriarca시간 전

    Arreglen las cagaas de emparejamientos en ranked

  2. Funnehthing One3

    Funnehthing One321 시간 전

    I cried at the trailer I know you are

  3. KizaTheShaddow

    KizaTheShaddow4 일 전

    This is on Netflix BTW peeps!

  4. Rj Prevendido

    Rj Prevendido5 일 전

    Shoutout to Instalok! 1:58

  5. Juan González

    Juan González11 일 전

    a place where we can be ourselfs? yes toxic, racis,t bad team player , blames others for your mistakes, leaves matches like you leave everything undone in your life yes i believe you

  6. Cái tên chưa bao giờ được dài

    Cái tên chưa bao giờ được dài16 일 전

    just watch this done (but not trailer) *i literary cri*

  7. 4sterius

    4sterius17 일 전

    "The impact has barely begun to be felt"

  8. 4sterius

    4sterius19 일 전

    1:36 name of the music pls

  9. F Gms

    F Gms20 일 전

    1:25 I See some cancelled Champions :)

  10. András Adamecz

    András Adamecz21 일 전

    Netflix is on!

  11. Cyd Jarabelo

    Cyd Jarabelo21 일 전

    Whats the song?

  12. Super Awesome Geek Show

    Super Awesome Geek Show21 일 전

    This documentary was fantastic. -Super Awesome!!!

  13. AnotherRandomViewer

    AnotherRandomViewer21 일 전

    I don't play LoL (mainly Overwatch and WoW) but found this documentary very entertaining to watch. A lot of the themes showcased in this documentary are applicable to other games and to life in general as well which makes it fun to watch.

  14. Strinox

    Strinox22 일 전

    Summoner showcase FeelsBadMan

  15. Randy Kowal

    Randy Kowal22 일 전

    Why do they keep showing pokie

  16. мадина абуалиева

    мадина абуалиева22 일 전

    уведомление пришло 23.11.2010. время 17:17 нахера я ведь даже не подписан на U.S.A легенд я подписан только на ру.лига легенд.

  17. RVRoly

    RVRoly23 일 전

    ya lo vi en NETFLIX muy bueno.

  18. Thatodddude

    Thatodddude23 일 전

    you're kinda late, I've already seen it xd



    Pero wtf SN la enfermera SERV lan

  20. Droolsial

    Droolsial24 일 전

    I've watched gbay, necrit, magikarpusedfly, videoganedunkey, Keyori. Does that mean I've already seen this documentary? If they don't have a tribute to my boy dunkey, ima throw a fit

  21. mrzoro105

    mrzoro10524 일 전

    When faker retires you have to do a documentary of him

  22. World React

    World React21 일 전

    And a statue to commemorate his achievement, talent, and success.

  23. AZ DN

    AZ DN24 일 전

    My friend introduced me to this game and I'm so grateful to that. Haha! I was a noob then and others were thrash talking me. Good that I didn't let it get to me and now I'm higher in the ladder.

  24. Jayjay Ragos

    Jayjay Ragos24 일 전

    Please back the old "VICTORY/DEFEAT" screen its so dumb its blue and red dzuh

  25. cookiemonster3801

    cookiemonster380124 일 전

    youre an awful company and your game is dying because you dont care about it or the people who play it.

  26. Ark loza balboa

    Ark loza balboa25 일 전


  27. Fearlee

    Fearlee25 일 전

    Thx Riot for creating League Of Legends. (Lolzin) -From Brazil ;)

  28. Irelia My Soul

    Irelia My Soul25 일 전

    Since of irelia rework, lol became more than a game for me, irelia became a part of my life, of my identity, forever bound to her

  29. Alex

    Alex25 일 전

    Scara at the end: "I think the only thing my parents want, is for me to find a girlfriend - but i have league" xDD You gotta love him xD No matter where you encounter him, he is always just Scara xD

  30. Abdo Gabaj

    Abdo Gabaj25 일 전

    Does anyone know the ending song ?


    SILVERAMMO25 일 전

    I just saw this tonight wow didn't know this history

  32. Errwey 22

    Errwey 2225 일 전

    Si se gana la PC jejeje Invocador errwey2 Servidor LAN

  33. mrCalX18

    mrCalX1825 일 전

    "European fans were furious." - And they remained furious ever after.

  34. Justone

    Justone19 일 전

    European fans stay furious, North Americans fans stay losing

  35. N1c3s

    N1c3s20 일 전

    with every right to be furious.

  36. rana gamer

    rana gamer26 일 전


  37. ooLoong Johnson

    ooLoong Johnson26 일 전

    That's great and all, but I don't know where I can watch this. And no, I'm not going to join the Netflix / iTunes bandwagon.

  38. aman aurora

    aman aurora26 일 전

    rito has honestly outdone themselves this year. lobe this game fo eva

  39. Multi Vitamin

    Multi Vitamin26 일 전

    mid or feed suckaa

  40. gusti24

    gusti2426 일 전

    my boys instalok at 1:58

  41. CayCor CayCor

    CayCor CayCor26 일 전

    « I am the face of league of legends » Someone saw Yassuo ?

  42. Stardust Samurai

    Stardust Samurai26 일 전

    We need a classic no bars held League of Legends for the retro playerbase that has always been amazing to play in

  43. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenywevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

    Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenywevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas27 일 전

    1:18 wtf is it just me or that dude's eye is creepy af

  44. SubBot#99843999

    SubBot#9984399925 일 전

    Its those weird lens people put on for cosplays

  45. NikTsalch

    NikTsalch26 일 전

    nope... definitely not just you 😂

  46. Stefanos Kampouridis

    Stefanos Kampouridis27 일 전

    Didn't see Nikasaur from summoner showcase in the documentary...

  47. Dario D ercole

    Dario D ercole27 일 전

    Wow, now that's a name i didn't hear in years

  48. SentinelBlood

    SentinelBlood27 일 전

    im not crying, you are!

  49. Muhammed Coban

    Muhammed Coban27 일 전

    Lmao leech pokimane was also in it sad way to ruin a great documentary

  50. Jose Maria Rodrigo Samudio Solaeche

    Jose Maria Rodrigo Samudio Solaeche28 일 전

    Excelent documentary.

  51. I Am Friesé.

    I Am Friesé.28 일 전

    Other gamers: League Of Legends is dying. Riot: Hold my beer.

  52. Kepitano Ahmad

    Kepitano Ahmad16 일 전

    brettreichart what numbers? Care to elaborate??

  53. brettreichart

    brettreichart24 일 전

    It still may be. This documentary and the numbers are all released by Riot themselves.

  54. Space Lizard

    Space Lizard28 일 전

    If they don't focus on HotshotGG I'll be disappointed. Dude basically started the e-sports scene by himself along with a few others like Regi.

  55. Barbatoast

    Barbatoast28 일 전

    Remember everyone shown in this video.......is toxic in ranked

  56. Ganmu

    Ganmu24 일 전

    I'm toxic in ARAM...

  57. Pythonhier

    Pythonhier28 일 전

    I remember 10 years ago when this game was good, and the people who played it had fun and laughed as they played

  58. Archie Manalo

    Archie Manalo28 일 전

    watched it on netflix BUT MOBILE LEGENDS IS ORIGINAL?

  59. doing63

    doing6328 일 전

    best game ever !

  60. Blind Eyes

    Blind Eyes28 일 전

    Full of bugs, unbalanced champ, toxic community. The trash talk, the frustration we get everytime we play this game, all of the bad mouthing riot we still play the game. Cuz we are just bunch of psychopaths.

  61. Cuewars Taner

    Cuewars Taner28 일 전

    Want to be a rioter

  62. Ngoc Lan

    Ngoc Lan28 일 전

    Wow I Like It

  63. Der UberMensch

    Der UberMensch28 일 전

    Proud to be part of LoL comunity for last 6-7 years :)

  64. Ultra

    Ultra28 일 전

    i'm not crying

  65. BiScott Kite

    BiScott Kite28 일 전

    *_AYY WE HAWT_*

  66. 古謹瑞

    古謹瑞28 일 전


  67. Drkwatch

    Drkwatch28 일 전

    "When you're building a community, you really have to start with the individuals." "What about the many content creators that have been with you since the beginning, but you've ostracized them from your game with your choices?" "It's the players that are all coming together to craft this experience together." "Um...that doesn't really answer the que-" *"WHAT DRAWS PLAYERS IN IS THAT YOU ARE SO CONNECTED TO THAT CHARACTER."*

  68. Iuri torres

    Iuri torres28 일 전

    1:36 nice brasil

  69. Li fad

    Li fad28 일 전

    man, poki is in this twice, even though she doesnt even play anymore, lol

  70. Barbatoast

    Barbatoast28 일 전

    Girls bring in money

  71. John Doe

    John Doe28 일 전

    almost every video from Riot since the celebration which showcases League content creators has Poki in them.. I wonder why.