Last To Take Hand Off Boat, Keeps It


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast26 일 전

    Subscribe or Chandler will cry

  2. Serpentzz

    Serpentzz8 일 전

    Already did

  3. arandomanimator246

    arandomanimator24610 일 전


  4. chloe

    chloe10 일 전

    maybe i want him to cry, JK JK LOVE YOU CHANDLER

  5. Im Holding A Baton

    Im Holding A Baton52 분 전

    Yay beast hit 26 mil subs

  6. AlejandroB24 *

    AlejandroB24 *시간 전

    Jake lifted his end at the end so Chris won

  7. Alli Keane

    Alli Keane2 시간 전

    Chandlers a biter

  8. imnota boomer

    imnota boomer4 시간 전

    Mr beast: a person to be named chandler wins 2mil! Chandler: *changes name to jeff*

  9. dreamer

    dreamer5 시간 전

    HahahahHa wow stop insulting chandler as a cry baby 😭

  10. Odik

    Odik5 시간 전

    3 hours in and viking still has his hand taped... 8:31

  11. Chris Olivier

    Chris Olivier6 시간 전

    poor chantler!

  12. S N

    S N6 시간 전

    Suggestion: last one to stop throwing eggs wins *enter your amount* Explaination: so each person buys as much eggs as possible then throws them at someone which will be chosen by a jar

  13. Fire Lord

    Fire Lord8 시간 전

    45 and they can’t feel their hand Welcome to Wyoming where 45 is this weeks high

  14. queermelon

    queermelon8 시간 전

    jimmy is 6'3? lets fucking spoon

  15. Prince Saucin

    Prince Saucin8 시간 전


  16. Random Charge

    Random Charge11 시간 전

    Best youtuber

  17. John

    John11 시간 전


  18. YoungArk

    YoungArk11 시간 전

    You need to visit Australia and do some challenges for ussss 😩😩✊🏽

  19. Jeff Whitmore

    Jeff Whitmore13 시간 전

    Also do a challenge where this game called geometry dash do the the hardest level whoever wins gets 10,000$.

  20. ReachSkyla

    ReachSkyla13 시간 전

    When he said he'd sell the yacht I felt alittle pissed. Why go through all that if you just want to sell it???

  21. Jeff Whitmore

    Jeff Whitmore13 시간 전

    Mr beast do a last to leave a tree house.

  22. kittyWARS

    kittyWARS14 시간 전

    woop woop

  23. Channel DARISH

    Channel DARISH14 시간 전


  24. Akif Extra

    Akif Extra14 시간 전

    The sun is a deadly lazer (chandler)

  25. Michelle Baggiore

    Michelle Baggiore15 시간 전

    Parents: what do you want to be when your older? Me: *Mr. Beast's friend*

  26. Christian Hacz

    Christian Hacz16 시간 전

    RIP Chandler

  27. Ayden Lowry

    Ayden Lowry16 시간 전

    Chris says that he's cold at 45 degrees, try living in canada

  28. Polish Panther 69

    Polish Panther 6916 시간 전

    Camera man needs gains

  29. Fruity Nightmare

    Fruity Nightmare17 시간 전

    6:41 good job, ya played yourself lol

  30. rori w

    rori w18 시간 전

    YOu guys should do challenges against dude perfect

  31. melly menis

    melly menis18 시간 전

    Me me and Chris have the same name

  32. Cloud Trash

    Cloud Trash19 시간 전

    “first one to breathe wins” chandler: *suffocates immediately*

  33. Cloud Trash

    Cloud Trash19 시간 전

    is nobody gonna talk about how Chris still won $2000

  34. sharon Cox

    sharon Cox19 시간 전

    4:39 it came off!

  35. Sana Valani

    Sana Valani19 시간 전


  36. ヅSequioa

    ヅSequioa20 시간 전


  37. Josh Kosclskey

    Josh Kosclskey21 시간 전

    R.i.P hat

  38. Dabarber813

    Dabarber81321 시간 전

    I just realized chan is black

  39. Spooky Pilots

    Spooky Pilots21 시간 전

    how would they put on the sweatshirt? taking off is one thing but

  40. Toya Ray

    Toya Ray22 시간 전

    Chandler is a precious bagel that needs lots of love. Win or lose he's the best

  41. Xpizza470

    Xpizza47022 시간 전

    Now Jake can raid other Vikings

  42. Alex Staniland

    Alex Staniland22 시간 전

    Can I just say Chris cheated he had one hand on at 12:12 and then changed it over at 12:19

  43. Itz Dixmond

    Itz Dixmond23 시간 전

    Y is no one sayin anythin on how did chris had a red shirt on then shirtless then a black shirt???? Around 8:00

  44. WildLifeModzzZ

    WildLifeModzzZ23 시간 전

    Being the owner of a company: pays 1M Being Mrbeasts friend: u get anything

  45. Rachel Hartley

    Rachel Hartley23 시간 전

    “ we’re gonna give chandler a second life. Because he’s chandler.”🤣🤣

  46. andrea nicole

    andrea nicole23 시간 전

    Poor chandler

  47. Norber Lopez

    Norber Lopez23 시간 전

    2:57 did Chandler take his hand off?

  48. EinfachEnno

    EinfachEnno23 시간 전

    Chandler verliert wieder : Keine schwäche zeigen !

  49. Mo Krispin

    Mo Krispin일 전


  50. Kyffin Holloran

    Kyffin Holloran일 전

    Let’s get this money

  51. FishTaco

    FishTaco일 전


  52. savannah lemons

    savannah lemons일 전

    no one: chris and chanler: *oh man i gotta poop*

  53. Freddie Rodel-Stirling

    Freddie Rodel-Stirling일 전


  54. skkf4321

    skkf4321일 전

    oh good I don't play fortnite so I'm gud



    Viking 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  56. Jared Hines

    Jared Hines일 전

    I saw this boat for sale for 20k obo my standing offer is 1$

  57. tyler seago

    tyler seago일 전

    Make keychain merchandise and Gym short merchandise

  58. ArThUr008891

    ArThUr008891일 전

    Would be so funny if chandler could get extra lives trough dart throwing

  59. AXT The Great

    AXT The Great일 전

    Technically, they could've just slept *IN* the boat and their hand would be *ON* the boat

  60. Badr Mouchfiq

    Badr Mouchfiq일 전


  61. The Greek Gamers

    The Greek Gamers일 전

    mr beast i know iam the only one who is asking that but iam watching a streamer if you want to help him i will be happy ( if you want to know who comment here thx you )

  62. Koko Jameel

    Koko Jameel일 전

    Jimmy: 6’3 Me: 5’3 in 9th grade Everyone else: OH LOOK THE GIRAFFE IS HERE WHY ARE YOU SO TALL OMG UR 5’3 Me: :,)

  63. Earl Lunatics

    Earl Lunatics일 전

    13:00 he was about to say a bad word hahahah