1. Snek Lover

    Snek Lover2 시간 전

    i would sooooo do this who else? i love sneks!

  2. The Derpy KingYT

    The Derpy KingYT12 시간 전


  3. Christina Bussard

    Christina Bussard일 전

    If they did this to me I would love it I like snakes 🐍

  4. Nana Jones

    Nana Jones3 일 전

    Is that Zach Efron 😯😦😧🙀🙀🙀🙀

  5. Marriane Jones

    Marriane Jones4 일 전


  6. Bailey Pennington

    Bailey Pennington5 일 전

    Elton take the snake off cori

  7. Noah TV

    Noah TV5 일 전


  8. Carina's Land

    Carina's Land6 일 전

    we love Corey take the snakes off off his face

  9. Carina's Land

    Carina's Land6 일 전


  10. Lisa Williams

    Lisa Williams6 일 전


  11. Colby Fan

    Colby Fan7 일 전

    I love snacks I'm they are scary as fuck😵

  12. Logan Blucker

    Logan Blucker8 일 전

    Is this what caused the queen mary exorcism video😂😂

  13. Shaylee Scott

    Shaylee Scott8 일 전

    I was watching this on my phone- Elton take the snake off Corey poor Corey

  14. TRX Pumpz

    TRX Pumpz8 일 전

    Elton take the snake of corey

  15. Blueberry Presents

    Blueberry Presents9 일 전

    Elton take the snake of Corey. Pls

  16. aaron gossman

    aaron gossman10 일 전

    I wish i was there damn you guys are so lucky i love snakes

  17. BlueRain

    BlueRain11 일 전

    Sam: Ive never had that happen before- *looks at camera knowing he’s guilty*

  18. Jennell Robbins

    Jennell Robbins12 일 전

    ELtOn tack the snake off corey

  19. Willow The Fox

    Willow The Fox12 일 전

    Tbh, I would be down to touch snakes, there awesome!

  20. katelyn xD

    katelyn xD14 일 전

    Close to that goal

  21. Gillian_Sauter

    Gillian_Sauter15 일 전

    i was waiting for a britney spears reference.....

  22. Trinty Weber

    Trinty Weber16 일 전

    Elton take the snake off Corey

  23. John Reeves

    John Reeves17 일 전


  24. library suicide

    library suicide18 일 전

    Everyone saying “Eltons crazy”. Eltons the only sane & smart one. Snakes are harmless. As long as a snake is fed by humans and handled by humans regularly & is given a proper life, they’re not just gonna bite out of nowhere. Especially those big snakes, they’re like slow stupid dogs.

  25. Stop motion

    Stop motion18 일 전

    Elton get this snake of me Elton’s crazy Snakessssss

  26. payton burrell

    payton burrell19 일 전

    Elton take the snake of his head

  27. ColbysPrincess _limelight

    ColbysPrincess _limelight19 일 전

    I would love this!!! I love sneaks I'd be fine!!!!

  28. Simone Drodskie

    Simone Drodskie19 일 전


  29. McKinley Benson

    McKinley Benson20 일 전

    Aww the snakes are soo pretty! 😍

  30. Shyanne Shrumm

    Shyanne Shrumm22 일 전

    Elton the the snake of COREY

  31. Luna wolf

    Luna wolf22 일 전

    Snakes 🐍

  32. Lycanias

    Lycanias23 일 전

    I feel bad for all the noodles, none of 'em got snoot boops.

  33. Sam and Colby vs the world

    Sam and Colby vs the world24 일 전

    The fact that sam was molested by a snake

  34. Kaycee Snook

    Kaycee Snook24 일 전

    My ex boyfriend has 7 snakes and he has the feisty one his brother has the nice one and his father has the most of it.I held his brother's sake and he is so cute but he bit his father I think so..I'm not really scared of snakes.GoOd LuCk CorEy.

  35. Makenzie Biller

    Makenzie Biller25 일 전


  36. Annie Sharma

    Annie Sharma25 일 전

    Snake: *on sams dick* Colby: *punching the wall cuz he’s jealous of that snake*

  37. Heleen Hikaru Rossouw

    Heleen Hikaru Rossouw26 일 전

    I own three snakes so... This is nothing.

  38. Gabrielle Franklin

    Gabrielle Franklin26 일 전


  39. charlene esteban

    charlene esteban26 일 전

    army of dildos

  40. Collier Family

    Collier Family27 일 전

    Me: has crush on Corey then I see him freaking out over beautiful snakes that aren't gonna do anything Also me: * rethinks crush* Again me: eh its kinda cute

  41. Nana Jones

    Nana Jones27 일 전


  42. CrisbyFrankie Aka_Frankie

    CrisbyFrankie Aka_Frankie27 일 전

    Everyone on 2020:2020 anyone??? *Nah 3670.*

  43. kait0930 kait0930

    kait0930 kait093027 일 전

    when you have no problem with snakes and would enjoy being in this snake pit with all these gorgeous snakes

  44. Harley Swetich

    Harley Swetich28 일 전

    I am actually sorry for Dom. i love snakes they are cute

  45. theClementineHub

    theClementineHub29 일 전


  46. Mike Bevan

    Mike Bevan개월 전


  47. jessica scolastico

    jessica scolastico개월 전

    🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 ima snake, a slithery little snake hissssssss

  48. Cold Light Ice

    Cold Light Ice개월 전


  49. Shona Lintnaar

    Shona Lintnaar개월 전

    Ok so ummm i like your vids but ummm i have anxyety and i got anxyetie for corey......😑😑😑

  50. Nix Lamb

    Nix Lamb개월 전

    I love snakes. They are one of my favorite animals! I would be so psyched to do that. I'd never leave lol😂

  51. Riley Smith

    Riley Smith개월 전

    Sam: its pretty scary already Colby: there’s only 3 big snakes in there

  52. Thomas Thomure

    Thomas Thomure개월 전

    Anything but snakes and spiders I feel bad for you Corey and the gang brothers lol for real

  53. Maryann Gestwicki

    Maryann Gestwicki개월 전

    If Elton made me play challenges in a snake pit, I'm in, Fear is not a factor for me. LET'S SEND IT!!

  54. Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin개월 전


  55. Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin개월 전


  56. Issy Tobin

    Issy Tobin개월 전

    Well now I know who shits in my backyard

  57. Tasteless Fools

    Tasteless Fools개월 전

    First Corey said if he becomes a snake then it will think he is a snake and then be what a snake loves....a tree..

  58. Ashely Sinanan

    Ashely Sinanan개월 전

    Elton take the snake off Corey

  59. Naleah Ibarra

    Naleah Ibarra개월 전

    I love Snakes! But Colby is scared of them They an't that Scary guys I had one on me For 3 Hours And I felt fine :3

  60. Star Liptak

    Star Liptak개월 전

    Elton, take the snake off Corey!