1. Kayelee Calhoon

    Kayelee Calhoon3 시간 전

    Take the snake off Corey!!!!!

  2. Joshua Mann

    Joshua Mann21 시간 전


  3. Rexy Plush

    Rexy Plush23 시간 전

    Dat poop do that's not a dog it's a dragon

  4. Britneyablake6

    Britneyablake62 일 전

    Sam; its on my di**, it's on my di**!! Colby; deep breaths Sam deep breaths

  5. Jada Collier

    Jada Collier2 일 전

    almost hit the like goal

  6. Madison Cormier

    Madison Cormier2 일 전

    i LOVE snake's so much they are so cute

  7. dead roses

    dead roses2 일 전


  8. Loran Macy

    Loran Macy2 일 전

    Come on guys! Get this vid to 100k, I HAVE to see what Elton is going to do to Corey

  9. Angel Boutwell

    Angel Boutwell2 일 전


  10. My Hats On Backwards

    My Hats On Backwards3 일 전

    No one: Absolutely no one: Aaron: TFIL = Titties Fighting in Lasagna LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLMAO

  11. Selah Atencio

    Selah Atencio3 일 전

    Sam: *AUGH IT’S ON MY DICKKK* Like when you spot the difference in the emojis: 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  12. A to B Family Vloggs

    A to B Family Vloggs3 일 전


  13. nananana ohoh

    nananana ohoh3 일 전

    Upset at how Scotty immidietaly got out

  14. Hydra Duck

    Hydra Duck3 일 전

    Elton take the snake off Corey!!!!!!!!

  15. •.Jupiter_the_fur .•

    •.Jupiter_the_fur .•3 일 전

    It’s almost 6 am and I tried so hard not to pee my pants laughing 😂

  16. Ashley Kennedy

    Ashley Kennedy3 일 전

    Now u have 2.5M subscribers

  17. Aidyn Dorzok

    Aidyn Dorzok4 일 전

    Alton take the snake off Corey

  18. Amanda Tynes

    Amanda Tynes4 일 전

    What video was Elton in a freezer?

  19. Ethan Tran

    Ethan Tran5 일 전


  20. Angel Toulou

    Angel Toulou5 일 전


  21. Samyah Booth

    Samyah Booth5 일 전

    Corey: It's like the scene in andaconda with Jennifer Lopez

  22. Michael Craig

    Michael Craig5 일 전

    Elton take the snake of Cory 😂

  23. Grrl Animator

    Grrl Animator6 일 전

    26:38 there's a mouse running in the background XD

  24. barrelracer 21

    barrelracer 216 일 전

    SCOOTTTYYYYY SIIIREEEE oml he's my fav

  25. barrelracer 21

    barrelracer 216 일 전

    SNAKE MAN!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  26. Wolf Pack

    Wolf Pack6 일 전

    Elton take the snake off Corey

  27. Carter Rambousek

    Carter Rambousek7 일 전


  28. Charly Green

    Charly Green7 일 전

    I would win I've got 14 snakes lots of different tips of snakes

  29. jdrose1000

    jdrose10007 일 전

    Cory and Elton were great! 😂

  30. jdrose1000

    jdrose10007 일 전

    Animal abuse! 😂

  31. jdrose1000

    jdrose10007 일 전

    Colby looks good in ANYTHING! 😋

  32. jdrose1000

    jdrose10007 일 전

    Cory looks Amish! 😂

  33. thisgirl07 unknown

    thisgirl07 unknown7 일 전

    I know I'm late but snakessss

  34. Kira Lee

    Kira Lee7 일 전

    My biggest fear is snakes

  35. Clumsy Dragon Gaming

    Clumsy Dragon Gaming8 일 전


  36. LittleBitBk

    LittleBitBk8 일 전


  37. Xylophobia

    Xylophobia8 일 전

    Princess chief uncle Elton 🤩

  38. Jade Wagner

    Jade Wagner8 일 전

    I love snakes so much, they’re my favorite animals so watching them being afraid of them is so funny.

  39. Shaelyn Males

    Shaelyn Males8 일 전

    “Don’t be loud” snakes don’t even have ears 😂

  40. Ava Laine Precour

    Ava Laine Precour8 일 전

    Corey: Their your greatest power Elton: *save me now*

  41. ItsCrystal17

    ItsCrystal179 일 전


  42. Gacha Demon

    Gacha Demon9 일 전

    I would rather give my aggressive cat a bath. Then stand in a pit if snakes 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  43. Emma Miller

    Emma Miller9 일 전

    “We have a shitter” -Cory 2019

  44. emmalee dittmar

    emmalee dittmar9 일 전

    SNAKESSSSSSS Ive actually held snakes before

  45. RinFoXGameimg5078 Omega

    RinFoXGameimg5078 Omega9 일 전

    Corey:*Australian voice*this snake was created in the early 1940s if you go out in the Dubai youll see a bunch of these right Elton:*laughing*in tha dubai Me:*laughing cuz im so coufused*wuts a dubai??????

  46. Kassidy Otto

    Kassidy Otto9 일 전

    26:33 watch the bottom of the fence in the background

  47. Delaney C

    Delaney C7 일 전

    Is that a rat?!?!

  48. RinFoXGameimg5078 Omega

    RinFoXGameimg5078 Omega9 일 전


  49. Lucie Falgoust

    Lucie Falgoust9 일 전

    Snakes aren’t that bad. They aren’t mean and most are hard to provoke. Kind of...

  50. Lucie Falgoust

    Lucie Falgoust9 일 전

    I love snakes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Nick Casucci

    Nick Casucci9 일 전

    did anyone see the rat that ran by 26:36