Last To Drop Girlfriend Wins $10,000 - Challenge


  1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus2 개월 전


  2. Angela Namajta

    Angela Namajta6 일 전


  3. Aniko Anthony

    Aniko Anthony6 일 전

    MARCUS AND LUCUS REALLY LOVE YOU keep guys look so adorable 🤪

  4. shanice willis

    shanice willis9 일 전

    Lucas and Marcus Marcus and Lucas you know HAL be a backflip China your mom to

  5. Fatima Fernandes

    Fatima Fernandes10 일 전

    Por favor eu quero um dia na sua casa o número daqui de casa é 669

  6. Reva Brown

    Reva Brown14 일 전

    Lucas and Marcus I could be his girl

  7. America Uresti

    America Uresti5 시간 전

    Your parents were funny 😆 😄😄😄😄

  8. Adilene Machorro

    Adilene Machorro2 일 전

    I wish Cyrus and Christina won

  9. Braun Issachar

    Braun Issachar4 일 전

    Being single is fun sometimes is fun yu you become the instructor and you don't need to carry no one

  10. Annika Cancino

    Annika Cancino4 일 전

    I love you marcus

  11. Atsu Merry

    Atsu Merry5 일 전

    Good job dear mom.. sounds good

  12. Jill Nguyen

    Jill Nguyen5 일 전

    Marcus the single boi 1+ like 1 tear

  13. Charlotte Flores

    Charlotte Flores6 일 전

    I am the dobre mom,and i Can do a-shes acting like mamarug in faze rug

  14. Andrei Stefan

    Andrei Stefan6 일 전

    That romanian 🔥 flag

  15. Kyng Thomas

    Kyng Thomas6 일 전

    Marcus you need a GF bro

  16. Ko Huiarau Te Tua

    Ko Huiarau Te Tua6 일 전

    christina or ivon like if christina comment if ivon👍🏻

  17. Ryz3n

    Ryz3n6 일 전


  18. Ryz3n

    Ryz3n6 일 전


  19. Nori Peyton

    Nori Peyton7 일 전

    I got tricked by the thumbnail :(

  20. Diego Martinez

    Diego Martinez7 일 전

    Try viturul girlfriengs its like real life but you can always have fun in the game

  21. Prince Rood

    Prince Rood7 일 전

    Their mom is so funny🤣🤣

  22. Summer Cash

    Summer Cash7 일 전

    You guys are AWSOME

  23. Valerie Jimenez

    Valerie Jimenez7 일 전

    Yo Marcus what happened

  24. Allisa Carl

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  25. whatthefuuuck

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  26. Juan Bampton

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  27. mags

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  28. Sarah Hartshorne

    Sarah Hartshorne8 일 전

    Love you Madden and Darise and love you Caria and cristeriny xxxx ❤️

  29. Sarah Hartshorne

    Sarah Hartshorne8 일 전

    I heat your girlfriend Lucas and heat you Lucas but love you Marcus xx for Marcus xx ❤️

  30. Trinity Rore

    Trinity Rore8 일 전

    I know where

  31. Roshonda Belton

    Roshonda Belton8 일 전

    My sister single 🙆🏾‍♀️

  32. Stephanie Parcel

    Stephanie Parcel8 일 전

    Are you holding a tot while I want that’s OK that’s my favorite dog

  33. Denell Van Duyne

    Denell Van Duyne9 일 전

    sub now

  34. Lolo5050 Softball

    Lolo5050 Softball9 일 전

    They all have really pretty girlfriends

  35. Ava Murray xo

    Ava Murray xo9 일 전

    I do

  36. Kisha Singleton

    Kisha Singleton9 일 전

    i love this video

  37. Dominick Willoughby

    Dominick Willoughby9 일 전

    6:16 😂😂😂

  38. Emily Keusemann

    Emily Keusemann9 일 전

    Es ist doch geferlich

  39. Jenna Gascoyne

    Jenna Gascoyne9 일 전

    I will be your girlfriend

  40. Paddy Krissy Smith

    Paddy Krissy Smith9 일 전


  41. Sampada Sriram

    Sampada Sriram9 일 전

    I pity Marcus

  42. Nevaeh Kedir

    Nevaeh Kedir9 일 전

    Your brother's girlfriend is your girlfriend

  43. Uriel

    Uriel9 일 전


  44. shanice willis

    shanice willis9 일 전

    Ok 👍 I wanna is a time r to work 2ma or

  45. Michael & Crystal Hardee

    Michael & Crystal Hardee9 일 전

    I’m sorry for all of those haters but don’t worrie because y’all need to creep up the team work nun of y’all are losers all of y’all are winners it dose not matter about the money it’s about the love and safety for your girls I hope Macy’s gets a girlfriend I like and commit evry single videos I don’t care if I don’t get any give aways I just care how much y’all care about each other keep up the good work and love y’all need to u don’t have to care about me care and love about the people that u love nothin is wrong with y’all not likeing me but y’all will always be my favorite youtubers and I will never stop and turn around and see a difrent youtube and like them better then u yall are loveing and catering youtubeers keep it up y’all are great 👍 Marcus Lucas’s Cyrus and Darius all of y’all Steve talks mom and dad and Alex dusa girlfrinds fronds teacher respectful nice surprised get peaple y’all are are just alwasome great reliable and evry thing keep it up best youtubers love u guys ✌️ peace

  46. Breah Okafor

    Breah Okafor9 일 전

    Why didn't you come at home at 3p

  47. Fatima Fernandes

    Fatima Fernandes10 일 전


  48. Fatima Fernandes

    Fatima Fernandes10 일 전


  49. Logical Mo

    Logical Mo10 일 전

    3:26 I thought she couldn’t do a back flip

  50. Marie Ippolito

    Marie Ippolito10 일 전

    Are the couples

  51. Elizabeth Gomez

    Elizabeth Gomez10 일 전

    you guys sign in did the Dober brother sign in Enstos

  52. Elizabeth Gomez

    Elizabeth Gomez10 일 전

    You should each have your KOreporter channel



    The thumbnail scared me

  54. Elizabeth Wiltsey

    Elizabeth Wiltsey10 일 전


  55. Christina Cassano

    Christina Cassano10 일 전

    Girls rule and boy thank you for this video I loved it

  56. XxGalaxy KittyxX

    XxGalaxy KittyxX11 일 전

    Go on tinder lol

  57. Agus Hariyadi

    Agus Hariyadi11 일 전

    Markes seca gerlferan be jentel okey markes bijentel to gerl sofester hat a girl lik markes

  58. Agus Hariyadi

    Agus Hariyadi11 일 전


  59. Sang Lien

    Sang Lien11 일 전

    Marcus needs a girlfriend he has been single for years 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  60. Lilly’s girl gang

    Lilly’s girl gang11 일 전

    lucas and ivanita yong couple dari and maddie younger couple cyrus and cristina yong/old couple mum and dad oldest couple

  61. Brittany Wigfall

    Brittany Wigfall11 일 전

    Give a shout out To Kennedy

  62. Abby Gillespie

    Abby Gillespie11 일 전

    I love you guys so much❤🥰

  63. Abby Gillespie

    Abby Gillespie11 일 전

    You guys are the best

  64. Queen Nya

    Queen Nya12 일 전

    I bet you can do a black flip 20 times

  65. bixxellena k

    bixxellena k12 일 전

    awwwe family goals 😍💘