Lana claims she is pregnant with Rusev’s baby: Raw, Nov. 11, 2019


  1. Mui Chanel

    Mui Chanel18 시간 전

    He sheets on her first right? She have the right to do what she wants.



    Wonderful video production, I love it so much !!!! Most Advisable part is 0:57. *I up 1st twerking, Please check and tell your opinion* 💕 💚 💞

  3. morishita bivol

    morishita bivol11 시간 전

    🔥 fabulous ❤ ❤

  4. Purdy 500

    Purdy 5002 일 전

    I like her Russian accent.

  5. Axl Morales

    Axl Morales3 일 전

    I love her outfit

  6. JB vlogs

    JB vlogs3 일 전

    poor rusev

  7. Sierra Holt

    Sierra Holt3 일 전

    She deserves it. I remember when Roman reigns call her a mail ordered Bride. Good times😎

  8. NaeNaeGirl

    NaeNaeGirl3 일 전

    Yea I really hate this storyline like its cringey

  9. Riley Lott

    Riley Lott3 일 전

    Is she really tho🧐

  10. Chadthegoat 21

    Chadthegoat 213 일 전

    Trending on Tritter😂

  11. Tyson Allen

    Tyson Allen3 일 전

    Brock would kick lashleys but

  12. RANDOM

    RANDOM3 일 전

    So I’m guessing Lana and Rusev aren’t really together?

  13. Ali Halloum

    Ali Halloum3 일 전

    Rusev da

  14. Razorrr

    Razorrr4 일 전


  15. Tone Coates

    Tone Coates5 일 전

    Fun facts.Lana is really from Florida

  16. Tyree Powell

    Tyree Powell5 일 전

    Lana trick rusev for what?

  17. Billy Miller

    Billy Miller5 일 전

    (Someone join me in this) Every woman except Lana are queens!

  18. Billy Miller

    Billy Miller5 일 전

    All of this story is icky

  19. Billy Miller

    Billy Miller5 일 전

    B I G Y U C K

  20. Billy Miller

    Billy Miller5 일 전


  21. ThegreatestRacer

    ThegreatestRacer6 일 전

    *Dont BoOv me*

  22. Summer Rae Leah

    Summer Rae Leah6 일 전

    Really omg stupid

  23. Summer Rae Leah

    Summer Rae Leah6 일 전

    Omg this is so stupid and she doesn’t even look pregnant you can’t tell and now she’s fighting ok

  24. Rassoulou Ba

    Rassoulou Ba7 일 전

    I love lana and i will respect her and her love for ever because she is my hero

  25. amit Benford

    amit Benford8 일 전

    Lana nobody should treat a woman like that you deserve better then russev

  26. Maya Watkins

    Maya Watkins9 일 전

    Cheat on you with

  27. sang awi

    sang awi10 일 전

    Cyst fI fact-check y fctyc

  28. jed cera

    jed cera10 일 전

    Lana shood be with rusev not f*cking bony

  29. Brandon Shehu

    Brandon Shehu11 일 전

    rusev is better than lashley is just bobby is getting help from lana anyway

  30. Ajani

    Ajani11 일 전

    She’s a hoe

  31. Mimi Jamatia

    Mimi Jamatia11 일 전

    Is it real 🤔🤔🤔🤔 plzz tell me

  32. nikki bella boka

    nikki bella boka11 일 전

    Lana IT not a best

  33. Lil Gemini

    Lil Gemini11 일 전

    Then why did you agree on your marriage?


    SWAGLORD12 일 전

    Now rusev has to pay child support

  35. The Goddamn Batman

    The Goddamn Batman12 일 전

    Man this is garbage but I can't look away!

  36. Soumyadeep Ghosh

    Soumyadeep Ghosh12 일 전

    Rusev was so confused he was saying I am pregnant.

  37. Maria Iva

    Maria Iva12 일 전

    That is nice !,!,!

  38. Maria Iva

    Maria Iva12 일 전

    Where is Austin and stunner Lana and Bobby lashly

  39. ANAKIN Uchia

    ANAKIN Uchia12 일 전

    Pregnet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Ghost2712

    Ghost271213 일 전

    I love the way she says Rusev

  41. Olivia walkes

    Olivia walkes13 일 전

    Lana is a ho

  42. Ana Cortez

    Ana Cortez13 일 전

    Good job glir

  43. Luis Espino

    Luis Espino13 일 전

    She's 'losing' her russian acent!

  44. Aimee Lea Kennedy

    Aimee Lea Kennedy13 일 전

    Hit a like if you want rusev and Lana to get back together and end this story line

  45. Pink Donut

    Pink Donut14 일 전

    Bobby Ashley

  46. Throwback Channel

    Throwback Channel14 일 전

    3:28 Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  47. Son Rayzer

    Son Rayzer14 일 전

    What was the point of this stupid segment? The thing was so scripted that it did not even sound like a conversation between two people. Rusev says Lana I'm not calling you a list I'm trying to figure out what's going on", Lana's response, "Are you calling me a liar?" Then proceeds to get attack by Bobby Lashley even knowing Lashley was coming. Way to make Rusev look dumb.

  48. Success Apnari

    Success Apnari14 일 전

    Please stop this story line because this may create huge crack between a relationship of happy couple

  49. Warren London

    Warren London14 일 전

    Lana needs to bring that sexy Russian accent back 😻 That was HOT!🔥🔥

  50. Captain Levi

    Captain Levi15 일 전

    This is so bad it’s funny

  51. ohana

    ohana15 일 전

    since this is just the plot for wwe is lana still married to rusev or they got divorced just for the plot ?

  52. 19_oam_95

    19_oam_9515 일 전

    Yea but what happened to her accent

  53. Derrick Jones

    Derrick Jones15 일 전

    The hell happened to PG era

  54. Flameable

    Flameable15 일 전

    As soon as she said she was pregnant I thought to myself “Gurl you can’t wear that incredible outfit and be pregnant!” 😂

  55. The HooliganHunter

    The HooliganHunter15 일 전

    Is no one going to mention the Bobby didn’t know that Lana wasn’t even pregnant? 4:41

  56. Kelsea Jackson

    Kelsea Jackson15 일 전

    Lane i dont trust you

  57. Padraic Bricker

    Padraic Bricker15 일 전

    Lana needs to learn when u unleash a brute u can't stop the destruction she can't even stop the brothers of destruction if they attacked bobby lashley

  58. BlueEye's

    BlueEye's15 일 전

    Is this story is true..can anyone tell me about lana n rusav

  59. emo ninja

    emo ninja16 일 전

    This is literally the worst story line that wwe could ever do. 🙄

  60. Divine Uloko

    Divine Uloko16 일 전

    Shut up Lana 🤬

  61. Demetri Rivers

    Demetri Rivers16 일 전

    Trash nowadays

  62. Jennifer Venegas ramirez

    Jennifer Venegas ramirez17 일 전

    Lana n Bobby lashley get me dissguest yuuuuuup it is true like if u think that

  63. Alexis Zarate

    Alexis Zarate17 일 전

    I'm just so confused about why we are even doing this storyline is it going anywhere