Laine Hardy Wins American Idol 2019 and Performs New Song "Flame" - American Idol 2019 Finale


  1. Rhion Ysmael

    Rhion Ysmael시간 전

    Can we not include the people's votes in the finale. Adam Lambert Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Sanchez and now Alejandro Aranda are defeated because of the numbers of votes. But if it will be the judges who'll decide they know who's the best. But in the end of the day, this is why it's called American Idol. It's for the American to decide. Sometimes it's not just rightful but they are still deserving.

  2. uniquecritique

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  3. uniquecritique

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  4. Charlene Miller

    Charlene Miller일 전

    Alejandro always puts me sleep. 😄😄😄 I don't listen to his music.

  5. Crystal Jackson

    Crystal Jackson일 전

    I like singers like Laine Hardy and Jeremiah Harmon. Alejandro doesn't know how to sing on stage!😅😅😅

  6. JewishJesus

    JewishJesus일 전

    You are entitled to your opinion but fuck you, you're wrong.

  7. amayuru wadanambi

    amayuru wadanambi일 전

    Americans have the worst taste when it comes to real music... choosing Hardy over Alajandro is the closest example to prove the above statement... damn! Idiots!

  8. Sunny M. P.

    Sunny M. P.일 전

    Who cares your amateur opinion. 😇😇😇 your an idiot!

  9. pmvoice88

    pmvoice882 일 전

    Alejandro Aranada is a true original talent and is light years beyond the others. But that's also why he lost.

  10. Sunny M. P.

    Sunny M. P.일 전

    You're an idiot!😆😆😆

  11. St. Gravel

    St. Gravel2 일 전

    Laine Hardy is a better singer,😇🌺😇😇 I didn't expect to see Kane Brown on the show. Once again, he has poor stage performance and sang like a rapper😍😍😘

  12. David De ruca

    David De ruca2 일 전

    Laine was the best! Jeremiah was robbed. Alejandro didn't deserve the 2nd! The runner up should've been Jeremiah not alejandro!😣😣😣

  13. Kristy Manson

    Kristy Manson2 일 전

    Laine and Jeremiah are the best contestants this year !😎😎😎

  14. Dr. Meredith Grey

    Dr. Meredith Grey2 일 전

    2:14 - 2:18 bromance gallore😂 omg mah heart 😍😍😂

  15. Dr. Meredith Grey

    Dr. Meredith Grey2 일 전

    lmao walker's dance steps at 2:44 😂

  16. Osama Bin Fappin

    Osama Bin Fappin2 일 전

    American idol voting is a terrible system and it’s a popularity contest in the end. Laine Hardy had the looks and the charisma but Alejandro had the talent.

  17. Tammy King

    Tammy King3 일 전

    Alejandro is boring. I usually fast forward when he performed. Time is valuable!😣😣😣😣😣

  18. Harry Barnes

    Harry Barnes3 일 전

    Kane Brown can't sing country. He's a rapper. Even Laine and Jeremiah sound better!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  19. Heather So

    Heather So3 일 전

    Even Laine Hardy sings better than Kane brown. Kane Brown is not much of a singer @👎👎👎

  20. Monica Cafaro

    Monica Cafaro3 일 전

    They are in a different league for Laine hardy. 😆😆😆😆😆😆Alejandro is boring!

  21. Mary Miller

    Mary Miller3 일 전

    Jeremiah and Laine should've been in the finale. I'm not much of a fan for Alejandro!

  22. Dorrie Gardell

    Dorrie Gardell3 일 전

    Best American Idol ever!!!!!

  23. David De ruca

    David De ruca4 일 전

    Laine and Jeremiah should've been in the finale!😆😆😆 Alejandro doesn't belong in top 5.

  24. Frenn Moreno

    Frenn Moreno4 일 전

    This season was bleh because of the eliminations. If anyone deserved to win was Ashley or Alejandro. Laine is great but it was too predictable 😩

  25. Frank Maturo

    Frank Maturo4 일 전


  26. bagchi uttam

    bagchi uttam4 일 전

  27. form and void

    form and void4 일 전

    Alejandro is in a totally different league to Laine. Must be a lot of karaoke fans about. Alejandro will make it big time with his musical talent.

  28. Tammy King

    Tammy King4 일 전

    Alejandro is a boring karaoke singer!😘😘😘😘

  29. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson4 일 전

    play 5 chords wins 1st place 500 chords and wins 2nd ......totally not fair

  30. hnh pol

    hnh pol3 일 전

    because most of the greatest songs ever written were played in just 4 chords

  31. Alberto Alegria

    Alberto Alegria5 일 전

    Una basura

  32. angela yamashita

    angela yamashita5 일 전

    I don't know if it's just me but the people's reaction was not the one that I expected even the judges and ryan. It's a bit anticlimatic. I bet they were all thinking it's alejandro.

  33. galaxy:kiss

    galaxy:kiss2 일 전

    75% of Americans were happy about the fact Laine Hardy won the title!😎😎😎 we don't need an amateur opinion from Lauren Alaina! She can't sing, she's a loser!

  34. angela yamashita

    angela yamashita2 일 전

    @galaxy:kiss and who is my victim? You? coming from someone who just called me a loser 😂 are you a kid? Then it's fine cause you probably don't know what's observation means.

  35. galaxy:kiss

    galaxy:kiss2 일 전

    @angela yamashita your a bully, you know what you're doing?😍😍😍😍😍😍

  36. angela yamashita

    angela yamashita4 일 전

    @galaxy:kiss I never said that I'm not happy with the results though. You didn't get my point, it's the reaction of the crowd and the judges. I just watched both their last performance and the reactions are entirely different.

  37. galaxy:kiss

    galaxy:kiss5 일 전

    It's you, everybody was happy with the outcome except you. You loseris! 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  38. Crystal Jackson

    Crystal Jackson6 일 전

    Even Laine sings better than Kane brown! Kane Brown is a garbage mediocre singer!😂😂😂😂 such a bad performer!

  39. Eric J. Price

    Eric J. Price6 일 전

    Laine is way better, Alejandro aranda is boring😅😅😅

  40. af 17

    af 176 일 전

    Alejandro was by far better lol

  41. tawanda Jerry

    tawanda Jerry6 일 전

    Lol white privilege

  42. Noel Monzales

    Noel Monzales7 일 전

    I love Laine hardy

  43. George Chlada

    George Chlada8 일 전

    Laine, Madison. Forget about Aejandro!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  44. Muhammad Awais Butt

    Muhammad Awais Butt8 일 전

    Why others are so fuckin happy lolz

  45. Raynald Pornias

    Raynald Pornias8 일 전

    Well that's .....mmmm fine for me ...

  46. Kelly Cook

    Kelly Cook9 일 전

    Country star Laine Hardy!😘😘😘

  47. Jose Villanueva

    Jose Villanueva9 일 전

    Bottom line, Laine was the better American Idol, Alejandro was the better musician

  48. Whitejade

    Whitejade9 일 전

    Is it me or seems like audience are getting smaller ?

  49. sylvia walker

    sylvia walker9 일 전

    Laine sounds great!😄😄😄 Laine and Jeremiah were the best in 2019. Alejandro is not up to professional level.

  50. Laura Isabel

    Laura Isabel10 일 전

    I love how happy everyone looks 😭😂💓

  51. Rock n Roll

    Rock n Roll10 일 전

    Boo! 👎

  52. Wyatt Settar

    Wyatt Settar10 일 전

    Not even good

  53. George Chlada

    George Chlada10 일 전

    Laine and jeremia in the finale! Jeremiah should've been in the finale! Alejandro is a mumbler!😅😘😘😅😘

  54. LoneWolf Estd1995

    LoneWolf Estd199511 일 전

    I came here to dislike those hatred comments on my homie... ❤️ from 🇳🇵

  55. Arif Yudha

    Arif Yudha11 일 전

    Alejandro should make a song sing by Laine. That would be paid by grammy!

  56. unknown kiddo

    unknown kiddo11 일 전

    Wow just cuz you live in a cray town dont mean u cant win *pomona for life 91766*

  57. Mary Miller

    Mary Miller12 일 전

    Laine Hardy and jeremiah Harmon should've been in the finale. 😅😅😅😅 not alejandro. His voice is weak.

  58. The Truth

    The Truth12 일 전

    Alejandro got robbed.. listening to Flame was like karaoke at the local bar..

  59. Suryati Bonding

    Suryati Bonding13 일 전

    I remember , Elvis Presley and John Lennon.... good performance,

  60. chabbie osila

    chabbie osila13 일 전

    I love u laine.. Congrats! Ur the best.. from phils 👏👏👏😘😘😘