L'OREAL MACARON LIPS ... Worth it???


  1. Yunita Satrianti

    Yunita Satrianti2 개월 전

    They should name it Praline Rose de Lyon instead of Paris. French people will understand this

  2. Yunita Satrianti

    Yunita Satrianti2 개월 전

    The way English speaking people pronouncing French is the worst!!! Mdr

  3. Gods Daughter

    Gods Daughter3 개월 전

    I love lipstick reviews it’s probably my favorite thing in makeup😂😂

  4. Joanna H

    Joanna H3 개월 전

    That second color you swatched is stunning on you.

  5. Debbs C

    Debbs C4 개월 전

    OMG Tati "loves" Macarons, but can't pronounce them. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Carol Nacarato

    Carol Nacarato4 개월 전

    Absolutely STUNNING makeup at the beginning of the video. Gorgeous and natural looking! And my favorite color that I would wear would be the caramel color. Love!

  7. Aisha Hassan

    Aisha Hassan4 개월 전

    Why doesn’t any KOreporterr know that Vaseline takes off liquid lipstick so easily? They just rub they’re lips so much it’s bad

  8. CPA

    CPA4 개월 전

    Everything looks good on her because she is light. But for a darker skin tone like me.. Most shades are meh

  9. sarah james

    sarah james4 개월 전

    warm toned reds are a bit to much for me, i prefer cooler toned reds

  10. sarah james

    sarah james4 개월 전

    my favorite is guava gush

  11. Resal Ismail

    Resal Ismail4 개월 전

    I feel like L'oreal is honestly just getting too exspensive it's not worth it anymore honestly.

  12. For real Though

    For real Though4 개월 전

    This lipsticks come off in a matter of seconds with nuxe lip balm stick

  13. magnified101

    magnified1014 개월 전

    I went out and bought 1 after watching this video. The shades are horrible for mediun brown tones. It looked like fuscia neon pink on my lips. I gave it to my mom who is light complexion and it looks like a rosy pink. The shade I had gotten was 820

  14. Elin Malmström

    Elin Malmström4 개월 전

    Prefer cruelte free peoducts 🙂

  15. Glez 110715

    Glez 1107154 개월 전

    All of them looks beautiful in you

  16. Michele M

    Michele M4 개월 전

    Dose of rose is my least favorite and Guava is the best

  17. Jessica Long

    Jessica Long5 개월 전

    These colors look so pretty I love pinks. The packaging also is so appealing 😍

  18. Rev

    Rev5 개월 전

    I love you so much, Tati! ❤️

  19. Nikki R

    Nikki R5 개월 전

    that highlight is lit 🔥

  20. Samantha Williams

    Samantha Williams5 개월 전

    I love these infallible lipsticks, I can't wait to try these out!! You look beautiful tati!! Love you!!!

  21. hana kotoba

    hana kotoba5 개월 전

    Oh? The one they released here in the Phillipines has a different shades.

  22. Gabrielle S

    Gabrielle S5 개월 전

    Being French, I can't even watch the video until the end because of the prononciation of macarons, it's just so annoying.

  23. Denisse Ramirez

    Denisse Ramirez5 개월 전

    Yes to the watermelon chapstick!!

  24. Catherine Kennedy

    Catherine Kennedy5 개월 전

    When I buy things I always follow up with “because Tati said so” 🥰😂🤣

  25. Pottah

    Pottah5 개월 전

    Whattttt why is the packaging different here in the Philippines? Hahahahaha! I think the asian version is very cute 😂

  26. Pottah

    Pottah5 개월 전

    Wait. We are also missing a bunch of shades 😭

  27. Danah Grace Sanchez

    Danah Grace Sanchez5 개월 전

    When Tati sniffs the first lipstick "Its not called YUM" That made me laughed Hahahhaa

  28. Carmina Floresca

    Carmina Floresca5 개월 전

    I thought I like the guava gush the most but the mon carmel looked so much better

  29. Carmina Floresca

    Carmina Floresca5 개월 전

    I love how much u love and fantasize the macaroons. I love food too 😍

  30. Lov!ingL!fe

    Lov!ingL!fe5 개월 전


  31. Hunny Bunny

    Hunny Bunny5 개월 전

    Mademoiselle Mango quite reminds me of Mac’s Lady Danger 🔥

  32. Sandy Crowther

    Sandy Crowther5 개월 전

    They all look lovely, but Mango looks exceptionally beautiful on you. Love! And please do tell what you have on for eyeshadow?

  33. Maria MariloO Le Freak

    Maria MariloO Le Freak5 개월 전

    I have these but in a different packaging... Don't know... Maybe it's different in Europe.

  34. Ari Bee

    Ari Bee5 개월 전

    Is Tati preggers?

  35. mrs bird

    mrs bird5 개월 전

    Omg so I’m not the only one that puts up frames with out my family’s pictures in them yet!!!! Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  36. ARandomAccountForMe

    ARandomAccountForMe5 개월 전

    Praline de Paris looks so good on you!

  37. Kayla

    Kayla5 개월 전


  38. Morgan Johns

    Morgan Johns5 개월 전

    i LOVE dark lipstick on her. she never likes it but it’s my fave

  39. Sara Pardo

    Sara Pardo5 개월 전

    my favorite was madmoisselle mango!!

  40. Kenneth James Apigo

    Kenneth James Apigo5 개월 전

    start of swatches at 2:30. Thank me later.

  41. Lezlie Stires

    Lezlie Stires5 개월 전

    Thank you for the review! 💕 I have a terrible time telling cool shades from warm shades in lipsticks. Could you tell me which shades are cool please? I would love to try some and I need cool shades.

  42. Sandra Kay Thomas

    Sandra Kay Thomas5 개월 전

    I will not buy a lipstick or gloss unless it smells good and taste good.

  43. Ashley P

    Ashley P5 개월 전

    Love the mon caramel 😍😍 I will definitely be trying that on!

  44. Gabby F

    Gabby F5 개월 전

    I am celiac and totally understand

  45. 0saration0

    0saration05 개월 전

    giving me Courtney Cox vibes

  46. Trizzle Trips

    Trizzle Trips5 개월 전

    10:55 Okay, but can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Tati is? 😯😍😍

  47. Lily Noelle

    Lily Noelle5 개월 전

    MaCaRoN!!!!!!!!! not MacarOOns.

  48. Leidy C Lamas Quispe

    Leidy C Lamas Quispe5 개월 전

    These are truly hard to get off..

  49. Leidy C Lamas Quispe

    Leidy C Lamas Quispe5 개월 전

    I did something similar was playing around with them put on the bright pink one and for the sake of me i could not get it off, lets just say my family will not let me live it without making fun of me the rest of my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. K.C The kitty cat

    K.C The kitty cat5 개월 전

    Leidy C Lamas Quispe I know! I got a purple shade long wear just kind of as a joke since it’s so different from something I’d normally wear AND IM TELLING YOU I COULDNT GET IT OFF!😂 and then visitors came while I was trying to get it off and it had smudged all over my face! So I had to turn on the shower and hide in the bathroom😂

  51. Christina MacDonald

    Christina MacDonald5 개월 전

    You're so precious!!!

  52. soundsprincess

    soundsprincess5 개월 전

    I love this product as well. Great one Tati! Thnx for confirming this for me.

  53. H M

    H M5 개월 전

    Oh my God! I'm so distracted by you saying Macaroon.

  54. Javier Varela Feteira

    Javier Varela Feteira5 개월 전

    I think that the first shadow was super similar to one that was on the chocolate lipsticks

  55. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa Mandes5 개월 전

    You’re killing me with not having the products worn in the description box anymore

  56. as nor farhana ibrahim

    as nor farhana ibrahim5 개월 전

    Alexa Mandes yeah mee too, feels frustrated when scrolling down to description but Tati didn’t mention what she used for the whole face where usually she does.. please tati, put it in the description. Really love the make up..

  57. Anna

    Anna5 개월 전

    Fave is FRAMBOISE FRENZY!!! You look stunning ❤

  58. rena natividad

    rena natividad5 개월 전

    The mango one is my favorite ! It’s a beautiful bright orangey/red . I purchased it the other day. It definitely makes your smile look vibrant and captivating

  59. Ichigo Senpai

    Ichigo Senpai6 개월 전

    does anyone know what eyeshadow shes wearing? pls its so pretty ;-;

  60. Heidi Cameron

    Heidi Cameron6 개월 전

    I find berry tones too dark too.

  61. Heidi Cameron

    Heidi Cameron6 개월 전

    Lady Gaga is amazing I sent she???

  62. TorontoCRG

    TorontoCRG6 개월 전

    Love mon caramel and guava gush! Excited to give them a try. Thanks Tati!

  63. Mandy9059

    Mandy90596 개월 전

    All shades suit you so much, except the very dark one! We have two more shades in the UK - Strawberry sauvage and Infinite Plum...

  64. Kalypso Kent

    Kalypso Kent6 개월 전

    Caramel - the only one I can wear