Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader - FORCE OF DARKNESS (A Star Wars Fan-Film)


  1. SeizeThe Frame

    SeizeThe Frame개월 전

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  2. DoctorMuir

    DoctorMuir17 시간 전

    No because to be honest Darth Vader is so slow and kylo REN is so fast so kylo ren would win

  3. Brick bloxs

    Brick bloxs10 일 전

    Vader should have won

  4. Просто любитель

    Просто любитель12 일 전

    @Sir Alfred по русски?

  5. Sir Alfred

    Sir Alfred12 일 전

    The trailer looks really good, as always. And this fan-film is absolutely amazing. I think it's better than all the new movies put together. So realistic; great plot and storytelling; the graphics were top-notch, just like the movies; the actors did a wonderful job of, well, acting the part they were paid for. I will remember and recommend this and you, to any and all. Thank you for your monumental Star Wars fan-film, when the movies have been doing so bad, though you and others may disagree.

  6. Просто любитель

    Просто любитель15 일 전

    @Adam Różycki je Russia

  7. Marcel Bodner

    Marcel Bodner11 분 전

    Darth vader should win

  8. Evan Hill

    Evan Hill53 분 전

    Darth Vader should of won

  9. Kermit

    Kermit시간 전

    Not bad

  10. Tomáš Opatrný

    Tomáš Opatrný시간 전

    Who ist bigiest force.Kylo Ren or Darth Vader

  11. ミケポン赤猫家

    ミケポン赤猫家5 시간 전


  12. サムス・n

    サムス・n2 시간 전


  13. Julian Shipp Jr

    Julian Shipp Jr5 시간 전

    This could be a cool nightmare sequence In Rise of Skywalker

  14. Tuko

    Tuko7 시간 전

    This is amazing, nice job

  15. Levi Garcia

    Levi Garcia7 시간 전

    No no no no

  16. Jake’schannel

    Jake’schannel7 시간 전

    High key better than the new star wars movies

  17. Quantum Aquatic

    Quantum Aquatic8 시간 전

    The stormtrooper comments kinda ruined it at the end

  18. junyer hernandez

    junyer hernandez8 시간 전

    Whats funny is that when vader is in a dual he never looks like he's trying

  19. Noah Noodle :P

    Noah Noodle :P8 시간 전

    Bruh Vader beat kylo without showing much effort. I like the ending except for the fact that Vader would’ve beat the hell out of him


    RED RANDY XZ9 시간 전

    kylo a boy same age as anakin skywalker and luke when they became a jedi trained by snoke and luke lost to a girl who had never been trained by anyone yet

  21. K Finesse

    K Finesse9 시간 전

    Is anyone stronger than vader?

  22. Roel Lopez

    Roel Lopez9 시간 전

    So this was Palpatine the whole time.

  23. Markus christiansen

    Markus christiansen10 시간 전

    This is fake vader. The real vader would have owned Kylo there, but great video anyway.

  24. fingerjack

    fingerjack10 시간 전

    Very cool! If I had to nitpick it was the inconsistency and poor mix and timing of Vader’s breathing. Visually great!

  25. iTz Shadow

    iTz Shadow10 시간 전

    My man breathes like an air vent

  26. Vovan 767

    Vovan 76710 시간 전

    Че за нах????

  27. EG Clappzz

    EG Clappzz11 시간 전

    If this was real darth would of won

  28. Hannah Paul

    Hannah Paul11 시간 전

    Looks real

  29. Iron Phoenix

    Iron Phoenix11 시간 전

    Being over confident while at the same time under estimating your opponent can definitely be a fatal mistake. Bill Hickok was one of the greatest gun fighters of the old west. And yet he met his end at the hands of someone who was far less skilled than he was. All because he let his guard down for just a moment.

  30. Frank Rojas For Life

    Frank Rojas For Life12 시간 전


  31. Koly

    Koly12 시간 전

    hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahhahahaha kylo ren kill vader good joke

  32. Jasper Curro

    Jasper Curro13 시간 전

    wtf is this bullshit

  33. Michał Markiewicz

    Michał Markiewicz13 시간 전

    This od no really

  34. Zero 7

    Zero 713 시간 전

    For Vader is this like a training.

  35. Riley Hymas Music

    Riley Hymas Music14 시간 전

    Does anyone else think Vader wanted to destroy Kylo for the sake of the Jedi? Because when Vader died, he died helping the rebel alliance. So it would only make sense he’s still defending what he died for, but just still as lord vader since that’s what Anakins entity warped into. Why else would he destroy the next pupil of the dark side? It’s not like vaders luminous force spirit body can do anything after kylo’s reign.

  36. SectorZero

    SectorZero15 시간 전

    If that was a disney production the light saber woudn't even ingure him

  37. Giorgio La Marca

    Giorgio La Marca15 시간 전

    I kinda felt bad for vader because he breathed so heavy

  38. Nathanil Narin

    Nathanil Narin15 시간 전

    I just want captain phasma or a new sith lord

  39. Nathanil Narin

    Nathanil Narin15 시간 전

    Kylo ten had no chance lol Darth vader woulf went beast mode like in the other movies

  40. Lucas Araújo

    Lucas Araújo15 시간 전

    Kkk never

  41. Dr Kailashnath mishra

    Dr Kailashnath mishra15 시간 전

    Darth Vader is more powerful than Darth Vader

  42. กินข้าวกัน กินข้าว

    กินข้าวกัน กินข้าว16 시간 전

    Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOO T_T

  43. M4G Bratuha

    M4G Bratuha16 시간 전


  44. Like Pro

    Like Pro16 시간 전

    I hate you Kylo Ren

  45. M. I. A

    M. I. A16 시간 전

    6:30 that idiot just comes out of nowhere. Probably spectating the whole thing. 😂😂

  46. Esteban ANDRES Lopez Martinez

    Esteban ANDRES Lopez Martinez18 시간 전

    Episodio 9 pues