Korean TRADITIONAL MARKET & FIVE STAR Breakfast Buffet in Seoul South Korea | Asiana Business Class


  1. Mikey Chen

    Mikey Chen23 일 전

    Ok....so heres the thing...I'm really really incredibly dumb sometimes. I meant to say this was November NOT January lol this was filmed last week. Sorry! 😬

  2. Maria Avanzado

    Maria Avanzado일 전

    Hi Mikey. I saw you at chicago ohare Flagship lounge. I was star struck. Sorry for calling you youtuber! Love your videos thank you for posting.

  3. hojun lee

    hojun lee6 일 전

    wow. I craving for tteokbokki.

  4. Rama Khraisat

    Rama Khraisat11 일 전

    If you're planning to come to a country in the MENA region especially Jordan, I'll be more than happy to show you my country and all nice restaurants here

  5. Hydrogen _

    Hydrogen _14 일 전

    mikeeeyy i perfer u to buy adidas ultraboost its because its super comfortable and its good for walking to and running and going to the gym it makes ur feet cold inside the shoes it feels like ur wearing socks.

  6. TEAM_MIST _

    TEAM_MIST _15 일 전

    You should watch food war it’s a really good food anime

  7. H Dean

    H Dean2 시간 전

    Seriously u r coming to pakistan great... would love ur reaction on pakistani food but i know u will love it.

  8. Aliya Farhanna

    Aliya Farhanna3 시간 전

    ' Im still not over her ‘ its okay mikey ❤️

  9. Emma Smith

    Emma Smith5 시간 전

    Haha I love you Mike for not knowing what brand Hermès is

  10. about time

    about time12 시간 전

    Next time you're in Seoul, try a place called Hotel 648 Mikey

  11. Sunshine Forever

    Sunshine Forever15 시간 전

    I really like this one! We get to see bit of Mickey softer side. Glad to see you making new memories of Korea

  12. Amelia Kiefer

    Amelia Kiefer16 시간 전

    Could you do a video on this restaurant of yours? Congrats!!!

  13. kimberly barrows

    kimberly barrows일 전

    Please do some cooking video of some of your favorite street foods

  14. Virgil Grenier

    Virgil Grenier일 전

    Fast forward to 3 weeks later mike : being alone is the best. And yes the red closet thing looks like a strip club

  15. Tieara Johnson

    Tieara Johnson일 전

    You fine mike you'll find someone

  16. V de Internet

    V de Internet일 전

    I hope you can find the right one and be happy forever ❤️

  17. V de Internet

    V de Internet일 전

    5:41 Chilean wine 🇨🇱 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  18. Megan Gerwig

    Megan Gerwig일 전

    I like the follow along on the plane and hotel room. Feel like were friends hahaha

  19. zarmina salim

    zarmina salim일 전

    Okay so KOreporter recommendations brought me here..and then I got a jolt when out of no where he started talking about Pakistan.....YAAAASSSS! cant wait to watch the vlogs about my country ❤

  20. Saff

    Saff2 일 전

    mike talking about his issues makes me feel so human =) i feel like his friend and like i mean something to him he means. a lot to me.

  21. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee2 일 전

    I mean it's just Hermes, but I'll take it off your hands ;).

  22. kiso키소

    kiso키소2 일 전

    oh Mikey.. your Korean 😂

  23. kiso키소

    kiso키소2 일 전

    Next time you in Korea, please try Yupdduk! address: 서울시 중구 흥인동 117-9 (Korean) Seoul, Jung-gu, Hongin-dong 117-9 (English)

  24. deep_hypnose

    deep_hypnose2 일 전

    It's HERMÈS *cries in French*

  25. Sayan Banik

    Sayan Banik3 일 전

    Do a trip to iceland.

  26. eveyluvvs

    eveyluvvs3 일 전

    I'm glad you made it back to Korea, despite the year you've had! Always love watching your vlogs. You're such a authentic and genuine person. It was nice to hear a little heart to heart from you. Best wishes for the new year to you, Mikey!

  27. Brett S

    Brett S3 일 전

    Bro, move on, you are a youtube star! she would never love you the way we do. The way we do....

  28. Vinh nguyen

    Vinh nguyen4 일 전

    Tryna flex your wealth here so she comes back to u ?

  29. Kimberly Cannon

    Kimberly Cannon4 일 전

    Michael, I understand how you feel. You will find the true love of your life one day. You are a beautiful person, I love you!

  30. Amina A

    Amina A4 일 전

    dont they sell macaroons lol

  31. Gun.Peng. Generalist

    Gun.Peng. Generalist5 일 전

    Good Korean traditional video! As a korean, I introduce another korean traditional viallge(Hahoe village, Unesco venues): ​koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-jiVyJ0FHRFQ.html

  32. ray varnson

    ray varnson5 일 전

    females are like fish in the sea, there are many more

  33. Tinyflav

    Tinyflav5 일 전

    OMG Why have I never thought to bring wipes for the Airplane? Brilliant!

  34. Nina Sanchez

    Nina Sanchez5 일 전

    HERMÈS is a very high end luxury brand.

  35. Jane Lee

    Jane Lee6 일 전

    I miss that area so much!! I used to go around that place near that Plaza Hotel so much after work since the Press Center was only about 10-minute walk away. I’m visiting Korea for the New Year soon. Can’t wait!!

  36. Bekezela Hadunka

    Bekezela Hadunka6 일 전

    Healing is the most powerful, scary but yet freeing experience ever..... time only makes it better....

  37. Johnny Vu

    Johnny Vu6 일 전

    man... i know the feeling... i was just in the country of the girl i thought i was going to marry too, it was depressing without her, but i was able to make new friends and try out new foods...

  38. Stephen dela Cruz

    Stephen dela Cruz6 일 전

    Take your time Mikey... take your time. Do what it feels right! 👍👍

  39. alisonyaj

    alisonyaj6 일 전

    OMG Mike. I'm glad that you were able to experience this trip on your own... Your someone is waiting out there for you. Good luck!

  40. Shandy Leer

    Shandy Leer6 일 전

    I want to take Mike in Pampanga- the culinary capital of the Philippines.

  41. Peggy Gresham

    Peggy Gresham6 일 전


  42. Lydia A

    Lydia A7 일 전

    Nooo Mikey tell us more 😩😩😭😭

  43. Prasanna Gurung

    Prasanna Gurung7 일 전

    😢 I just hope you’re happy and I love to watch you eat.

  44. Jung Hee

    Jung Hee7 일 전

    Hermès doesn’t sell macaroons and it’s something you should really keep haha Its okay, korean girls are hard to forget, we know that 😉

  45. Jan Op

    Jan Op7 일 전

    Time heals Mike... we got your back.