Korean High School Uniform Rental Shop (BlackPink Uniform) | Q2HAN


  1. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN8 개월 전

    Do or did you also wear school uniform at school?❤️

  2. Kirsten Rose

    Kirsten Rose개월 전

    What does Korean uniform look like is it like the uniform in Kdrama's?

  3. Tommy Chen

    Tommy Chen개월 전


  4. slug

    slug개월 전

    Q2HAN no but i really wanna

  5. slimebor

    slimebor2 개월 전

    No and don't want to

  6. Mirna

    Mirna2 개월 전

    Actually it's illegal for us in my school to go without the uniform😂😂😂😂

  7. Ken narville

    Ken narville5 일 전

    korean school uniforms>>>>>>any uniforms in asia

  8. kpop Girl

    kpop Girl개월 전

    I really want to go to Seoul but like I live in the USA and i know that will never happened XD, but I love your videos

  9. Shy Aquino

    Shy Aquino개월 전

    I want this experience

  10. Mirna

    Mirna2 개월 전

    Okay i am not going to lie on you but i paid attention more for the music at the background😂😂😂😂

  11. bangtan_v_exo

    bangtan_v_exo2 개월 전

    I have to wear uniforms. But I go to school in the US so... it ain’t cute. And then I look at my cousins uniforms in Korea and I’m like.... America.... please learn and give us cute uniforms

  12. Lorazepam

    Lorazepam2 개월 전

    Millions 💙💙💙

  13. wnwn

    wnwn3 개월 전

    are they twin ?

  14. wnwn

    wnwn3 개월 전

    @Q2HAN even those hair are matching 😂

  15. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN3 개월 전

    Yes we are identical twins😍

  16. KimminGyu Voldemort SunbAemIn

    KimminGyu Voldemort SunbAemIn3 개월 전

    Korean uniform is hella cute...My school uniform is just basic skirt,tank top jacket? U know what I mean it's like vest,a long shirt and BLACK shoe

  17. Tanukii Chan

    Tanukii Chan3 개월 전

    Do you guys know there's any shop in Seoul that sells uniform like the ones idols wear? I'm about to visit Seoul and would love to keep one as souvenir. :(

  18. Jea Clarito

    Jea Clarito3 개월 전

    2:24 when you realise love by dean is playing in the background......🙃

  19. Giovanna koon

    Giovanna koon3 개월 전

    Black pink , winner , exo

  20. uttboysgroup

    uttboysgroup3 개월 전

    still don't get it if it's a story where you can buy the clothes or if it's juste like a a thing for a day

  21. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN3 개월 전

    You rent for a day😘

  22. 몰리100k subs without any videos challenge

    몰리100k subs without any videos challenge4 개월 전

    I wish I was still in Korea, my uniform was iconic 😂🇰🇷

  23. ItsMe Veloso

    ItsMe Veloso5 개월 전

    That yellow stripe uniform we have that in here philippines also we wear blazzer its korean inspired BTW thats what our teacher said

  24. Sofia Alejandra

    Sofia Alejandra6 개월 전

    5:47 se puede oír la canción de blackpink la de SOLO jennie



    I want an vampire looking uniform cause I'm an......

  26. hailux edits

    hailux edits6 개월 전

    Omggg izone songgg

  27. Bangtan Lover

    Bangtan Lover6 개월 전

    They somehow look alike Park Chorong😍

  28. minyoung the mini mochi

    minyoung the mini mochi7 개월 전

    Yeah that pink one with the grey top is from Season 1 of PD101...the pink one witht he white top is from PD48 which is the only Season i've watched so far lol

  29. minyoung the mini mochi

    minyoung the mini mochi7 개월 전

    In the intro i heard O' My by IZ*ONE XDDDD my inner multifandom...

  30. Sharon Gonzalez

    Sharon Gonzalez7 개월 전

    where would they wear that since they arent students anymore?

  31. Frinces S.

    Frinces S.7 개월 전

    you guys deserves million subscribers❤❤

  32. Samantha Phang

    Samantha Phang7 개월 전

    who loves bp?

  33. Khadija Halder

    Khadija Halder7 개월 전

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  34. aylin

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  35. Corey Chatman

    Corey Chatman7 개월 전

    I love these uniforms. Nice job girls.

  36. nσt rєαllч αєѕthєtíc

    nσt rєαllч αєѕthєtíc7 개월 전

    I hear blackpink and winner music, is the owner YG stan? Haha

  37. Picadilly Blue

    Picadilly Blue7 개월 전

    Wow !!! Love these kind of vlogs ❤️

  38. TheDanla12

    TheDanla127 개월 전

    Dean in the background

  39. Kawaii Marshmallow

    Kawaii Marshmallow7 개월 전

    Are you twins

  40. Tinipie

    Tinipie8 개월 전

    2:56 Blackpink in your area!🖤💕

  41. Shelby Grace

    Shelby Grace8 개월 전

    Can you please do a diy on a Loona outfit from an mv the purple dress from love cherry motion would be really cute!!!

  42. Charmaine Nyathi

    Charmaine Nyathi8 개월 전


  43. 밍벨

    밍벨8 개월 전

    I think it'd be nice to have Korean subtitles on video.

  44. Zeddy Fam

    Zeddy Fam8 개월 전

    Do you guys know any place I can order or buy a school uniform?? I was looking and I can’t find any place to buy a school uniform.

  45. Khadija Halder

    Khadija Halder7 개월 전

    Zeddy Fam khabira garments. wholesale and manufacturing unit. please contact us mobile number is 9836764013.kolkata141.

  46. Caroline Pereira

    Caroline Pereira8 개월 전

    Oh this is so cute! In my school days, there was no uniform rules! A t-shirt model was made....but people didn't wear it haha!

  47. Apenas uma ExoL

    Apenas uma ExoL8 개월 전

    I'm sing love shot

  48. chsxuwá

    chsxuwá8 개월 전

    5:21 and I just screamed for on of those nights of Key hah

  49. Ilona Vahoua

    Ilona Vahoua8 개월 전

    So cool

  50. ioshuah

    ioshuah8 개월 전

    do the workers speak english?

  51. ioshuah

    ioshuah8 개월 전

    Q2HAN ❤️❤️

  52. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN8 개월 전

    Yes they are okay with English too👍🏻💕

  53. I’m a STAY, hbu?

    I’m a STAY, hbu?8 개월 전

    Intro bgm😍 any wiz*one here?

  54. kira nori

    kira nori8 개월 전

    I can hear winner's Millions, exo's love shot, IU's bbi bbi

  55. bobatae

    bobatae8 개월 전

    my high school uniform was so drab... cant wait to visit this place💕

  56. Graciela Mae Salonga

    Graciela Mae Salonga8 개월 전

    Oh my!!! SHINee Key’s One of those nights at 5:23 plus my favorite twin 🥰🥰🥰

  57. Graciela Mae Salonga

    Graciela Mae Salonga8 개월 전

    Q2HAN please come back to the Philippines. I wasn’t able to attend last fan meet. I really hope to see you soon 🥰😘

  58. Q2HAN

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  59. jered anne bautista

    jered anne bautista8 개월 전

    Is it DEAN singing Love at 2:21? Oh my g! They played Love by DEAN. 😍 omo and BBIBBI too by IU at 8:08. I loveeee it! You guys are soooo cuteeee!

  60. jered anne bautista

    jered anne bautista7 개월 전

    oh my goooosh😍 qq twins noticed meeee! 😍😍 i love you both! please always be safe! keep sharing your wonderful life to us! i love you so much❤️ saranghae unnies.

  61. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN8 개월 전


  62. Savage Aegyo Queen

    Savage Aegyo Queen8 개월 전

    We have the same sweaterrrrr the brooklyn one sorry i cant differentiate you in that partt

  63. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN8 개월 전

    Yay we twinning😘

  64. Alexis Jade

    Alexis Jade8 개월 전

    Ahh I’m so jelly I would love to go there!! 🥰

  65. Kailey 0404

    Kailey 04048 개월 전

    The background music is my hole playlist 😂💀

  66. Nicole Cotrim

    Nicole Cotrim8 개월 전

    Love your videos!!!! And i just wanted to say you guys eating vegan in korea makes me really happy! Im sure it must be pretty hard in certain situations if there are limited menu options ♡

  67. Hellohannah178

    Hellohannah1788 개월 전

    Whats the song playing straight away its sooo good

  68. Diwya T

    Diwya T8 개월 전

    omg sky castle! avid fan here! bruhhh i wore school uniforms and they were ugly and boring as hell! glad i don't do that anymore!

  69. Hằng Trần

    Hằng Trần8 개월 전

    I love you QQ i swear but when i heard EXO - Love shot, my mind was blown lmao i just hear nothing else

  70. gierouge _16

    gierouge _168 개월 전

    I wanna try these uniforms with you guys...please style meeeeee!!!!! 😘😘😘

  71. Alyssa Aquino

    Alyssa Aquino8 개월 전

    I always enjoy your videos😚 both of you always make my day 🙈 Please take care of yourselves~!💜✨ *sending virtual hugs from PH ^^

  72. Slepting

    Slepting8 개월 전

    I am still in school and wearing a uniform~ Love you guys video

  73. Ily LiLy

    Ily LiLy8 개월 전

    This looks so fun also I was jammming the backround music especially APRIL 😂💕

  74. one happy meal

    one happy meal8 개월 전

    They were playing dean in the uniform rental place , the bags are free of charge , they have uniform bp wore ... aRe tHey dOing aNytHing wRong? I think not señor

  75. Saruwatari Michiyo

    Saruwatari Michiyo8 개월 전

    Aawwwww u two are beautiful 😭 Oh,, and Loveshot in the background ♥

  76. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN8 개월 전


  77. Claudia Mitelu

    Claudia Mitelu8 개월 전

    When Love Shot was in the backround I couldn't pay attention to what the girls were saying 😂

  78. Q2HAN

    Q2HAN8 개월 전