Kobe Bryant says it doesn't matter who the best NBA duo is | Jalen & Jacoby


  1. timothy pope

    timothy pope개월 전

    Kobe is absolutely correct, however when the games on the line that's when it counts

  2. srefka 81

    srefka 81개월 전

    Kobe and shaq are the best and without phil and everyone else they wouldn't have won much with the duo so i get why Kobe said it 👏🏽

  3. Aaron9

    Aaron9개월 전

    That’s why he’s a winner

  4. Jerby Nono

    Jerby Nono개월 전

    Its not about putting together the best players in a team its about putting players that plays best together

  5. Lamar DoGmatic

    Lamar DoGmatic개월 전

    Shaq been said this. Its not the stars its the role players.

  6. poopz

    poopz개월 전

    the best duo doesnt exist

  7. Milestonecomics

    Milestonecomics개월 전

    what made those Shaq and Kobe teams so dangerous you had the most clutch shooters of all time in D fish, Horry, B shaw, Rice to go along clutch defenders in Harper, Fox, and vets with championship experience from some greatest team in Nba history in John Salley,AC green,Grant you pair all that alongside, Superman a loveable unstoppable force of nature in Shaq and Batman Ceribal tactician with a will and focus you cant teach in Kobe you get yourself the most dominated dynasty of this century.

  8. almc2242

    almc2242개월 전

    Basketball is a TEAM sport, not as one, nor a duo game. Its five dude passing, shooting, rebounding, offense and defense. No two men can take on five and win.

  9. Cameron Nebraska

    Cameron Nebraska개월 전

    Davis n Cousins system was pretty good but Cousin's got hurt. PG n Westbrook system sucked. Westbrook n Durant system sucked... No shooters around none of the okc teams. Harden n Cp3 system sucked. Wall n Beal system sucked. Gasol and Randolph had a better systems a lot of those super tandems. Kobe knows wasup.

  10. Shalamar Man

    Shalamar Man개월 전

    Just answer the question. You know it's the Lakers . EVERYBODY knows it doesn't guarantee a title without a TEAM effort. But , it sure does increase the possibilities . Especially , with a guy ; who has been to NINE finals with two franchises and 142 different teammates guiding them .

  11. S C A R Y M O N Z T A Z

    S C A R Y M O N Z T A Z개월 전


  12. bigboss370

    bigboss370개월 전

    He's not saying the superstar duo doesn't matter, he's saying out of all the ones we have this year it doesn't matter, since he was asked which one is the best. It doesn't matter which duo is best, not that having a duo doesn't matter.

  13. Joel Israel Marquez

    Joel Israel Marquez개월 전

    Milwaukee bucks then

  14. P 21

    P 21개월 전

    0:49 I bet jalen has 81 reasons why he loves him

  15. NBA 2k mobile

    NBA 2k mobile개월 전

    Kobe is indirectly saying that Lakers have a better duo but Clippers have a better team.

  16. illegal alien

    illegal alien개월 전

    Hes right thats why I give the San Antonio Spurs a fighting chance to make finals. We have 2 established allstars with 2 more rising , a PG whos the youngest to ever make all defensive team and a PG who scored 36 against a 2nd seed leading us to 7 games.

  17. The impossible is indeed possible

    The impossible is indeed possible개월 전

    Who is the best NBA duo of all time?

  18. Stu Co

    Stu Co개월 전

    Amen, Kobe!!!

  19. Adrian Spence

    Adrian Spence개월 전

    2006 Heatt don't disrespect Dwyane Wade

  20. Spike Spiegel

    Spike Spiegel개월 전

    Jalen rose must hate talkin about mamba

  21. ESSJ333

    ESSJ333개월 전

    Why is Jalen who Kobe shitted 81 over is even in this video I cant watch anymore of this.

  22. Tre Frank

    Tre Frank개월 전

    These are sum stupid comments from Jalen. That’s why Kobe dropped 81 on his head. Of course the pieces around the duos matter. System always matter.

  23. Astro Rockets

    Astro Rockets개월 전

    You’re right Kobe, all that really matters is that you raped a girl in Colorado. And paid for her silence.

  24. emissary44

    emissary44개월 전

    What's the problem? Is it because Mark Gasol is not from USA why you fail to give him credit.?

  25. Fabricio C

    Fabricio C개월 전

    ESPN tricked me. I see jalen, i dislike

  26. Em Kast

    Em Kast개월 전

    hes kinda of wrong. it will take a team obviously but the duo matters. i thought lebron and kyrie in 2016 showed you guys that

  27. Alaskan Pipeline

    Alaskan Pipeline개월 전

    Lakers and Clippers COULD be great but they haven't done anything yet. Clippers look much scarier to me fwiw.

  28. Alaskan Pipeline

    Alaskan Pipeline개월 전

    System is everything. Thank you Kobe. This is why the Spurs always range from competitive to great.

  29. Joe T.

    Joe T.개월 전

    When Kobe talks about basketball.... I'm the student.

  30. The Challenge Mafia

    The Challenge Mafia개월 전

    Kobe only saying that cause shaq carried him to 3 championship

  31. Buford Montgomery

    Buford Montgomery개월 전

    Karl Malone and Stockton.... never got the ring....

  32. Paul Young

    Paul Young개월 전

    on a grand scale jalen is right, but Kobe was the great player. and coming from a great player all-nba level player, that just goes to who you what kind of human Kobe is.

  33. Keys Collector

    Keys Collector개월 전

    It doesnt matter in the same way that it doesnt matter who the best player in the game is

  34. High Ranking

    High Ranking개월 전

    Jalen doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Great duos are gonna be great duos. What Kobe is saying is that you’re not gonna win the championships with just a dynamic duo, you’re going to need auxiliary help, that is why Kobe credited the role players. If the role players are asked about how they won championships of course they’re going to credit the dynamic duo because the duo gives the role players confidence to do their role. When Kobe is talking about the system he is also talking about the coaching also.



    I see Jalen on that coloring his beard look because I can see gray hairs but never on any other tv broadcast he is on

  36. jinfrozenfire

    jinfrozenfire개월 전


  37. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams개월 전

    So what does jalen know about winning championships

  38. Josh Brown

    Josh Brown개월 전

    Is he talking about Lebron & Davis

  39. Kevin Rivera

    Kevin Rivera개월 전

    Kobe is 100% right why cp3 and harden didn’t beat the warriors was Bc of the coaching

  40. Marv Bracket

    Marv Bracket개월 전

    Agree with kobe


    SG VEVOTV개월 전

    Dnt be surprised when y'all see the Pistons develop

  42. JakeMCGreen

    JakeMCGreen개월 전

    Well he’s right, it doesn’t matter. Noting about sports matters. Life doesn’t matter. You don’t matter.

  43. Kirk Smart

    Kirk Smart개월 전

    Jalen never forget 81 he will never agree with Kobe lol

  44. Cole Lutz

    Cole Lutz개월 전

    It’s about who has the best 8 to 9 man rotation

  45. gabriel cabral

    gabriel cabral개월 전

    Best duo is kobe and the ball

  46. Mico Hilotin

    Mico Hilotin개월 전

    Yeah that's way the Clippers has the best percentage to win a title

  47. Ards cification

    Ards cification개월 전

    to make it simple basketball is a 5 vs 5 game

  48. Sunny_Daze

    Sunny_Daze개월 전


  49. s m

    s m개월 전

    Kobe and Shaq = Batman and Robin... Real question is who is batman?

  50. Happi Smilez

    Happi Smilez13 시간 전

    @s m I don't wanna call him a king, LeFraud is more like a jester/joker! I do agree with Kobe bein the Emperor!☺

  51. s m

    s m13 시간 전

    Thats what I been saying... Side note- Lebron might be A king, but KOBE is the Emperor !

  52. Happi Smilez

    Happi Smilez13 시간 전

    @s m I miss that squad. The Lakers aren't the Lakers anymore. Kobe will always be my guy!☺

  53. s m

    s m13 시간 전

    @Happi Smilez thatz right.... Miss them dayz💯

  54. Happi Smilez

    Happi Smilez20 시간 전

    Kobe... Since Shaq claims to be Superman. Robin can be Fisher or Horry?

  55. gme213la

    gme213la개월 전

    well there you go the Clippers are it

  56. Jhamani Marcel

    Jhamani Marcel개월 전

    2014 spurs too that’s was at Team effort

  57. Jhamani Marcel

    Jhamani Marcel개월 전

    Basically he saying it’s a team sport the best team will win not the best duo

  58. MagicoTatriqo 83

    MagicoTatriqo 83개월 전

    Lakers 2009 & 2010 it was all kobe like dirk

  59. MagicoTatriqo 83

    MagicoTatriqo 83개월 전

    Sydney Cole sorry but what he did without kobe 🤷🏻‍♂️🌚

  60. Sydney Cole

    Sydney Cole개월 전

    MagicoTatriqo 83 Gasol

  61. Sebadiah23

    Sebadiah23개월 전

    Instead of interviewing Kobe, they dissect an interview from China like its the Zapruder film.

  62. Joshua Burke

    Joshua Burke개월 전

    What jalen is missing is that kobe and shaq not only had role players but they had phil jacksons system.

  63. swang

    swang개월 전


  64. Partyall

    Partyall개월 전

    A great duo is Kawhi and team defence

  65. BlazeCyborg

    BlazeCyborg개월 전

    It’s unfortunate to mention kawhi and the raptors. That joke of a Canada team proved that luck can take you very far.

  66. S E2333

    S E2333개월 전

    Kobe has spoken! It is now law!

  67. Haters gonna hate

    Haters gonna hate개월 전